Character Biography: Witchfire

Origin:  Magic (Mage with mixed Fae Ancestry) 

Alignment:  Good

Motivation:  Responsibility of Power      

Real Name:  Krystal Evelyn Reid

Identity:  Secret
Known Aliases: Red, Witchy-Poo            

Age:  21
Height:  5’ 7”                     
Weight:  As If    

Figure:  Slender and lightly toned with firm rear and breasts        
Eye Color:  Light green with Aqua highlights        
Hair Color:  Bright Red  

Appearance Notes:  

Krystal has very fair skin and freckles all over her body, as is common with redheads.  She has a small mole on her left cheek, just above the jaw line.  She also has a couple of small moles on her breasts near her centerline.  Her figure is toned without looking muscular and people may slightly underestimate her strength based on her appearance.

Krystal also has a mystical ‘tattoo’ across her right arm and the right side of her torso.  The tattoo is a strange manifestation of her fae ancestry and is a pale violet color normally.  As her spiritual energy increases and during magic use or sexual activity, the tattoo will glow.  If her power fades in some way the tattoo will become dimmer and even fade in extreme cases

Legal Status:  United States citizen (from alternate reality) with no known criminal record

Public Occupation:  Adventurer, Private Investigator, Bartender at Sanctuary

Place of Birth:  Roanoke, Virginia                               
Marital Status:  Single                   

Known Relatives:  Unnamed Mother and Father, Krista Evalyn Reid (Delta City Earth Doppelgagner)

Base of Operations:  Sanctuary                

Group Affiliation:  Sanctuary, The She Legion

Strength Level:  

Krystal has strength equal to a normal human who engages in regular daily exercise.  She can lift up to 200 pounds with difficulty.  She has yet to display any magical knowledge that would directly enhance her physical strength.

Known Powers:

Krystal hasan innate power of Geomancy and is naturally in tune with her environment.  She can sense such things as pollution levels, as well as spiritual corruption, undead, or nature spirits and other such beings.

Krystal is also a very talented spellcaster due in equal measures to her fae ancestry and her hard work.

One spell that comes almost naturally to her is an ability to teleport herself and up to 3 other people with increasing difficulty.  Her range varies depending upon ley lines, number of people transported and various other conditions.  She has a limited ability to open interdimensional portals as well, but without her staff, this requires a magical ritual to accomplish.

She can create bindings out of magical energy and create magical circles for protection and other rituals by willpower alone via gathering and energizing dust and such.  Her magical attacks can take the form of pure magical energy, fire, ice / frost or lightning.  She has also displayed an ability to freeze a single living target in place by magically blocking the flow of their spiritual energy.  She’s remarked that she could affect multiple targets but that would require a moderately lengthy spell being cast.

Krystal can also do conjuration magic and limited transformations, such as turning her clothes into her costume.   Her other known powers include magical telekinesis, the ability to dreamwalk into minds or dreams of others, invisibility (requires intense focus), and a limited ability to heal herself and others via a combination of magic and medicinal herbs

As Krystal has come to terms with her Fey heritage, her ability to work with the magicks they employ has increased.  She’s displayed a knack for shapeshifting, minor illusions and charms, and has always had a natural knack for lightning spells.  It’s also unknown what other spells may be in her grimoire or book of shadows (spell book), but she hasn’t yet displayed in Delta City.

Known Abilities / Talents:

Krystal was a college Junior at UC San Diego with a major in public relations and business minor when she was transported to Delta City’s Earth.  She’s a fairly talented public speaker with good diplomatic skills.  She’s also a classic geek girl with extensive knowledge of comics, anime and fantasy characters and stories.

Krystal also has extensive knowledge of the occult and supernatural, especially in regards to European folklore & mythology, traditional and modern witchcraft, and Egyptian mythology.

Krystal has extensive training in Yoga and Wing Chun kung-fu as well.  Her training in both accounts for her slender, lightly toned form.

Krystal’s sensual nature and following of Freya also led her to pursue training in the erotic arts and she’s a very skilled practitioner of tantric sex for pleasure and mystical purposes.


As Witchfire, Krystal’s main piece of equipment is her staff.  It acts as an amplifier for her magical spells and virtually eliminates casting time on all but her most powerful spells.  She must have physical contact with the staff to benefit from it, but she can use her magic to pull it to her hand or teleport it to her.  When not in use, she’s taken to storing it in a pocket dimension that’s a part of the Fey realms.

Known Weaknesses & Vulnerabilities:

Krystal’s Fae blood gives her a few unique weaknesses.  First, like a true Fae, if she swears an oath to do something, she is compelled to do it.  She has a heightened vulnerability to insect venoms and non-organic toxins of all types.  Her magic is completely nullified by pure iron, and is half as effective against steel.

The type of Celtic fairy in Krystal’s ancestry is a leannán sídhe; a type of fey with a strong sexual aspect to it.  Krystal has a slightly increased vulnerability to Aphrodite pheromones.  Her vulnerability to other natural aphrodisiacs such as nirvana oil, plant spores, or blue magic (particularly magic that directly manipulates her sexual energy) is far greater.  Artificially created aphrodisiacs may have a minimal effect on her or even sicken her instead of arousing her.

She has a magic spell that can shield her from their influence, but it can be disrupted by mental or physical arousal.  She likewise has a magical aura that increases others’ sexual attraction to her similar to an aphrodite’s pheromones.  She has no control over this power, and it seems to be an innate part of her being.

While not an Aphrodite, Krystal’s powers can be weakened if she’s sexually exhausted.  She can offset this with use of her staff however.  Being exhausted in this manner typically requires that she be taken by force, or overwhelmed with pleasure to the point she can’t focus.  During normal consensual sex, she can use her Tantric training to replenish her physical and magical energy.  The amount of recovery time depends upon how exhausted she becomes.  She can gain her spellcasting back faster by means of a purification ritual or Tantric sex.

Use of or long-term exposure to dark magic (curses, causing diseases, death magic, contacting or summoning beings from the lower planes, etc…) will corrupt Krystal’s fairy nature and turn her increasingly moody and violent.  Again, this can be reversed with a purification ritual or exposure to light fairy magic if she hasn’t devolved all the way into a dark fairy.

Exposure to the fairy realms or light fairy magic will make her fairy side evolve the other direction.  She would become flightier, drawn to nature, unconcerned with humans and their problems, etc…

Her conjuration does not create something from nothing, and operates on a “law of equivalent exchange” similar to Full Metal Alchemist.  Either a conjured item will come from somewhere else, or be transmuted from other materials.

Being in urban or polluted areas weakens her magic to a degree as well.  The effect is mild in a typical urban area but increases in blighted and / or polluted areas.

Krystal also found out during her freshman year at college that due to problems with her fallopian tubes, that she is almost completely infertile.  The news hit her harder than she showed, and led to an increase in her sexual exploits.  She’s kept the issue hidden from her friends in Delta City, not wanting to be pitied.


At heart, Krystal is a caring, compassionate woman.  Past heartbreak, being raped by a former love, and being tormented by mean girls when younger, combined with a redhead temper and a fairy’s exaggerated sense of right and wrong means she can have a fairly harsh exterior / emotional armor.  This is especially true if she’s frightened or feels wronged.

She’s intelligent and analytical.  She can typically come up with solutions to tactical problems on the fly.  Often those solutions come from the stories she’s read back on her own Earth.  Long term strategic goals and issues she has less capability with.

Krystal is typically a wise-cracker with a wry, and sometimes dirty sense of humor, but she also has no trouble realizing when it’s time to be serious.

Krystal’s next defining personality trait is her spirituality.  While she was jaded at the time of her exile, her experiences in Delta City along with her increased magical ability have served to humble her and renew her faith.

Lastly, Krystal’s fey heritage and devotion to Freya have given her a strong sexual side.  She’s a casual, but usually reasonably tactful flirt, and will (figuratively) undress people with her eyes.  She’s also a bit vain about her erotic skills and holds a grudge against The Geek for being able to best her sexually on multiple occasions.  Note that her sexual nature does not extend to her dressing in an overly provocative manner.  Krystal is a master at dressing subtle sexy, and implying what’s there instead of leaving nothing to the imagination.

Despite her flirty nature, Krystal is reasonably particular about selecting sexual partners, but extremely uninhibited and passionate once she beds someone.  Krystal is very bisexual, with a slight leaning towards women since her rape at age 16.  With either gender, she’s attracted to people with wit, a quiet strength, a smoldering kind of passion, and physical looks.  Despite her Fey nature and all the pheromones flying around Delta City, Krystal is deeply in love with Amazing Babe.  She’s not only devoted but very protective of her.


Krystal had a fairly normal early childhood.  The only exception was that odd little unexplainable things always seemed to happen around her, and she had “imaginary friends” (who were actually local nature spirits) up until her parents moved from the foothills of Eastern Virginia to just outside San Francisco when she was 12 years old.

Krystal’s chain of strange occurrences increased as she grew older, and she began to realize she could control them with extreme focus.  Bullied by the cool, popular pretty girls at school, Krystal fell in with a group of girls into witchcraft and the supernatural when she was 14.  She found the studying helped give her control of her abilities.  By the time she was 15, she was officially initiated into the path and dedicated herself to following the Norse goddess Freya.  It was somewhere around this time that Krystal also learned of her leannán sídhe blood, and started to embrace her passionate nature.

Krystal’s parents also enrolled her in martial arts at the age of 14, insisting that she needed to know how defend herself in times like these.  By the time Krystal left for college, she was a second degree black belt in the art.

Krystal developed a flirtatious nature early on, and ran into conflict with her traditional minded parents when it became clear she liked other girls just as much as boys.  They were already highly critical of Krystal’s occult studies.  The added issue of Krystal’s apparent bisexual nature made her life extremely difficult at home and school.

Krystal’s parents backed off some when she met a Chinese boy named David just before turning 16.  The two hit it off almost immediately and were soon dating.  David taught her some Mandarin and general Chinese culture while they dated.  David’s parents never approved of Krystal though because she wasn’t Chinese.  The relationship came to an abrupt end when David forced himself on Krystal 9 months into their relationship and took her virginity.  It’s uncertain how much the attack was spurred by Krystal’s already blossoming erotic energy aura.  Krystal was confused, traumatized and heartbroken, and while she now hates David, she partly blames herself for her rape.  She never did tell her parents the reason she broke up with David.

That event, combined with the psychological abuse she dealt with at school and the lack of support from her parents caused Krystal to build an emotional wall around herself.  By the time she graduated high school, she had made arrangements and secured scholarships to attend college in San Diego.  Five hundred miles away from her parents, Krystal slowly came out of her shell.   She took up Yoga after classes, made a few friends, and began to explore her sexuality more.  She still dealt with some bullying from a few sorority girls, but overall her life improved.

Krystal opted for a major in public relations, deciding that she’d seen enough ugliness in the world and wanted to help find more positive ways to handle things.  She still maintained a bitterness towards the kid of pretty, popular girls that bullied her however.  3/4 of the way through her Junior year, and near graduation thanks to her taking extra classes, Krystal was banished to Delta City’s Earth in order to teach her compassion for her fellow women.


Krystal has contacts within the She-Legion, but a varying quality of relationship depending upon the specific heroine.  Amazing Babe and Night Raven being the members most likely to come to Krystal’s aid.

Krystal also has contacts with Sanctuary; the safe house and tavern for metahumans.  Her contacts there include the club’s owner and creator; Dr Stephen Weird, the Delta City reality’s Sorcerer Supreme.

Lastly, Witchfire has a good enough reputation among the lower income populace of Delta City that they might be inclined to help her in small ways if there was no danger to them.


Measurements:  34B, 25, 35

Sexual Orientation:  Bisexual; leans 65% towards women

Sex Drive (1 to 10): 7

Sexual Hot Spots (1 to 10):  Breasts (7), Nipples (8 after fully aroused), Most Other Areas a 5 after arousal, and a 3 before.

Kinks / Traits: 

Krystal can be quite submissive if taken control of without violence.  Even being coerced or manipulated into sex subconsciously arouses her.  With other women, she will occasionally become dominant if she senses a strongly submissive nature and desire in the other.

She is a genuine screamer if the sex is good enough.  Her breasts will swell almost a full cup size and give milk with enough attention; a side effect of an attack by an inseminoid plant.  They return to normal about a half hour after sex.

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