Progress Report

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It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve posted anything in the blog roll. I hope its been noticed that I’ve been filling in some details around the site however. There’s been more information about the Witchfire storyline posted. Primarily setting information as I contemplate how to add more depth to Delta City and it’s characters.

Most recently, just last night actually, I updated Witchfire’s actual appearance on her home page:

Created by me using the HoneySelect character creator

The changes are minor; Krystal’s eyes are now blue since Heather Carolin is supposed to be her inspiration. I added some eye shadow also, which turned out to be quite an endeavor. Any game or software that has eye shadow options seems to only have two major options. Thick dark lines immediately around the eyes, OR 80s porn starlet style eye shadow everywhere. Tweaking the transparency on the mildest version of heavy eyeshadow so that it was lighter color allowed me to get the above look.

THIS is more of what I was actually shooting for:

Image from

Light eyeshadow that’s noticeable but isn’t over the top. Regardless, I think I accomplished making Krystal look a little more human and less like an anime character. I need to invest in Daz3D or Poser to truly get away from the anime look though.

Beyond the Graphics and Down the Rabbit Hole:

Beyond that previously mentioned work, there’s been a great deal of behind the scenes world building and storyboarding. I say down the rabbit hole because my preliminary outline of Delta City only raised more questions and inspired more details for me. At this point, every city district has several key features and citizens listed in my notes. For those who haven’t followed my old blog at, I have a massive spreadsheet with dozens of details on every character I’ve ever seen appear in Delta City.

What that means is that the story should flow nicely once I start writing in the near future. No researching or noodling out background details. It will all be there.

For what it’s worth, I plan to get going on the other aspects I committed to with this blog also; everything from PG rated fiction to writing reviews on shows and writing related products.