Character Biography: Nancy Peye

This is “Deanna Troi’s” character from Mister X’s story page, and a frequent guest star in my Witchfire stories. She’s going to feature a bit more prominently in newer chapters also as villains realize that Nancy and Witchfire are the two main threats to their plans. This version is slightly different from Deanna Troi’s but we both agreed we had no problem with the other using an ‘alternate reality’ version of our individual character concepts.

Nancy Peye:

Nancy’s normal attire after giving up her trenchcoat

 Origin:  Genetic Engineering

Alignment:  Good

Motivation:  Responsibility of Power

Real Name:  Nancy (Peye was a made-up last name to give to Delta City officials, and a play on P.I.)

Identity:  Public
Known Aliases: Several, most notably ‘Detective Boobs’ and Candy Floss
Species:  Human with modified aphrodite genome
Age:  Physically approximately 30 years old, actual age unknown
Height:  5’ 8”
Weight:  135 lbs

Build:  Toned
Eye Color:  Bright Blue
Hair Color:  Light Golden Blond

Appearance Notes:

Nancy has a light tan, toned body.  Her most striking feature is her 38F breasts, which were responsible for the Wong family giving her the nickname ‘Detective Boobs’.  She has no known birthmarks or other distinguishing features.  Her body naturally lacks any sort of pubic or other body hair at all.

Sexuality:  Pansexual

Legal Status:  No known criminal record
Public Occupation:  Private Investigator

Place of Birth:  Unknown
Marital Status:  Single

Known Relatives: None

Base of Operations:   Peye Investigations, Delta City.

Group Affiliation:  The Red Dragon Clan, Unnamed ‘Employers’

Strength Level:

Nancy has metahuman level strength enabling her to lift 1 ton with difficulty.  It should be noted that her strength when first arriving in Delta City was enough to lift roughly 800 pounds.  It’s uncertain if her strength is continuing to evolve.

Known Powers:

Nancy was either engineered or genetically modified to have a strong will, and little sense of fear.  This so as to make her a more effective agent for her employers. 

She was also engineered to have minimal sexual response so as to better function in Delta City as well as missions where seduction and sexual encounters might be required.  This “advantage” was worn down after several intense sexual encounters in Delta City however.

Like all aphrodite based heroines, Nancy also has an accelerated healing ability that lets her recover from injury faster than normal.  It also heightens her resistance to alcohol, drugs and poisons.

Nancy’s senses are exceptionally sharp, but not at a level to classify as metahuman.  This includes excellent night vision.  She also has borderline metahuman stamina and dexterity, and a photographic memory.  She also as a modest resistance to damage owing to her strength and cell structure.

Nancy also has a rather unique power that lets her touch a weapon or piece of technology and gain a basic understanding of its use or operation.  While this would allow Nancy familiarity with a computer, for example, it wouldn’t allow her to gain knowledge of its passwords.  Combined with her photographic memory and extremely long life, and Nancy has a massive amount of skills and knowledge to draw upon.

Lastly, as just mentioned, Nancy appears to be extremely long lived.  She’s uncertain if she’s regenerated or kept in suspended animation between missions, if she’s engineered to age at an extremely slow rate, or her memories have been transferred between different bodies.

Known Abilities / Talents:

Nancy has an extreme number of skills, some of which she doesn’t even recall until put in a situation to need them.  She’s an extremely capable combatant unarmed, with melee or distance weapons.  She’s skilled at picking locks, stealth, and infiltration, and speaks several languages.

Known Weaknesses & Vulnerabilities:

Nancy was apparently cloned from or bio-engineered from the DNA of an aphrodite.  She was “created” without apparently having the typical aphrodite’s limitations of hyper-responsiveness to sexual stimulation and the potential to be mentally and physically overloaded via sexual stimulation.  Some very intense sexual encounters since her arrival have led to a weakening of her defense however.  While still not as vulnerable as an aphrodite, she’s more vulnerable than a normal woman against this this kind of manipulation.

Another weakness that could sometimes be viewed as a strength is that Nancy was created with limited emotional responses.  While this does tend to make her very cool under fire and practical, it also means she sometimes lacks a degree of empathy or appreciation of other’s concerns.  This is also diminishing as she spends more time in Delta City and interacts with people on a more meaningful level.

Since her memories also are repressed between her assignments, Nancy may not recognize that she has past training to do something until she tries.

Nancy’s very large breasts, sexual libertine attitude and knack for getting into trouble have also given her an undeserved reputation as a bimbo and she’s frequently not taken seriously or treated like a tramp.


On the surface, Nancy can seem aloof and a little distant.  She has a strong sense of right and wrong however, and strong feminist beliefs.  She’s fairly libertine about sex and while not an exhibitionist, she is not terribly concerned or humiliated to be seen naked or engaging in sexual activity, especially when it is part of her job.

Nancy is motivated, possibly obsessed with doing what she considers to be the “right thing”.  It is simply part of her genetic makeup that she tries to help and cannot simply stand by and watch.  The mission, her job is all important to her.


Nancy’s background is largely a mystery even to her.  She’s been “assigned” to Delta City for years now with the goal of helping the heroines there overcome their limitations and changing the city for the better.  Before that, Nancy has vague memories of other missions or assignments and a nondescript white room with some sort of sleeping or healing tube in it.

This white room is where her mysterious “employers” are located, and she logically believes the room is part of a much larger complex.  Beyond that, she only knows that her “employers” are some sort of advanced civilization.  She believes, based on small scraps of memories, that she was either cloned by these employers from existing Aphrodite DNA or created from scratch via genetic engineering.  Nancy believes the first choice is more likely, as she sees little point in creating a being from scratch and building in the inherent weaknesses of an aphrodite.


Nancy has contacts within the She-Legion, but a varying quality of relationship depending upon the specific heroine.  She also has some limited contacts within the Delta City Police Department, including her girlfriend Cindy.

Nancy also has some casual contacts with Sanctuary; the safe house and tavern for metahumans. 

Nancy is a member on good standing of the “Red Dragon Clan”, a Chinese triad that includes the Wong Family; owners of Wong’s Pizza.  The Clan has a very mixed reputation with some considering them worse than the Bratva, and others considering them fighters for social justice and protectors of the poor,

Lastly, Nancy has a good reputation among the lower income populace of Delta City that they might be inclined to help her in small ways if there was no danger to them.  The Pussy Cat Club and it’s staff and owner are on particularly good terms with Nancy saved them more than once.

It should be noted that I do have a much more complete biography given to me by Deanna Troi. I’m withholding much of that info to prevent spoilers and due to the minor differences in our versions of the character.

Her appearance is exactly as Deanna Troi described though, with the exception of her trench coat. With that in mind, more pics:

Nancy’s gear for really dangerous missions (my invention)
Nancy tends to lose her clothes alot…
She is developing an appreciation for lingerie however
butt naked

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