Learning the Ropes


“We’ve been friends for ages…” Becky said in a teasing yet friendly tone, “and you know I enjoy our get-togethers here at the café.” “It’s embarrassing to admit it, but I actually get a perverse pleasure out of discussing our sex lives too.” “It lets me live a vicarious kinky life through your tales of conquest”, she added with an embarrassed chuckle. “But even I find it hard to believe you made this Kayla girl multi-orgasmic just from breast play.” Her tone had become even more skeptical at the end, but remained friendly.

David gave Becky a slightly smug smile, letting her know without actually saying it that he was giving her a friendly challenge to prove him wrong. “What can I say…”, he said. “She was one of those rare women with a very responsive body.” David smiled, fondly recalling the experience. “Young and foolish enough to not know what a skilled lover can do also.”, he added almost absentmindedly. “I suppose that’s why she took my bet that I could do it in the first place.”, I laughed.

“Yeah but still…”, Becky interrupted, “One orgasm from breast play is hard enough to believe, even with my boobs being kind of sensitive… Three though?”. She shook her head and took a sip of wine from her glass, and glanced briefly at her chest.

Becky was 28, and her slim 5′ 4″ frame was graced with firm 34B breasts that looked particularly alluring in the form fitting t shirt she was wearing. The combination of David’s story and the temperature in the café had her tiny nipples noticeably erect as well. Her wavy chestnut brown hair was just above shoulder length and added to her girl next door looks. The glasses framing her green eyes gave those looks a slight geek-girl edge.

“Oh come on…”. David answered with a slightly wicked tone. “You’ve heard the stories from me before.” “In all this time, you’re going to tell me you’ve never tried with Sarah?” Becky was bisexual and leaned towards women. She had been living with Sarah for about two years. “You’ve told me before her boobs are pretty responsive.”

Becky pursed her lips for a moment and scowled, then let out a frustrated, almost defeated sounding sigh.

“What’s wrong?”, David asked in a knowing tone.

“Meh”, Becky grumbled. She paused for a moment, contemplating and glanced down into her wine glass for a moment. She looked back up and after another moment of indecision, spoke. “It’s Sarah… or our sex life.”, she said in a frustrated tone. “I’ve never gotten the chance to try because every time things start getting hot, she pins me down and takes control of me.” Her tone was now an even mix of embarrassment and frustration.

“Well don’t let her do it.” David replied, trying to sound encouraging.

“She’s bigger than me.” Becky replied in a defeated tone. “Every time I try to fight back, she just pins me down and uses the vibrator on me even longer.” “I’m tired of being her bitch.”, she grumbled. “Just once I’d like to dominate her and give her a taste of her own medicine.”

“Well, if her boobs are that sensitive, that should give you an opening…”, David replied, contemplating the situation.

“I’ve tried.”, Becky replied matter-of-factly. “Her boobs are sensitive… crazy sensitive. Kind of like you described Kayla’s.”, she sighed. “It’s part of what turns me on about her, and your stories have certainly given me some ideas.” “She gets all turned on from it though and then she just goes all amazon on me.”

“Maybe you just have to be sneakier about it then.”, David replied with a wicked smile.

Becky tilted her head slightly and gave him a confused look.

“That, my dear, is the problem.”, David said. “You have a devious streak deep down, but you haven’t learned to put it to use.”

Becky continued to give him the ‘I don’t understand’ stare.

“How well does Sarah sleep?”, David asked. “Is she a light sleeper, or…”

“Out cold, dead to the world when she falls asleep.”, Becky replied.

“Perfect.”, David replied with an evil laugh.

“What have you got in mind?”, Becky asked in her ‘you’re trying to get me in trouble’ tone.

“That depends.”, David replied. “Do you think she’s out enough where you could…”, he paused, letting the suspense build. “say… tie her to the bed posts, so she would be completely and utterly helpless when you woke her up?” David gave her a knowing smirk.

Realization dawned in Becky’s eyes, as a mixture of embarrassment and wicked glee washed over her face. “Yes.” she said in a tone that left no doubt she was contemplating the wicked possibilities.

David smiled knowingly at Becky again, then looked around the café, trying to appear nonchalant. “We have too many people listening in on our conversation. I’d hate to shock and offend folks any further.”, he said, rolling his eyes. David put money on the table to pay the bill and stood up. “We can discuss things elsewhere.”, he added.

Becky gave him a look that said she wanted to object, paused for a moment and then let out a sigh. “Alright.” she said. “I was enjoying the wine though.”

David sigh softly.  “You ought to know me well enough by now.”  “As much as I enjoy the subject, I still think it’s best kept largely private.”

“I know.” Becky replied with a warm smile.  “It’s one of the things I respect about you.”  “You have the heart of a gentleman despite being a perv.” She added with a playful giggle.

A short car trip later, they were back at David’s place, sitting on the couch. The pair made small talk for a bit, and then Becky finally broached the subject with a slightly nervous tone.

“OK… so what else is there for me to talk about with Sarah?”, she asked with a mix of confusion and just a hint of suspicion.

“Well… that depends.”, David replied with just a hint of knowing smugness in his voice. “Do you know how to tie her up so she won’t escape?” he paused for half a second, smiling. “More importantly, do you know how to push all her buttons the right way to completely break her?” “Chances are if you just tie her up, take a vibrator to her for a while and make her cum a few times, she’s going to be pissy when she’s untied.”

Becky hit David on the shoulder playfully. “Oh, so you’re saying I’m not good in bed, you jerk?”, she asked with a teasing laugh.

“I wouldn’t know.”, David replied with a playful chuckle.  His expression became more serious but still friendly, then he continued. “Seriously though, you’re cute, and I know you have a sensual side…”, he continued. “I’ve been listening to your bedroom tales as long as you’ve been listening to mine though.” “The one thread that runs through all of them is you doubt yourself sexually, so you always end up being the passive partner… being taken control of.”

“So how do I change?”, she asked. “There’s a dominatrix in me just dying to get out… I want the leather corset, and the riding crop for a change.” She flashed a mischievous smile as she finished her sentence, almost as if picturing taking a riding crop to Sarah’s bare ass.

“First… Domination is 90% mental, not physical.”, David answered. “In my experience, that riding crop is best used after a submissive is tamed, and sparingly.” “Some subs like it rough,”, he added with a shrug. “That’s their thing.” “I think controlling with pleasure is more fun and shows greater skill and knowledge of a woman’s body”

Becky had been listening intently up till the last remark and then just shook her head with a knowing smirk. “Here we go again with Mr. sex expert.” she laughed.

“That…” David said with a knowing smile, “is your other problem.” “You not only have to have the skills, but have faith in them to really make it explosive.” “You get so lost in your own head wondering what you can do to be better… to wow your partner… that you never just let yourself go; do what comes natural and maybe even take control.” “You’re letting self-doubt paralyze you to the point you’re doubting the techniques also.”

Becky let out a defeated sigh and then looked at David. “And you’re going to teach me hmm?” she asked.

“That’s up to you.”, David replied matter-of-factly. “How badly do you really want to change your sex life?” he asked with a slightly challenging tone.

Becky let out a nervous giggle. “You’re just trying to get in my pants.”, she said teasingly, but with just a hint of nervousness. Her posture and body language had shifted to one of nervous arousal.

“I’m sure you’d be an amazing lay also.” David retorted with a chuckle.

“I knew it!” Becky laughed, trying to hide her blushing.

“You know I’m right though.” David said. “You’re a self-doubt expert.” “The only area you seem to truly trust yourself is raising your daughter.”

“That just comes naturally…” Becky said absently.

“And getting laid isn’t natural?” David chuckled.

Becky paused… her mouth partially open as she searched for a reply. “I guess you’re right, it should be.”, she finally said nervously. “Having you critique my sexual skills is a little weird though.”

“Back to the I want your body thing?” David joked. “We’ve known each other ten years.”, he said playfully. “We flirt lightly, but I’ve always respected the fact you were comfortable keeping it as friends…”

Becky cut him off mid-sentence. “Yes, but you do stare at my tits more than you should.”, she teased.

“Well, they are, very nice tits.”, David laughed. “So cute and perky…”, he added in his most teasing tone.

“Well thank you.”, she giggled with a playful smile, wiggling her chest as she did.

“Besides, it’s not my fault your nipples always get visibly hard when I tell my stories.”, David added with a laugh.

Becky blushed profusely, struggling to find a retort in their ongoing debate of the reality of boobgasms. After a moment she sat back up straight with a hint of defiance showing in her eyes. “Tell yah what, sport.”, she said in a smug tone. “Let’s settle this once and for all.” “You like my boobs so much, you can have them.”, her tone a bit more defiant now. “IF you can make me cum, I’ll let you show me the rest of your tricks to tame Sarah.” “But, when you can’t do it, you have to admit that all your stories were just BS… sexy BS maybe, but still BS.” “Not just to me either, but the rest of our friends you’ve told also.”

“You sure you want to do this?”, David asked with a tone that implied he didn’t want to be responsible for her bad mood if she lost.

“Maybe it’s the wine talking but yeah.”  “I think it’s time we settle this once and for all.” she said in an over confident tone as she pulled her top over her head and free of her body. “Bring it on.”, she added with a smirk as she motioned to her breasts with her hands.

“But you and Sarah…”, David questioned.

“She’s cheated on me at least once.”, Becky said in a slightly annoyed tone. “So, I’m owed one.” Her smirk quickly returned, as did her smug tone. “That, of course is even assuming you can pull it off.” “If you can, maybe I’ll learn how to tame her.” “If not, I get the satisfaction of finally winning this, what… four year long debate, and get you to eat crow.” “Either way, I figure I win.”, she said with a satisfied smile.

“OK”, David said with a chuckle, “Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

“Bring it.”, she taunted, jutting her chest out and shaking it defiantly.

Becky’s perfect 34B breasts jiggled slightly in the burgundy lacey, low cut bra she was wearing, as if actually trying to draw attention to clasp on the front of her bra sitting tantalizingly in her modest cleavage. Her tiny nipples, barely the size of pencil erasers, were firmly erect, trying to poke out through the lace. The burgundy bra was an alluring contrast to Becky’s naturally fair, lightly freckled skin.

“I’m going to enjoy this.” David said with a smirk of his own as he slowly and ever so lightly traced a finger alongside Becky’s bra strap, from her collar bone all the way down to the bra’s clasp. Becky shivered as his touch sent a light chill down her spine.

David pulled Becky into his lap, eliciting a faint gasp of surprise from her. She quickly recovered, positioned herself with her legs around him, and then leaned slightly back, putting her arms out behind her and resting on her palms. The smug smile on her face as her breasts jutted outward was clearly a challenge.

David leaned forward and softly kissed Becky along the side of her neck and then the bottom of her ear lobe. He lightly teased it with his teeth as if about to nibble it but put no pressure on it. Then he whispered softly in her ear. “… if you only knew what I’m going to do to you after you lose this little bet.”  His tone was both seductive and ominous at the same time, and it sent an aroused shiver down Becky’s spine.

Becky let out a startled gasp and David felt her body tense just slightly. The tension quickly melted away, replaced by a soft moan of pleasure as he traced a slow trail of kisses down Becky’s chest, following the same trail his fingertip had taken earlier. Between each kiss, his tongue barely caressed the surface of her skin. The result was electric. David could feel Becky’s pulse quicken and her breath becoming noticeably deeper.

David reached up with one hand and undid the front clasp on Becky’s bra while lightly running his other hand along Becky’s spine, using only his fingertips to make contact and keep the touch so light it felt ghost-like & ethereal to her. The combination of the cool air freely caressing her newly exposed breasts and the light caress along her spine made Becky shiver as a low long moaning gasp escaped her.

What did I get myself into? Becky wondered silently as that gasp escaped her.  The way he touched me before he even undid my bra… I’m already wet.

David covered Becky’s breasts with feather soft kisses and then alternated ever so lightly circled both her nipples with his tongue, leaving them moist and very erect. After that, he blew softly across both of her nipples.

Becky’s body shuddered and she gasped an “Oh God” as her head fell slightly back.

David responded with a few kisses along her now-exposed neck as his hands lightly cupped her breasts. Becky was one of those girls that had naturally firm breasts. Even at 28 and having a daughter she used to breast fed, she was as firm as any 18 year old girl. The soft fullness of her breasts in David’s hands felt amazing as he caressed and softly kneaded them.

Over the next ten minutes or so, Becky’s breathing grew increasingly deep and her gasps and moans of pleasure became louder and more urgent. All the while David alternated between light caresses and gentle kneading of her breasts as he covered her shoulders, neck and breasts with light yet passionate kisses. Occasionally he’d suckle her tantalizing nipples, which would elicit another shudder from her.

Shortly past the ten minute mark, Becky’s entire upper body was covered with light goose bumps, her breasts and face were flush with desire and her breathing had turned to light panting and moaning. David knew she was right on the edge. He took her left nipple in his mouth, cupped and massaged her right breast in his left hand and caressed up and down the entire length of her back with his right hand. Becky’s gasps built to a crescendo of ecstasy, becoming louder and louder… her body growing more tense as the feeling of erotic electricity built in her luscious globes and raced from nipple to nipple. Then her head fell back, and her body shook heavily. Her head fell back as she let out a loud moan of pleasure and softly cried “Yes!”

It took a few moments for Becky to regain her senses and to calm her breathing. She looked at David dumbfounded and uncertain what to say. Finally, she found her voice.

“I… I came.” she said, astonished… “I’m not sure that was fair though.” she continued as she regained her composure further. “It wasn’t that big of an orgasm after all.”, she said, offering a weak, teasing smile.

“I never said it would be explosive, just that I could make you cum.” David replied smugly.  “Are you ready for the real fun to begin?” he asked with a playful smirk.  “Still…”, he looked down admiringly at Becky’s soft pear-shaped breasts. “That was the left one…” “We can always try to get one out of the right one also if you think it was a fluke.” he said, clearly daring her to continue.

Becky’s facial expression was one awash with both nervousness and desire as she pondered her situation. David ran his fingertips lightly along the undersides of Becky’s breasts, sending another erotic shiver racing down her spine and causing another moan to escape her despite her efforts to hold it in.

“Unless you’re afraid…”, David added teasingly, knowing that Becky hated to be labelled afraid of anything, except spiders. He leaned in and whispered in her ear. “I know you want it though, don’t you?” he whispered teasingly. “That feeling of erotic heat in your breasts as the arousal builds and you feel that electric tingling of desire racing between your boobs and your clit… Your entire body aching for that orgasmic release as my tongue and lips tease your achingly hard nipples… That’s what you want… what your body and mind are craving now, isn’t it?”

David pulled back, and looked into Becky’s eyes and smiled knowingly. Becky blushed profusely and looked down, embarrassed that her desires had been laid bare. Without saying a word or looking up, Becky nodded her head, embarrassed by the desire, the hunger for that further erotic release that she felt growing inside her.

David pulled her completely onto his lap, and smothered her thus far neglected right breast with his mouth, kissing licking and suckling it hungrily. Becky’s back arched and her head fell back as she let out a loud long moan. He continued hungrily pleasuring her breast, letting his passion feed her own.

It worked. Within minutes Becky was moaning and gasping, squirming… Her mind was swimming, lost in a sea of erotic pleasure. Her moaning and gasping slowly turned to panting mixed with the occasional cry of pleasure, and then her hips began unconsciously grinding into David. He felt her body tensing, and he knew she was close. David flicked his tongue lightly across her achingly hard nipple, and then blew softly on it, eliciting a shiver of pleasure. When he took her nipple back into his mouth, her body shuddered and spasmed. She buried her head into David’s shoulder and screamed with passion, digging her nails into his back as she tried to ride out the electric orgasm ripping through her.

After 6 or 7 seconds, her orgasm subsided, and she collapsed against David, weak and panting… “Wha.. what… what did you do to me,?” she gasped weakly.

“Exactly what I told you I would.” David replied smugly. “That was a good one… better than I usually get.”, he added with a chuckle. “Your girls are more responsive than I thought.”

“Th.. that… was… fucking amazing.”, Becky gasped, trying to catch her breath.

“It’s just getting started.”, David said confidently. He scooped Becky up into his arms and carried her into the bedroom.

“Wha… what are you going?”, Becky asked nervously, as she tried to recover her strength.

“Teaching you just how responsive a woman’s body can be, and how to use that against Sarah” David said.  “A bet’s a bet after all.”  He took her to the bed and plopped her onto it from a foot or so above it, letting her land with a slight bounce.

Becky giggled as she landed and tried to sit up. Before she could, David was on top of her, sitting on her chest without putting much weight onto her, and tying her wrists to the bedposts with silken ropes.

“Wha… wait.. what are you doing?”, Becky asked, a hint of fear in her voice. “And where the hell did these come from?”, she asked, struggling against the already tied ropes.

“I already told you…” David said, using a firmer, more authoritarian tone that caught Becky off guard. “I’m going to teach you how to tame a stubborn woman.” He gave her an evil grin that seemed to give her goose bumps. “And what I warned you would come after I had my way with those delicious boobs of yours”

“Well…”, Becky said nervously, “I… didn’t think I was going to lose either.” Becky squirmed, her face and body both betraying her nervousness and arousal. After what happened on the couch, she was clearly hungry for more, but the idea of being bound & helpless seemed to frighten her even more than it excited her.

David sat down on the bed next to Becky, gave her a genuinely affectionate smile and lightly caressed her cheek with the back of his fingers. “Relax.” he said in a gentle, caring voice. “You know I care about you and would never do anything to hurt you, right?”

Becky paused for a moment & then nodded her head nervously with a shy smile.

“I know this is a little extreme, but you have to experience what you’re going to do to Sarah so you appreciate it more fully.” David explained gently. “Besides… no substitute for firsthand experience.” He said with another wicked grin as he got up off the bed. David reached over and unbuckled Becky’s belt and then pulled down the zipper on her jeans.

Becky let out a gasp of surprise and pulled against the ropes binding her wrists, knowing what was to come. David moved to the foot of the bed, pulled off her shoes and chuckled as Becky thrashed her legs around trying to keep them out of his reach.

“Don’t you dare!”, Becky blurted out. Her tone was more aroused than nervous this time however, and it held a bit of her typical “I dare you” defiance.

David caught both her pant legs at the ankles and laughed teasingly. “Struggling only turns me on.” he said in a devilish tone. So saying, he gave a solid yank on Becky’s jeans and slid them clean off of her body.

Becky blushed profusely, her face turning red as a stoplight with embarrassment as she lay there in only her tiny, sheer panties. She moved her right leg so as to cover her womanhood with her thigh.

“Naughty, naughty… No cheating,” David said as he grabbed her right ankle and pulled her leg straight and over to the side.

Becky’s eyes went big again and she struggled as she saw another silken rope at that corner of the bed.  David giggled evilly as he tied her ankle with the rope leaving her only one free limb. When he moved to grab her left ankle, Becky continued to struggle, hoping against hope to keep her leg free. He quickly caught it however and within moments, Becky was completely helpless, tied spread eagle on the bed.

David stood at the foot of the bed and watched her struggle for a few minutes. The amused smirk on his face only seemed to egg on her efforts to escape. Finally, she collapsed into the bed, pouting and let out an exasperated growl.

“Now what?” David asked with a wicked grin. He made no effort to hide that he delighted in Becky’s helpless predicament.

“Bite me.”, Becky said defiantly, and then she stuck out her tongue.

“Hmmm, now there’s a thought..” David said salaciously. “So many delicious and utterly defenseless places I could nibble too…” David gazed admiringly over Becky’s body, and a nervous look appeared on her face.  He smiled confidently at her. “That’s lesson number one.” he said. “With a stubborn brat, it can be important to let the reality of her situation sink in first to start to crack her resistance.”

David smiled as he stepped up to the side of the bed and lightly ran his fingertips down Becky’s thigh. Her legs were toned and firm, and her skin was pale and silky soft.  He stopped inches from her panties. “If I were you,” he said almost clinically, “this is how I’d start with her…” “If you can tie her up without waking her anyway…”

“She won’t wake up, trust me…” Becky said confidently, trying to distract David from her own situation.

“Well, then…”  David said with a wicked grin, “just start out by ever so lightly caressing her inner thighs like this…”  He ran his fingertips up the center of Becky’s thigh, using so light a touch it felt almost like threads were being dragged across her skin.  He started an inch or so above her knee and went ever so slowly up her thigh… creeping and giving her mind plenty of time to imagine where his fingers would end up.

Goose bumps raced down Becky’s legs as she shivered involuntarily. She struggled, but the ropes allowed her only minimal movement, and as David’s fingertips neared the top of her thigh, Becky gasped, and he watched in delight as her pussy clenched in anticipation.

David smiled mischievously at Becky, as he stopped just short of her crotch. “That’s another lesson for you.” He said.  “Sex is mainly mental for women.”  “Capture her imagination.”  “Get her imagining and then fantasizing about what you’re going to do, and how she’s completely helpless to prevent it.”  “Submissives more than other women need to feel safe and protected in their surrender, which is why I’ve said go light on the riding crop.”  “And since a slow burn is the best way to drive a woman sexually crazy… that’s another reason you’re not getting off that easily.” He added with a wicked smile.  “I’m going to show you first hand why a prolonged build-up is much more fun, and effective.”

David glanced at Becky’s crotch. Her sheer panties let very little to the imagination, even if she were dry.  Her pussy and the panties were soaking wet though. The wet panties clung to her wetness like a second skin, giving a very clear view of what they were barely covering.

“Sooo wet already too…” David said in a mock scolding voice. “I guess you really enjoyed the living room.” he said with a smirk. “Who knew sweet little Becky was such a dirty, naughty girl?”

Becky turned her head, blushing profusely again and wondered how she’d gotten herself into such a predicament.

“Don’t worry.” David said. “We’ll deal with your tight little pussy once you’re properly warmed up and begging for it to get some attention.”.

Becky looked back at him with milk saucer eyes and gasped.  Satisfied, David returned to caressing her thighs. Up and down, using the same incredibly slow, feather light touch… always stopping just close enough to her wetness to tease her, but never actually touching it.

The effect was electric.  Every caress sent a fresh chill up Becky’s spine, and made her squirm. At first, the squirming was a vain attempt to resist or escape from the erotic torture she was being subjected to.  Within minutes, she was clearly squirming with desire.  Her breath was also deep and heavy with arousal.

David teased Becky that way for over 20 minutes… light caresses alternating up and down both her inner thighs. Every time she began to grow accustomed to the erotic electricity racing up her thigh, he’d switch legs and tease her other inner thigh. By the time he stopped, Becky’s back would arch with pleasure with every caress up her thigh. A low, guttural moan of pleasure escaping her each time. Her eyes were closed, and she tugged at the ropes binding her wrists, hoping to escape them and give herself the relief she was craving.

David stopped and a low moan of wanton desire escaped Becky. She looked at him through half-lidded eyes, barely able to life her head. “Wha.. what are you doing to me?”, she moaned pleadingly.

“Showing you the power of a light touch, in the right spot,” David replied matter-of-factly, “aaand the effectiveness of self-control.” he added with a smile. “We’re just getting warmed up though.” David said with yet another evil grin.

David moved to the nightstand next to the bed, opened the top drawer and took out a 2 inch wide strip of crimson red silk.  Becky looked confused, but quickly realized what he intended as he leaned over her head and moved the cloth into position.  Becky’s entire body trembled lightly with nervous arousal, and she opened her mouth partially as if wanting to object, but she was unable to make a sound. She seemed to be too overwhelmed to even move, offering no resistance as David carefully blindfolded her.

David reached back into the drawer and pulled out a large ostrich feather.  He stood there, dead quiet with the feather in his hand.  Within a few moments, Becky’s breath began to quicken and she turned her head back and forth, listening for any hint of what might be coming… where David could be.  He smiled seeing her mind race, seeing the depth of her vulnerability become even more evident to her…

Without a word, David barely brushed the tip pf the feather along the underside of Becky’s breast. She let out a gasp and her back jumped up into a slight arch then crashed back down to the bed. Goose bumps raced across her breasts.

Loving the erotic response, David began lightly running the feather along Becky’s sides, her abdominals, and her shoulders. Over the next several minutes her body became more and alive… goose bumps covering her entire body as David began caressing her inner thighs and breasts with his other hand… teasing them thoroughly.

He teased her for what seemed like ages.  Her squirming slowly became an almost bucking and thrashing, and her moans becoming louder and louder…

Becky was obviously barely able to control herself… Continuing to strain against her bonds and thrash with desire, she finally spoke. “God, you’re driving me crazy!” she cried out, panting. “Just fuck me if you want me so badly.” she pleaded.

“That would be too easy.” David said nonchalantly. “Besides, this isn’t about taking you…” he added in an almost arrogant tone. “It’s about teaching you a lesson.”

Becky squirmed and whimpered, desperate for relief.

David straddled Becky’s stomach, only putting minimal weight on her. “Wha.. what are you doing?” she asked, concern showing in her voice.

“Keeping you from thrashing about so much” David replied teasingly. “Besides, the best way to dominate a woman using pleasure is to let her know you’re master of her entire body, not just her pussy.” He replied knowingly.

Becky looked as if she was about to ask something, but didn’t get the chance as David reached down and took her breasts in his hands.  He began gently kneading and massaging them, making sure her entire breasts were being stimulated.  He kept the pressure firm but gentle. Her breasts, still sensitive from all the earlier play, became further aroused by the prolonged pleasure. Becky moaned and gasped with pleasure.  David continued on for almost an hour, massaging her breasts, kissing her neck and suckling her nipples. Towards the end of the ordeal, Becky suffered a rolling orgasm that left her entire body helplessly shaking in ecstasy for what seemed like a full minute.

After she regained control of her body, Becky looked up at David weakly (the blindfold having come loose). “What are you doing to me?” she moaned. “Th… this is driving me crazy.” “it’s like electricity shooting between my nipples and clit.”, she paused, trying to focus. “A.. and my boobs, feel funny… warm and heavy..”. She gave me a confused look, searching for an explanation.  A moment later her eyes went wide with realization, and she gasped slightly.

“Ahhh, you finally remember the sensation, don’t you?” David asked with a grin.  He continued massaging her breasts and moments later milk began to dribble from her erect nipples.

The feeling of the warm milk slowly trickling down her bare breasts snapped Becky back partially to reality.  Enough so that her facial expression held as much alertness as surprise. How… how did you do that?”, she asked astonished.

David grinned knowingly. “Given enough time, any woman with healthy, natural boobs can be milked like this.” he said in an almost nonchalant tone. “You’re still young and had a baby a few years back, so it was comparatively easy with you.”

Becky’s head fell back onto the bed and she almost unconsciously jutted her chest upward, as if pleading for the sensation to continue. “Oh, God…”, she moaned. “This feels so dirty, but so good.”

David smiled and without saying a word, bent down and began suckling her nipple as he caressed and massaged her breasts, drinking her warm milk.

The sensation of being milked sent jolts of erotic electricity across her nipples and body. Becky cried out in pleasure and moaned repeatedly, bucking, but completely helpless as her breasts were drained. Afterwards, David sat up and grinned at Becky, studying her reaction.

“Oh.. oh my gawd,”, she gasped. “That was the most amazing feeling…” I think I came a few times… at least.” she paused and looked at David for a few moments. “It was so erotic.. and I knew being tied up it felt dirty.” Becky paused for a moment and blushed. “But it felt so good that the dirty part only made it more exciting…” Becky squirmed and squeezed her thighs together, trying to abate the burning desire between her legs.

“Getting hungry are we?” David asked knowingly, seeing the look in her eyes.

Becky gave him a frustrated look, but refused to acknowledge the desire that was almost consuming her.

“Maybe it’s time to finally take a look at that cute little wet pussy of yours now…” David said as he got up.  Becky’s tiny thong panties had latches in each side of their slender waist band, almost as if intended for this situation.  David slowly and teasingly unclasped the panties, letting the increased sense of vulnerability and anticipation build in Becky.  Then, he slowly slid them free of Becky’s body.  Becky had a small landing strip of soft pubic hair that was already completely soaked with her juices.

David lightly traced a finger around the edges of Becky’s pussy. “So wet..” he mocked. “Such a dirty girl, shame on you…” he scolded teasingly.

David stopped as if pondering for a moment.  “Hmmm…” he said half to myself, “I wonder if our dirty girl still has that kinky remote control turbo bullet vibrator hidden in her purse…”

Becky gasped and blushed. “How did you…”

“You mean aside from the fact I caught you using it last time you crashed for the night on my couch?” he replied, smiling wickedly.

Becky, obviously not realizing she’d been observed that night, blushed beet red all the way down to her boobs.

“Don’t go anywhere.” David said mockingly as he walked out of the room.

Becky’s heart raced, her entire being a mixture of utter embarrassment at her vulnerability and a burning desire to be taken completely… to feel the release of orgasm over and over until her craving was finally satisfied.

David walked back into the room, carrying the vibrator control in one hand and letting the egg shaped vibrator unit dangle from its cord in his other hand.  He stared at Becky’s quivering wetness, and smiled menacingly.

“Don’t you dare!”, Becky blurted with her typical stubbornness.

“I think you’re forgetting exactly who is in charge here.” David replied, sounding deliberately over-pleased with himself.  To accentuate his point, he gave Becky’s pussy a light spank; not hard enough to hurt at all, just startle her.

Becky let out a weak yelp of surprise and jumped as she felt the impact. “Jumped” as much as she could while restrained anyway.  At the same time, a strong and clearly erotic shiver ran through Becky’s body.

“You’ll learn,” David said.  He smirked as he lightly caressed Becky’s throbbing womanhood. “This belongs to me now.” he teased her pussy with the egg for a few moments and then gently and ever so slowly slid it inside of her.  He made sure it was positioned right on her G Spot.

Becky let out a moan of pleasure that she couldn’t hide despite her defiant nature as she felt the egg enter her and involuntarily spread her legs the little that the ropes would allow…

David turned on the vibrator half way, for just a half second…. Becky let out a squeal of surprise and her hips bounced into the air. “Not more torture.” she whimpered pitifully. “I need to cum, dammit.”, she growled.

“Beg for it.” David ordered her.

“What?!?” Becky asked, incredulous. “Like hell, mister.”

David turned the vibrator on again, provoking another yelp of surprise and desire from Becky. Once again, her hips jumped into the air also.  He repeated the process 5 more times, varying the intensity and duration of the vibrator’s burst.  Each time, Becky’s reaction was more electric.

“Ready to beg for what you want yet?”  David asked with wicked delight.

“N.. n… no.”, Becky gasped, her voice trembling even more than her body.

David turned on the vibrator again, letting it run just long enough to bring Becky to the edge of an orgasm, and then immediately shut it down. Becky cried out in pleasure the entire time, and whimpered pitifully as he shut it off.

“Say, please sir, I beg you to let me cum.” David commanded her firmly.

“N… no!”, Becky blurted out, trying to sound determined, but the tremor in her voice betrayed her swelling desire.

“You’re going to break.” David said with wicked delight. “It’s only a matter of time.”

David did the same thing repeatedly; Bringing Becky, screaming in pleasure and thrashing wildly, to the ragged edge of orgasm and then cruelly denying her. Nine times later, Becky was almost sobbing in desperation as her orgasm was yet again denied. Becky collapsed back into the bed, gasping…

“Are you ready to show me who you belong to?” David asked her sternly. “Tell me who you belong to and beg me for release…” he taunted.

Becky looked at David with a doe eyed, pleading expression… her jaw trembling as her burning need for release destroyed the final bits of her resistance. “I.. I belong to you…”, she said in an embarrassed tone. “Please… let me cum.”, she whimpered in defeat.

“Please let me cum, SIR” David corrected her in a stern tone.

Becky stared pleadingly into his eyes for a few moments, and then hung her head in defeat. “Pl.. please, sir… Please make me cum.”, she begged. “I need it so bad.”

“That’s a start.” David said with a satisfied grin.

David gave a gentle tug on the vibrator’s cord, but not enough to move it inside of Becky. She arched her back and let out a loud moan of wanton, unabashed hunger. Smiling wickedly at her reaction, he decided to have a little more fun with her.  He turned the vibrator on its lowest setting and, began gently tugging on it… ever so slowly pulling it out of her at less than a snail’s pace.

Becky came alive again, clutching the sheets in her hands, thrashing wildly and arching her back as moaned loudly, desperate for relief.  Her desire had become so heated that her body was already covered from a light sheen of sweat.  Her breathing was quickly becoming quicker, and David knew she was getting close yet again. Not quite ready to give her the release she craved, he gave a quick tug on the cord and popped the already partially removed vibrator completely out of her.

Becky collapsed back onto the bed with whimpering cry of abject frustration and neediness. She weakly managed to lift her head and look at David with pleading eyes. “Pleeeease…”, she said almost sobbing, “You said if I begged you’d let me cum.”

“Oh, I will,” David said nonchalantly, “eventually.”

Becky’s head crashed back onto the pillow, and she let out a dejected sob.

“I just want to make sure we’re clear on a few things first.” David said as he moved closer alongside the bed.

Becky gave him a look of confused desperation.

“First, what is this?” David demanded gently as he lightly circled Becky’s sopping wet pussy with the tip of his finger.

“M.. my… pussy…”, Becky whimpered pleadingly.

“Wrong!” David scolded, giving it the same light slap he’d give earlier.  Becky jumped with a yelp. “This is MY pussy.” he demanded. “It belongs to me now, is that clear??”

Becky nodded in abject defeat, her face awash with humiliation and a desperate hunger.

“Say it.” David commanded sternly, no pity at all in my voice.

“It… it’s your pussy.”, Becky whimpered. “It belongs to you.” Becky stopped as if finished with her sentence and then saw the displeasure in David’s eyes. “It.. it belongs to you, sir.”, she blurted out emphatically, careful to stress that last word.

“That’s better.” David said, allowing just a hint of praise to creep into his voice, and lightly caressing her cheek. “Good girls that serve properly are rewarded.” “You do want to be rewarded, don’t you?”,

Becky nodded with as much energy as she could muster. “Yes sir.”, she pleaded. “Please let me cum.” “I’ll be a good girl… I swear.” There was just the faintest hint of the old Becky in her eyes, something saying she couldn’t believe she had been reduced to this, and embarrassed that she was so turned on by it.

“You’d better be a very good girl,” David scolded. “I’d enjoy spanking that tight little ass if you don’t.”

Becky nodded understandingly and blushed as visions of being put over David’s knee while completely naked and vulnerable and having her exposed rear spanked.  The vivid images racing through her mind caused her to squirm with desire as she tried in vain to clench her thighs together.

“Hmmmm..” David said. “Maybe you’d like that though…” He slipped his hand underneath Becky and began caressing Becky’s ass, gently but firmly kneading it.

Becky let out a small gasp of surprise as David’s hand first slipped between her and the bed, then she began softly moaning and gyrating her hips as he played with her ass.  He smiled as he watched her pussy quiver and clench with desire.

“You like that, don’t you?” David teased.

“Ye… yes, sir.”, Becky moaned. She arched her back and lifted her butt into the air, closing her eyes with another long moan of pleasure.

David smirked as he slid his other hand between Becky’s legs and began to caress and tease her soft, wet pussy lips with the tip of his finger.  Becky wailed in ecstasy as her body trembled uncontrollably.

“Not as much as you liked that, apparently.” David chuckled smugly. “Now, for your next lesson…” he said, sliding two fingers gently inside of Becky. “This… is a G-Spot.” he remarked glibly.

David bent his finger slightly and began caressing Becky’s G-Spot, alternating between half-moon shapes caresses and a “come hither” motion.  The results were predictable after Becky had been mercilessly teased to the edge repeatedly for well over an hour.  He had barely begun caressing her G-Spot when Becky’s body exploded with an intense orgasm. Her eyes rolled back in her head and her entire body shook violently as she screamed in pleasure.  David continued to stimulate her G-Spot as she climaxed, causing the orgasm to continue to shoot through her body.

At the 45 second mark, David stopped stimulating Becky.  She crashed back down onto the bed, her body limp, but randomly spasming as the aftershocks of her orgasm jolted through her.  She panted rapidly, trying desperately to catch her breath.

“Oh… oh my…”, Becky panted, as she gasped for breath, “Oh my God…”. Becky continued struggling to catch her breath. “Th.. that was… fucking amazing.” Becky gently shook her head as if trying to regain her focus and was beginning to catch her breath. “I… don’t think… I’ve ever cum that hard”, she managed, a bit of awe in her voice. “I can’t believe how horny I still am also.” She looked pleadingly at David. “You’ve had my body on fire for so long, I… I need more.”, she added, her face flush with embarrassment.

“Oh you do?” David asked in an almost challenging tone.  His hand, which had been resting on Becky’s thigh, moved back to Becky’s crotch.  He put his palm resting gently on Becky’s mons, and slipped a finger between her wet folds.  As soon as he began circling and teasing her clit with his finger tip, Becky began moaning again.  Within a few moments her hips started bucking slightly.

When Becky had again been whipped into an utter frenzy of desire, David stopped, leaving her panting and again desperate for attention.  She let out a pathetic whimper.

“Tell me you need it.” David firmly commanded her.

“Please, not again…” Becky sobbed, unable to cope with the burning lust consuming her body.

“Naughty, naughty.” David scolded. “You know the rules…”

“But…” Becky whimpered.

“But…” David said, interrupting her. “Good idea, I think that’s exactly what you need.” He reached into the nightstand and pulled out a riding crop, and placed it on the bed next to her.

Becky’s eyes widened like saucers when she saw the riding crop.  She tried to speak, but only managed a stutter as her jaw quivered.  David untied Becky’s ankles and put them together.  He pushed Becky’s legs straight up in the air, then half way to her chest, slightly rolling her hips forward and exposing her ass.

David held her ankles with one hand and grabbed the riding crop with the other.  He brought the riding crop across her bare ass with a loud smack.  Becky let out a loud yelp.

“Ooooww!”, Becky cried out. “Please stop!” she pleaded, squirming helplessly.

“Somebody is forgetting her place.” David said in an annoyed tone.  He smacked Becky’s ass twice more with the crop, making her cry out again.

Becky’s eyes had tears in them and she sniffled. “Pl… please, sir.”, she whimpered. “I’ll be a good girl.” “I swear I’ll be obedient.”

“That’s more like it.” David said firmly. “Now, ask me properly for what you want.” he commanded, gliding the riding crop between her legs and sliding its length up and down along her throbbing pussy.

Becky let out a long trembling moan of pleasure as her body shook.  She had been driven so crazy with desire for so long that even being teased with the riding crop was enough to provoke a modest orgasm from Becky’s slender frame.

“I’m waiting…” David said impatiently, continuing to tease Becky’s womanhood with the riding crop.

Becky’s head fell back and her eyes closed.  She tried to control her gasps and moans of pleasure in order to speak.  “Please… Please fuck m.. Please fuck your pussy sir.”, she shamelessly begged.  “I need to feel you inside me.”

“Good girl.” David said as he stripped off his clothes off.

Becky watched with wanton eagerness, her breath trembling.  She pulled her knees up to her chest and then spread her legs as wide as she could, shamelessly offering herself to David.

David hovered over Becky, his throbbing hard cock’s shaft resting against Becky’s soaking wet pussy.  He moved his hips, sliding the length of his shaft up and down along her wetness. Becky whimpered and thrust her hips forward, trying to urge him into her.

“No cheating.” David scolded sternly. “Now, who do you belong to?” he demanded.

“I.. I belong to you, sir.”, Becky answered obediently.

“And you’re going to be a good little girl and do whatever it takes to please my cock?” David asked, continuing to tease her pussy with the shaft of his cock.

“Ye… yes sir.”, Becky answered with an urgent tone. ”I’ll do anything.” she pleaded. “Please, just fuck your pussy and make me cum.” “I need you inside me.”

David positioned the head of his cock at the entrance to Becky’s pussy, and then slid the head into her.  Becky let out a cry of pure ecstasy and clenched the sheets tightly in her fists.  David withdrew from her and re-entered her with just the head of my penis a total of 8 times, then he slid fully into her.

Becky’s eyes went wide again as she felt David fully entering her. She started to blurt out. “No, not bare…”. Her thought was cut off mid-sentence as an explosive orgasm ripped through her entire being.  She screamed at the top of her lungs in pleasure as her body shook violently. “OH God yes!!”, she screamed. “Fuck me, make me cum, let me feel you fill me with your cum!!!” She wrapped her legs around David and locked her ankles just below his butt, and then began aggressively rocking her hips to meet his thrusts.

David took her for over an hour… Continuing to use sets of nine on her… 8 shallow strokes and 1 deep, 7 shallow and 2 deep, and so on.  Becky’s body was on sexual overload by the time he entered her, and the sets of nine worked exactly as they were intended; every deep thrust pulling an explosive screaming orgasm from Becky, and each shallow stroke giving her body the briefest rest while teasing her back to the edge of orgasm.

At the end of the marathon sex session, David was unable to control himself any longer.  Becky’s tight, wet pussy clenched and spasmed wildly with every orgasm, driving him wild. Finally, with one last stroke David went in as deep as he could and exploded inside of her with a cry of pleasure of his own

Becky screamed at the top of her lungs as the feeling of her womanhood being filled with warm, sticky wetness pushed her to her most explosive orgasm yet. The orgasm must have lasted 15 or 20 seconds, and then Becky’s body went completely limp as her brain shut down from pleasure overload and she blacked out.


Becky slowly regained consciousness, letting out an exhausted moan as she tried to focus her eyes. The last few hours crept back into her mind, and she realized what happened.  It dawned on her almost as quickly that her wrists were no longer bound.

In fact, David had already untied her and was holding her lovingly in his arms. “Easy, hon.” David said gently. “That was a heck of a workout you just had.”

“No kidding.”, Becky said softly. “My whole body feels like Jello.”  Becky smiled gently and put her arms around David. “I can’t believe you came in me though.”, she said teasingly.

“I didn’t hear you complain at the time.” David replied, caressing her cheek and then giving her a kiss on the forehead.

Becky blushed. “It was… amazing.”  “It’s been so long since I’ve been with a guy I forgot the feeling…”  Becky’s voice trailed off as she daydreamed.

“How’s your rear?”  David asked with a chuckle.

Becky wrinkled her nose recalling the spanking, and shifted slightly, clenching her butt. “It’s… just a tiny bit sore.” she said in a surprised tone.

David chuckled briefly. “I told you domination is 90% mental.” he said. “Riding crops intended for bedroom play often have a double piece of leather at the end.  They slap together and make a loud noise, but if you’re careful they do little real harm.”

Becky looked shocked. “So, it was…”

“Yep, all in your mind.” he replied matter-of-factly.

“Wow…” Becky said, stunned. She absorbed that for a minute and then spoke again. “Not that I’m complaining mind you; the sex was earth shattering…” Becky paused again for a moment. “But how was this a lesson in being a dominatrix instead of you just getting in my pants?”

“Can you recall every tease, every way I touched your body?” David asked Becky.

“God yes.”, Becky replied. “You tortured me so much I think every caress is etched in stone in my brain.”

“Then you’ll know what to do with Sarah now.” David said with a wolfish grin. “And I certainly think you’ll believe in the techniques now.” David added with a laugh.

Becky managed a silent nod, embarrassment showing on her face.

“All you have to do is make sure Sarah is properly tied up and that should take care of any remaining fears on your part.” David said. “Just take your time and be merciless like I was.” “That’s the biggest key to breaking her.”  “Make her beg, make her tell her she’s your property, make her call you mistress.”

Becky’s eyes lit up and she smiled wickedly at David’s last remark. “Mistress… I like that.”, she let out an evil laugh.

“No mercy, but no real pain either…” David admonished. “Unless you find out she’s truly into that and you’re willing also.”  “Domination is all about consent and communication.”  “For now, pushing her beyond her limits of desire is the key.”

“I know…”, Becky said with a slight shiver. “I.. part of me still feels like I should be obeying your commands.”

“That will fade without reinforcement.” David said reassuringly. “Which is something else to keep in mind with Sarah.” “Keep reinforcing it if you want to keep her as your submissive.”

Becky nodded with an evil grin. “Trust me, I will.” Becky let out a deep yawn. “Right now, I need a nap though.”, she said wearily. “I’m exhausted.”

They both chuckled, and David pulled Becky close in his arms and gently held her. They cuddled silently until they both drifted off to sleep.  After the nap and a very steamy shower, Becky went home with a wicked gleam in her eye and David’s riding crop tucked under her arm; a gift to start her out on her new adventure.

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