Amy’s Seduction

Note, this is a fourth rewrite of this story. The first version was written many years ago and posted in the blog section of a dating site.  I’ve heard that there’s a version of this story floating around Literotica.  If so, it was stolen and used without my permission.  *I* am the original author of this story and reserve all copyright privileges.

Originally Published on WordPress October 8, 2018


After flirting online for what seemed like forever, Brad finally lured Amy into a visit.  Over the course of that time, he’d teased her with flirtatious remarks about how he’d ravish her completely.  Now here she was at his door. He opened the door with a smile and handed her a single fire & ice rose, which she took with a surprised smile.

“I see you found the place after all.” Brad said with a teasing tone and grin.  So saying, he took Amy’s free hand and guided her through the door.

Amy nodded shyly as she stepped through the doorway.  “Of course.” she said, her voice betraying nervous anticipation of what she knew was to come.

Brad finished guiding her through the door, his hand going to her back then gliding down it down her spine and across the curve of her shapely rear.  She let out just the slightest gasp of surprise and blushed slightly as his fingertips caressed her rear.  Bard’s hand only lingered there for a fraction of a second however as he closed the door behind her and locked it.

“So, I’m trapped here now?” Amy asked coyly as she smelled the rose.

Brad gave her a playful, lusty grin, and placed his hands on her shoulders and gently moved her up against the wall opposite the door.  “Something like that.” he replied in a wicked tone.  His hands immediately slid slowly down the length of her arms and then over to just above her crotch.  His fingertips lingered there for just a second as he renewed his wicked grin.  Amy squirmed slightly with a mixture of embarrassment and arousal.

After leaving his fingertips there for a moment, just long enough to make Amy wonder about his intentions, Brad slowly glided them up her dress.  The light caress up her stomach caused Amy to shudder and take a deep breath.  Brad’s fingertips reached her breasts, and glided across the bottom of both of them.  Amy simply closed her eyes, enjoying the sensation as her pert nipples came to full attention underneath her dress.  Brad’s index fingers teasingly circled each nipple, eliciting a soft moan of pleasure from her.

Brad leaned in and kissed her on the neck, right below her ear.  The first kiss was extremely light, almost a tease. The tip of his tongue circled the same spot afterwards, immediately followed by another firmer kiss.  Amy tilted her head slightly, and offered him her neck with an aroused moan.  Brad responded by slowly kissing a trail down to the neckline of her dress.  The tip of his tongue maintained contact between kisses, gently gliding across her soft skin.

When Brad reached the neckline of Amy’s dress, he began kissing his way back up her neck.  His hands fully cupped her breasts as he stepped in so his body was firmly against hers.  Brad’s lips kissed along her jaw, then over to her lips.  Continuing the wickedly delightful slow buildup, he first teasingly gave Amy’s lower lip a faint kiss, and then his tongue glided across her lips.  By now, Amy’s breath was heavy with desire, and she opened her mouth as if in invitation to be kissed deeply.  Brad responded with a light kiss to her upper lip.  She let out a yearning moan, and he softly kissed her upper lip again.  Then he pressed himself even more firmly against her body, letting Amy feel the length of his hard-on against her body.  He squeezed her breasts as his tongue glided across her lips one more time, and then he kissed her deeply with every ounce of passion he could muster.  The kiss lingered for what felt like an eternity as their tongues danced with each other.

Brad’s left hand lingered on the soft curves of Amy’s breast, continuing to cup and caress it as his right hand moved upwards.  He ran it gently through her hair a few times, savoring it’s silky soft texture.  Then he ran his hand down to the back of her dress.  Finding the zipper, Brad slowly slid it down her back, loosening the dress’s snug hold on her luscious body.  All the while, they never broke the kiss.  Feeling the dress loosen only seemed to fuel Amy’s hunger, and she intensified the kiss even more.  As she did, Brad’s right hand finished with the zipper and slid down to the soft curve of her shapely rear.  He caressed and kneaded it gently but firmly for a few moments, eliciting a series of soft moans.

Brad’s hands glided up to Amy’s shoulders and gently slid the dress off her shoulders, allowing it to fall to the floor.  Beneath her dress was an extremely sexy emerald green silk and lace nightie.

“Mmmmm… Very sexy.” Brad said, finally breaking the kiss.

Amy was breathing heavily, her passion showing as she worked to catch her breath. “You… weren’t kidding about your kisses.”, she said as she finished catching her breath.

“Why would I lie?” Brad teased. “The truth is far too much delightfully wicked fun.”

With that, he kissed the right side of Amy’s neck, again starting just below her ear.  Each kiss lingered longer than the earlier trail, and he placed the kisses closer together as he worked his way down her neck and shoulder.  Brad’s hands rested lightly on her shoulders.  As his lips reached the nightie’s strap, his hands slowly slid them off Amy’s shoulders, only fast enough to keep them ahead of his lips on her right shoulder.

The straps of her nightie slid over the edges of Amy’s shoulders.  As Brad’s hands gently glided the straps partially down her arms, his lips traced a trail of kisses back to her neck.  Amy tilted her head without hesitation, offering Brad her neck again.  He placed several light kisses along her neck as his hands slid across the front of her body and gently pushed the top of her nightie down off of her breasts.  Brad’s fingertips traced circles with a ghostlike touch across Amy’s full, soft breasts and he ran his tongue with the same light touch up the outside of her ear.

Amy’s body shuddered briefly and her small, pert nipples grew fully erect as goose bumps formed all over her breasts.  Brad fully cupped Amy’s now bare breasts in his hands, just barely kneading them as he relished their feel.  Her breathing grew heavy again as his lips glided across her cheek and met her own lips again.  Brad kissed her more softly this time; a gentle but passionate “I want you” kiss that lasted almost a full minute as their tongues danced with each other once more.

He broke the kiss and began tracing kisses down Amy’s chin, throat, and chest.  Brad’s tongue found and began circling and flicking her right nipple.  She moaned almost inaudibly and closed her eyes, savoring the attention.  The moaning became a sharp gasp as he kissed her nipple and then took it in his mouth.  He alternated between sucking gently on it and opening his mouth wide and circling it with his tongue while keeping his lips pressed to her soft flesh.  Amy’s breathing came in uneven sharp gasps now as she arched her back, draped her arms over Brad’s shoulders and partially wrapped one leg around him.  He spent the next 15 minutes covering her breasts with soft kisses, alternately giving both nipples the same treatment the right one had initially received.  At the same time, he lightly glided his fingertips up and down Amy’s spine with one hand while continuing to gently caress her breasts with the other.

The delicious reaction was that Amy’s entire magnificent body was trembling ever so slightly, and she leaned a bit more heavily onto Brad’s broad, muscular shoulders.  He looked up with a wicked grin, forgetting the luscious globes he’d just been feasting on.

“Looks like you need to be taken to bed already” Brad said in a gentle, teasing voice.

Amy tried to regain her composure to answer, but Brad didn’t give her any time to do so.  He scooped her up into his arms and began to carry her to the bedroom.

“You’re not going to get any rest there though.” Brad said in a more wicked tone.

Brad carried her into the bedroom and laid Amy gently down on the bed, then sat down on the bed beside her.  Amy ran her hands up her body, over her still exposed breasts, and then above her head, almost stretching out in a contented yet aroused pose.

“Mmmmm”, she purred in a contented tone, “now what did you have in mind?”

Brad gave another wicked smile, reached over and took her hands and then pulled Amy into an upright sitting position.  She yielded with a coy, playful smile, waiting to see what he’d do next. Brad reached down and took hold of her nightie and pulled it slowly up over her head.  Amy readily surrendered it, lifting her arms for Brad to completely remove it from her luscious body.  He ran his hands back down her arms and then ever so softly down her sides as well, then the hand not clutching the nightie glided between Amy’s legs ever so briefly.  Brad smiled as he felt the crotch of Amy’s panties were already moist.   She let out a slight gasp as a visible wave of pleasure washed over her.   Amy gave him an aroused smile and lifted her rear, inviting him to slide her panties off.

Brad shook his head ‘no’ with a devious grin. “Not yet…” he said with the same wicked tone he’d been using since Amy had arrived.

Amy gave Brad a confused, almost disappointed look and sat her shapely rear back down on the bed.

“Roll over.” Brad commanded in a quiet but firm tone.

Amy looked confused again for a brief moment, but complied.  As she did, Brad put his hands lightly on her waist and guided Amy into a position lying flat on her stomach. Once she was in that position, he moved closer to Amy and then ran his hands up the entire length of her body.  Brad started with her feet and slowly slid his hands up the sides of her legs, then up her body, across her shoulders, then gliding my fingers with a ghost-like touch across Amy’s cheeks before running his hands through her hair then down her back along her spine.  From there, he made sure to glide his hands down Amy’s butt and between her legs, lightly rubbing her crotch before traveling down the inside of her legs.  Brad kissed his way back down along with the caresses as well.

Amy cooed softly at the caresses, and he repeated the pattern another twenty times, until her body was in a completely relaxed but thoroughly aroused state.  Then Brad rolled her over and he repeated the same pattern up the front of Amy’s body; caressing and kissing all over her body.  By the time Brad had finished, Amy was practically squirming with desire. She pulled off Brad’s shirt as he slid up next to her and then started to undo his pants.

Brad gently pinned Amy’s wrists with his own hands though, trapping them at her sides at the same level as her head.  Then he leaned in next to her and began kissing her neck again.  Amy’s breathing became heavy and uneven as he continued.  When Brad felt her body go limp, he traced his kisses down Amy’s body to her breasts and slid one hand into her panties.  Slowly and with an extremely light touch, his fingertips began to caress and circle her wetness.  Amy slid her legs further apart, silently urging Brad to continue and do even more.  And so he did.  As Brad continued kissing and caressing Amy’s breasts with one hand, the other’s fingertips slipped smoothly between Amy’s soaking wet nether lips.  He slid his finger up, finding her clit and began circling and stimulating it.  The whole time, he continued lavishing Amy’s luscious full breasts with attention also.

Within minutes, Amy was on the verge of an orgasm… Her body was trembling, her breath was coming in short small gasps, and Brad felt her pussy begin to quiver slightly.  He quickly but smoothly slid his hand completely out of Amy’s panties, and slid up to kiss her.  Amy moaned with disappointment as she felt her unreleased orgasm start to subside.  Brad held the kiss for about 30 seconds, giving time for her body to settle down.  Then, he slowly began again.  He kissed his way over to Amy’s neck then down to her breasts.  Once there, his other hand again slid back between her legs.  She opened them a bit wider this time and gave Brad an urgent, hungry look.  This time, his fingers only explored Amy’s clit briefly before moving to slide deeper into her.  As he did, Amy let out a moan of pleasure.  Brad began working his two fingers in and out of Amy, but at an agonizingly slow, teasing pace.  After a few moments, he added a twisting motion to the movement, provoking an aroused purr from Amy.  She squirmed just slightly in reaction to the stimulation, and despite Brad’s deliberately slow pace, within a few minutes she was again on the verge of an orgasm.

Brad stopped again, completely withdrawing his hand and sliding back up next to Amy.  She let out a frustrated whimper and gave him a “why?” look.  Brad kissed her along her cheek and neck and brought his fingers up to her mouth.  Amy paused for just a moment and then took the fingers in her mouth, sensually sucking her own juices off of them.

Brad repeated the same pattern one more time, only this time he cleaned his own fingers of Amy’s juices.

Amy let out a moaning “nooooooo.” as he stopped the third time and looked at him pleadingly.

Amy started to say more, but Brad just held a finger to her lips in a ‘shhhhh’ motion.  Then he kissed her again, and began kissing his way down Amy’s body.  This time, after lingering on her breasts for a time, he continued down Amy’s stomach.  When he reached just above her belly button, he gripped the sides of Amy’s panties and slowly started to slide them down.  His kisses reached Amy’s crotch, and he paused there, and gave her a teasing look.  Then he exhaled, letting Amy feel his breath against her wetness.  Amy gasped and bucked her hips once.  Brad ran the tip of his tongue down the length of her wetness, causing Amy to shiver briefly.  After that, he placed one light kiss on Amy’s womanhood.  She let out a long moan of desire that turned into another soft whimper when Brad’s kisses continued down her inner thigh.

Brad kissed his way all the way down Amy’s leg, and then softly caressed her foot.  He then took her other foot in his hands and caressed it briefly.  Then, he began to kiss his way back up that foot and leg.  He lightly kissed and licked around Amy’s wetness, then, as if teasing her again, he continued kissing back up to her belly button.  Amy let out a desperate, pleading moan, and Brad smiled wickedly to himself and began kissing his way back down.  From there, he went down on her in earnest.

Brad started slowly, teasing her with light strokes of his tongue and soft, teasing kisses.  He was highly tempted to just dive right in.  After all, Amy was already very wet and squirming with desire.  He took his time though, savoring every moment and the delicious reactions that accompanied them.  It took what seemed like forever (especially to Amy, based on her reactions), for Brad to work his tongue into her wet pussy.  Amy’s reaction was electric when he finally did.  She squirmed, cooed, moaned and played with her breasts as his tongue danced over her clit.  Brad’s patterns were totally random and he varied the firmness with his tongue as well.  Occasionally, Brad’s tongue would slip down lower, probing deeper, and he teased Amy with intermittent kissing and sucking of her wetness also.

Soon it was all too obvious Amy was yet again on the verge of an orgasm.  And again, Brad took her right to the very edge, then nonchalantly stopped and simply kissed his way down her leg, which he put over his shoulder.  Amy moaned in hungry disappointment as he kissed and caressed her leg.  Brad knew her orgasm had again faded once she slumped back down on the bed and was no longer squirming.  At that point, he resumed that pattern of oral sex and foreplay.  Brad repeated the same pattern of bringing Amy right to the edge of an orgasm four more times.  Each time he added more sucking and kissing, and each time it took less and less to get her to that wicked edge.  The final time, it was only a matter of seconds, and it was obvious Amy was on the edge of an explosive orgasm.  That time Brad stopped and simply sat there, grinning wickedly as he gazed at Amy’s luscious naked and writhing body.

“Was your plan to tease me to death?” Amy asked in a tone mixed with raw lust and frustration.

Brad pulled down his already loosened pants, exposing his raging hard on to Amy. “So, are you ready for it then?” He asked back in a teasing, amused tone.

“Mmmmm” was Amy’s only reply as she squirmed some more and ran one hand over her breasts and the other briefly between her legs.

Brad shifted back to a kneeling position between Amy’s legs, spread them and then firmly but gently pulled her a bit closer.  He ran his fingertip around her clit, provoking an erotic gasp from Amy as her eyes closed and head fell back.

“I guess you are, then.” Brad said in the same teasing tone.  He positioned the head of his cock right on Amy’s wetness, just barely parting her lips.  Amy’s breathing grew fast and heavy with anticipation and she looked at Brad longingly.

“Are you sure you want this?” he asked again in a teasing tone.  As he did so, he slipped just a little deeper into Amy so that the head of his cock was completely in her, then he withdrew to the point of just barely parting her nether lips again.

Amy let out a long moan of desire as she felt herself penetrated.  Her eyes closed and her breath was still heavy.  Deciding to help persuade her to answer, Brad slid the head of his cock into Amy again the same way, twice this time. Each penetration was met with a sharp gasp.

“Hmmmm?” Brad asked in a wicked tone.

“Ye…… yes…” Amy gasped quietly

“Are you sure?” Brad asked with a cruel giggle and slid his head slowly into her three more times.  He felt Amy’s pussy quiver slightly as he did.  She was staying right on the edge of an intense orgasm, just as he hoped.

Amy gave Brad a hungry, sexually frustrated look, then reached up and tried to grab him and pull him to her.  He gently deflected the attempt and placed his hands on her shoulders and pushed her back down onto the bed.

“Nah ah ah… Bad girl.” Brad said in a mock scolding tone. “You have to behave yourself if you want your reward.”  He slipped the head of his cock in and out of Amy four times this time. Her pussy grew even tighter. “Understand?” he asked.

Amy nodded quietly and looked at Brad with pleading eyes.  He ran his hands up and down her sides and slipped in and out of her five more times.  Amy was almost panting with desire, and a thin sheen of sweat had begun to form on her breasts.  Her entire body was trembling slightly and it was clear it would take almost nothing now to push her over the edge.

“Now tell me how bad you want it.” Brad demanded wickedly.

Amy gave him an almost desperate look of hunger. “Oh God… I NEED it, PLEASE… fuck me!’, she cried in an almost begging tone.

Brad gave Amy a wicked grin of victory. “That’s more like it.” he said.

Brad thrust firmly all way into Amy with one smooth motion.  The result was every bit as electric as he hoped.  After being denied for so many times, and being kept right on the edge, that was all it took.  Amy screamed at the top of her lungs in orgasmic ecstasy and her back arched impossibly high as a massive orgasm shot through her entire body.  Brad stayed deep inside her, and reached down around Amy’s waist and pulled her up onto his lap.

Before Amy’s orgasm had even begun to subside, Brad began bouncing her up and down on his lap, renewing his ravishing of her.  He alternately kissed and sucked on Amy’s breasts as she bounced up and down on his cock.  Her head fell back and Amy let out a stream of gasps, moans and cries of pleasure.  Four more orgasms quickly followed the first, and each was just as intense.  Amy’s entire body shuddered as each one rocked her body.

Amy’s responses were driving Brad crazy.  Feeling her pussy tighten each time around his cock and quiver as she climaxed was rapidly pushing him close to the edge also.  He laid Amy back down on the bed and slowed his pace a bit.  They kissed deeply, and over the next half hour he coaxed 5 more orgasms out of her.  Finally knowing he wouldn’t be able to hold out any longer, Brad quickened his pace, determined to enjoy his release as much as Amy had her own.  Amy gasped in surprise and arousal, feeling his quickening.  With a cry of pleasure of his own, Brad plunged deep into Amy and came… hard.

Amy let out a weak cry of pleasure of her own as she felt the warm wetness fill her, and greeted Brad’s climax with one last one of her own.  She wrapped her legs firmly around him as her body trembled.

They kissed passionately and held that position for minutes, and then Brad rolled off of Amy and spooned up next to her.  He kissed Amy’s neck and pulled the covers up over them.  They fell asleep in that position, cuddling with each other.

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