Character Biography: Omega Woman

Another of Mister X’s creations at that I’ve decided to flesh out a bit for purposes of my own stories. First her original Facts Sheet at DBC:

I don’t have the right editing abilities to recreate the costumes, and Mister X deserves some credit here

NOW, my spin on her biography:

Origin:  Enhanced Human            

Alignment:  Good

Motivation:  Responsibility of Power      

Real Name:  Kameron Drake

Identity:  Secret  
Known Aliases: Kammie, Formerly Major Drake

Age:  33
Height:  5’ 10”                                   
Weight:  Never Ask A Lady That

Figure:  Very curvaceous and muscular but feminine       
Eye Color:  Light Blue     
Hair Color:  Golden Blonde         

Appearance Notes:  Wavy hair, just barely above shoulder length             

Legal Status:  United States Citizen with No Known Criminal Record         
Public Occupation:  Field Investigator for U.S. Military Intelligence, Former USAF Major, demoted to 1St Lieutenant.

Place of Birth:  Hartfield, Connecticut, United States         
Marital Status:  Single

Known Relatives:  Raymond Drake (father, investment broker), Katherine Drake (mother, socialite), Christina “Cristy” Drake (Sister), Samantha Drake (Daughter)

Base of Operations:  Delta City, Florida, United States                                   

Group Affiliation:  United States Air Force, The She-Legion

Strength Level:

Omega Woman is perhaps the strongest Aphrodite on the planet, and is capable of lifting almost 100 tons with difficulty.

Known Powers:  

Omega Woman has all the standard Aphrodite enhanced physical attributes, with some reaching extreme levels.  She is believed to be the strongest woman on the planet and has been seen throwing around fully loaded shipping containers weighing close to 100 tons

She is highly resistant to physical harm and has only been slowed down by being hit with a rocket fired from a shoulder fired launcher.  She’s resistant to energy attacks as well, particularly those using cosmic radiation.  While she has no metahuman resistance to psionic or magical attacks, she is exceptionally strong willed under normal conditions.

Omega Woman is an exceptionally fast healer, more so than most Aphrodites, and should be considered a low-level regenerator.  Her reflexes and agility are also roughly 3 to 4 times the human norm.

Omega Woman is also a very fast flier, capable of reaching speeds of over Mach One, with her enhanced physiology enabling her to survive in the uppermost parts of Earth’s atmosphere for short periods of time.

Known Abilities / Talents:

Kameron Drake is a highly talented military pilot and Astronaut.  As part of that training, she’s well versed in Aeronautical Engineering and Astrophysics.  She’s highly skilled in the use of semi-automatic pistols, and is a skilled investigator.  She also has some military training in hand to hand combat.  Her training as a military fighter pilot has carried over to her metahuman flight capability and she’s an excellent aerial brawler.


As Kameron Drake, she carries a government issue 9mm pistol and her investigator’s credentials, and a pair of handcuffs.  As Omega Woman, she wears a costume provided by the Omega Sisterhood.  While not known to give her any additional powers nor boost her existing ones, it is much more damage resistant than most Earth based materials.

In both guises, she carries a She-Legion communicator.

Known Weaknesses & Vulnerabilities:

Removing Omega Woman’s top prevents her from being able to fly.  There’s no physical reason for this.  The weakness is a result of her hidden embarrassment over her large and highly responsive breasts, and her alpha submissive nature, which sees baring her breasts as an act of sexual submission.

Omega Woman also loses half her strength if bound or restrained in any way.  This again is a psychological weakness triggered by her submissive side.

Highly susceptible to anesthetic gases; will quickly be depowered by them and her Aphrodite vulnerability and hot spot ranks all increase by one while under its exposure.

The same Omega Beam that unlocked Kameron’s full potential also had the side effect of intensifying her pheromones, making the even stronger than those of the typical Aphrodite.


On the surface, Kameron Drake is cool, centered, and very analytical with a fast mind.  All traits that made her a top notch fighter pilot and an excellent special agent for Military Intelligence.  She does tend to keep some emotional distance from herself and others though.  This is due to a combination of seeing friends lost in war, the incident that washed her out of the Astronaut’s corps, and her alpha-submissive nature.  Typically, Omega Woman is one of the calmer and more logical members of the She-Legion, although she can have a temper at times if pushed too far.

It’s Kameron’s ‘alpha submissive’ nature that make her one of the more intriguing members of the She-Legion as well.  An alpha submissive is a person with a submissive side, but a very strong will.  They’re attracted to strength and power like most submissives, but will test a potential dominant far more than a normal submissive.  Patience, willpower and sexual self-confidence are aphrodisiacs to an alpha submissive, but anger and frustration will quickly get a potential ‘master’ dismissed as weak and lacking true internal strength.  While typically turned on by being physically overpowered, they tend to respond very poorly to outright violence.  An alpha is also more likely to continue to push boundaries even after submission, and will insist on being at the top of the pecking order if their Dominant partner has other playmates.  The alpha will even go so far as trying to dominate the other partners to establish their status as the lead or top submissive.  Alpha subs can be thought of as high maintenance, but they also tend to be the most passionate and sexually uninhibited flavor of submissive once their submission is earned.

Their submissive nature also tends to be buried under a more assertive, dominant shell.  Breaking through that shell and conquering their strong side is part of the challenge with an alpha sub.  It should be noted that the conquest is the difference.  A non-alpha sub in a position of power, such as a business leader will act dominant in public, and become a bedroom submissive to escape the burdens of their leadership.  A ‘tamed’ alpha will still act strong in public but make it clear that they are with the one who tamed them…  Think along the lines of a strong and territorial but openly adoring trophy wife (or husband).


Kameron Drake was born to an upper middle-class family in Hartfield, Connecticut.  Her father was a stock broker, and her mother was an exceptionally beautiful socialite, possibly an Aphrodite whose gene didn’t fully unlock.  Kameron and her younger sister had a typical life of comfort and occasional gala parties and dinners with her father’s business partners and clients.  They both found the whole lifestyle boring, and craved excitement.

This all intensified for Kameron as she hit puberty and her Aphrodite genes began to fully kick in.  She found herself much more focused and action oriented, but with a sexual side that was growing as quickly as her breasts.  Kameron’s sexual awakening brought a newfound awareness of the sexual dynamics around the house.  Publicly sex wasn’t something that a young lady talked about, etc… Kameron noticed the subtle dynamic between her parents though, and began to notice her normally strong mother become quite demure around her father at points.  She also realized what the muffled cries from her parent’s bedroom were all about, and how the maid or an occasional female guest would disappear with her parents into their room.

Kameron’s mother was a textbook alpha submissive, and Kameron’s closeness to her parents led her to being fascinated by the dynamic of the relationship, to the point that she developed into one as well.  Kameron blossomed early, leading to her being teased by classmates and even suffering some occasional grousing from her mother.  Because of that, she became quite self-conscious about her breasts.  The problem only intensified as they continued to grow and become more sensitive, and she became increasingly aware of her submissive desires.

Not content with being a trophy wife and craving something more meaningful, Kameron decided to become a military officer and set her sights on the US Air Force Academy.  She excelled in school and the entrance exam, and was able to get a letter of recommendation from her Senator, and was accepted.

Kameron’s figure was a trigger for some harassment and hazing at the academy, but her hard academic work and Aphrodite genetics led her to graduate near the top of her class.  At first confined to flying transport planes due to gender restrictions, Kameron transferred to fighter combat training as soon as the previous restrictions were lifted by the government.  Pursuing her dream with fanatical enthusiasm, Kameron graduated top of her class in fighter training.  She was soon sent on active duty in Iraq also, where she became the first female air combat ace in the United States.

This earned her minor celebrity status, even if briefly, and she was admitted into the Astronaut training program afterwards.  She was given the co-pilot’s seat on a shuttle mission.  It was during that mission that Kameron’s life took a sharp turn.  She was pursued even during training for the mission by the mission commander, who seemed to sense her alpha sub nature.  Despite her protests, he continued to pursue her as well.  Finally, during their second day in orbit, he cornered her alone in one of the lab modules set up in the shuttle.  He pushed all the right verbal buttons, touched her in just the right ways, and Kameron found herself fully giving into her submissive desires right there.  They had wild passionate sex, with Kameron screaming for more and how she wanted to have his baby.  Unfortunately, this whole scene was also witnessed at mission control via camera.  Several of the control team got a front row seat for over an hour of Kameron, screaming, bucking wildly and begging for more.  Worse yet, somebody anonymously leaked the footage to the internet where the news had a field day with it.

Kameron quickly went from a national sweetheart and pin-up girl to a disgrace as the media had a feeding frenzy.  She was drummed out of the Astronaut corps and nearly dishonorably discharged from the Air Force as well, but threatened to sue the government, press for prosecution of her mission commander and whatever else she could do to cause trouble.  A compromise was reached, and Kameron was removed from active duty and placed into Military Intelligence as a field research agent.

Kameron also found out that she was pregnant after her orbital misadventure.  She took a leave of absence to visit her sister in Rhode Island and try to make sense of her life.  It was during that visit that the Omega Sisterhood fully activated Kameron’s Level 3 Aphrodite genes using their “Omega Beam”.  Kameron was briefly told that the Sisterhood became aware of her during the Shuttle mission and deemed her an ideal genetic candidate to become an Omega and defend Earth from alien intruders.

Her new powers giving her a renewed sense of purpose, Kameron took on the role of Omega Woman and cautiously began testing her powers.  As her pregnancy developed though, Kameron set aside the role for months, returning to it after the birth of her daughter Samantha.  During that period, the drama surrounding Kameron’s sexual exploit faded from the news and was quickly forgotten as the media chased other scandals for their 15 minutes of infamy.  Today, few people remember it, and when they do, it was just one of those things.

Kameron also returned to her job at Military Intelligence after her maternity leave.  Her powers enabling her to save her team and crack a few huge cases.  As a result, she was promoted from her glorified gofer role as a researcher to a legitimate field agent.  Shortly thereafter, she also joined the She-Legion, but has kept her personal life tightly separated from her professional & heroic lives.  Few members of the She-Legion even know that Kameron has a daughter.  That’s how she prefers it also, for her daughter’s safety.

Kameron’s emotionally distant, coolly professional exterior were only solidified when two long term members of her unit; Agents Johnston and Douglas were lost in a trap during a mission against the terrorist cyborg Lord Power.  Rumors had previously circulated that she and Johnston were romantically involved.  Whatever the truth, Kameron bears a deep hatred for Lord Power and Thorny Rose to this day.


Kameron Drake has strong connection within the military intelligence and criminal investigation divisions, and still has some remaining contacts within NASA and the main body of the US Air Force.

As Omega Woman, she has the typical She-Legion contacts with the rest of the team, and Delta City PD, along with some media and street level contacts.


Measurements:  40DD, 29, 40

Sexual Orientation:  Bi-Curious, but in Denial

Aphrodite Vulnerability Level (1 to 10): 7

Sexual Hot Spots (1 to 10):  Breasts (6), Nipples (7), Vagina (5), Being Spanked (6)

Aphrodite Healing Factor Level (1 to 10):  6.5

Kinks / Traits:  Has an alpha submissive personality; acts highly dominant, but can be pushed into a submissive role, particularly via spanking and bondage.

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