Cops and Robbers 1

Originally Published WordPress October 8, 2018


Maria slipped one leg through the large opened window and looked back into the dimly lit room.  Only emergency lighting kept not only the room but the entire building from being completely black.  It was a fatal vulnerability in the old diamond exchange building’s security; for all its high tech security systems, the building lacked a proper backup power system.  Maria was smugly proud of how easily she had exploited the flaw and robbed the exchange blind.

The security guards had proven more entertaining, but all the physical confrontation had only gotten her hot and bothered, reminding her how long it had been since she had gotten laid.   Her faux leather catsuit was truly form fitting, almost looking painted on.  While it allowed her a tremendous freedom of movement, the catsuit’s tight fit also meant that it rubbed her in all the deliciously wrong places whenever she got physical.

It’s worth the trade off, Maria sighed mentally.  The suit is mildly bullet resistant and blocks infrared detection also.  Besides, I look fucking hot in it, she thought to herself with a visible smirk.

Maria straddled the window sill and looked back into the room.  Half a dozen security guards lay unconscious or semi-conscious, quietly moaning.   “Adios, boys and girls.” Maria said in a sultry voice with a light Castilian accent.  “None of you were much fun, or I’d stay longer…” she added with a berating sigh.  With that, she blew the guards a kiss and slinked through the open window onto the old cast iron fire escape.

The half-Spaniard drew herself up to her full 5 foot 9 inch height, brought her arms up to her sides and then backwards, jutting her impressive 36DDD chest forward as she stretched.  Maria looked downward, carefully surveying the alley below, and then scanned the rooftops above.  Seeing nothing constituting a threat, she relaxed slightly and pulled the small knapsack style backpack off of her back.   She pulled off the “sunglasses” she was wearing (they were actually extremely sophisticated night vision glasses) and placed them in the backpack with the burglary equipment and other items already in the bag.

The police have to be on their way by now, she thought.  I’d better get out of here.

Thus saying, she climbed up the fire escape from her initial third story landing up to the roof.   She stopped at the top of the fire escape and took a moment to scan the rooftop.  Not detecting any threats, and needing to make good her escape, she made her way to the South end of the roof and began working her way across the rooftops.

It took Maria nearly 20 minutes to work her way the 10 blocks South to her planned escape route.  The police were indeed already out, including a police helicopter that had forced her to remain in the shadows as she moved across the rooftops.

“Time to change from cat burglar to sexy club girl.” Maria said quietly to herself.  She stripped off her utility belt and the telescoping batons she had holstered on her thighs and stuffed those into her backpack.  Next, she removed half a dozen small throwing knives that she had hidden on her, placing them in the bag as well.  She paused for a moment, feeling uneasy for some unknown reason, and then took one of her batons back out of the pack.

Better safe than sorry, she thought to herself, pondering why her intuition had her feeling so uneasy.

She laid the baton and the backpack on the rooftop, and then let her hair down.  Her silky jet black locks cascaded from their previous neat ball into flowing tresses that reached to the bottom of her curvaceous butt.  She shook her head and ran her fingers through her hair, trying to make sure it was untangled and adding a little body to it.

Good enough, she thoughtWith any luck, I’ll be gone before anybody sees me anyway.

Satisfied with her hair, she refreshed her bright red lipstick and then unzipped her catsuit down to just over an inch above the bottoms of her breasts.  Her cleavage half spilled out of the catsuit, barely held in place by the low cut bra she wore underneath it.

Maria adjusted the top of her catsuit, making sure her lingerie stayed hidden and that her breasts, while definitely advertised, were in no danger of popping out.  Maria’s father was a famous Spanish cat burglar and freelance spy, and her mother had been a low ranking French noblewoman.  Because of her European nobility background, Maria had been raised to be more open about her sexuality than most Americans, but that a proper lady knew how to use what she had without being blatant… that what was hinted at, and not quite shown that had the most seductive power.   That was a lesson she’d taken to heart.

Maria pulled a small bottle of perfume out of her backpack, and lightly sprayed it on her neck and cleavage, then returned it and her lipstick to inside the backpack.  She smirked at the 10 small felt bags of diamonds in the backpack, imagining how she’d spend all the money.

The sound of the police helicopter heading back her direction snapped Maria out of her revelry.  She scooped up her backpack and baton and then moved quickly down the fire escape to the alley below.  Club Eros, an exclusive night club was only half a block away, and her Dodge Viper was right outside, waiting to carry her on get away.  Her plan at this point was to simply look like any other 25 year old girl out clubbing on a Friday night.

Maria ducked into the shadows of the alley just as the police copter and its bright search light passed overhead.  She stayed there a few moments and then moved cautiously from the shadows.  As soon as she had taken a few steps towards the center in the alley, she heard voices around her.

“Yo, you fools think this crazy fire escape runnin’ bitch, is the one bringin’ the heat down on the hood?”, one gangbanger demanded as he stepped out of the shadows with four other friends.

They all looked like typical street gang members; a bit on the grungy side and all wearing faded, torn denim and leather.  The one who had just run his mouth, apparently the leader of the group, had a pistol in his hand.  The other four carried melee weapons.

“Why else would this skank be running down from the roof like that?”, said the one girl in the group.  Her voice practically dripped venom.  She had a knife with a six inch long blade in her left hand, holding it about waist level and few inches in front of her body.

Clumsy grip, thought Maria as she studied the girl.  Definitely an amateur.  The clown with the gun looks like he’s got a bit more experience though.  Jittery too, maybe unstable…

Maria cursed silently at being so careless.  Her elation over the size of the haul and her state of arousal had made her sloppy.

“No need to be jealous, chica.” Maria retorted in a flippant tone.  “I’m sure yours will grow out if you ever hit puberty.”

Maria’s insult brought laughs and jeers from the four men, provoking a rush of anger from the girl.  She glared at Maria with a look of pure murderous hatred and started to step forward, raising her knife slightly.  A third member of the group blocked her path, holding out his bat in front of her to wave her off.

“Not yet, girl.” he said flatly.  “Let’s see what the bitch is hiding that the cops are so interested in.”  “Then, after me and the boys have some fun with her, you can cut her good.”

Maria let out a derisive snort.

“Sassy little slut, isn’t she?” one of them mocked.  “We can fix that shit.”

“First things first.” The one with the gun said.  He turned his attention to Maria, trying to intimidate her with a fierce stare.  “What you doin’, runnin’ up on the roof from the fuckin cops and dressed like a hoochie?” he demanded.

“I was bringing you your hooked on phonics tapes… and some breath mints.” Maria replied in a blatantly smart assed tone.  A wry smirk, clearly conveying a challenge, appeared on her face.  Maria started to take half a step back to narrow her silhouette, but bumped into something solid and unmoving.  She realized instantly that one of the other gangbangers had snuck up behind her while she was distracted by the leader and his gun.  She silently cursed herself for such a rookie mistake.

Maria had no time to react though.  As soon as she bumped into the thug, she felt muscular arms shoot underneath hers, wrap around them and his hands locked behind her neck, putting her in a full nelson.  Maria’s arms flailed helplessly above her as the thug tightened his grip and shook her.  Maria whimpered in pain at the move, but refused to give them the satisfaction of crying out.  The thug was tall enough, somewhere just north of 6 feet Maria estimated, to keep her on her tippy toes and deny her any leverage also.

“Where’s your jokes now, bitch?”, the gang leader asked arrogantly.  “Not so smart now, huh?”

Maria glared and almost retorted, but held her tongue until her predicament improved.

The leader’s eyes drifted down to Maria’s ample cleavage.  It was barely contained by the catsuit to start with.  The combination of the full nelson with her small backpack between her and her captor forced Maria’s torso forward and shoulders back to the point her breasts were jutting out enough to almost pop right out of her partially unzipped catsuit.

“Dayaaaaamn, hoochie.” He said in mock admiration.  “You got some big ass titties, don’t you?”  “Those things fuckin real?”

“Fuck you.” Maria spat venomously.

The leader stepped up right in Maria’s face and put the gun under her chin.  “Oh don’t worry girl, I am going to fuck you…  good and hard.”  He stepped back a step.  “And then after I’m done with you, he is going to fuck you.” The leader continued motioning with his gun to one of the other gang members.  Then he’s going to fuck you, and he’s going to fuck you.”, he added, motioning again with the pistol to the gang member that had her trapped and then the last guy.  The leader waved his pistol in the air.  “Hell, you’ve already annoyed me enough; I may even let Candy here fuck you.”

The leader let out a high shrill laugh, amused with himself, and slapped Candy hard across the ass.  “How about it, babe?”  He asked mockingly.  “You want to fuck her also and teach her not to dis you?”

Candy winced in pain at the hit on her rear.  She was wearing a leather miniskirt that offered a little protection from the force of the blow, but it had been delivered hard; as if a reminder of her place.

“Yeah, maybe…”, she said with an evil half-smile.  “You want to watch me teach her a lesson, baby?”, she asked, clearly hungry for the leader’s approval.

“I’ll think about it, now shut the fuck up.” The leader retorted coldly.

Candy looked genuinely wounded by the leader’s rebuke.  “O…ok, Eddie.”

‘Eddie’ turned his attention back to Maria, who had now stopped fighting the hold she was in, hoping to lull her captor into a false sense of security.  “You know…” he said matter-of-factly, “I was interested what’s in that bag of yours.”  “We’ll get to that shit later.”  He stuck the gun in the front of his waistband.  “First, we gonna see what you hidin’ under this hoochie suit.”  So saying, he grabbed Maria’s breasts in both hands and began roughly kneading and squeezing them.

His treatment of Maria’s breasts was rough and crude.  He clearly had little skill or cared less about displaying it with his prey.  Maria guessed the former based on his lack of manners and hygiene.  Still, even this rough treatment was enough to send tiny jolts of erotic electricity racing from Maria’s breasts to her clit, making it throb with anticipation.

If he bathed and had a little class, I might almost enjoy this. Maria thought to herself.

Maria was smart, strong and capable, which made it hard for her to find men she truly respected.  Occasionally, her mind would wander to dark fantasies of being overwhelmed and taken by a man who would prove her equal and more.  This, however, was humiliating, and Maria’s anger at being violated this way more than offset the desire she felt slowly building in her body.

“So, are these real?” Eddie demanded, giving Maria’s breasts a hard squeeze and eliciting a slight whimper of pain from the Spaniard.  “Shit this big can’t be real, right boys?” he asked mockingly.

The other male gang members laughed in agreement and made crude remarks about Maria.

“Guess we’ll just have to take a closer look, won’t we boys?” Eddie mocked.  He took the zipper to Maria’s catsuit, and slowly pulled it down, staring mockingly at Maria as did.  He seemed to savor the look of murderous hatred Maria gave him as she was slowly exposed.

Eddie stopped the zipper just below Maria’s navel, revealing the diamond stud piercing there and Maria’s firm, toned abs.  He seemed to take small notice however, and pushed the catsuit outward, off of Maria’s breasts.

Maria felt incredibly exposed and vulnerable as the cold night air licked at the exposed flesh not covered by her silk bra.  Even the bra, which was surprisingly thin for her cup size, did little to protect her breasts from the chill of the night.  Maria’s nipples, were fully erect too, which was painfully obvious to all present due to the combination of bra’s nearly sheer, thin silk cups and her nipples’ large size.  Maria wished she could blame the night air for her erect nipples, but the tingling and growing dampness between her legs testified to the truth of it.

Damned it, having such a responsive body can be a bitch at times.  Maria swore to herself.  My focus is crap right now.  NO way that this jackass should be able to turn me on.  I’m going to end up getting gangbanged… or worse if I can’t get it together.

“Lookee here.” Eddie proclaimed with a bit of mock astonishment.  “Hoochie girl actually wears a bra.”

The others laughed mockingly as they gathered around a little closer to get a look at Maria’s impressive assets.

“Not much of a bra.” Candy said flatly.  “It plunges so low it barely keeps her tits in.”  Candy spoke the truth.  Maria’s bra was champagne pink silk trimmed with charcoal grey lace trim, and plunged in front to have its cups connected by a single loop of thick silk ribbon.  “Damned she got some big nipples though.” Candy added, staring transfixed at Maria’s chest.

“Let’s get a look at them.” Eddie said.  Maria struggled in the full nelson but couldn’t move.  She let out a disgusted growl of frustration as Eddie reached up and grabbed the cups of Maria’s bra.  With a smirk and a single swift pull, he snapped the loop holding the bra together and letting Maria’s breasts spill out for all to see.

There were hoots and cat calls from the male thugs, and the normally unflappable Maria felt her cheeks burning with shame and embarrassment, more from her continued arousal than her breasts hanging out on display for the group.  She felt her nipples grow achingly hard and goosebumps form across her breasts from the combination of cold air and arousal.

“That was $300 custom tailored French silk, asshole” Maria snapped bitterly.

Eddie grabbed Maria’s breasts firmly and leaned in close to her.  “You’ve got bigger problems to worry about than your shit getting torn, bitch.” He remarked coldly.  To emphasize the point, he squeezed Maria’s breasts hard.  The pain was enough that it took extreme effort for Maria to keep from crying out.  She still grimaced and her eyes watered.

Satisfied after a few seconds that he’s made his point, Eddie eased up the pressure on Maria’s breasts.  “Your tits… your ass, hell, all of you belongs to me now, bitch.” Eddie snapped.  “You’re going to play nice and be a very eager fuck for me and my boys here, and you might just get out of here with your ass intact.”

Maria let out a snarl of primal rage and thrashed wildly for a moment against the hold she was in.  The thug behind her tightened his grip to the point of causing her pain and she stopped struggling.

Eddie laughed at Maria’s struggling, and then began crudely kneading and massaging her breasts.  The skin of Eddie’s hands was as rough as his treatment of Maria’s boobs, making the process uncomfortable enough to cause Maria to whimper slightly.  Despite the discomfort, Maria felt her pussy quiver and throb.  The process continued for a few minutes, with Eddie unable to elicit more than whimpering from Maria.

“Quit whining slut, you know you like it.” Eddie said in a cold tone.

Candy, who been staring transfixed the entire time at Maria’s nipples protruding from between Eddie’s fingers, spoke up.  “No baby, it ain’t like that with this one.” She said in a gentle tone, trying not to provoke Eddie’s wrath.  “This hoochie has sensitive tits.”  “I can tell by watching her.”  “You want to break her; you gotta go gentle on her.”

Eddie frowned and his voice took an annoyed, condescending tone.  “I don’t need you tellin’ me how to fuck her any more than I want to keep hearin’ that shit when I’m fucking your ass.”

Candy let out a sigh, and rolled her eyes, hoping that Eddie wouldn’t turn around and see.  Maria did however, taking mental note of the exchange.

“I heard that.” Eddie snarled.  He turned around to face Candy and opened his mouth to say something.  He paused for a moment, and then finally spoke.  “What the fuck, you think you can do better, do it; make the bitch cum.”

Candy slinked up to Maria, but kept her eyes on Eddie.  “It ain’t like that, baby.” She said in a supportive tone.  “I just want to help is all.”

“So help, or I’m going to give you what she was going to get.” Eddie replied flatly.

Candy pressed herself up against Maria.  “Ones like this are delicate, baby.” She said.  “Use a light touch though, and she becomes your fuck toy.”  Candy placed her hand lightly on Maria’s breast and began caressing it softly for a few moments, then with her finger, lightly traced a circle around the tip of Maria’s nipple.

Maria’s body shuddered in response to Candy’s touch.  The jolt of erotic energy was too much for Maria and she let out a gasp.  “N…  n…  no… stop.” Maria pleaded weakly.

A self-satisfied smirk appeared across Candy’s face, and she leaned in and kissed Maria’s nipple, taking it in her mouth and flicking her tongue across it.  Maria struggled against the flames of desire being stoked within her.  When Candy changed from kissing her nipple to suckling it though, a long moan escaped from Maria.  The male thugs let out a slight gasp of amazement and began murmuring among themselves.

“See, Baby?” Candy said gently.  “Start gentle and the ho melts like butter.”

“Fuck that.” Eddie growled.  “She needs to take it good and hard; the way I like it.”  “That way when I’m done she knows who that pussy belongs to and not to disrespect me no more.”

“That’s just it baby…” Candy replied with a wicked smile.  She slid her hand downward and found the zipper to Maria’s catsuit.  She pulled it down the last couple of inches to just above Maria’s mound, and then slid her hand down inside Maria’s catsuit and panties.  Candy was surprised and aroused by how soft Maria’s skin and neatly trimmed pubic hair were.  Candy smiled even bigger then slid her hand fully between Maria’s legs.  “Her pussy is already good and wet.” Candy reported with a smile.  “Get her revved up good and you can fuck her… hard… and ALL night long.” She added in an erotic, tempting tone.  To drive her point home, Candy slipped a finger between Maria’s wet folds, found her clit and began circling it with her finger.  Maria responded with another, louder moan and began gasping as Candy continued to tease her clit.

“Who’s a prepubescent little girl who’s out of her league now?” Candy whispered smugly in Maria’s ear.  Candy slipped two fingers inside of Maria who let out a loud moan and arched her back.  “Your pussy belongs to me now.” Candy whispered malevolently.

Even Eddie seemed mildly impressed by Candy’s seeming mastery of Maria’s body.  He moved behind Maria, next to the henchman who had her in the full nelson.  Then Eddie took off his own belt, looped it back through the buckle making a sort of lasso out of it and slipped it over Maria’s head and around her neck.  He pulled it snug and then ordered the henchman to let Maria go.  Maria’s knees started to buckle from erotic overload as her feet fully touched the ground for the first time in almost 5 minutes.  The belt wrapped around her neck kept her from falling though and partially cut off her air.  Maria quickly regained her balance and footing, which allowed her to breath normally again.

Eddie had one arm around Maria’s waist and the other one holding the other end of the belt behind Maria’s neck.  “Here’s the way it’s going to work, bitch…” Eddie announced menacingly.  “Candy and I are going to fuck your brains out.”  “When we get bored wearing your pussy out, I’m going to give you to the boys.”  “They’re going to take turns fucking you solo and maybe in teams if they feel like it.  “You’re our fuck toy for the rest of the night, any way we want you.”

Maria struggled defiantly for a moment, determined to escape.  A quick tug on the belt around Maria’s neck brought her back into submission.  Eddie move up against Maria from behind and wrapped one arm around her waist, all the while keeping a firm grip on the other end of the belt around her neck.

Candy chuckled in wicked amusement at Maria’s effort to escape.  “Anybody want a better look at our new toy?!?” She asked the group.

The immediate response was loud cheers and shouts from the gangbangers.  Their reaction made Maria’s skin crawl, but at the same time she felt her pussy throbbing.

God, what’s wrong with me? Maria thought.  Has it been so long that I’m willing to degrade myself by being used by a bunch street trash?  My legs are trembling so bad I can barely stand and my panties are soaked clean through.  My mind is saying no, but my body is screaming yes.

“Well, let’s give the boys what they want!” Candy proclaimed in an amused tone.

Candy squatted down and unzipped Maria’s knee high leather boots and slipped them off of her.  During the process, Maria had started to kick her.  Eddie had been alert though, and pulled the belt tight.  Maria grabbed at the belt, tugging at it to keep from being choked unconscious.  Her back still arched backwards with the leverage and strength Eddie had though.

“Should have just been a good girl and accepted what was coming.” Candy said in an amused and smug tone.  She put her hands on Maria’s shoulders and pushed the catsuit off of her shoulders.

Candy forced Maria’s arms down and tugged the catsuit free of Maria’s arms and upper body.  The gangbangers all cheered and hooted.  The blush of aroused shame on Maria’s face only deepened as the entire group leered at her half nude body.  The backpack, now forgotten by the thugs, fell to the ground along with the torn remains of Maria’s silk bra.  Eddie moved in tight against her, keeping a firm grip on the belt the entire time.

“More?!?” Candy yelled.  The immediate reply was further hooting and cries of “hell yeah”.  Candy took hold of the catsuit, the top half of which was dangling from Maria’s curvy hips, and pulled it down around Maria’s ankles.

“Noooo!” Maria cried, struggling against her being stripped.  Eddie yanked back on the belt and Maria tugged back at it around her neck.  Candy laughed as she pulled off the catsuit from around Maria’s ankles, leaving her naked except for her silk thong panties.  The crotch and lower front on the panties were sopping wet and those parts clung to Maria like a second, nearly transparent skin.  Goosebumps raced across Maria’s entire body.

Candy stood back up.  “Time for the final unveiling boys!”, she yelled.  Her words were met with even more cheers from the gangbangers, and cat calls of “Take it off!”  Candy glanced down at Maria’s panties, which were a matching pair to Maria’s now destroyed bra, and almost immediately noticed the black lace ties on the sides.

“Look at here!” Candy proclaimed.  “Easy access to easy girl pussy!”  That was greeted with more hoots and cat calls.  Maria squirmed and thrashed, her hips shaking back and forth as she tried to keep the ties away from Candy’s grasp.  Candy quickly caught one of the bow ties and tugged it undone.

Maria’s heart began racing and her breath quickened as she felt her panties begin to fall away.  The feeling of vulnerability was intense, and to Maria’s shame, so was the erotic tingling in her breasts and between her legs.  She continued to struggle, and only the remaining tie on her opposite hip and her own wetness held the panties partially in place.

“Oh no you don’t…” Candy chided with a giggle.

Candy grabbed Maria by the hips, and pressed her body firmly against Maria’s, sandwiching Maria firmly between herself and Eddie.  Maria whimpered as she realized she was trapped.  Candy grinded against Maria’s nearly naked body and gave her a kiss on the ear lobe, finishing the kiss by lightly dragging her teeth along Maria’s ear lobe.

“I’m going to enjoy fucking you, hoochie girl.” Candy taunted in a whisper as she pulled the remaining tie on Maria’s panties.  Candy gripped the front of Maria’s panties in her hand, stepped back away from her and pulled the panties free.

“Woooohooo!” Candy hooted.  “Lookie here boys, hoochie panties!”  “Nice and wet too, think she’s ready for you all?!?”

The question elicited hoots and howls from the thugs, and a growl of primal frustration from Maria, who continued to struggle against her captor and her dark desires.

“Still feisty?” Candy mocked.  “I know how to fix that.”

Candy tossed Maria’s panties to the thugs and pressed herself up against Maria again.  One hand slid up Maria’s stomach and began lightly caressing her breast.  Candy’s other hand slipped between Maria’s legs, quickly sliding between her pussy lips, finding her clit and beginning to stimulate it.

Maria’s eyes rolled back in her head and she let out a deep, long moan.  Maria tried to fight, but her body refused to respond.  Her arms felt like jello and her legs only trembled with each jolt of sexual electricity that raced through her.  Maria’s moans turned to gasps as Candy continued to take control of her.  Eddie had already slid the arm that had been around Maria’s waist upward and was playing with Maria’s other breast.  He seemed particularly fixated on Maria’s nipple, twirling it between his fingers.  Maria’s nipples were as impressive as her breasts; about the size of small grapes, they stood out almost half an inch when fully erect and were dimpled in the center as if inviting observers to draw milk from them.  Candy leaned in and began suckling on Maria’s breast that was under her control.  Maria’s entire body spasmed for just a moment.  The heat of Candy’s mouth against the soft, highly sensitive skin of her breast and Candy’s tongue dancing across her nipple was rapidly destroying Maria’s remaining willpower.

“Damned, look at that…” One of the thugs said.  “Candy owns that bitch.”

Eddie scowled, and Candy pulled away from Maria’s bare breast.  Clearly the girl was afraid of Eddie and his temper.

“Here baby, you’ve got to feel this.” Candy said, trying to assuage Eddie’s fragile ego and need to be the center of things.  “Her pussy is super silky and crazy tight.”  She placed her hand over Eddie’s hand and glided it off of Maria’s boob, down her stomach, and between Maria’s legs.

Maria moaned as she felt Eddie’s rough, thick finger slide inside her.  Candy kept her hand over Eddie’s and was making his previously crude efforts devastatingly effective.  Maria mentally was disgusted by this dirty, crude man, but her body was responding on its own to his touch and she felt her willpower and strength draining away.  Maria’s hips began rocking in rhythm to Eddie’s finger sliding in and out of her as she felt a huge orgasm building deep within her.  The rocking hips and Maria’s wailing moans of ecstasy were watched with wicked glee by the other gangbangers.

“Ahhhhh snap, hoochie is getting ready to cum hard for our boy Eddie.” One of them said.

“Yeah, now that Candy taught him how to fuck a girl.” Another one remarked with a laugh.

The entire group laughed riotously, including Candy.  That pushed Eddie over the edge.  He turned beet red with rage, threw Maria to the ground, and backhanded Candy hard across the jaw.  The force of the blow spun Candy around and sent her sprawling to the ground on all fours, blood trickling from her mouth.

“You laughin’ at me, you fucking cunt?!?” Eddie snarled.  “I’ll kill your ass.”

“Woah, boss…” the one who had insulted Eddie chimed in.  “Easy man, we was just kiddin.”  “We didn’t mean nuttin’ by it.”

“Shut the fuck up.” Eddie Yelled.  “I’ll deal with your fuckin’ ass in a minute.”  Eddie continued to glare at Candy.  “Get up bitch, so I can beat some respect into you.”

“Please no…” Candy sobbed, sounding genuinely terrified.

Maria slipped the belt off her neck, picked up the telescoping baton that had been in her cat suit pocket and stood up to her full height.

“Leave her alone, you needle dicked asshole.” Maria commanded.  Lust had now been replaced by rage, both at her own treatment and the sight of the abuse inflicted on the other girl.

Eddie turned around, pulling his gun as he did so.  At the same time, Maria simultaneously kicked the catsuit up in Eddie’s face, extended the spring loaded baton, and swung at Eddie’s gun arm.  The blow connected hard right on the inside of Eddie’s wrist, shattering several small bones and sending the gun flying into a pile of garbage where it went off loudly.  Maria instantly bounced her blow off of Eddie’s wrist and connected hard across his temple with the tip on the baton.  She let the force of the blow carry her swing past Eddie’s head, then reversed it into another strike on Eddie’s other temple.  Eddie, stunned and off balance from the previous two blows, was turned almost sideways by the third strike.  Maria capitalized on the opening and launched a low sidekick at the outside of Eddie’s knee, shattering it and sending him crashing to the ground screaming in pain.

“Serves you right, you son of a bitch.” Maria spat.  “Big man, hitting a girl half your size.”  “At least it saved me.” She snarled.  “I couldn’t live with myself if I let a pig like you make me cum.”  Maria kicked Eddie as hard as she could in the crotch to emphasize her disgust, prompting his to scream in pain before his eyes rolled back in his head and he blacked out from the pain.

The other 3 male gangbangers had been momentarily stunned by the speed and ferocity of Maria’s attack.  Their boss had been not just laid out but completely destroyed in under two seconds, by a butt naked woman no less.  Eddie’s scream of pain before blacking out snapped them back to their senses though.

The thug with the bat let out an enraged shout and swung the bat straight at Maria’s head.   Maria ducked the bat and connected with a strong low side kick straight to the side of her attacker’s knee.  He fell to the ground screaming in agony and clutching his shattered knee.

Maria barely had time to roll out of the way as the second remaining male thug swung downward at her with a chain.  She rolled to right, barely missing getting hit by the chain as it hit the asphalt, sending a few sparks flying.  As she came up out of the roll, she immediately flowed into a low spinning kick, sweeping the thug flat onto his back and then swung her leg up in an arc and bringing the back of her heel down on his face in a perfect axe kick.  The impact of the fall to the back of his head followed by the axe kick knocked him out cold.

Maria’s luck ran out when the fourth guy, who was 6′ 8″ and built like a pro wrestler, scooped her up in a bear hug as she finished her last kick.  She flailed with her legs and struggled, but his grip was like a vise, and he had her arms pinned in the bear hug.  He held her up, not letting her feet touch the ground and denying her any real leverage.  Maria cried out in pain as he tried to crush the life out of her and cut off her air supply.

“You might have gotten out of here with your ass in one piece if you’d played nice with the boss and us.” The thug snarled.  “Now I’m going to have to jack you up.”

The big goon shook Maria from side to side, as if she was some sort of rag doll.  The bear hug was still locked in so tight Maria had trouble breathing, much less wiggling her arms or torso free.

“No smart-ass remarks now, ho?” the thug asked menacingly.

Suddenly the giant thug cried out in pain and his body spasmed and convulsed.  Somehow, he managed to swing around and crash Maria, still in his arms, into Candy.  Candy fell backwards onto her butt and a heavy taser fell out of her hand.

Maria realized she had to capitalize on this opening.  She quickly kicked like a mule straight back into the big thug’s knee.  He yelped in pain and cursed.  His grip also loosened slightly, but he didn’t let Maria go.  Maria quickly fired a series of head-butts backwards into the thug’s nose.  She heard and felt his nose break on the fourth one, resulting in him yelling in pain and finally releasing Maria.

She dropped to the ground and managed with effort to land on her feet.  Maria spun around and immediately kicked the thug in the groin as hard as she could.  The kick, looking for all the world like a 50 yard field goal attempt, dropped the gigantic thug to his knees and left him partially doubled over.  Maria immediately transitioned into another axe kick, bringing the back of her heel down on the goon’s neck.  He doubled over even further, resting his forehead against the pavement in a deep bowing position.  He slammed his fist into the ground and fought to get back to his feet.  Maria grabbed the nearby bat and slammed it into his back again and again as hard as she could.  After the fourth blow, the thug collapsed onto the ground.

Let’s hope that keeps him down long enough Maria thought.  She half breathed a painful sigh of relief, one hand momentarily rubbing her sore ribs.  Maria looked over at Candy who struggled to her feet and rubbed her jaw.

“What?” Candy asked with a mix of fear and defensiveness in her voice.  She paused for a moment and the continued.  “I…  I owed you one.” She said.  “Eddie would have killed me…”  “He almost has before, and for less than that.”

Maria started to ask her why she stayed with him, but was cut short by the sound of rapidly approaching sirens.

“Fucking cops.” Maria said, making no effort to hide the contempt in her voice.

Candy’s eyes grew wide as saucers, fearing what was to come.

“Go!  Run!” Maria barked.

“What about you?” Candy asked, her voice holding just a hint of concern.

“I’ll handle it; just go before they catch you with these pieces of shit.” Maria replied.

Candy shook her head and took off running.  She looked back in time to see the still naked Spaniard lay down on the ground as the alleyway was flooded with police cruiser lights, search lights and sirens.

Maria stayed sprawled out on the ground and whipped up some tears and began sobbing and moaning.

“Looks like a rape…” one male cop said.  His tone was matter-of-fact with a hint of disdain, and his voice carried an air of authority.  I’ve got a victim down, in a state of complete undress.  She seems pretty shook up also.

“Guess they grabbed the girl on her way to the club and pulled her into the alley”, another cop said.

“If it was a rape, what the hell happened to these guys?” another cop asked, shining his flashlight on one gangbanger after another.

“From the looks of them, nothing good.” The second cop said.  “Think it was the girl?”

“Are you kidding me?” the first one asked.  She’s butt naked and clearly in shock.  “Besides, no way that one 130 pound girl could do this to four guys.”

If you only fuckin’ knew… thought Candy as she watched from the shadows of a nearby roof.  She silently shook her head.  That girl was unreal.  How the hell did she do that?

“Some freaking vigilante then, maybe…” the second cop said.  “Just what we need.”

“We’ll sort that out later.” The first cop said.  “For now, get them in the van and take them to central booking.”  “Looks like they’ll all be going to the infirmary once they get there.”

Maria continued to sob and cry, playing the part of the hapless victim to the hilt.

“Easy miss.” said the police officers who had found her as he helped Maria to her feet.  “You’ve been through a traumatic experience.”  “Just take it slow till you get your bearings.”

Maria rose slowly to her feet, pretending to have trouble gaining her footing.  Once to her feet, she threw her arms around the cop, holding on tight as she trembled.  “O… Oh thank god you’re here!” she exclaimed, trying to sound like an innocent party girl who got in way over her head.

I have to get the hell out of here before he starts asking too many questions, she thought.  Better make this good until I can figure out how…

“Are you ok… Miss?” the cop asked, not so subtly probing for a name.

Maria, still holding the cop tightly and sniffling, gasped and buried her face in the cop’s shoulder, crying hysterically as the last of the thugs was carried past her and loaded into the back of the police van.  The cop glared at the thugs and shook his head.

“Get them out of here.” The cop barked to the others at the van.

“Yeah yeah, we’re out of here.” one of the other cops replied.

“Don’t do anything we wouldn’t do, Reese.” quipped one of the other cops, glancing back and forth between the first cop and Maria.

“Don’t be an asshole, O’Malley” the officer said.  “You know what she’s been through.”

The other cops piled into the van and drove off toward the police station.

“I’m soooo glad they’re gone.” Maria said.  Her voice not only carried an air of (feigned) terror, but her Castilian accent had shifted to a Latin American one.

Maria kept her arms around the officer and laid her head on his broad, muscular chest, trying to play up her seductive damsel in distress routine.

“Come with me back to the car.” The officer said gently.  “We need to get you covered up and out of this cold.”

He led Maria to the back of his patrol car, opened the trunk and removed a blanket.  He wrapped it gently around Maria’s lithe, naked body.  The blanket was big enough to cover her from her shoulders to her ankles and was not only warm, but fairly comfortable.  As warmth returned to Maria’s body, she began to feel more human.  Her arousal began to slowly return also.

Dammit, Maria cursed silently.  Between it being weeks since I’ve got any, that catsuit rubbing me all the wrong ways, and those bastards taking me to the edge without getting to cum, I’m way too horny.  I need to get it together if I’m going to con my way out of this.  Doesn’t help that this cop is actually kind of hot either…

The police officer was indeed what most women considered attractive…  Six feet five inches tall, Maria estimated.  He was muscular too, probably around 240 pounds.   Sandy blond short hair and dark blue eyes rounded out the package.   His bearing made it clear he was a man who liked to be in charge too.

I may just have to change that…  Maria thought with a slight smug smile.

“Can you tell me what happened here?” The officer asked, trying to balance professionalism with compassion as he spoke.

“I… really don’t want to talk about it.” Maria sobbed.  “It was so horrible and degrading…”

“I understand.” The cop replied gently.  “A statement is necessary to charge them with the crimes they committed against you though.”  “You wouldn’t want them to get away with this and do it again to some other girl would you?”

Maria hung her head low and then slowly shook it ‘no’, doing her best to play the part of a humiliated normal girl on her way to the club.  “O… Okay.” Maria said, her voice cracking as she spoke.

She sat down in the open back doorway of the police car, her feet firmly on the ground, and began to speak.  She passed for a moment as if collecting her thoughts and then told a story of walking to the club and being grabbed by four men who had overpowered and undressed her.  She went into vivid detail about how they had stripped her, felt her up, fingered her pussy…  All the while the story was getting her hot, but seemed to have no effect on the cop at all.  In fact, it only seemed to anger him.

Great, this guy is either gay as hell, or he’s one of those fucking white knight syndrome clowns, Maria thought.  I may not be able to charm my way out of this.  Guess I’ll have to turn up a notch or two and see what happens.

“So how did you get loose, and what happened to your attackers?” the cop asked.

“I…  I don’t know.” Maria replied, sounding amazed.  “There was a bunch of light and noise, and a lot of fighting sounds…”  “I… I heard a gun go off at one point, and then it was quiet until you showed up a minute later.”  “I hid my eyes and played dead because I was so afraid.”

“So, you didn’t see any of the person or persons who attacked your assailants?” the officer asked.

Maria only shook her head.

After what felt like a long pause as the cop updated his notebook, Maria finally spoke.  “Do…  you have something I could clean up with?” she asked in an embarrassed tone.  “I’m covered in dirt and feel filthy.”

The cop thought for a moment.  “Well, I do have a gallon of water up front that I was going to drink during my shift, and there’s a hand towel in the trunk.”

“That would be great.” Maria replied warmly.  “Anything to get that alley off of me.”

The cop handed Maria the water jug from the front seat floor board and then got the towel out of the trunk for her as well.  Maria poured some water into the towel and cleaned the grime from her face, making sure to do so in slow exaggerated movements that she hoped would at least prove to be some sort of distraction or turn-on for the cop.  Getting no reaction, she opened the blanket slightly, showing just a bit of cleavage, and began toweling her breasts clean.

Maria’s efforts apparently made the cop uncomfortable.  He cleared his throat and climbed back out of the front seat of the car.  “I… should look for evidence.” He said uneasily.  He began walking down the alley, shining his flashlight in front of him.

Oh shit, the backpack! Maria thought in a panic.

It had her weapons, burglary tools and the stolen jewels still in it and was sitting right next to her catsuit in the middle of the alley.  She got up and scurried after the cop, the blanket still wrapped around her.

“Don’t leave me alone… please.” Maria pleaded, trying to distract him.

“I’m right here.” He said matter-of-factly.  “CSI will be here eventually also, but I should perform a preliminary sweep of the area.”

His flashlight beam landed on Maria’s discarded panties.  He walked over and picked them up, studying them for a moment.  Maria thought she saw just the faintest twinge of an aroused reaction from him too.  She smiled, sensing a potential opening if she couldn’t outright con her way out of here with the stolen diamonds.

“Are… these yours?” the officer asked with a bit of surprise in his voice.

Maria nodded, feigning mild embarrassment.  “Si, they are.”  She smiled coyly.  “Why so surprised?”  “You act like you’ve never seen a girl’s lingerie before.” She added with a slight giggle.

The cop paused for a moment.  “My wife… has… plainer taste in underwear.” He said, trying to sound nonplussed by the conversation.

“That’s a shame.” Maria replied.  “I love glamorous lingerie.”  “I feel so sexy and like a woman when I wear it.”  “Especially if I’m going out and I’m wearing something where nobody can see it at all.”  “It’s like my naughty little secret just for me.”

The cop continued searching, trying his best to avoid being drawn into the increasingly hedonistic conversation.  He quickly came across the pile containing the rest of Maria’s clothes and the backpack.  He kneeled down and picked up Maria’s torn open bra.

“Matches the panties, so I assume this, and the rest of these clothes, are yours.” He said as he examined the bra.  He noted the broken lace on the front where it had been torn open, and shook his head.  “Those animals tore this off of you?” he asked, disgusted.

“Si.” Maria replied meekly, trying to sound embarrassed still.  “Right before they pulled the rest of my clothes off, and…” Maria artfully began sniffling and gently sobbing.

“It’s OK, it’s over now…” the officer said supportively.  He quickly scooped up the clothes and backpack.  “Let’s go back over to the car.”  “You’ll feel better getting away from this spot.”

“Si, I think so…  Thank you.” Maria said warmly.

Maria led the way back to the car, the blanket still draped tightly around her shoulders.  She was just beginning to relax and feel that she might get away clean when they’d just about reached the car.  Her mood quickly changed though as she heard the cop going through her backpack.

Shit! Maria cursed mentally.

“What the hell?!?” The cop exclaimed loudly. Maria heard the bag drop to the ground and the cop’s gun clear its holster.  “Freeze!” he commanded loudly.

Maria turned around slowly, with a clearly annoyed look on her face.  “You’ve got to be kidding me…”

“Hands up, now!” the cop commanded.  He had his gun drawn on her and was 6 or 7 feet away, safely out of reach.

Maria rolled her eyes and put her arms half up, with her upper arms out to her sides and her forearms up.  The blanket immediately fell to the ground around her feet, causing Maria to shake her head.  “Happy?” she asked, annoyed.  “Enjoying the view also?”

“Quiet.” The cop commanded.  “Turn around, put your hands on the trunk of the car and spread your legs.”

“Kinky.” Maria said in a snotty tone, slowly complying.

“Don’t get cute with me.” The cop replied.  “You’re in a lot of trouble.”

“I’m completely fucking naked here.” Maria responded in a condescending tone.  “Do you think I’m hiding a gun up my coochie or something?”

“We’ll get the blanket back around you after I’ve cuffed you.” The cop replied flatly.  “Then, we’re going to have a talk about the contents of your backpack, a jewel heist earlier tonight, and what really happened here.”  The cop holstered his gun, had withdrawn his handcuffs from his belt and took Maria’s right wrist in his hand.

“Sorry, can’t let that happen.” Maria replied matter-of-factly.  In one smooth move, she twisted her arm loose of the cop’s grasp spun around him under his arm and pulled his taser from his holster.   She shot him with the taser in the small of the back, in the gap between his vest and belt.

He struggled against the taser for a few moments and finally fell to the ground, still twitching and partially incoherent.

“Sorry, babe.” Maria remarked.  “You’re hot, but this chica isn’t going to any stinking jail.”

With some effort, Maria managed to drag the cop into the back of the police car.  There was a heavy metal bar looking almost like a safety rail running vertically along the pillar between the back door and the rear window.

Probably used to secure extra rowdy prisoners, Maria thought to herself.

Maria smiled, considering the irony of the situation, and put the handcuffed the cop so that the cuffs were through the bar and around both his wrists.  His arms were over his head and he was stretched out along the length of the seat.  Afterwards, she retrieved the blanket and wrapped it around her, then returned to the car with her clothes and backpack.

Maria sighed, exasperated by her situation.  “Now what am I going to do with you?” she asked the cop as she sat on the seat next to him.

“I’d say let me go and I’ll forget this happened as I take you to jail,” the cop retorted, “but somehow you don’t seem like the kind of woman to listen to reason.”

“Can’t help it.” Maria said bemusedly.  “I’m a typical hot-blooded Latina; strong willed and highly passionate.”

“I’ll remember that when you’re in prison.” The cop retorted.

“There’s that attitude again…” Maria said.  “You’re putting this girl in an uncomfortable position…”  She smiled coyly.  “What if… I give you a cut of the diamonds, and…” Maria paused and let the blanket slowly slide off her shoulders, revealing her naked, full breasts to the helpless officer.  “…let you fuck me for the rest of the night in exchange for getting me out of here past the other cops?”

“Forget it.” The cop said, disgusted.  “I’m not a dirty cop, and I’d never cheat on my wife.”

“What are you, Captain America or something?” Maria said with a derisive snicker.  She paused for a moment and ran her finger up the zipper of his pants.  “She must be amazing in bed if you’re willing to save this all for her…”  Maria had to stifle a gasp as she felt the substantial bulge in his pants.

The cop said nothing, but a slight grumble escaped him.

“Hah!” Maria laughed.  “I knew it.”

“Go to hell.” The cop said.

Maria sighed.  “So, we’re back to what do I do with you…”   “I can’t kill you.” She added with a shrug.  “Not my style; it’s messy, and unprofessional.”   “I can’t just toss you in the trunk of the car and leave either.  That police drag net is getting thicker by the minute.”  “I apparently can’t bribe you either.”  “That hurts, you know…” she added in a slightly indignant tone.  She cupped her breasts, and pushed them upwards and together.  “You know how few men have turned these down?”  “I’m reasonably selective in who I offer them too.”  “And don’t even say it, that’s not what happened out there.”  “Those bastards tried to rape me.”  “They nearly did too.”

“You don’t seem too broken up about it.” the cop replied skeptically.

“I’m a big girl, not some delicate, wilting flower” Maria retorted.  “Besides, they never got their filthy dicks in me and they paid for what they did.”

“So, you did do that to all of them?” the cop asked.

“Hell yes.” Maria said matter-of-factly.  “They tried to violate me.”   “Hmmm…” Maria said thoughtfully.   She reached around into the cop’s back pocket and pulled out his wallet.  “Maybe this will give me a few ideas…”

The move was an attempt to change the subject away from the attack.  Maria rifled casually through the wallet.  “Sooo, Sergeant Adam Reese is it?” Maria asked absentmindedly as she looked over his ID.

“Get out of there!” the Cop demanded.

“You’re not in charge anymore, my dear.” Maria quipped with a smirk.  She leaned in and grabbed him by the collar with her free hand and kissed him.  “You’re my prisoner now.” She added with a chuckle.

Maria felt her nipples stiffen as she kissed Adam.  She smirked and began to flip through the wallet again.

“This must be Mrs. Reese” Maria commented with a slight edge of contempt to her voice.  “She looks too high strung and bitter to be a good lay.”  Maria laughed.  “So, is she better in bed than she looks, or do you just not cheat because you’re afraid she’ll cut it off?”

“She’s fine.” Adam replied.

“That wasn’t the kiss of a man who’s having his needs met.” Maria responded with a knowing smirk.

“What the hell!!”  “YOU kissed ME.” Adam said, fuming.

“I think I just figured it out.” Maria said with a smirk.  “I’m going to settle this, guarantee my escape, and take care of the… frustration I’m dealing with.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” Adam demanded.

“I’m going to record us having a lot of fun, very… intimate fun.” Maria said as she dug her smart phone out of her backpack, and then pulled the car window mount for it out as well.

“I already told you I’m not going to have sex with you.” Adam replied angrily as he struggled against the handcuffs.

“You aren’t exactly in a position to say no, are you?” Maria said as she slowly unzipped Adam’s fly while smiling coyly.  “I’m going to fuck your brains out right here on camera.”  “What happens with that recording depends on how cooperative you are when we’re done.”  “It’d be a shame if the rather bitchy looking Mrs. Reese got to see that big cock of yours deep inside me, filling me with your cum.”

“Don’t you fucking dare.” Adam protested, struggling against his bonds.

“Awww, poor baby.” Maria said mockingly.  “…so determined to be a good boy.”  “I’ll make you a deal.” Maria continued with a smile as she slid her hand between Adam’s legs and lightly caressed the bulge in his pants.  “You keep big boy here from getting hard for 5 minutes, I’ll believe you’re devoted to the shrew.”  “I’ll leave you unmolested and unfilmed, and try to escape on my own.”  She paused for a few brief moments, letting her offer sink in.   “If you get hard though, I’m going to ride that cock you like you wish she could until you blow your load deep inside me screaming my name.”  “Then we’ll negotiate if I’m going to send her the video so she learns how to properly service a man, and to all your buddies at the police station as well.”

Maria moved on top of Adam, straddling him as she sat on his lap.  She positioned her pussy right on top of the bulge in his pants.   “Mmmm, nice.” She said.  Maria put the phone mount on the rear window and then turned her smart phone to video camera mode.  “You’ll like being a star.” Maria remarked as she put the camera on the mount.  “We women can’t resist getting a man in uniform out of that uniform.”

Maria reached down and pulled the Velcro straps on Adam’s vest and pulled it off over his head.  After a pause and a smile, she slid her hands down his chest and unbuckled Adam’s gun belt.

“I suggest you cooperate here.” Maria said smugly.  “It’d be a shame if your gun or pepper spray went off while I was struggling to get this off of you.”  “Don’t worry; I’m not going to steal it.” Maria added.  “I dislike guns.”  “I’d just hate to see you shoot yourself in the foot or something.”

Adam let out a disgusted grunt and arched his back and hips.  Maria pulled the belt free and laid it carefully on the floor of the car.

“See?” Maria said.  “Safe and sound.”  “It’ll be waiting for you after I’m done with this.” Maria added as she patted his crotch.  She unbuttoned Adam’s shirt and ran her hands over his muscular, well-defined chest.  “Mmmmm, very nice…”  Maria slid off of Mark, kneeling on the floor of the car.  She unbuttoned and finished unzipping Adam’s pants, then pulled them down around his ankles.  She reached back up and grabbed the waistband of his black boxer shorts.  She slid down the shorts. She wore a look of eager anticipation on her face on her face that turned to admiring astonishment.  The cock she beheld was still mostly flaccid yet still nearly 8 inches long with impressive girth as well.

“Madre do Dios!” Maria exclaimed.

If I wasn’t horny before, I certainly am now, Maria thought, her breathing growing heavy.  I need him inside me.

Very impressive.” Maria said admiringly.  “I’m looking forward even more to our little battle of sexual skill now.” Maria said hungrily.  “I did make you a promise first though, didn’t I?” Maria asked rhetorically as she climbed back on top of Adam.

Maria took her former spot on top of Adam; straddling him and putting her wet pussy right on his cock.  Adam struggled against his bonds yet again and Maria also felt a throb between her legs from Adam’s cock.

Maria waggled her finger at Adam.  “Bad boy…  Not yet.” She scolded.  “I still have to turn on the camera.”  Maria reached up and hit the ‘record’ button on the camera.  Maria adjusted the camera to make sure it had a good view of everything about to happen.

“Show time” she said, smiled wickedly at Adam.  She pushed her long, jet black wavy hair over her left shoulder and then leaned down and kissed her way up Adam’s chest and neck, running her hands all over Adam’s upper body.  She finished by kissing along his ear, and then whispered in a sultry voice into his ear.  “Five minutes starts now.” She whispered.  “I’m going to ride you until you pass out.” She added with a soft giggle.

Maria sat up and rested her hands on Adam’s chest, and began thrusting her hips back and forth, grinding her wet slit along the shaft of Adam’s cock.  Finally feeling free to let loose all the pent-up sexual frustration she’d been enduring all night, Maria let out a loud moan of passion.  At the same time her hands almost unconsciously drifted to her own breasts.  She gripped them in her hands, kneading and massaging them and moaning with every jolt of sexual energy that shot through her.  Within moments, she was grinding her hips in circles against Adam’s cock, and bucking and grinding against him.

Adam was doing all he could to fight the growing arousal in him.  He stifled his moans, gritting his teeth as he did.  He knew Maria could feel his cock hardening as she ground against it.

Maria, her breath heavy with lust after 3 minutes of stimulation, realized she was in danger of not quite reaching her goal and forced herself back to reality.

I’m going to have to up my game, she thought.

“I’m impressed with your willpower.” Maria said softly.  “I always get what I want though, and I want you inside of me.”

Maria slid off of Adam and kneeled on the floor.  She took Adam’s half erect manhood in her hand and began caressing it.  Then she leaned in and softly kissed the head, following that up with circling the head with the tip of her tongue repeatedly.  Maria smiled as she felt the cock grow harder against her tongue.

“Looks like that willpower is fading fast, unlike your cock here…” Maria giggled.

Adam, his willpower weakening, finally let out a moan of pleasure.

“That’s what I want to hear.” Maria said, satisfied.  She ran her tongue up and down the underside of his shaft and then took the head into her mouth, sucking on it as her tongue circled it.

Adam continued to moan as his dick approached a full erection.  Maria continued her full court press and slid more and more of Adam’s cock into her mouth, sucking every inch she took in as her tongue danced around it.  Adam’s moaning became more vocal and urgent.  Maria, sensing victory as the shaft in her mouth grew even firmer and larger, began bobbing her head up and down on the cock.  Adam’s cock quickly hardened to a thick 9 ½ inches in length.

“Looks like I win.” Maria said with a wicked smile.  “Don’t feel bad.” She added glibly.  “You never stood a chance against my magic mouth.”  Maria climbed back on top of Adam and kissed him, keep her face close to his afterwards.  “Poor baby, she doesn’t even suck your dick anymore, does she?”

Adam only grumbled angrily.

Maria reached down and began slowly caressing the hard cock that she was almost sitting on.  Adam closed his eyes, trying to resist but moaning with every stroke.

“It’s OK…” Maria said in a soft, almost loving tone.  “You can tell mamacita.” She said, continuing to stroke his manhood.

“N…  No…” Adam stammered, unable to resist any longer.

“Don’t worry.” Maria said, letting her arousal show in her voice.  “Tonight, we’re going to do everything you’ve only dreamed she would do.”

Maria gripped Adam’s cock just below the head, and rose up to her knees, positioning her sopping wet pussy over the head protruding from her hand.  She slowly lowered herself onto Adam’s cock, gyrating her hips slightly to help steer the head into her.  Maria let out a deep moan of primal passion as she took the swollen head inside of her.

“Oh… God…” Adam gasped as he felt himself begin to slide into Maria’s pussy.  She was not only soaking wet, but amazingly tight.

Maria gasped and panted as she slowly lowered herself onto Adam’s manhood.

He’s… so big. Maria gasped mentally.  I’ve got to relax my pussy or I may not be able to get all of him into me.

Maria paused with him only two inches into her.  She closed her eyes, calmed her breathing and relaxed her body.   After a few moments of relaxation, she felt her pussy muscles relax and the tightness between her legs soften just a bit.

“Too much for you?” Adam sneered, seeing Maria’s effort.

Maria opened her eyes and smirked.  “No man is too much for me.” She taunted.  So saying, she slid slowly down, keeping her hand on his cock the whole time and guiding him fully into her.  Maria arched her back and let out a cry of passion as he filled her completely.  Despite her boast, Maria’s hunger from being pushed so close to orgasm earlier combined with his sheer size had her close to the edge already.  Her breath came in heavy gasps as she ran her nails down Adam’s chest.

“Oh fuck!” she gasped.  “I am going to ride you until you can’t walk.”

“Get off me, you crazy bitch!” Adam yelled.

Maria smiled, leaned down on top of Adam and kissed him passionately, her tongue probing his mouth hungrily.  “Not a chance, baby.” She replied with a coy smile.  “We’re going to fuck until you scream my name and tell me how much better I am than her.”

“Not a chance in hell.” Adam snapped.

“So sure of yourself.” Maria laughed.  “Wait till you see what my tight little pussy can do though.” She added with a smirk.

Maria gyrated her hips in a small circle, getting herself perfectly positioned on top of Adam.  That rocking alone forced Adam to stifle a moan.  Satisfied, Maria began tightening her vaginal muscles and pulling upwards with them.

“Nnnnuuuhhhhh.” Adam moaned loudly.  “Ohh… shit.”  Adam grit his teeth trying to maintain his self-control.

“Mmmm., you like that, don’t you?” Maria asked, proud of herself.  “So few girls do Kegels at all, much less get good enough to use them with a man inside them.”  “Me, I can milk your cock and make you cum just sitting on it.”

Adam was fighting to resist gasping and moaning as Maria’s tight, trained pussy continued to milk his cock.

“What fun would just sitting on this magnificent beast of yours be though?” Maria asked.  She chuckled and began slowly sliding herself up and down on Adam’s manhood.  She started out very slow, wanting to tease and arouse Adam as well as hold off the explosive orgasm she felt building in her.

Maria was fighting with all her being to control the lust steadily consuming her, and slowly losing the battle.  She moaned and gasped as she slowly increased the speed she rode Adam’s cock.  Every trip up and down she made certain travelled the entire impressive length of it.  She tightened her pussy with every ride down, taking him back into her, and relaxed her pussy as she slid up and almost completely off of him each time.  With every ride up and down, Maria grew more used to the movement required to ride a cock that size and she moved faster and faster.  With every passing moment, her soft moans of pleasure grew louder and louder as well.  Soon, she was clutching her massive breasts to support them as she rode the defenseless cop for all she was worth.

The sexual tension was rapidly building in Maria’s body.  She felt herself slipping away as waves of erotic pleasure crashed through her body, radiating outward from her completely filled pussy.  The radiating waves caused the most incredible warm tingling sensation to completely fill her breasts, causing them to tingle and throb.  The entire experience had Maria’s head swimming in a sea of pleasure.

Adam was fighting to maintain his own self-control.  He was determined not to let this strange woman get the better of him any more than she already had.  Being bound with his own handcuffs and taken advantage of in the back of his patrol car was already a big blow to his male ego and professional pride.  As much as he hated to admit it though, this woman had sexual skills that were out of this world.  He had heard about women who could do these kinds of tricks with their pussy but had never met one.  She had the body of a porn starlet also, making it even harder to control his growing desire.  He knew it was only a matter of time before he exploded inside of her unless something changed, and quickly.

Maria, unable to control herself anymore, began crying out.  “Oooohhh…  OH GOD!”  “Oh YES!”  “So…” she gasped.  “fucking… big!”  “Fuck me!!!”  “Make me cum!”  She left out a primal scream of passion, tossed her head back and arched her back as a massive orgasm ripped through her body.  Maria’s body shook violently from the intensity of the orgasm and her pussy tightened around Adam’s cock, all the while she continued to howl in pleasure.  The intense orgasm rocked Maria’s body for a good thirty seconds, forcing her to rest on Adam’s lap and put her hands on Adam’s chest to support herself as her body shook and spasmed.

Adam had to grit his teeth and almost bit his tongue to keep from cumming.  His heart was racing and his breath was coming in ragged gasps.  Almost 20 seconds after her body had stopped shaking, Maria had (mostly) caught her breath and looked down at Adam admiringly.

“That…” Maria gasped, “was amazing.”  Maria gently caressed Adam’s cheek.  “You certainly know how to make a girl feel incredible.”  “Good boy too…” Maria added with a smirk.  “A gentleman always makes sure the lady cums first.”  Maria leaned down and kissed Adam passionately, letting the kiss linger for what felt like an eternity. She sat up when she felt that erotic tingling begin to stir again in her nipples and between her legs.  “Mmmm, I need more.” Maria said in a sultry and determined voice.  “I need your cum too.” She said hungrily.

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