Character Biography: Golden Qilin

This is another of Deanna Troi’s characters and firt appeared in Delta City P.I. Chapter 9 at Mister X’s Story Page. Modeled after the typical sadistic hentai villain, her personality is as ugly and her powers are as kinky as she is physically attractive.

Golden Qilin:

Origin:  Magically Augmented Human

Alignment:  Evil

Motivation:  Psychopathic / Lust for Power

Real Name:  Sandra Woo

Identity:  Public
Known Aliases: “Horny Girl”
Species:  Human (Chinese Ancestry)
Age:  22 years old
Height:  5’ 4”
Weight:  As If

Build:  Toned
Eye Color:  Light Brown
Hair Color:  Lustrous Jet Black

Appearance Notes:

Golden Qilin has long flowing hair that goes to the small of her back.  Her only distinguishing marks are a few moles scattered across her body and a visible tan line.  She avoids tattoos and such, considering herself above them.

Sexuality:  Bisexual

Legal Status:  United States Citizen with Criminal Record

Public Occupation:  Former college postgraduate student

Place of Birth:  Hong Kong, China
Marital Status:  Single

Known Relatives:  Unnamed parents

Base of Operations:   Mobile

Group Affiliation:  The Institute

Strength Level:

Golden Qilin has metahuman level strength thanks to her magical enhancement.  She can lift over 2 tons with difficulty and not diverting her magical power into other simultaneous actions.

Known Powers:

Golden Qilin got magical powers by absorbing the energy from the horn of a Qilin; a creature from Chinese mythology that was sometimes mistaken for a sort of unicorn by Western interpreters.  Her powers are anything but warm and fuzzy however.  The magic manifested in the form of her darkest desires to overpower and humiliate others.

Aside from her enhanced strength, Golden Qilin can also move at high speeds with near instant acceleration.  Her top speed is estimated to be in excess of 600 miles per hour.

Her magic also protects her from a wide array of physical, energy and magical attacks.

Some of Golden Qilin’s worst powers are something out of a dark hentai show.  She can create tentacles of dark energy and use them to ensnare foes.  They grab with strength greater than her own. 

She can also fire bolts of dark energy that attack a target’s neural system, causing pure pain.  These bolts can be fired from her eyes, hands or the tips of her energy tendrils. Her most insidious power is the ability to create a “cock” out of dark magical energy.  She delights in using this to violate victims, particularly superheroines.  She brags that her magical energy cock is highly potent and fully capable of impregnating a victim

Known Abilities / Talents:

Golden Qilin speaks fluent Mandarin and Cantonese dialects of Chinese.  She is also very knowledgeable on Chinese history and Asian culture, albeit with a very biased and racist interpretation of those subjects.  She is also highly proficient in Hung Gar kung fu.


None other than her silk costume and leather boots.

Known Weaknesses & Vulnerabilities:

Golden Qilin loses strength in each of her abilities if she splits her attention between multiple magical acts of manifestations.  Her magical protections also don’t seem to protect her from gaseous attacks and she still needs air to breath.


In a word, psychotic.  Sandra Woo is a ball of pure rage who blames the West for her lack of success in life and having to leave Hong Kong when she was younger.  She has a fanatical hatred of superheroines or any carriers of the aphrodite gene.  She has a lust for power equal to her hatreds, and holds a grudge indefinitely.


Sandra Woo grew up the spoiled daughter of a wealthy Hong Kong family.  Ten years ago, her father’s corrupt business dealings and speaking out against the Chinese government’s handling of Hong Kong forced the family to flee in the night to America.  The family ended up in Delta City and Sandra’s father was reduced to working as a deck hand on a shrimp boat.  Sandra became immediately bitter over her reduced lifestyle. 

It looked like Sandra’s life might change when she got to college.  She met a boy early on and fell hard for him.  Just when she thought things were getting serious however, a young blond coed with the aphrodite gene “stole” the boy away from her.  As arrogant as Sandra herself, when confronted by Sandra, the girl simply replied it wasn’t her problem if Sandra couldn’t hold on to a man, and that she clearly had better assets to offer than Sandra.  Adding insult to injury, the girl dumped Sandra’s ex a few weeks later.  He refused to return to her though.  Sandra has had a raging hatred for aphrodites ever since.

Once in her post graduate program, Sandra heard was tipped off to the existence of a magical Qilin horn that would grant its owner vast power if it was found and reassembled.  Under the guidance and manipulation of the ghost of the horn’s original owner, Sandra succeeded in recovering all the pieces of the horn and became Golden Qilin; enemy of the oppressive, imperialist West and it’s “whore heroines”.

Her first battle brought her into conflict with Nancy Peye.  Golden Qilin handily beat Nancy, but expended too much of her power in the process and was forced to flee.  She later beat and was about to rape Amazing Babe when Witchfire showed up.  Handicapped by trying to restrain Amazing Babe and battle Witchfire, she ended up severely beaten and hospitalized.  She was later transferred to the MetaMax prison for metahumans.