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Yes, it is indeed a new sensation.

Welcome to the New Blog!

First, for those who don’t know me, I go by the screen name of Silk Cords. I’m an aspiring professional author who has been writing for decades. My writing has progressively improved, and I’m building my skills towards finally getting published. And before anybody emails me, no that is NOT me at the top of the page.

This is an attempt to create a “platform” where I can put a little more polish on my skills while entertaining and growing my audience. Because of that, constructive comments, criticism and feedback are definitely encouraged.

I had two other blogs at WordPress.com (I’m now running the self hosted WordPress.org version). I shut them down and migrated here due to the severe limitations of the WordPress.com hosting options.

What To Expect Here:

First and foremost, Absolutely NO A.I. / Bot Written Content!

A.I. and bot written content lacks authenticity and is just plain lazy. You as readers deserve REAL content from somebody who cares enough to produce it.

Regular Writing and Discussion of Writing:

My efforts here are going to focus on the world of writing. That means there will be creative writing, reviews of various materials on how to be a writer, AND critiques of various, films, shows, movies, etc… from a writer’s standpoint.

Some of my creative writing posted here will be fan fiction. The reason for that is to preserve some ideas that are uniquely my own for actual publishing someday. Fan fiction work also has the advantage of an established backdrop and theme that readers are familiar with. That type of story can also be fun when done correctly.

Yes, I know that most fan fiction and superhero stuff is bad writing. I take it as a personal writing challenge to be able to do better with a genre that most ‘writers’ bomb in however. I strive to write stories that the normal person will enjoy… on multiple levels.

Some Adult Content:

A PORTION of this blog will also be adult content; erotica and sex advice. However, it will only be a compartmentalized section of the blog. My commitment to my readers and followers is that content here will be handled in a discreet manner so that you NEVER have to worry about NSFW content surprising you.

Email notifications and blog post announcements will only say that a new story is available, be free of any nudity, and mention that the story is NSFW (if applicable) so that you know if it’s safe to open.

There is also a simple “yes or no” age verification check on the entire site to double as a safeguard. My goal is to eventually find an age verification check that will only check users if they attempt to enter the adult content section. That will probably require a premium plug-in.

Currently the three buttons on the right side of the menu lead to adult content. All four other menu items on the left hand side are completely “safe for work”.

Image via SFPlayhouse.org

I have a few simple rules of behavior here, intended to keep the blog friendly for all:

  1. Treat Each Other and Me the Way You Want to be Treated
  2. If Adult Material Is NOT Your Thing, Enjoy the Rest of the Site, OR Please Politely Move Along
  3. Constructive Feedback, Comments & Suggestions are Always Welcome
  4. Adult Humor and Comments are OK, so Long as They’re Not Completely Crude or Tactless. We’re not very PC here.
  5. I do screen comments from new readers, just to make sure you’re being polite.
  6. Please Keep Comments Reasonably On Topic.
  7. Absolutely No Politics or Current Events Related Drama Disguised as a Comment
  8. I Do NOT Reveal Personal Details About Myself and am ONLY here to write. Please respect that I value my safety and privacy.

Failure to follow the rules, especially the first and last, may get you banned. I’d much prefer we all have fun here instead of me having to play the heavy.

Privacy Policy:

This site collects whatever cookies are set up by WordPress and the site’s hosting company to make the site functional, along with basic statistics tracking to allow me to gauge what is being read and what isn’t. Really not much different than WordPress.com hosting.

I have zero interest in your personal information and will never sell it to others, nor use it to spam you. I value my privacy, and consider data mining a disgusting and ignoble way to profit off of people. Therefore, I’ll respect your privacy.

With all of that said, welcome, and enjoy. Tell several friends too. I need the positive publicity.