Character Biography: Amazing Babe

Amazing Babe is another owned character that I’ve taken the liberty of fleshing out a little to make her more complete for purposes of my stories. No copyright infringement is intended, and this is not an official representation of the character, just my own slight twist on her.

Official Mister X story artwork of Amazing Babe

Origin:  Enhanced Human            

Alignment:  Good

Motivation:  Seeks Justice / Upholds Good

Real Name:  Jessica Lockhart

Identity:  Secret
Known Aliases: None

Age:  19
Height:  5’ 8”                     
Weight:  Never Ask A Lady That

Figure:  Curvaceous, but very toned        
Eye Color:  Emerald Green
Hair Color:  Pale Blonde               

Appearance Notes:  Straight hair, parted in center.  Mid-Back lengthFair complexion also

Nationality:  U.S. Citizen with no known Criminal Record.             
Public Occupation:  College Student, Fashion Model, Former Beauty Queen

Place of Birth:  Springfield, Missouri, USA               
Marital Status:  Single

Known Relatives:  Unnamed Parents and Older Sister

Base of Operations:   Delta City, Florida, USA     

Group Affiliation:  She-Legion’s Teen Squad

Strength Level:  

Jessica has metahuman level strength, enabling her to lift roughly 1 ton with effort.  Her strength level has shown modest increase since her type 3 Aphrodite genes fully activated, and it’s unknown what her true potential upper limit might be.

Known Powers:

As a type 3 Aphrodite, Jessica has heightened strength, endurance, agility and reaction times.  She has a modest resistance to physical injury that’s enough to stop smaller handgun shots from piercing her skin.  They will still hurt, and leave bruises however.

Once her powers fully unlocked, Jessica also discovered she could fly at speeds of up to 150 MPH, project a strong force field anywhere from skin tight to a 10 foot radius, and heal others via touch as well.

Known Abilities / Talents:

Jessica is a former Miss Teen Missouri and a second runner up in the Miss Teen USA contest.  She’s very familiar with the ins and outs of such competitions, the people that run them, and how to dress and comport herself like a beauty queen.  The same is true of the fashion modeling industry.

Jessica has above average analytical and observational skills, and is highly intelligent as well, though she lacks formal college level education thus far.  Jessica is also a fairly talented singer and singing was her act for the talent portion of her beauty competitions.  Due to her Pastor father and religious upbringing, Jessica has a good knowledge of Protestant Christian theology.  Her time dating Witchfire has given her a passing familiarity with occult knowledge as well.  Like many members of the She-Legion, Jessica also is skilled at escaping her bonds after being tied up.


Like many She-Legion members, Jessica wears a utility belt with an assortment of devices.  Among them are a She-Legion radio, a compact flashlight, zip-ties to restrain captured villains, a very small knife (typically used for cutting restraints), a few smoke bombs, some of Ms. Americana’s amnesia gas, and a She-Legion ‘scrambler’ that disrupts very recent impregnations.

Known Weaknesses & Vulnerabilities:

Jessica has the typical Aphrodite vulnerabilities to sexual stimulation and will lose much of her enhanced abilities and powers for a time if she’s forced climaxed.  She likewise has the typical Aphrodite vulnerability to anesthetics.  Both of these are at a lower level than many of the older aphrodites.

Jessica cannot fly if bound as well.  It’s suspected that this is a psychological limitation of some sort, as tests have shown no physical / genetic reason for it.

Jessica’s force field quickly loses strength the larger she makes it.

Healing others leaves Jessica physically drained and weak afterwards.  The degree of which depends on the amount of damage healed.


Jessica was brought up with a strong sense of right and wrong, and to actively stand up against evil when she saw it.  While confident in her looks and not afraid to occasionally “strut her stuff”, she’s not vain, manipulative or superficial.  Bullying and criminal behavior are two sure ways to provoke her temper, and she has a strong sense of empathy for crime victims.  It was her belief in doing the right thing, along with the thrill of adventure that led her to become a superheroine.  Her sense of justice became more pronounced after a rather brutal defeat by Panthris and her gang.  She’s determined not to be a victim again.  At heart, Jessica is a stereotypical small town midwestern girl with dreams of eventually settling down to a quiet family life.



Jessica Lockhart was born in Springfield, Missouri.  Her father is a Baptist preacher, and her mother runs the women’s support part of the church, along with being active in the PTA and other community organizations.  In all regards, the postcard middle America small town family.

The Aphrodite gene showed through from day one, with everyone in the neighborhood remarking what a beautiful little girl she was.  The praise went to Jessica’s mother’s head, and she soon decided to enter Jessica into child beauty pageants.  Along the way, Jessica was also a cheerleader in Junior High and High School and studied gymnastics briefly.

Jessica won many pageants as she grew up, culminating with her winning the Miss Teen Missouri pageant when she was 17 and placing third in the Miss Teen America pageant shortly after turning 18.  Those two wins, along with very good grades, enabled her to go to college at Delta City University on a full scholarship that included a modeling contract.

Jessica was an early bloomer, and her figure got her quite a bit of attention from the boys, along with some occasional jealousy from other girls.  Her father tried to limit her contact with boys though, and lectured Jessica and her sister about avoiding wickedness.  Jessica still managed to fall hard for a local boy though, and lost her virginity to him at 17.  The two were talking about possibly getting married someday, but Jessica’s pageant schedule and then leaving for college all but put an end to the relationship.

Jessica was amazed and horrified by the sights upon arriving in Delta City.  The crime and poverty pulled at her sense of what was right.  She quickly became enamored of Ms Americana as well after seeing her (highly edited) exploits on INN News.  The idea of crime fighting seemed exciting and dramatic, as well as a way to help others.  Jessica’s enhanced strength and other basic abilities had been developing since she was 15 as well.  The young woman decided to make a go of it and used her access to various fashion sources to create her costume.

Her first few outings were highly successful, but only against small time purse snatchers and such.  It was when a reporter for the local tabloid did the first story on her and heard some overly hormonal witness refer to her as “an amazing babe”, that she got her superheroine name.

She went on to work first with The Shield, who turned out to be a dorm mate at the college, and then other members of the She-Legion’s “Teen Squad” as the sidekicks are unofficially known. 

On particular outing marked a change for the young heroine however.  The Shield and Amazing Babe were investigating young women disappearing from the campus and neighboring areas.  It turned out to be a human trafficking operation run by Panthris and her gang.  Confronting the gang led to the duo being soundly defeated and then violated for hours.  Jessica was nearly impregnated by Panthris, but saved by the She-Legion and one of their ‘scrambler’ devices.  The event hardened Jessica’s personality towards criminals, and Panthris in particular.   

The next major change in Jessica’s life came with the arrival of the heroine Witchfire from an alternate reality.  Witchfire and a small group of remaining She-Legion auxiliary members launched a campaign to rescue the rest of the She-Legion, who had been captured by Dragon Queen.  The team’s initial mission resulted in Jessica’s rescue, but Dragon Queen escaping with the rest of the She-Legion.

After creating a psychic bond so that Witchfire could see as Jessica scouted on the next mission, the two quickly became drawn to each other.  The relationship has had its rocky points though, including Jessica’s initial coming to terms that she was attracted to another woman, and then Witchfire’s being part fae.

Jessica is enrolled at DCU in the Teacher Education program and before meeting the She-legion and Witchfire, had planned on returning to Springfield and settling down.  How that may change in the future is thus far uncertain.

As of reality being reset on Delta City’s Earth, Jessica no longer remembers dating Witchfire, nor does she still share the psychic connection that they had.  The doubts about her sexuality and the morals of being attracted to other women have returned as well, leaving Witchfire struggling to find a way to rebuild the relationship without pushing Jessica too hard.


As Jessica Lockhart, she has a wide array of low and medium level contacts in the pageant and modeling industry, as well as various academic contacts around Delta City University.  As Amazing Babe, she has low level access to police and media sources, and the extradimensional refuge known as Sanctuary.  In either guise, she has access to the She-Legion and its various members.  Witchfire is madly in love with Jessica and will do anything for her, even at the risk of her own well-being.


Measurements:  36DD, 28, 35

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual with balanced desires, still struggles occasionally with her sexuality.  Back to being in denial as of the rebooted storyline’s start

Aphrodite Vulnerability Level (1 to 10): 3.5

Sexual Hot Spots (1 to 10):  Lower back along spine, and buttocks (7), Nape of neck (4), Nipples (after fully aroused; 5)

Aphrodite Healing Factor Level (1 to 10): 6.5

Kinks / Traits:  Fairly strait-laced in public, but not afraid to strut her stuff tastefully.  Has mild dominant leanings during consensual sex.  Will sometimes turn submissive if dominated however.

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