Character Biography: Battle Sprite

Battle Sprite is one of the original characters created at and is owned by Mister X; the site owner. No copyright infringement intended. Very little was ever revealed about her and I suspect she was discarded as a character for looking too young (see pics at end of post). As part of my Witchfire story project though, I decided to revamp her to prove I could make an interesting character out of this one.

Origin:  Enhanced Human            

Alignment:  Good

Motivation:  Upholds Good   (Seeks Justice when her dark side surfaces)

Real Name:  Cynthia Brooks

Identity:  Secret
Known Aliases: Cindy   

Age:  19
Height:  5’ 4”                     
Weight:  As If                    

Figure:  Slender, Toned and Busty                                                                            
Eye Color:  Light Blue
Hair Color:  Light Blonde              

Appearance Notes:  Cynthia has always been thought of as exceptionally cute, and has a sweet, innocent look to her, although an angry stare from her is quite intimidating nowadays

Legal Status:  U.S. Citizen with No Known Criminal Record            
Public Occupation:  College Freshman (student)               

Place of Birth:  Delta City, Florida, USA                    
Marital Status:  Single

Known Relatives:  Unnamed Father (MMA Gym Owner / Instructor),  Unnamed Mother (deceased)

Base of Operations:   Delta City, Florida, USA                     

Group Affiliation:  She-Legion Teen Squad

Strength Level:  

Cindy has metahuman strength enabling her to lift 5 tons with difficulty

Known Powers:

Cindy has the standard array of enhanced physical attributes common to Aphrodite gene carriers.  Her durability is at the level of allowing her to take hits from large non-metahuman men and barely feel it.  Her recovery rate is above average for an Aphrodite as well.  Cindy also has a low level metahuman leaping ability and can do a standing leap of roughly 25 yards forward, or nearly two stories upwards.

Cindy has one other bizarre metahuman power; she can blind people with her smile.  It literally acts like a flash grenade.  It can even overcome poor quality vision protection.

It’s been speculated that Cindy had an unusual variation on the Aphrodite gene; one that produced overwhelming cuteness as opposed to raw sex appeal.  When she first took up the role of Battle Sprite, she displayed little sexuality at all, and was barely a B cup bra size.  Because of either the suspected contaminants in the Smile Brite and / or her violation, her body has taken on more of the characteristics of a traditional Aphrodite.  She has a ‘sweet girl next door that you want to seduce’ appearance, and her breasts are now a very full C cup size as well.

Known Abilities / Talents:

Cindy is at Delta City University pursuing Veterinary Medical training.  She’s become fairly knowledgeable in the field and with animals in general.  She also seems to have an innate knack for getting along with and befriending them.  Cindy was a child beauty pageant contestant and, similar to Amazing Babe, has some knowledge of that industry. 

After her defeat and violation by Lady Delicious and her gang, Cindy vowed never again and began training hardcore at her father’s MMA gym.  Cindy has since become a formidable fighter and has a reputation as such in the local fighting gyms.


Cindy wears an enhanced strength costume that will resist tearing and even bullets from smaller handguns.  Her costume includes a set of reinforced MMA fighting gloves.

Known Weaknesses & Vulnerabilities:

Aside from the usual Aphrodite weaknesses, Cindy has one major vulnerability; she’s emotionally unstable.  She was diagnosed as Manic at 7 years old, but the condition was mild enough that her parents opted to avoid putting her on drugs.  Many, including beauty pageant officials found her personality “cute and charming”, and it may have helped her win the contest.

After she was raped by Lady Delicious’s gang, Cindy developed a dark side and will react violently to seeing similar assaults or being subjected to attempts at them herself.  She’s hospitalized 3 gang members after breaking up 2 such attacks already.

Outside of such situations however, Cindy alternates between a normal personality and her moderately manic, overly cutesy mode.  She is a very fierce and focused martial artists when training however.

None the less, Cindy’s manic and violent sides can pose a danger to missions and her teammates.


Normally a slightly introverted, but very kind, caring and compassionate young woman with a deep love of animals and nature.  As noted above however, there are times when Cindy will become moderately manic, and act more like a hyperactive, silly and overly cheerful younger girl.  Her dark side only fully manifests itself when confronting rapists.  It would seem to manifest to a smaller degree in the intensity of her combat training as well.


Cindy was born into a family that skirted the boundary of the lower and middle class.  Her father was a factory worker and her mother was a housewife.  Cindy’s father was a football player and wrestler in high school and trained in MMA fighting after work in the factory to keep his glory days alive.

Aside from struggling financially, Cindy and her family led a mostly normal life as she grew up.  The one exception being that Cindy was born exceptionally cute and got a lot of attention.  This led to her mother entering her in a few child beauty pageants, which Cindy managed to win.  Her big break was at age 16; winning the Ms. Smile Brite Pageant sponsored by Smile Brite toothpaste.  The spokesperson contract that came with the crown paid enough for Cindy’s father to bankroll opening his own MMA Dojo.  The timing was ideal also, as the factory had closed just a week and a half before.

Part of the contract required Cindy to use Smile Brite toothpaste, and it’s suspected that the toothpaste’s uncanny whitening ability was due to some experimental compound put into it, perhaps even Milkanite, as Cindy’s Aphrodite abilities began to surface at that time, along with her power to blind people with her smile.  Months later, Cindy’s mother was diagnosed with cancer, and died shortly thereafter.  With her father having to work to keep the dojo open, Cindy’s pageant career came to an end.  Smile Brite toothpaste mysteriously went out of business just short of a year after Cindy’s pageant win as well.  That, in turn, led to Cindy’s returning to a relatively normal life

Until Cindy walked into the middle of Bat Broad (gawd these Mister X names…) fighting a small group of street thugs.  Cindy was convinced right then and there that she wanted to be a superheroine.  She pleaded with Bat Broad, who refused her request. 

Undeterred, Cindy threw together a makeshift costume, and struck out on her own.  Her first encounter would have ended very badly if Bat Broad hadn’t rescued her.  Realizing that Cindy was determined, Bat Broad relented and agreed to train her.  Bat Broad kept Cindy largely off the street under the guise of needing to practice first, but she eventually got more street time.

The day after her 18th birthday, Cindy (now using the name Battle Sprite) tried to come to the rescue of Bat Broad after she was overpowered by the dominatrix thief Lady Delicious and her gang.  Cindy herself was ambushed from behind by a henchman and both heroines were raped by the gang.  The attack devastated both women.  Bat Broad completely disappeared from public view afterwards, and Cindy grew darker, and threw herself into MMA training.  As the months passed, Cindy returned more to her former self.  She stayed away from costumed crime fighting until approached by Witchfire and Night Raven to join the rescue team to save the She-Legion from Dragon Queen.  Her manic heroics nearly botched the mission early on, but the team managed to recover.

With reality being reset, it’s uncertain if Witchfire will reach out to Cindy and urge her to resume being Battle Sprite again.


Cindy is a popular student in the DCU Veterinary Medicine program and has developed several contacts within the department and the local Veterinary offices that support it.  Cindy also has a few remaining low-level contacts in the beauty pageant industry.  Cindy is fairly well known within the local MMA community as well, with an intimidating reputation.

As Battle Sprite, she can reach out the She-Legion and Witchfire as well, and has some low-level contacts within the DCPD and on the street.


Measurements:  33C, 24, 32

Sexual Orientation:  Very bisexual (even preferences), but is new to girls and awkward with them

Aphrodite Vulnerability Level (1 to 10):  5

Sexual Hot Spots (1 to 10):  Back of her legs (7),  Vagina (6),  Areolas (5 – if touched very gently)

Aphrodite Healing Factor (1 to 10): 6

Kinks / Traits:  Reacts violently to attempted rapes.  Otherwise is very demure on the surface, but becomes wildly passionate if the right buttons are pressed via extended foreplay.

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