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This is my story directory page for R and X rated, self created and fan fiction erotica.  My stories generally feature seduction, sensuality, and sometimes light BDSM as well.

Fair Warning: Anything on or beyond this page should be considered NSFW. Stories can include suggesting photos such as the one above, or pictures or GIFs with full nudity

Blonde Woman in sheer black bra reclining on a bed. Her head arched back and one hand brought to her mouth

Amy’s Seduction

Amy goes to Brad’s house for a promised night of sensuality and passion

Originally Published on WordPress October 8, 2018

Learning the Ropes

Becky gets talked into a kinky bet that, if lost, will allow her friend David to teach her all about Bondage and Domination

Originally Written decades ago and first Published on WP on Oct 8, 2018

Taming Jillian

Sassy, sexy redhead Jillian challenges her date to be the man to finally tame her.

Originally Written decades ago and Published on WP on Oct 8, 2018

Cops & Robbers, Chpt. 1

Alluring cat burglar Maria is interrupted by a local gang while trying to escape the scene of her latest crime

Written in 2016, Originally Published at WordPress October 8, 2018

The Wife’s Best Friend

Kim ends up in over her head when she decides to see how far she can push her flirting with her best friend’s hubby

Originally Written 2019

Catching the Boss

Sexually frustrated Kimberly has longed after her boss for years… and just caught him in a compromising position

Conan: Tyche Defends Deketo’s Temple

Fiery priestess Tyche has been tasked with defending her goddess’s temple from Set worshipping invaders

Originally Written in 2017