Power Girl’s Power Date Ver2.0

Yes, this is a piece of DC Comics fan fiction.  It’s also the longest piece of creative writing I’ve ever done; 38 pages in MS Word.  This is a bit different from the typical fan written love at first sight piece.  Power Girl is a fairly complex character who believes she’s seen only as a sex object by most men, and that nobody will ever take her as seriously as Superman (her cousin).  Ergo, I wanted a seduction that felt a bit more realistic, working past her insecurities to win her over.  That’s the first two thirds of the story.  The rest is a flood of passion as Kara is finally won over.  I tried to make the payoff worth the wait for any kinkier readers.

For those not familiar with Power Girl, she’s Supergirl from an alternate Earth, just older, with shorter hair and much bustier.  Like Supergirl, her name is Kara Zor-El.  Her secret identity is Karen Starr, head of Starr Corporation (a tech company).

Power Girl’s Power Date

Power Girl materialized onto the teleportation grid of the Watchtower and let out an annoyed sigh.  “OK, what’s so all important that it couldn’t wait?” she asked.  “I have responsibilities outside of the League you know.”

“We know” Batman said flatly in his typical gruff emotionless tone.

“This is important though, Kara” Superman interjected.  “We wouldn’t call you otherwise”

“I’m listening…”, Power Girl said, crossing her arms under her massive chest.

“The energy-matter transducer that we need to make the Watchtower’s teleporter range global…” Batman interjected.  “Euro Dynamic Technologies has developed a fully working model.”

“Okaaay”, Power Girl replied, not sure where the conversation was going.  “So, WayneTech must be able to afford it…  Hell, probably buy the company outright.”

“Yes and no…” Batman said flatly.  “It’s valued at 30 million Euro.”  “Affordable, but not for sale.”  “The company… is worth almost as much as WayneTech.”

“And you haven’t hacked their network and… borrowed the schematics?”, Power Girl asked in an amused tone.

“We don’t operate that way, Kara.” Superman said in a disapproving tone.

“Besides. Their cyber security is too good.” Batman added.  “Far better than LexCorp’s”

Superman gave Batman a quick suspicious glance and Power Girl just smirked knowingly.

“OK so what’s the catch then?” Power Girl asked.  “I presume the company is willing to part with it under some conditions since we’re having this conversation.”

“They are” Batman replied flatly.

“And?” Power Girl said, a bit of annoyance showing.

“Marc Wagner, EDT’s owner, wants a date… with you.” Batman said, nonplussed.

“What?!?” Power Girl said, nearly exploding.  “And you two just planned on pimping me out?!?” she added with a snarl, clenching her fists.

‘Kara, it’s not like that…” Superman interjected, putting his arms up and trying to sound calm and rational.

“Oh of course not…” Power Girl snapped, rolling her eyes.  “Sure, Kara’s the team bimbo with the giant tits.” She continued in a disgusted tone, grabbing her boobs.  “We’ll just whore her out to get what we need.”

“Kara!” Superman blurted out.  “How could you even…”

Batman cut him off, holding a hand up.  “He wants a dinner date with Karen Starr, to discuss sharing the technology with the league, that’s all.”

Power Girl crossed her arms under her chest again, scowling.  “And I’m supposed to believe that, given his reputation as a playboy is almost as bad as Bruce Wayne’s?”

Batman scowled at that remark.  Superman took the opportunity to jump back into the conversation.

“Look, Kara…”, Superman said, “I know it looks bad at first glance, but he’s assured us that he only wants a chance to discuss Karen’s impressions of the league and Starr Corp’s impressions of its partnership with us.”

Power Girl opened her mouth to speak, but was at a rare loss for words.

“Not everything is about your cleavage” Batman said pointedly.

Power Girl gave him a murderous scowl.

Superman interjected with a more empathetic tone.  “Kara, I imagine it’s fairly… awkward at times being as… busty as you are, but Bruce is right in his own tactless way.”  “People can and do respect you for your brains and heart also.”

Power Girl let out a guilty sigh…  “I… suppose”.

“Look at it this way…” Superman added, “he asked for a dinner conversation with Karen Starr, not Power Girl, right?”

Power Girl nodded.

“So apparently it’s the tough, smart businesswoman and scientist he respects.” Superman said.  “Either way, you’re my cousin, I’m not going to send you into a situation where somebody is going to try to leverage you into anything improper”.

“Not intentionally anyway, Kal.” Power Girl replied in a skeptical tone.

“If he tries anything, it’s not like he can get very far.” Batman replied with a slight smirk before turning more serious.  “This is a chance for Starr Corp to make some business connections and expand into the EU.”  “Lots of business is done over dinner.”

“The improved teleporter would drastically increase the League’s response time also.” Superman interjected.  “We will be able to teleport anywhere in the world, not just to a few previously constructed teleport pads.”   Superman put his hand supportively on Power Girl’s shoulder.  “We wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t important.”

“Alright, alright…” Power Girl replied.  “If he makes one improper move on me though, I’m tearing off his arm and beating him to death with it.” she added with a wry smirk.

Superman chuckled uneasily as Power Girl turned and used the teleporter to return home.

“I don’t think she was kidding, Clark.” Batman replied dryly.

“That’s what worries me.” Superman replied with a sigh.

Kara returned to her penthouse and began rummaging through her closet, trying to determine what to wear…

Hmmm, a bit too sexy for a business dinner… she thought, shuffling one outfit on a hanger aside.

Too stuffy… she thought, scowling at another.  If It’s going to be a business dinner, I might as well flaunt it just a little and play on his being a typical guy to get an edge in negotiations…

She settled on a professional looking white satin blouse and dark blue skirt that came down to just above her knees.  Both looked business like, but were just snug enough to compliment her ample curves.

She’d removed her cape, gloves and belt when she got a beep on her earpiece communicator.

“Now what, Kal?”, she asked in a slightly exasperated tone.  “I’m trying to get ready.”

“Slight change of plans, Kara.”, Superman said.  “Wagner says he’s been delayed in Paris, but is sending his Jet to pick you up at the airport.”

“Oh?” Kara asked, intrigued.

“The plane should be there in an hour.” Superman added.

“Well if I have to deal with a potentially groping pervert, I suppose Paris is as nice a place as any” Kara muttered to herself.

“What was that, Kara?” Superman asked.

“Nothing Kal”, Kara replied with a mildly annoyed tone.  “I have to get ready if I’m going to make that flight.”  “Bye.”  Kara turned off her comm ear piece and stripped out of her costume.  “I’ve got to stop talking to myself.” she muttered.  “I bet the smug bozo heard all of that”

Kara turned and looked in the full-length mirror.  Easy for Bats to say that not everything is about my boobs, she thought.  She cupped them in her hands and turned side to side, looking at them.  He doesn’t have to deal with 36J cup breasts.  She smiled slightly.  They do look great though…  Thank Rao I’m tall and Kryptonian.  They’d be monstrous on a smaller frame, and if I was a normal human woman I’d have horrid back aches and they’d be sagging… a lot.

“Still, I hate that they’re all people see with me… or that nobody will take me as seriously as Kal-El just because I’m well endowed.” She fumed out loud.

Kara put on some underwear and one of the bras she typically wore in her civilian identity, specially designed to make her breasts look smaller.  They were only capable of making her look 2 cup sizes smaller, but every little bit helped her maintain her secret identity.

After she finished dressing, Kara brushed her hair and applied some light makeup.  Afterwards, she sprayed just a dash of perfume on her neck, then after a shrug and a coy grin, onto her breasts as well.  She slipped on a pair of 2” tall high heels…  Sexy but still short enough to look professional.  She was already tall at 5’ 11”, but loved the advantage the heels gave her in dealing with men.  They were often thrown off balance dealing with a very tall woman.

Finally, Kara put on her glasses.  They were fake glasses of course.  She glanced in the mirror and smiled.  On one level, she thought she looked silly in them…  She had to admit though, they gave her civilian look a certain sexy geek girl or naughty librarian look.  A quick elevator ride later she was at street level, and climbing into the limo.

It almost seems silly to ride in the limo and catch his plane when I could fly there directly myself in a fraction of the time, she thought to herself.  Oh well, occasionally it’s nice to relax and just be normal.

Kara also couldn’t help but wonder how she was going to make it to Paris in time for dinner.  It was still morning on the US East Coast, but there were several time zones difference and it was a long flight for the typical airliner or private jet.  15 minutes late she got her answer; the plane waiting for her was Euro Dynamic’s new EDA-5X supersonic luxury private jet.

I remember reading about that thing in Business Weekly… Kara mused.  Two and a half times the speed of sound and ultra-luxurious…  Also, so expensive that only people like Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor could afford one.

“I didn’t think EDT actually got these into production yet…” Kara said quietly as she approached the plane, purse and laptop bag in hand.

“Mister Wagner reserved the prototype for himself, Miss Starr”, a dark-haired man in an impeccably tailored black suit and tie replied in an extremely professional tone.  “He regrets that he couldn’t meet you here in person, but I’ve been instructed to make your flight as comfortable as possible.”

“And you are?” Kara asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Forgive me, Miss Starr.”, the man said, soundly slightly embarrassed.  “I’m Kevin Harris, Mister Wagner’s personal assistant.”  “My manners are normally much better.”  “I’m a bit embarrassed to admit I was distracted by your appearance, please forgive me.”

Kara sighed.  “I’m used to it…” she said dismissively.

Harris nodded.  “Shall we get on board then?” he asked, gesturing towards the plane.  “We’re already refueled, and the pilot is ready to depart as soon as you are.”

“Of course.” Kara said, offering an awkward half smile before heading up the stairs and into the plane.

The interior of the plane was immaculately clean and inlaid with luxurious rare hardwoods and advanced electronics.  Monitors showed stock reports, business news on one monitor, and weather in various cities on another.

Kara sat down in a seat, setting her laptop bag on the table in front of her.  The seat was extremely comfortable, with very soft leather and excellent ergonomics.  Kara settled in, was briefed on all the features of the plane, internet access, how to make calls, etc… then Harris excused himself and went up front with the pilot.

The flight itself was completely uneventful.  Kara opted to quietly do internet research on her dinner partner.  Kevin Harris checked on her a couple of times during the flight.  She sipped champagne from an elegant crystal glass as she surfed sites.

Marc Wagner was a minor celebrity, both for his technological innovation and the steady stream of high-profile women that he was seen in public with.  A few sites tried to exploit that dating activity and make him out as some sort of villain.  What she did notice however is that none of the women had anything bad to say about him.  All of them, when interviewed, replied to the effect that they found him charming, enjoyed their time with him, and that they just didn’t click for a longer-term relationship.

The media had mixed views on him in other areas.  Most agreed that he was good to his employees, but a few groups criticized his use of automation.  He apparently gave to charities regularly, but some groups said it wasn’t enough.  He was generally seen as an advocate for women’s rights as well, but occasionally would go against the grain there if he felt advocates were pushing an issue too far.

Interesting… Kara thought as she folded up the laptop and stored it in preparation for landing.  On the surface, it seems like this should be a smooth business dinner.  He does seem to have a knack for charming women out of their clothes though.

Kara’s thoughts were cut short by the plane coming in for a landing at Paris.  She stayed seated, looking out the window as the plane landed and taxied around to a spacious private hangar with EDT’s logo on it.

Well, he’s in for disappointment if he thinks I’m on the desert menu this evening, Kara mused smugly as she exited the plane.

Marc Wagner was there to greet her, as promised.  He was impeccably dressed in a dark designer suit.  He was tall and clearly in excellent shape, although not as muscular as Superman.  His sandy brown hair was perfectly styled and his deep blue eyes visibly lit up when he saw Kara.  He stepped forward and greeted her with a warm smile.

“Miss Starr, thank you for accepting my invitation.” he said warmly.  “I trust your trip here was comfortable?”

“Yes, quite…” replied Kara in a cool and professional tone.  “Sending your jet wasn’t necessary however, Mr. Wagner.”  “I’m sure we could have done this via teleconference.”

“Please call me Marc.” He replied.  “As much as I love technology, I find doing business face to face is more productive and personal.”  He offered Kara his hand.

Kara smiled politely and moved to shake his hand.  “True…  Particularly on large and important deals.” she replied, her tone just a bit warmer.

Marc shook her hand for a moment and then moved it to his lips, giving the back of her hand an admiring kiss.  “Besides, I’ve been eager to meet the brilliant businesswoman and scientist who has made Starr Corporation such a success and media darling.” he added with a coy smile.

Kara was caught off guard by the old-fashioned, gallant gesture and had to fight to suppress a smile.  “No need for flattery.” She replied casually.  “I’m here and ready to discuss business.”

“Flattery is a harsh word.” Marc replied warmly.  “I’m a genuine admirer of your accomplishments, Miss Starr.”  “Your recent patent on transparent monitor screen technology is particularly impressive.”  “Lest you think less of me for kissing your hand also, I believe seeing a woman as capable and an equal doesn’t preclude treating her like a lady as well.”

“That’s… refreshing.” Kara replied, caught further off guard by Marc’s genuineness.  She smiled warmly.  “And please, call me Karen.”

“Gladly, Karen.” Marc said with a large smile.  “Shall we proceed to my offices and discuss matters?”

“Certainly.” Kara replied.  “I… was under the impression we would be discussing matters over dinner however.”

“Don’t worry.” Marc said with a light chuckle.  “I intend to be a proper gentleman and see to it that you’re fed a wonderful meal this evening.”  “it’s still a bit early yet however.”  “I thought you might like to see the some of our facilities first hand.”  “I also have a secondary business proposal that I’d like to run by you.”

“Oh?” Karen replied, clearly curious.

“First thing’s first.” Marc replied, opening a door to his limo for Kara.

“Thank you” Kara replied with a warm smile.  He doesn’t seem so bad after all… she thought as she climbed into the limo.

Kara and Marc made small talk during the drive back to his office.  He pointed out various sites and mentioned some of the history of the areas they passed through.  They arrived in short order at the offices and rode Marc’s private elevator to the top floors.

“And here we are.” Marc said as he opened the Mahogany doors to his office.

Kara stepped inside with a polite smile.  “Very nice…” she commented warmly.

“I try to keep it professional and executive looking without being pretentious.” Marc replied casually.  He turned to his assistant.  “That will be all for this evening, Kevin.” He said.  “I’m sure the lovely Miss Starr would prefer not to feel mobbed while we negotiate.”

“As you wish, sir.” Kevin replied.  “I’ll keep my phone on in case you need anything.”  With that he bowed slightly, turned and exited, closing the door behind him.

Marc turned back to Kara.  “Now that we can speak privately, you’ve looked like you’ve had something on your mind since you arrived, Karen.”  “What can I do to put you more at ease?”

“Direct, but polite…” Kara replied in a warm but professional tone.  “I appreciate that.”

Marc nodded with a polite smile.

“What primarily has me puzzled is why involve me in a business matter between you and the Justice League?” Kara asked, curious.

“A couple of reasons.” Marc replied.  “First, you’re well known as a woman of integrity.”  “Starr Corp also has an excellent reputation as a company for it’s business ethics and corporate security.”  “All of that is important to me, especially given the level of technology we’re discussing here.”  “Those are the same reasons for my secondary proposal as well

“Fair enough.” Kara replied, sensing Marc was being sincere.  “Why Starr Corp and not a company with broader reach, like WayneTech?”

“To be blunt, there’s something… off about Bruce Wayne.” Marc replied.

You have NO idea… Kara mused to herself.

“I’m not sure what it is, but I’ve learned to trust my instincts with people.” Marc continued a bit absently.  “Also, Gotham is… pardon my bluntness, a zoo.”  “Given the amount of criminal activity there, I just don’t feel safe leaving my technology in the hands of a company based there.”

“I’m not sure I fully agree, but I understand your feelings” Kara replied.  “But why not just deal with the League directly?” Kara asked pointedly.  “I hope you don’t have issues with them as well.”

“No, no… certainly not.” Marc replied.  “They all seem like upstanding people and they risk their lives regularly to protect others.”  “That’s extremely noble.”

“Well at least you’re not a hero basher.” Kara replied.  “It still doesn’t answer the question however.”

Marc paused for a moment, trying to choose his words.  “My only concern at all is that the technology will be safe in the League’s hands.”  “You know them better than I do, and I hoped you’d have some insights regarding the strength of their security and such.”

“Uhhhh…” Kara stuttered, caught off guard.  “My… dealings with them have been… fairly limited.” she continued.  “I wouldn’t know about any specifics, but I can assure you that in Starr Corp’s dealings with them they’ve been very professional and security minded.”

Marc nodded.  “Excellent.”  “That makes me feel better about moving forward.”  “One last question there though…”  “Do you know of any loose cannons, so to speak, in the League that might be inclined to go rogue and misuse or weaponize the convertor?”

“I… wouldn’t know.” Kara replied, confused.  “I’m… not exactly on a first name basis with them.”

Marc smiled coyly.  “I suspect that’s not quite true, is it Karen?”

“And just what are you accusing me of?” Kara replied with an annoyed tone crossing her arms under her chest.

Marc took a remote from his jacket pocket and turned on a large monitor on the far wall.  A picture of side by side comparisons of Power Girl and Karen Starr appeared on screen.  There were detailed notes on height, build, skin tone, eye color, full body polygon mapping and an equally detailed facial recognition comparison.  All of which pointed to a 99.5% probability of the two women being the same person.

Kara immediately turned angry.  “What the hell are you playing at?” she demanded.  “planning on blackmailing me over my identity?” she snapped angrily, raising her fists.

“No…” Marc interjected, holding his arms up.  “I promise you that your secret is completely safe with me.”  “Nobody else here knows at all.”

Kara lowered her fists slightly.  “Talk fast.”  “Why the games?”

“I apologize for bringing you here under partially false pretenses.” Marc replied.  “I did try to get a direct sit down with somebody from the League, but I was dismissed out of hand.”  “Apparently the League’s reputation is supposed to be enough to earn it anything it wants.”

“Well we have saved the world countless times.” Kara replied indignantly.

“Yes, and the Watchtower has been wrecked at least a few times.” Marc replied flatly.  “I think a few basic reassurances that the League has learned from those past mistakes is reasonable.”

Kara let out an annoyed sigh and returned her arms to a crossed position.  “I suppose you have a point there, and we’ve done our best to learn from the past

“That’s good to hear, and your word as Karen or Power Girl is good enough for me.” Marc replied politely.

Kara studied Marc carefully, trying to see if there were any indications he was up to anything else.  “I need to know one other thing before we continue.” She said flatly.

“Of course.” Marc replied.  “I feel I owe you that much at this point.”

“How exactly did you find out my secret identity.” Kara demanded.

Marc paused, a bit of uneasiness showing.  “I’m not sure you’ll like the answer, but…” he started.  “My other proposition is a limited business partnership.”  “When I go into business with anyone, I’m very careful about investigating them to see if they’re ethical and have similar values.”  “Karen Starr turned up about the same time Power Girl did.”  “There’s nothing on you before then.”  “That lead to me looking deeper, and well…”   “I understand you’re sensitive about your figure, but to be honest it wasn’t hard to put two and two together once I started looking further.”  “Very few women have a figure like yours.”

Kara bit her lower lip awkwardly, pondering the revelation.  “It was… that easy?” she asked, embarrassed.

“I wouldn’t call it easy,” Mark replied.  “…however, I’d be doing you a disservice if I didn’t let you know a determined investigator with good resources could figure it out.”

Kara sighed.  “Maybe Batman can help with covering my tracks better.”

Marc nodded.  “Probably a good idea.”  “As for my information…”  “Computer, delete all private files related to Power Girl.”  “Maximum security level data wipe.”

“Files deleted.” Came a reply through the office’s speakers.

“Now nobody else has a chance of finding those files.” Marc said.

“I feel a little better now.” Kara replied.

“You can’t address the problem if you don’t know about it.” Marc replied.  “I know this was awkward, but I tried to handle it as privately as I could, since I don’t know how many of your team mates know your secret.”

“Only a handful.” Kara said.   “I suppose this was as close to a good way to handle the situation was there is…”

“I have one more undisclosed reason for bringing you here.” Marc said, offering a smile.

“Please tell me you’re not one of those drooling fan boys.” Kara said, clear dread in her voice.

“Well, a little…” Marc said with a slight chuckle.  “You’re a very capable business woman, a brilliant inventor, a superhero, and you’re gorgeous too.”

Kara sighed and rolled her eyes.

“The actual reason however is I need your expert opinion on a high security project that EDT is working on.” Marc said in a very professional tone.

Kara was caught off guard by the request.  “Really?” she said, surprised.

“If I’ve got that brilliant mind here, I might as well ask you to use it.” Marc replied.  “Besides, this project is something that has the potential to impact you directly.” He added, his tone becoming more serious.

“Oh?” Kara said, her tone becoming more guarded.

“Yes, and since I’m taking you at your word that the League has learned from it’s mistakes, and I’m hoping we’re going to do business together, I wanted to be up front with you.” Marc said.  Marc walked around the desk and hit a few buttons, and a large three-dimensional image of a subterranean complex appeared.  “The EU has contracted with my company to explore kryptonite as an alternative energy source, and to develop weaponry based on it in case Zod returns again or other Kryptonian threats surface.”

Kara scowled, studying the image.

“I want absolutely impenetrable security for this.” Marc continued in a serious tone.  “I am concerned about the potential for it falling into the wrong hands, and being used against you, Superman or Supergirl.”  “I thought it only right to warn you and the League also.”  “What I need… am hoping you’ll help with, is that security end of things.”  “Help me make sure the systems and processes are the best possible.”

“I’d be lying if I said I was comfortable with this…” Kara replied bluntly.  “Still, the U.S. is doing the exact same thing, and it’s hard to deter them when Kryptonite is such a strong alternative energy source.”  “I appreciate you letting me know though…”  “The League can keep a discreet eye on things that way.”

“That was the idea.” Marc said.  “Now, about those security procedures and systems…”

Kara and Marc spent the next hour going over the entire facility, which it turned out was right below the building they were currently in.  Marc listened carefully to all of Kara’s ideas, and agreed to implement most of them immediately, including a strong acid stray system in the Kryptonite storage area to break it down as a last resort in case of break-in.

“Well, I hate to admit it…” Kara said as they finished, “but I actually enjoyed that.”  “It was refreshing to get to use my brain for a change.”

“You’ve got a good mind, Karen.” Marc replied with a smile.  “Your insights on kryptonite’s properties, how criminals might attempt to gain access, and equipment upgrades will make this a much safer project.”  “Hard to believe anybody wouldn’t want to make use of your talents.”

“Kal… Superman, and Batman get all the credit and brain work with the League, and if it isn’t them it’s Cyborg.” Kara sighed.  “I feel like a third wheel most of the time.”

“Their loss.” Marc replied with a smile, again taking her hand and kissing it.

Kara couldn’t help but be disarmed by Marc’s words.  “You’re… serious aren’t you.” She managed, a bit awkwardly.  “You must be, you haven’t gawked at my boobs once.”

“I admit that has taken some willpower.” Marc said with a playful chuckle.  “You are extremely beautiful.” He added.  “It’s the fact that you’re also one of the most intelligent women on the planet that has me more captivated however.”

Kara smiled slightly, just a hint of a blush showing on her face.  “Thank you”, she said softly.  “It’s nice to be seen as an intelligent woman, not an alien freak or a busty airhead.”

“Pfffft” Mark replied.  “Lex Luthor is a pompous ass hiding his massive insecurities behind his rationalized xenophobia.”  “The hell with him and people who think like him.”

Kara chuckled.  “I knew there was something I liked about you.” she said with a warm smile.

“Good to know I’m winning you over.” Marc said, continuing to smile.  “Now let me thank you properly for your help and get you to that meal I promised you.”  “I’d really like to get to know you better.”  “I promise absolutely nothing improper expected, just the pleasure of your company and conversation.”  “Do that for me, and I’ll donate the matter-energy transducer to the League, completely free.”

Kara tilted her head and stared at him.  Her expression giving away that she was both flattered and skeptical.  “I thought we were going to be discussing business.”  “Sounds like you’re trying to bribe me into a date now.” She said, a bit leery

“It’s still mostly business.” Marc said reassuringly.  “No reason we can’t mix a little bit of pleasure in though, is there?”  “Besides, I promise to be a perfect gentleman.

Kara sighed nervously and remained silent for a few moments, then smiled.  “Well, you’ve been very open and refreshingly professional thus far.” She said.  “I guess it won’t hurt to make it a date, so long as you behave.” She added teasingly.  “Besides, the money we save on the transducer will be a huge help to the League’s finances.”

“I’ll make enough money on future sales of other, albeit weaker units to others.”  “You’re a quality woman also, Kara…  worth taking the time to get to know properly.”  “It is OK to call you Kara, isn’t it?” he added, smiling awkwardly.

“Uhmmm…  Yes.” Kara replied.  “I guess there’s not much point in pretending when you know.” She sighed.  “Just only in private of course.”  “In public I still have to keep my identity a secret, to protect my employees and others around me.”

“I understand completely.” Marc replied.

“So where are we going?” Kara asked.

“I have reservations for two at Le Jules Verne in a little over an hour.” Marc replied proudly.

“Le Jules Verne?” Kara asked, incredulous.  “The restaurant in the Eiffel Tower…  with the amazing views?”  “Even Superman can’t get reservations there!”

“I have connections” Marc said with a grin.

“So I see…” Kara replied.  She looked at her outfit and sighed.  “I’m not dressed anywhere near nice enough for there.” she said, dejected.

“I… took the liberty.” Marc interjected.  “I hope you don’t mind.”  He motioned to the doors to his inner office.  Inside on the desk sat a large gift box wrapped in a white satin bow.

“You can change in there.” Marc said.  “The exterior glass is one way and the blinds are closed as well.”

Kara nodded quietly, a hint of suspicion showing on her face.  She walked in and Marc closed the door behind her, remaining in the outer office area.

Well, I guess here’s our first test of how sincere he is, Kara grumbled mentally.  If he’s got any surveillance systems in here and is expecting some sort of a free show…  Kara used her x-ray vison to scan all the walls, floor and ceiling.  The room was completely clear of any kind of listening or surveillance equipment.  She let out an audible sigh.  Nothing at all…  He’s been completely open and honest and here I am thinking he’s going to play peeping tom.  Maybe Batman is right; I need to lighten up a little.

Kara opened the gift box.  Inside was an absolutely stunning white silk designer evening gown.  She pulled it out and examined it, a bit stunned.  It was full length, with a slit up the left side to half way up the thigh.  It was backless, ending at the small of the back, with a bejeweled spaghetti strap in a halter design.  The jewels she quickly identified as real diamond chips.  Kara was stunned.  The dress was clearly custom made for her, and with exquisite high-end materials as well.  Kara was just a little nervous about it being on the sexy side, but the design was clearly within the bounds of good taste.

I don’t know whether I should melt or be scared, Kara mused.  He’s clearly trying hard to impress me..

She sat the gown carefully on the oversized desk. She looked through the shopping bag next to the gift box.  Inside she found four more boxes.  One contained a pair of white Prada stiletto high heel shoes.  Another contained a white silk g string panty with diamond chips on the outside of the waist band.

Well, it matches the dress, Kara mused uncomfortably, holding up the undergarment.  No visible panty line with it either…

She went through the other packages.  One contained a pair of pasty style pieces designed to act like a bra with an outfit like she’d unwrapped.  Kara held the package up, glanced down at her ample breasts, and then let out an amused snerk before tossing the package aside.  The last packages contained a white lace garter belt and a pair of thigh high pure silk stockings.

Kara stood there a moment, a bit uncertainly.  She stared at the clothes, a little uneasy about dressing up to this degree for a man she’d just met.  After a few moments, she shrugged.

What the hell, Kara thought.  I’m going to the most exclusive restaurant in France.  This is what one wears for such an occasion too.  Nothing wrong with looking like attractive… especially when he sees me as more than a pretty face.

Kara slipped out of her clothes, carefully folding them and placing them on the desk, then she started to put on her new underwear.  She looked down and noticed her thick, full blond bush between her legs.  She rolled her eyes, grabbed a pocket mirror out of her purse, and used it to shave herself with her heat vision.

“ow ow ow…” Kara muttered.  “Kal may be able to shave his face this way, but my girl bits are a bit more sensitive than his face.”   Kara sighed again.  “The things I do for a date…”

Kara paused a moment, it just now fully sinking in that she was going on a real date.  She quietly smiled, enjoying the idea of a handsome man trying to win her affections.  Now properly shaved to a neat landing strip, Kara slipped on the skimpy panty.

I feel dirty, she giggled silently. But in a good way.

She blushed slightly, and then pulled on the stockings and garter belt, connecting the stockings to the garter belt.  “I have got to start wearing these as Karen.”, she said to herself.  “They feel so luxurious.”

She finally slipped the dress over herself, the soft silk caressing every inch of her body as the dress slid into place.  Kara fastened the clasps of the halter strap together behind her neck, then slipped on the 4” tall high heel shoes.  She looked at herself in her cellphone, using the camera as a mirror.  She smiled approvingly.  Then she put the phone back into her purse, took a deep breath and opened the door to the outer office.  Marc stood there leaning against the executive assistant’s desk with his arms casually crossed.

Kara stepped through the doorway with a confident smile, and a stunned look washed over Marc’s face.

“You… look….”, Marc stammered, trying to find words, “…absolutely amazing.”

Kara smiled with just a hint of smugness, feeling quite body proud at that moment.  “I know.” She said teasingly.

Marc laughed.  “Humble as well…” he joked back.  “You are indeed an amazing woman.”

Kara laughed playfully, just a hint of embarrassment showing.

Marc tilted his head slightly.   “Hmmm, it… needs something.” He said, looking the dress over.

“A back?  A little support for the girls?” Kara joked teasingly.

Marc gave her a slightly concerned look.  “If you’re uncomfortable with it at all…”

“No, no…” Kara interjected, holding up her hands.  “It’s… amazing” She paused awkwardly for a moment.  “I’m… just… not used to…”

“Letting go of responsibilities and just allowing yourself to be a beautiful, intelligent woman?” Marc asked with a smile, cutting her off.

“That’s one way to put it, I suppose…” Kara replied, a hint of frustration showing in her voice.

“I won’t advocate shirking responsibilities,” Marc replied, “but you have to allow yourself a little down time as well, to recharge the batteries and all.”

Kara nodded thoughtfully without saying anything further.  Marc turned and walked to a painting and flipped it open to reveal a safe.  He punched in the combination and took out two small boxes.

“I think this is what your ensemble needs.” he said with a smile, walking over and offering them to Kara.

Kara started to reach out and then paused uneasily…  “Marc, even without x-ray vision, I can tell those are jewelry boxes…” she said.  She paused for a moment before continuing.  “Please tell me you didn’t go over board like you did with this dress.”  “It’s… starting to feel a bit uncomfortable.”

Marc smiled reassuringly.  “Consider it all to be your consulting fee, if nothing else.”  “Besides, overboard is very relative, Kara.” He replied calmly.  “All of this is easily within either of our budgets.”  “The fact you’re uncomfortable with a little opulence though tells me two things.”  “First, everything that I’ve read about your character and how Karen Starr puts charities ahead of herself is obviously true.”  He reached out and took her hands in his.  “Second, you need somebody in your life to spoil you a little and let you know you’re appreciated.”

Kara smiled slightly at the last part, but couldn’t help but still be a little uneasy.

“So, this isn’t all just a ploy to seduce me?” she asked, trying not to sound too skeptical.

Marc chuckled slightly.  “Playing emotional games with the most powerful woman in the world wouldn’t be the smartest thing for my health.”  He squeezed her hands slightly. “All I can add there is that I’m not trying to buy you.”  “I have too much respect for you to think that would work.”  “I imagine you get a lot of guys who can’t see past your amazing figure.”  “I promise, I can, and do…”

Kara smiled softly and kissed him softly on the cheek.  “Thank you.”  “I’m… sorry I’m so suspicious too.”  “You’re right though… I’m not used to men being able to see past my figure.”

“Well, maybe tonight I can redeem my gender a bit in your eyes.”  Marc replied, putting the gift boxes in Kara’s hands.

Kara opened the larger box, still a bit uneasy.  Inside was a gorgeous diamond strand necklace accented in yellow gold.  Kara’s mouth fell open as she stared in disbelief.

“It’s… it’s beautiful…” she stammered.

“So are you… and you’re worth it.” Marc said, taking the necklace, stepping behind Kara and fastening it around her neck.

“It’s still a lot of money that could go to use elsewhere…” Kara managed weakly, still stunned by the gift.

“Kara, I know we won’t fully see eye to eye on everything.” Marc replied.  “I hope you’re OK with that like I am.” “I’m sure you did your homework on me like I did on you, so you know I gave a large portion of my income to charities also.”

Kara nodded quietly and turned to face him, unintentionally ending up in Marc’s arms.  She was also suddenly very aware of how arousing the feeling of pure silk on her skin was.

“The main difference between us is that I believe it’s OK to spoil myself and those I care about also.” Marc continued.  “It’s extra motivation to continue to work hard, and gives me occasional moments to decompress.” he added with a smile.

“I never thought about it like that…” Kara replied thoughtfully.  “I guess I’ve been to busy trying to live up to Ka… Superman’s legend.”  “…That and the biggest examples of wealth spent on self I see are Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor.”  “Not the best publicity for the upper class…”

Marc nodded with a reassuring smile.  “It’s about balance, Kara.” He replied affectionately.  “Like most of life, the middle ground is the best place to be for one’s well-being.”

Kara nodded again.  “I suppose.”  She looked down a bit awkwardly at Marc’s arms loosely draped around her waist the lack of space between them.  Suddenly it felt a bit warm in the office.  Marc took the clue and released her, taking a step back.

“We’d better hurry if we’re going to make our dinner reservation.” Marc said.

Kara nodded, and after opening the second box, which contained a matching diamond tennis bracelet, and putting it on her left wrist, the started to head toward the elevator.

“Don’t forget your glasses…  Miss Starr”, Marc said with a teasing smile, taking then from the desk and handing them to her.”

Kara smiled, almost playfully. And slipped them onto her face.  “How do I look…” she asked, just a hint of nervousness in her voice.

“Breathtaking”, Marc said admiringly.

“How many women have you told that too?” Kara asked teasingly with a knowing smirk.

“Only a few…” Marc said sincerely.  “I’ve dated a lot…” Marc added as they stepped into the elevator, “but never played with a woman’s feelings.”

The elevator made its rapid descent.

After a few moments, Kara spoke again.  “Most other men, I’d be skeptical hearing that from…” she said.  “Somehow, with you though…” Kara started.

Her thought was cut short by the elevator opening at the garage level.  Marc’s limo stood waiting, the driver holding the door open.  Marc ushered her to the car with a smile.

“Ladies first.” Marc said, gesturing for her to enter.

“Thank you.” Kara replied with a smile.

The ride to Le Jules Verne was relatively uneventful and largely filled with small talk.  Marc did warn Kara that they did run the risk of paparazzi during the evening however.  Kara expected as much given the amount of coverage he got.  Their arrival at Le Jules Verne was completely uneventful however, beyond some other guests and arrivals staring at the power couple.

After ordering their food, and more small talk, Kara finally broached the subject of the mysterious other proposal.

“So, what exactly did you have in mind with this other business proposal?” she asked, curious.

“I suppose I’ve kept you waiting there long enough.” Marc said, taking a sip of his Champagne.  “To be blunt I’m looking to expand into North America, and I think you’d be an ideal partner.”

Kara raised an eyebrow.  “If you’re taking about buying my company…” she said sternly.

“No, not at all…” Marc replied.  Kara immediately relaxed.  “Starr corporation is in perfect hands where it is.” “You know your company and markets, and your employees respect you.”

Kara nodded, listening as she took a sip of her glass of Champagne.

Marc’s expression and tone became warm but unmistakable businesslike. “What I’m actually proposing is a limited partnership where Starr Corporation acts as EDT’s U.S. distributor, in exchange for a reasonable portion of the profits.”  “There’s potentially an opportunity for Starr to do manufacturing as well if we can come to terms on confidentiality and patents.” Marc added.  “Likewise, if you’re willing, EDT would like to offer to be Starr Corporation’s doorway to markets in the EU.”

Kara listened intently, then nodded.  “On the surface, I’m intrigued.” Kara said in an equally professional tone.  “It still sounds a little like becoming a subsidiary however…”

“Not quite, Karen.” Marc replied, careful to use her civilian name.  “More like contracted distribution.”

Kara nodded.  “I’m listening.”

“EDT will pay advertising in North America, and all shipping expenses of any products Starr agrees to handle.”  Marc said.  “Packaging will bear our logo and brand name, with ‘Distributed in cooperation with Starr Corp.” underneath it.”  “That gives your company some advertising as part of the deal also.”

“Again, it sounds fair on the surface…”  Kara replied thoughtfully.  “Starr Corporation is a technology firm though, not a distribution company.”  “I’m not sure we’re an idea fit in this situation…”

Marc chuckled.  “I think you’re underestimating yourself Karen.”  “You have your own chain of stores like Apple, and inroads into other North American chains that would greatly benefit EDT.”  “I’m convinced that you’re more than capable of rising to the task.”

“OK, so why Starr, and not WayneTech, LexCorp or another bigger company?” Karen asked.  “I hope it’s more than my figure.”

“Still no faith in me?” Marc asked.  His tone was joking, but there was a clear hint of hurt or annoyance that Kara picked up on.

“I… I’m sorry.” Kara replied awkwardly.  “I don’t mean to be so suspicious.”

Marc nodded and continued on.  “Some members of my board would like me to go with a bigger company in hopes of maximizing short term profits.” He replied bluntly.  “I’m very careful who I do business with though.”  “I believe you’ve got the ethics to keep our dealings honest, and any shared technology from being misused.”  “You also don’t exploit third world labor to boost your profits, more than I can say for Lex or Bruce Wayne.”   “In short, almost the same reasons I wanted to deal with you personally regarding the transducer.” He took another sip of his drink and looked Kara directly in the eye.  “I also believe you would be a perfect partner to potentially work with on joint projects in the future.”

Kara still had a slightly guilty look on her face from her accusation.  “I… see.” She replied, thinking.  “It sounds good thus far…”  “Assuming EDT is willing to guarantee equal market access and patent protection can be guaranteed, I’m certainly interested…”

“Absolutely on both counts.” Marc said.  “Everything will be above board and mutually beneficial.”

Kara nodded with a professional smile as she finished the last bite of her dinner.  “Well, you have a reputation for being tough but fair in business, so I believe you.”  “I think we can do business.”  “Have your people get in contact with my people, and we’ll iron out the details.”

“Perfect.” Marc replied with a warm smile.  “Ready for a little dancing to finish off the evening and celebrate then?” Marc asked with a coy smile.

“I….. I’m not much of a dancer.” Kara replied awkwardly.

“Pfffft.” Mark replied.  “I’d bet you’re better than you think.” he added with a smile.  “Besides, I want everyone in Paris to see how stunning you look in that gown.”

Kara blushed slightly then sighed lightly.  “OK, so where are we going?” she asked.

“L’Arc.” Marc replied with a grin.

“Wow… Again, pretty exclusive…” Kara replied.  “You certainly go all out to impress a girl.”

Marc just smiled.  Kara got the feeling there was something he left unsaid, but decided not to push it.  Marc paid the tab and they left the restaurant.  Outside, true to Marc’s warning, a few paparazzi had gathered.  They snapped pictures and asked repeatedly if Kara was Marc’s latest love interest, and how serious it was.  Marc only acknowledged them as he prepared to climb into the limo.

“The lovely Miss Starr and I are only discussing business at this point.” He said sternly.  “Please respect the lady’s sterling reputation and refrain from your usual baseless speculations.”   With that, he climbed into the limo, shut the door and they were off.

“Thank you.” Kara said with an appreciative smile.  “That was very gentlemanly of you.”

Marc sighed.  “Sadly, it will doubtless only encourage a some of them.”  He paused a moment as Kara nodded.  “Let’s keep things positive and focus on the beginning of wonderful things though.”

“Wonderful things, huh?” Kara said with a smile.  “I hope I can live up to your expectations…”

“You already have.” Marc replied as the limo pulled up to the club.

“Oh, how so?” Kara asked with a coy smile.

“That would be telling…”, Marc said with a grin, offering a hand and helping Kara out of the car.

Kara started to reply, but was distracted as Marc guided her to the front door, past a handful of lookie-loos and paparazzi.

“Go right in, Mr. Wagner.” a huge bouncer said, holding the door.

“Front of the line…” Kara remarked.  “I’m not sure whether to be impressed, or feel sorry for those poor people waiting to get in.”

“They’ll be in before they know it.” Marc said in a slightly amused tone.  “Besides, for most people, that kind of wait builds the excitement for them; it makes the reward seem bigger when they do get in.”

“Sales psychology 101, hmm?” Kara said with a smirk.

“You got it.” Marc replied with an impressed smile.

“Still sounds a bit like rationalization.” Kara said with teasing smile.

“To a degree…” Marc admitted.  “The alternative, however, is that we wait out there, deal with the photographers, and have people drooling all over you.”

“Fair point.” Kara chuckled.

They were escorted to their table by a hostess and just about to take a seat when a disturbance broke out on the other side of the dance floor.

“I said shut up, bitch!” a harsh male voice yelled.  There was the sound of a hard slap, a woman crying out in pain, and a body hitting the floor.   There were several gasps and the crowd scattered enough to show a very large middle eastern man standing over a woman on the floor.

Kara glared murderously, her eyes almost starting to glow, and she balled up her fists.  She growled and took a single step towards the couple.  Marc immediately jumped in front of her and put his hands on her shoulders.

“No, Karen.” He said firmly, putting accent on her name.  “Not like this.”

Kara growled and almost pushed him out of the way.

“You have too much to lose by this kind of display here and now.” He said barely above a whisper.  “Let me handle this.”

Kara paused, uncertain, realizing her secret identity would be jeopardized.

“Trust me.” Marc said firmly.  “I’ve got this.”  He turned and marched towards the couple.

“Get up, decadent western whore.” the middle eastern man yelled.  “Get up so I can teach you respect for your betters.”

“Isn’t that a little extreme over a bad date?” Marc asked loudly having covered half the distance between them already.

“Mind your own business, asshole.” the bully snapped, turning to confront Marc.

“Well, see…” Marc said in a vaguely snarky tone, “That’s the trouble…”  He continued walking towards the huge man.  Marc was 6’ 3” and fairly toned.  The other man was a good 3 or 4 inches taller and clearly more muscular.   “You see, this is La Belle France, and we don’t tolerate women being treated that way here.”

That’s it…  Kara thought.  Stall him long enough for security to get here…  She watched the situation nervously.

“And just what are you going to do about it, asshole?” the thug demanded, grabbing Mark by the lapels of his jacket.

That’s does it…  Kara thought, balling up her fists.

Kara took half a step towards the confrontation before Mark took a solid step back and pinned the thug’s hands against his lapels by placing his left arm over the thug’s wrists.  The move pulled the thug’s arms into a locked-out position.  Marc immediately slammed his right arm upwards into the thug’s elbows, hyper-extending them.  Marc reversed his right arm, circling around and hitting the thug’s arms from above and knocking them free of his lapel.  From there Marc flowed into a karate chop to the thug’s throat.  Then while the thug was doubled over, Marc kicked him squarely in the groin.  The thug fell to his knees.

Kara, witnessing the whole display, had a huge grin on her face.

“Now apologize to the lady and we’ll let you be on your way, you miserable excuse for a human being.” Marc demanded.

“Fuck you!” the thug managed, staggering awkwardly to his feet.

The thug moved to take a swing at Marc, but Marc parried it and twisted the thug’s arm into an arm lock.  At that point, Marc kicked him in the back of the knee, knocking him to his knees.  Marc forced him into a bent over position and grabbed him by the nuts with his free hand.

“Now, let’s try this again.” Marc snapped, forcing the thug to face the woman he’d just hit.  “I said apologize to the lady before I destroy both your shoulder and your ability to disappoint women and livestock in bed.”

“I will kill you…” the thug coughed.

“Wrong answer…” Marc said, wrenching on the arm lock and clamping down on the thug’s nuts.  The thug screamed in pain.  “Apologize!” Marc yelled.

The thug screamed again.  “I…  AAAAAAHHHH!   I’m… sorry!”

OMG…  Kara thought.  That is sooo hot.

Marc pulled the thug to his feet and pushed him into arms of three bouncers that had just arrived.  The bouncers manhandled the thug and dragged him towards the exit.

“Are you alright, miss?” Marc asked, kneeling down and offering her a hand.

“No…” the slender blond answered, wiping blood from the corner of her mouth.  “I just got beat, and you took away the only means of support for my daughter and I.”

Mark handed her his handkerchief.  “I think you can do better than… that filth.” Marc replied, trying to sound sympathetic.

“Oh yeah…” she answered sarcastically.  “Men and jobs are just lining up for a 22 year old with a two year old daughter and no job skills.”  She took the handkerchief and dabbed her mouth.  “Doesn’t matter anyway…” she said.  “When Ahmed’s drug dealer friends find this all out, I’m dead.”

“First of all, police protection can and will be arranged.” Marc said.  “Especially if you have information that can take down a drug ring.”  He offered the young woman a supportive smile.  “I doubt you’re without any skills either.”  “Do you have any hobbies?  What do you like to do?”

The young woman started to give a sarcastic answer, but stopped, seeing that Marc was serious.  “I… I like to take pictures.” She said awkwardly.

“Are you any good?” Marc asked.

“Kind of…” she said.  She took out her cell phone and showed Marc a few pictures.

Kara crossed her arms, wondering where this was going and thinking that Marc was hitting on the girl.

“Not bad…”, Marc said, studying the pictures.  “A little training and a better camera would help…”  “You have potential though…”

“Thanks… I think.” The girl said, a little disgruntled.

“What’s your name?” Marc asked

“Julie.” the young woman replied.

“Tell you what, Julie…” Marc said.  “If you really want to change your life, my company does have apprenticeship programs, and a need for a couple of sharp young photographers in our public relations department.”

“Let me guess…  In exchange for sex?” Julie said bitterly.  “Pass.”

“No, no… favors at all.”  Marc replied, trying to remain patient.  “Before you say anything else, it’s NOT charity either.” Marc added bluntly.  “I offer people hand ups, not handouts.”  “That means I’ll expect you to pay attention, be professional and work hard.”  “In return, my company offers good pay, good benefits, and in-house day care.”

“Yo… You’re serious, aren’t you?” Julie asked.

“Absolutely.” Marc said.

“But… why?”, Julie asked.

“Because I can, and because I think you’re the kind of person who wants to change her situation and be somebody her daughter can be proud of.” Mark replied.

Kara’s scowl quickly melted, as did her skepticism about Marc.

“I… I don’t know what to say.” Julie said, stunned.

“Just say yes.” Marc said.  “And promise me you’ll make the most of the opportunity.”

“Yes!” Julie said.  “Thank you!”  Julie hugged Marc for a moment and then let go awkwardly.  “I… I promise I won’t let you down.”

“Don’t let yourself down.” Marc said with a slight smile.  He pulled out his cellphone and hit a button.  “Kevin…  I have a new hire for our photography apprenticeship program.”  “I want you to see to getting her situated personally.”  There was a brief pause.  “That’s right, her name is Julie.”  “I want her started first thing Monday morning.”   “Yes, that’s right.”  “Make sure the daycare program has space made for her daughter as well.”  Marc hung up the phone.

“Th… thank you.” Julie stammered.

“One last thing…” Marc said.

“Yes?” Julie replied nervously, expecting the other shoe to drop.

Marc reached into his pocket and pulled out a roll of Euros, pushing it into Julie’s hands.  “First, get you and your daughter away from that jackass.”  “Find an apartment near in a completely different part of Paris.”  “Then, take care of whatever other needs you two have until you earn your first paycheck.”

Julie nodded slowly.

“The address and phone number for your new job are on this card.” Marc said, handing her a business card.

“Oh my gawd, I want to have his babies.” Kara muttered.

“You and me both, honey.” said a woman walking by who overheard the comment.  She smirked at Kara before walking off.

Kara let out a derisive snort.  As if, she fumed mentally.

Julie had gotten up and walked half way to the exit before taking a closer look at the card, and promptly squee’ed like a schoolgirl.

Marc just chuckled as he returned to Kara and the table.

“That…  Was amazing.” Kara said, still half stunned.  She wrapped her arms around Marc’s neck and gave him a quick kiss.  She pulled away just as quick, a bit self-conscious.  “You didn’t tell me you’re really Batman.” Kara added with a chuckle.

“Hardly.” Marc replied with a chuckle of his own.  “I doubt you’d want to date me if I was…”  “He seems like he has real issues.”  Marc said with a slight smirk.

“You have NO idea…” Kara half muttered.

Marc just laughed quietly.  “Enough said.” He finally replied.  Now, I believe you owe me a few dances…

Marc held out his hand.  Kara took it and allowed Marc to lead her to the dance floor. They danced for over an hour.  Kara was shy and awkward at first, but quickly loosened up and was soon moving with the best of them.  She enjoyed herself so much that she even ignored the occasional brief stares at her cleavage jiggling within the silk gown as she danced.  The longer the evening went on however, the more aware she again became of how sensual the silk felt and how turned on it was making her.  Kara felt her grape sized nipples starting to swell and harden as the silk brushed back and forth across them.

Eventually, Marc excused himself and disappeared into the crowd.  Kara figured he had to go to the men’s room.  She shrugged, leaned against a pillar and tried to discreetly cover her nipples.  She was almost hit on a few times, but all it took was a wicked glare to chase off would-be suitors.  After only a couple of minutes, Kara saw Marc returning through the crowd.  She couldn’t help but smile softly, but that quickly turned to a slightly worried look and a light blush as she felt her nipples harden even more.

Rao, this is embarrassing, Kara mentally exclaimed.  I can’t believe how turned on I am.

Marc strolled up to her and took her hands, giving them a gentle squeeze.  He smiled affectionately and looked deep into her eyes.  “Hello, beautiful.” He said, his smile briefly turning into a playful grin.

“Hello yourself.” Kara replied playfully with a flirtatious smile.  “Miss me?”

“Maybe…” Marc replied, pulling her into his arms and kissing her lightly on the neck.

Kara let out a small gasp as she was embraced and kissed.  Her head tilted almost involuntarily, surrendering Kara’s neck to his advances.  Kara let out a long low moan as Marc’s lips lingered on her neck, sending little tingles of erotic electricity racing through her entire body.

I’ve got to stop… Kara struggled mentally.  This was supposed to be business.  I’m getting so wet…  I don’t want to be this easy for him.

Kara was rescued by the DJ coming on over the announce system.  Marc pulled away and turned towards the DJ booth.  Kara breathed a visible sigh of relief and tried to cover her nipples again with one arm.

“We gonna do something a little different now.” The DJ said in an excited tone, trying to keep the crowd motivated.  “I know a bunch of you are here tonight with that someone special.”  “It’s time for one of our special slow dance events, so let’s get on the floor and hold them close.”

Marc smiled a bit mischievously and started to lead Kara to the dance floor.  Kara’s expression, on the other hand, became a deer in headlights look.  It took her a moment to find her voice.

“Did you set this up?” Kara asked in a nervous and slightly suspicious tone.

“Who me?” Marc replied coyly and grinning like the cat who ate the canary.  He turned a little more serious after seeing the expression on Kara’s face.  “What’s wrong?”

“I…  I don’t know how to slow dance.” Kara replied, clearly flustered and embarrassed.

Marc chuckled lightly and took both of Kara’s hands, pulling her inches from him.  “Strongest, smartest, most badass woman on the planet…” he said quietly in a teasing tone.  “You’ve faced down cosmically powerful villains, and you’re afraid to slow dance?”

Kara blushed lightly.  “I…. uhh…”

Marc gave a gentle tug on one hand, releasing the other.  “Come on.” He said, smiling supportively.  “Just follow my lead, you’ll be fine.”

Kara sighed nervously and flashed a slightly uneasy smile.  “OK.” she replied, allowing Marc to lead her to the dance floor.

Marc took her to the dead center of the dance floor and pulled Kara close, placing one arm around her waist and resting his other hand lightly on her shoulder.  Kara froze for a moment and then uneasily draped her arms around Marc’s neck and they began slowly swaying to the music.  After several moments, Kara relaxed and smiled warmly at Marc, who had been gazing into her eyes the entire time.  Seeing his admiring gaze, Kara blushed and looked downward.

“Karen, are you really this unused to men appreciating you?” Marc asked, trying to sound warm and supportive.

Kara looked back up.  She had a sad look on her face that spoke volumes.  After a moment, she nodded slowly.  “I’ve felt for ages like I’m cursed.” Kara said with a heavy sigh.  “I’m trying hard to let that go and keep tonight special though.”

“I… didn’t realize.” Marc said.  “I just figured you had hot looking, successful guys throwing themselves at you right and left.”   “Half of them probably being metas with flashy powers and abilities I couldn’t compete with.”

Kara sighed.  “I hate being seen as unapproachable…  at least by the good ones.”  “The jerks never have a problem there though.”  “Of course, they just want a conquest.”  “I’m either a notch on a bedpost or they try to control me.”

Marc kissed Kara lovingly on the forehead.  “I see you for the wonderful woman you are.” He said softly.  “I admire your intellect, heart and drive.”

“And my body?” Kara asked coyly with a slight smirk.

Marc smiled back.  “You… have the body of a goddess.” He replied.  “I’d be lying if I pretended I didn’t notice or thought otherwise.”  He shook his head slightly.  “It’s amazing some guys are intimidated by your physique.” He added.  “You’re built like a fitness model.”  “I think that’s incredibly sexy.”

Kara blushed and them fidgeted uneasily.  “So, was all of this just an elaborate ploy to get me into bed then?” she asked uneasily.  “You… do have a bit of a reputation.”

Marc smiled reassuringly and looked into Kara’s eyes.   “It really was intended to be just business at first, Karen.”  “I have had a small crush on you for a while, but I was expecting that you’d turn out to be imperfect like the rest of us humans, the crush would fade, and we could focus on business and helping the L…” Marc caught himself.  “The groups we discussed needing assistance.” He said with an embarrassed chuckle.

Marc saw in Kara’s eyes that she was searching his own eyes; trying to discern the truth… wanting to believe, but still uncertain and perhaps even a little frightened of being hurt again.

“Karen, I slept around when I was younger… a lot.” Marc said, a hint of regret in his voice.  “When you’re a dumb kid from a rich family, it’s easy to find girls who are either easy or have dreams of prince charming taking them off to the castle and being worshiped as a princess.”

“Ugh.” Kara replied, a bit revolted.  “I… guess guys have it bad sometimes too.”

“Sometimes, yes.” Marc replied.  “Probably not as bad as women, but still, dating can suck.”  “Anyway, as I got older and took over the company, I matured.”  He continued with a sigh.  “I still date quite a bit, hoping to find somebody special.”  “It doesn’t always lead to sex though.”  “Too often they’re just after money or completely self-absorbed.”

Kara quirked an eyebrow.  “Marc, you’re kind of setting yourself up for a fall there if you’re giving all these woman gifts like you did me…”  “I… I’m still stunned by the diamonds.”

“I don’t give gifts on that level to just anyone.” Marc replied in a plain but kind tone.  “…and If I didn’t have to urge you so strongly to accept them, I wouldn’t be so impressed by you.” Marc replied with a loving smile.

“So, it was a kind of test then?” Kara asked.

“No more than how a woman judges a man on holding a door for her, pulling out her chair to let her be seated, or if he stares at her breasts the whole time they talk.” Marc replied honestly.

“Touché.” Kara replied.  “You’ve been almost too good to be true on those accounts too.” She added with a smile.

Marc caressed along Kara’s back as they continued to dance, sending a very erotic chill racing through her body.

“Mmmmmm.” She sighed softly.  “All that never did answer the question though.” She said with a coy smile.

Marc leaned in and kissed Kara softly on the earlobe several times, lightly sucking on it as he ended each kiss.  Kara’s entire body shivered as he did.  “Kara, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want you right now.”  He whispered softly into her ear.  “I’d take you to bed in an instant if you let me.”   “What happens tonight is completely up to you though…”  “No pressure, no expectations, and nothing we discussed earlier will change.”

Kara literally melted into Marc’s arms at that point.  She gazed deeply into his eyes, almost on the verge of tears of joy.  Marc leaned in and kissed her passionately, causing Kara’s heart to race.  Then… the music stopped.

“Aaaaand… that’s our half hour slow session, all.” The DJ half shouted into the microphone.  “Looks like the L’Arc magic worked for one couple.” He added with a slight laugh.

Kara suddenly realized there was a spotlight on them.  As she broke the kiss, people in the dance floor clapped and a few paparazzi cameras went off.  She blushed profusely and Marc scowled at the paparazzi.  Bouncers immediately swooped in and removed the photographers.

Marc wrapped his suit jacket around Kara.  “I’m sorry Karen.” He said with an annoyed sigh.  “Those damned paparazzi are already banned from the club.”  “They have no respect for rules or people though.”  He offered a supportive smile.  “Seems like we’re a hit as a couple though.”

Kara pulled the jacket tighter around her, thankful that it was hiding how hard her nipples had gotten, and now a little embarrassed by her sexy evening gown.  “I’m used to being a spectacle as it is… in my other role.” She replied, frustration showing in her voice.  “Having a date interrupted like that though… my love life being fodder for jackals like that…”

“I know…” Marc said, softly kissing her on the forehead.  “I’m sorry.”  “You want to get out of here?”

Kara nodded quietly and Marc arranged for the limo to be brought around front.  The club manager came over and apologized repeatedly to them, and Marc chewed him out royally for the lapse in security.  Marc, it turned out, owned a large portion of the club and threatened to fire the manager if he ever heard of anything like it happening again.

The couple exited the club and were greeted by a few more paparazzi snapping pictures.  Marc quickly got Kara into the car and then slumped into the seat next to Kara as the limo sped away from the club.

“I’m sorry Kara.” Marc sighed.  “I wanted you to have a magical evening, and this whole mess at the club ruined it.”

“No, it didn’t.” Kara said gently, taking his hand.  “It was upsetting, but only because everything else was so perfect.”  “The paparazzi… it was just a minor bump in the totality of the evening.”  Kara leaned over and kissed him softly on the lips.

“You are without a doubt, the most amazing woman I’ve ever met.” Marc replied affectionately.

“I’m not that special.” Kara replied, embarrassed.

Marc chuckled.  “Says the woman who could push the moon out of orbit.” He replied jokingly.

Kara suddenly became very uneasy and squirmed, then turned away.

“Kara?” Marc asked.  His expression immediately became concerned and he reached out and lightly touched her on the shoulder, trying to get her to face him again.  “What’s wrong?”

“I… “ Kara started.  Her words choked off.  “..Nothing.”

“Kara… please…” Marc pleaded.  “I care about you.”  “Please talk to me, tell me what’s wrong.”

Kara turned back to face him.  Her expression was conflicted and she was clearly in emotional pain.  “I… I’m scared.” She replied hesitantly.  “I’ve never let myself develop… feelings for a normal human.” “I’ve always been scared to death that if I lost my temper or… got too passionate that I could accidentally kill them.”

“Kara, I adore you.” Marc replied in a firm but affectionate voice.  “I trust you completely too.”

“You don’t understand…” Kara said, slightly raising her voice.  “There’s no way you could.” she said with a pained sigh.  “Every day of my life since arriving on Earth, I’ve been forced to treat everything and everyone like they’re made of tissue paper.”  “Punch a villain too hard and they might explode.”  “Hug a friend just a fraction too hard and their spine shatters.”  “Rao only knows what might happen if I lost control during sex.”

“Kara…”  Marc replied in a much more serious tone.  “I trust you.”  “I won’t pretend I can understand what it’ like to be you.”  “I do know that in all the time you’ve been here however, nobody has died at your hands.”  “Not only that, you’ve saved countless lives.”  “I’m choosing to trust you because you’ve proven yourself over and over again to everyone on this planet, not because I want your boobs.”

Kara forced an uneasy smile.  “So, you admit you want my tits, huh?” she chuckled weakly, trying to break the tension.

“Maybe…” Marc said with a playful smile.

He pulled Kara into his arms and kissed her deeply.  Kara resisted for a half a second, then returned the kiss hungrily.  Their tongues danced for minutes before they came up for air.  Kara realized when they broke the kiss that Marc had pulled her onto his lap.  Kara struggled for words, then just smiled shyly and rested her head on Marc’s chest.  Marc smiled and kept his arms around Kara’s waist.

“I could get used to this.” Marc said playfully.

“Even after all my crazy tonight?” Kara asked, a hint of nervousness still in her voice.

“Absolutely.” Marc replied.

Kara let out a contented sigh, closed her eyes and continued to rest her head on Marc’s chest during the remainder of the trip back to the offices.  Marc gently stroked ran his fingers through her hair and caressed her cheek on the trip home.  When the limo arrived in the parking garage, they rode the private elevator up to Marc’s office on the top floor.  Kara thought it was going to stop at the office anyway…  Instead it stopped at the penthouse.

Kara raised an eyebrow as the elevator stopped and the door opened. “Just what did you have in mind?” she asked coyly.

“Whatever you want.” Marc said calmly.  There was a definite glint in his eye though.  “At the very least I thought you’d want to pick up your clothes and the converter though.” He added with a chuckle.  “I had your clothes dry cleaned while we were out.”  Mark motioned to the dining table, where Kara’s clothes were cleaned and laid out neatly.

“That was sweet of you.” Kara replied with a warm smile.  “Not really necessary though.”

“It was the least I could do after keeping you here all evening.” Marc replied.

Kara laughed.  “I was hardly a prisoner.” She smiled affectionately.  “Honestly I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed myself this much.”

“Does that mean I can entice you into a night cap?” Marc asked suggestively.

“A drink maybe…” Kara said.  There was a hint of hesitation in her voice.  “I… “ Kara started awkwardly.  She let out a sigh.  “You’ve been wonderful, so I think… hope you’ll understand.” She started.  “I like you… a lot actually.”  “You almost seem too good to be true.”  “I’d by lying if I said I wasn’t fairly turned on also.”  “I… just don’t want to put out on a first date and have you to think I’m easy.”

Marc nodded.  “I understand.” he replied calmly. “Another glass of champagne and a proper dance before you go then?”

“That sounds nice.” Kara replied with a smile.  “Thank you for being so sweet too.”

Marc led her to a sliding glass door and opened it.  “The patio is out here.” He said warmly.  “The view of the city from up here is almost as beautiful as you.”  “And as it happens, I already have a bottle of champagne chilling out here for us.”

Kara flashed a mischievous smile.  “You do like to be prepared, don’t you?”

“Always.” Marc said.

He picked up a small remote off the patio table and pressed a button.  Soft, romantic music began playing from speakers nearby.  He held out his arms, inviting Kara to dance.  Kara smiled sweetly and stepped into Marc’s arms.

“I can’t imagine a more romantic evening.” Kara said with a soft sigh.

They moved and swayed with the music, lost in each other’s eyes.  Marc’s hand around her waist began moving up and down again, ever so lightly caressing along Kara’s spine.  His touch was even lighter than in the club, and it sent erotic chills racing up and down Kara’s spine.  Kara’s breath began to come in slow, deep trembling gasps.

Damned it… she said mentally.  He’s trying to seduce me…  He’s too good. I should pull away… My body is craving more though.  

Kara snapped partially out of her reverie when she realized that not only had 5 or 6 songs played through, but also that her nipples were now so hard that she could feel them pressing into Marc.  Kara blushed as she realized she had also become so aroused that the crotch of her silk panties was quite wet.

Through a supreme act of will, Kara managed to slip out of Marc’s arms.  She turned and took a couple of steps to the railing and started to gaze out at the city.  She put one arm across her breasts, trying to cover her nipples pressing firmly against the soft silk of her dress.   Marc slipped up behind her and wrapped his arms around her, and began softly kissing her neck and shoulders.

“I could fly off…” Kara muttered uncertainly before a soft moan escaped her.

“I’d just hold on.” Marc said softly.  “Only a fool would let you get away.”  “Besides I think you want to stay here…  that you’re as lost in this moment as I am.”

“Mm… maybe.” Kara stammered nervously.  Kara moaned softly then tilted her head.

Marc began covering her neck with soft, slow sensual kisses.  This time Kara let out a whimpering moan as Marc’s soft kisses made an erotic shiver run through her body.  The little voice in Kara’s head telling her that a lady wouldn’t let a man inside her on a first date was fading away as the heat of her desire kept rising.

Kara’s low, whimpering moan only encouraged Marc.  He pressed himself tighter against Kara, and he began caressing her sides gently as he continued kissing Kara’s neck and earlobe.  Kara felt her knees getting weak and erotic chills running up and down her body.  Kara’s breathing quickened slightly and came in deep gasps, her firm, flat stomach rising and falling with each breath.

Rao help me…  I can’t take much more of this, Kara thought.   The way he’s touching me is driving me insane with desire.  Every touch makes me crave him more.

As if Marc could read Kara’s thoughts, his right hand drifted upward, and Marc bean gliding his fingertips ever so lightly across the sensitive undersides of Kara’s massive breasts.  Kara’s body responded of its own accord; her back arching slightly and her head falling slightly backwards.  Marc moved his kisses along Kara’s neck and closer to her throat.  Kara felt first a tingle between her legs and then a small jolt of erotic electricity shoot through her body.  It was just strong enough to have her shiver slightly.

Holy shit, Kara thought.  Did I just cum?  I… I did! That’s… never happened before.  It was weak, but…  Rao, how is he doing this to me?  I’m not sure I can fight any more…  All I can think about is feeling him inside me.

Kara felt her nipples become fully erect under her dress and she pressed her hand slightly tighter against her breasts.  Her whole body was trembling with desire at this point.  If that wasn’t enough of a flag for Marc, Kara’s breath was now coming in short gasping moans.

“Don’t fight it, Kara” Marc whispered sensually into her ear.  “We both want this.”   Marc took his hand and put it on Kara’s wrist, and gently guided it down off her breasts.

Kara let out a soft whimper as Marc guided her arm down.  She felt her nipples harden even further, almost achingly so, in anticipation of what she knew was coming.  Kara’s entire body trembled slightly with nervous desire as Marc’s hands glided softly up the sides of her body.  Marc’s fingertips slid across the diamond flaked edge of the dress and over the soft flesh of the sides of Kara’s breasts.  Kara felt goosebumps race across her breasts as Marc continued kissing and suckling on her neck and earlobe.  She moaned wantonly as her head fell back and her eyes partially closed.

Marc’s hands slipped under the fabric of the bodice of Kara’s dress and he began lightly caressing the undersides of Kara’s breasts.  Kara’s body shivered at the gentle caresses, and she leaned back, gently pressing herself against Marc.

Marc slowly increased the effort, lightly caressing Kara’s breasts with his fingertips and ever so slowly working his way upwards.  By the time he’d reached the bottoms of Kara’s areolas, she was gasping deeply and Marc could clearly feel the goosebumps surrounding them.  Kara had reached around behind herself with one arm and was running her hand through Marc’s hair hungrily.

Marc began slowly circling Kara’s nipples.  He paused for a moment, feeling them.  Kara knew he was surprised by their large size.  All her lovers had been.  Marc let out a long ’Mmmmmmm’ as her caressed them.  Kara couldn’t help but smile broadly at the reaction.  It excited her to know that this man who was driving her insane with desire was equally excited by her body.

Marc began rolling Kara’s nipples between his thumbs and index fingers while still running his remaining fingers along the bottoms of her breasts.  Kara began moaning between gasping breaths and she squirmed hungrily in his arms.  Within minutes, Kara’s moans had turned to cries of pleasure and her entire body shook in a series of sharp jolts that left her weak in the knees.

“oh… oh… oh… shit…” Kara gasped weakly.  “You… made me cum… hard”

“There’s much more where that came from.” Marc replied in a seductive whisper.

Kara let out an aroused sigh.  “Finally…  A man who knows how to warm a woman up.”

Marc glided his hands off of Kara’s breasts and then up her arms and along her shoulders.  When he got to her neck, he undid the clasp on the Kara’s dress, letting the straps fall down her chest.  All the while he covered Kara’s neck and shoulder with kisses.

“I want you, Kara…” he whispered into her ear.  “I’m completely intoxicated by everything about you and I want to ravish your luscious body all night to prove it.”

Kara gasped at that point.  She tried to tell herself it was because Marc had wrapped his arms back around her again and was fondling her completely bare breasts.  She knew from the way she felt her heart jump at his words that it was more than that though.  It scared her too.  Kara’s arm moved instinctively to cover her breasts again, as the dress hung half undone from her curvaceous hips.  Marc turned her to face him while keeping her in his arms.

“I want those magnificent breasts, Kara.” Marc said softly, staring deeply into her eyes.

Kara let out a disappointed sigh, dropped her hand, kneeled and began undoing Marc’s pants.  Marc wasn’t sure how to react for a moment, then put his hands under Kara’s arms and guided her gently back to her feet, then kissed her softly.

“That’s not what I meant.” Marc said gently, looking into her eyes.  “Even if it was, it’s pretty clear you find that degrading, so I’d never ask it of you.”

Kara gave him a bewildered look.

“Tonight is about you and showing you I adore you.” Marc said gently.  “Besides, a real man takes care of a woman’s needs and desires until she’s inspired to do things with him she wouldn’t otherwise do.”

Kara looked at him in stunned silence for a few moments, unsure how to react.  The few partners she had been with before had always been selfish and completely insensitive to her needs.  She started to smile when she realized that Marc seemed completely serious in what he said.  Before she could say anything though, Marc lifted her up and sat her on the balcony railing, put his arms around her and began covering Kara’s impressive breasts with kisses.  He circled her nipples with his tongue and suckled her nipples hungrily as well.

Kara’s initial reaction to the unexpected move was a startled gasp.  That gasp wasp immediately followed up by a deep inhaling gasp as Marc’s mouth met her ample breasts.  Within moments, Marc had her moaning and crying out in pleasure.  Kara had to cover her mouth with the back of her hand for fear of being heard by others despite their secluded location.  Within minutes, Marc had brought her to three more orgasms just from his expert manipulation of her breasts.  Those orgasms were strong enough to make Kara’s legs feel weak also.  Primarily what it did was awaken a primal hunger… a deep unfulfilled craving for passionate intimacy that Kara didn’t even realize was there until this moment.

Sensing something shift in her, Marc looked up at Kara and saw the desire in her eyes.  She slid off the railing and into his arms and then kissed him deeply and passionately.  Kara’s tongue sought Marc’s and danced with it hungrily.  Kara wrapped her arms around Marc’s neck and then leapt up.  She wrapped her legs around Marc and he put his arms under her rear to support her.

Marc carried her over to the patio table and sat Kara down on the edge of it.  Kara immediately began unbuttoning Marc’s dress shirt.  The shirt came free in record speed and Marc tossed it cavalierly aside as he kept his eyes locked on Kara.  Marc grabbed a couple of throw pillows and put one on the table before laying Kara gently down on so her head rested on it.  He moved to put the other pillow underneath Kara’s rear, but she shook her head, so he left the second pillow on the table next to her.  Kara smiled affectionately at the sweet gesture.  Marc then hiked the bottom of Kara’s dress up to her waist, then grabbed Kara’s ankles and moved her legs apart.

it’s happening. Kara thought hungrily.  He’s going to take me.  She blushed slightly pondering her predicament.  Here I said nothing would happen and now I’m dying to feel him inside me.  Thank Rao that Kal and Batman can’t see me now.   I want this though, I NEED this…

Instead of undoing his pants and plunging into her however, Marc began covering Kara’s inner thighs with kisses.  Kara gasped deeply and her eyes rolled partially back in her head as Marc began the kisses.  His technique was flawless as far as Kara could tell.  He started just above the tops of her stockings and kissed his way up and around her womanhood.  He never quite touched it with his lips, but he let her feel the warmth of his breath against it.  Kara’s panties were so soaked that they offered no protection from that either.  Kara’s wetness made the panties so sheer that Marc got a perfect view of Kara’s womanhood in the pale moonlight.  Kara smiled to herself again as she saw him look hungrily at it for just a moment before he returned to covering her inner thighs with kisses and licks.

Kara let out a long, fairly vocal trembling moan that made her level of desire perfectly clear.  She lifted her head and looked at Marc with pleading eyes.  “I need more.” She said in sultry but clearly hungry tone.  “No more teasing, please.” She half whimpered.  “I’m yours utterly and completely tonight.” she added seductively.  “Take me.”

Kara almost got what she hoped for.  Marc pulled aside the crotch of her sopping wet panties and ran his tongue all along and around Kara’s wet pussy.  Kara’s eyes rolled completely back in her head and she had to grab for the extra pillow and bury her face in it as she howled in pleasure.

Kara suddenly understood the stereotype about the French and oral skills.  Marc alternated between plunging his tongue inside her, to swirling it around her clit in random patterns, to covering her mons and outer nether lips with kisses.  Kara climaxed repeatedly, covering her inner thighs, Marc’s face and the surface of the table with her juices.  Every time she orgasmed, Kara’s body spasmed almost violently.   She lost count of the number of orgasms she had.  Some of them came so close together she wasn’t sure if they were separate orgasms or the crests of one intense rolling orgasm.

It seemed like Kara was lost in this sea of intense pleasure for an eternity also.  Truthfully, it was only about a half hour before their oral session was interrupted by the intensity of Kara’s orgasmic spasming causing the table to collapse.  Kara landed flat on the ground on top of the table’s remains, and Marc landed partially on top of her with his face in her mons and under her dress.

Marc peeked out from underneath the dress and sat up, brushing his hair out of his eyes and grinning at Kara.  She looked up at Marc awkwardly, slightly blushing.  Once she saw his reaction, she flashed an embarrassed smile.  They both snickered at each other a few times and then broke into all out laughter.

“I… Im sorry…” Kara managed to get out between laughs.  “I didn’t mean to…”

“Are you kidding?” Marc laughed. “That was incredibly hot.”  “How many people can say the orgasm was so intense it broke the table?”

Kara’s blush deepened.  “It’s a first for even me.” she replied in an embarrassed tone.  “I… don’t know what you’re doing to me, but gawd, don’t stop.”

Marc scooted over beside her and got up to one knee, then scooped Kara up in his arms.  “You are absolutely amazing miss…” Mark paused.  “You know, I don’t know your last name.”  Do Kryptonians even have last names?” he asked curiously.

“Of course we do, silly.” Kara replied with a giggle.  “It’s Zor-El.”

“Pretty name.” Marc said with a smile, standing up and carrying Kara in his arms.  “As I was saying though, you are amazing, Ms. Zor-El…”  “You’re brilliant, tough, caring, and you are an absolute sexual goddess.”

Kara blushed at the compliments.  She struggled to find some sort of reply that didn’t sound silly or like false modesty, but she couldn’t, so she remained silent and rested her head on Marc’s chest as he carried her into the penthouse and placed her on the bed.

“Probably a very silly question,” Marc said, “but that little fall didn’t hurt you at all, right?”

Kara laughed lightly.  “I’m fine.” she replied.  “It takes a lot more than that to hurt a Kryptonian.”

Marc nodded with a smile.  “I assumed so, but it wouldn’t have been very gentlemanly of me not to ask.”

Kara smiled warmly at Marc.  “I appreciate it.” she replied.  “You’re really sweet.”

“Maybe you just bring it out in me.” Marc replied with an affectionate smile.

“Speaking of bringing things out…” Kara replied with a lewd grin and a ravenous look in her eyes.  “I hope you intend to finish what you started out there.”  “It’s not polite to leave a lady hanging.”

Marc shrugged and smiled playfully.  “Actually, I was considering crashing on the couch and seeing what was on Netflix.” He replied in a clearly joking tone.

Kara gave Marc a playful scowl and rolled over onto all fours and crawled to the edge of the bed.  “Oh no you don’t mister.” she said playfully.  “You got me all hot and bothered and I expect you to finish what you start.”  Kara unbuckled Marc’s belt, unzipped his pants and pulled them and his boxers down.  Kara grinned wickedly as she saw Marc’s fully erect manhood pop free.

Mmmm, about 7 and a half inches, Kara thought.  I’ve seen bigger, but it’s big enough… Nice and thick too.  If he knows how to use it as well as his mouth and hands, I may leave here cross-eyed.

Kara suppressed a giggle at that though and then looked up to make eye contact with Marc.  “Mmmm,” she said flirtatiously.  “Looks like you’re ALL ready to show a girl a good time.”

Kara took his cock in one hand and began caressing it, eliciting a soft moan from Marc.  Kara smiled at the reaction and then teasingly kissed the head of Marc’s cock multiple times.  Marc’s head fell back and he moaned even louder.  Kara could feel his cock throbbing hungrily in her hand.  She smiled again, and ran her tongue around the head twice, and then with a wicked grin, lightly blew a chilly breath onto it.

Marc shuddered almost violently in reaction to Kara’s move.  “Oooooh… shit, baby.” he growled.  He looked back down at Kara, who was still staring up at him hungrily.

“I have tricks too.” She replied playfully.  “Wouldn’t want you to get a chill though…” she added suggestively.

Kara took Marc’s cock into her mouth and began sucking it and bobbing her head on it.  Each time, she took more of him into her mouth.  When she’d fully hilted him, Kara stopped there and began using her tongue to tease him.  She moved it up and down, and all around his shaft, eliciting a series of loud moans as he watched her.  Marc’s hand moved to Kara’s head, and he ran his fingers affectionately through her hair as she pleasured him.  Kara began bobbing up and down on his cock again, this time still teasing him with her tongue.  The longer Kara continued, the louder and more urgent Marc’s moans of pleasure became.

It only took a few minutes before Marc gently stopped Kara.   “Baby…  No more, please.”

Kara, who had maintained eye contact the entire time, looked at him uncertainly as she pulled away.

Marc smiled reassuringly.  “No, it was amazing…  earth shattering even.”  “You were going to make me cum so hard I doubt I’d have had anything left for you afterwards.

Kara gave Marc a mischievous look.  “Guess we can’t have that now, can we?”

“Not when I want your pussy as badly as I do.” Marc replied, giving her a wanton look.

Kara gave Marc a surprised look, but was at a loss for words.  Marc guided her to the edge of the bed, and onto her back again.  Marc slowly slid the dress free from her hips and then set it aside.  Then he unhooked her garter belt from her silk stockings, reached underneath her and unclasped it, and slid it free from her.  Kara gave him a look of nervous desire and squirmed.  She knew they were nearly at the point of no return.

“Now…” Marc said with a sexy grin. “there’s nothing preventing these from coming off.”

Marc reached down and took the sides of Kara’s panties and began sliding them down.  Kara lifted her hips, allowing them to slide free of her body.  Her expression became even more nervous as she lay there.  Marc climbed onto the bed and pulled her into his arms, holding her nearly nude body against his.  He began softly kissing her neck again.  Kara moaned softly but hungrily.

“It’s OK.” Kara said.  “I want this.”  She looked into Marc’s eyes.  “Take me.”

Marc rolled on top of her and looked hungrily into Kara’s eyes.  Kara returned the look with equal hunger and opened her legs, allowing Marc access.  Marc moved to enter her, and Kara took his cock just below the head and guided him into her.  Marc started to slowly slide into her when Kara grabbed his hips and pulled him fully into her.  Kara’s head fell back and she cried out in pleasure.  She gasped a few times before looking into Marc’s eyes again.

“You teased me to death and made me cum several times.”  she said hungrily.  “I was more than ready for you.”  Kara kissed him passionately.  When Marc moved to kiss her neck again, she whispered into his ear.  “Fuck me like you own me and can’t live without me.” she whispered in a husky voice.

With that, Marc began slamming into her vigorously.  His technique, even as turned on as he was, was as good as Kara had hoped.  His every thrust was angled perfectly to rub against her G spot and for him to grind against her clit as he hilted inside her.  On top of that, his every stroke took him almost fully out of her with just the tip of his head resting against her wet folds.  The result was that every stroke felt to Kara like she was being entered for the first time.

Almost immediately, Kara has an explosive orgasm.  She screamed in pleasure and wrapped her arms around Marc as her body shook uncontrollably.  Kara gasped for air as the orgasm slowly passed.  No sooner had she started to regain her sense and make eye contact with Marc, then he kissed her deeply and began vigorously thrusting into her again.  Kara immediately climaxed again and she screamed in ecstasy into Marc’s mouth as her body trembled.

It continued that way for almost a half hour…  Marc brought Kara to climax after explosive climax as they both howled in pleasure and traded passionate kisses.  Kara finally felt Marc’s body start to tense.  As his thrusting became more urgent, Kara wrapped her legs around him and pulled him deep into her.  Kara wrapped her arms around Marc and kissed him deeply as he exploded deep inside of her.

Kara felt the warm wetness flow into her.  As it flowed deeper into her, Kara had her most intense orgasm of her life.  She screamed so loudly it almost hurt Marc’s ears.  Her eyes rolled back in her head and her body bucked and spasmed so wildly that she would have thrown Marc completely off of her had she not been wrapped completely around him.  It took Kara over a minute for her massive orgasm to subside.  Afterwards, she collapsed like a limp rag doll onto the bed.  She gasped and whimpered, trying to fully regain her senses.

Marc stayed inside her and kissed her gently.  “Easy…  Just relax and let it pass, lover.” he said softly, stroking her hair with one hand.

“Oh Rao…” Kara gasped.  “Wha… What did you do to me?”

Marc moved to lay beside Kara and pulled her gently into his arms.  “It was the most amazing sex of my life too.” He said with an admiring giggle.”  “You… my dear, are a sexual goddess.”

Kara blushed and rested her head on Marc’s shoulder as she laid draped across him.

“No regrets?” Marc asked softly.

“Mmmmm, no.” Kara sighed softly.  “It was wonderful.”  “I couldn’t have imagined a better experience.”

“You’re talking like it’s over…  Are you planning on leaving me already?” Marc asked playfully.

“What do you…” Kara started to ask.

Marc pulled her on top of him and somehow managed to angle the move so he ended up right back inside her.  Kara gasped in surprise, but that was cut short and replaced by a deep moan as she was penetrated again.  Kara placed her hands on Marc’s chest and began slowly bouncing up and down on his cock.

“Insatiable, aren’t you?” she gasped.

“With you… I am.” Marc managed between moans of his own.

They spent most of the night having passionate sex in several positions.  Marc brought Kara to orgasm over and over again.  Marc came in Kara 4 more times that night, bringing her to an intense orgasm each time.  They finally fell asleep, sweaty and exhausted, in each other’s arms at around 3am.

Kara woke up to the beep of her league communicator.  She slowly stirred and opened her eyes.  Sunlight partially came through the closed curtains.  Kara estimated it was about mid-morning.  She sat up and held the covers up to her breasts.  She looked around and saw that Marc was nowhere to be seen.  Her heart immediately sank.

Great… she fumed silently.  I was just a hit it and forget it.  I can’t believe I fell for it all…

Kara didn’t know whether to cry or scream.  She snatched the comm ear piece off the night stand.

“What?” she snapped.

“Easy, Kara…” Superman said.  “We were just worried about you.”  “We haven’t been able to reach you all night.”

“I was… occupied.” Kara said bluntly.

On the watchtower, Batman, Superman and Martian Manhunter all looked at each other…  Batman quirked an eyebrow.  Superman started to say something and Batman shook his head no.

“What about the transducer?” Batman asked pointedly.

“I…” Kara started.

Kara’s jaw dropped as she saw Marc enter the room with a silver tray covered with breakfast and a trio of fire and ice roses.

“I… uhh…” Kara stammered.  “Uhhh, everything is good there.”  “I’ll have it on board in an hour.”

Marc set down with the serving tray next to Kara, wrapped his arms around her and began softly covering her neck with kisses.

Kara let out a soft moan.  “Make that… two hours…” Kara half gasped.

Marc began softly kneading and caressing Kara’s breasts as he continued covering her neck with kisses.

Kara gasped loudly and then managed to mostly stifle another aroused moan.  “Mmm…  Make that…” Kara started and had to hit mute on her comm to stifle another moan as she slapped Marc’s hand playfully.  “Oh hell, I’ll be there later.” Kara said in a slightly flustered tone.  “Power Girl out.”

Superman just stood there with his mouth hanging open.  “You don’t think…” he started.

Martian Manhunter said nothing and pretended to be focused on the monitors in front of him.

Batman showed only the slightest hint of a smirk for a moment, enjoying Superman’s being flustered.  He quickly turned serious again.  “She’s a grown woman.” He replied flatly.  “Whatever may have happened, she’ll tell us when and if she’s ready.”

Back on Earth…  Kara slapped playfully at Marc’s hands again and giggled.  “You are incorrigible!” she said, caressing his cheek with one hand, and trying to pull his hands off her breasts.

Marc took a chocolate covered strawberry and held it up to Kara’s mouth.  She promptly bit a large chunk of it and began chewing it.

“Admit it.” Marc said playfully.  “That’s why you adore me.”

Kara swallowed the strawberry and smirked at him.  “So sure of yourself, hmm?”

“Well… you did spend a large portion of the evening screaming my name.” Marc said with a grin.

Kara blushed and looked down shyly.

Marc took both her hands.  “So…. I was hoping that meant you’re as crazy about me as I am you.”

“Maybe…” Kara said softly.  “One day at a time though, OK?”  “This… feeling like this… is all kind of new to me.”

“Fair enough.” Marc said understandingly.

They ate breakfast with Kara in his arms, spending half the time cuddling and half making small talk.  Kara fended off Marc’s strongest advances, but their cuddling and making out made breakfast take over an hour.  Kara finished her breakfast, wiped her face with a napkin and got up out of bed.   Marc caressed her rear as she did.

“Oh no you don’t, mister.” Kara said with a knowing smile.  “You’ve delayed me long enough.”  “As much as I’ve enjoyed being completely ravished, I do have League and business responsibilities.”

“I know, I know.” Marc sighed.  “Can I help it if you’re irresistible?”

Kara practically glowed at the compliment.  She flashed Marc a coy grin and strutted off to the bathroom, putting a little extra sway in her hips as she went.  She smiled silently, feeling his eyes fixed on her rear.  Once Kara reached the bathroom, she reached in and started the shower.  Kara looked down and realized she still had her stockings on.

All that sex, and we never got them off, Kara mused mentally.  She peeled them off and climbed into the shower and let the warm water flow over her.  Mmmm, that feels good, she thought.  I need this, almost as much as I needed last night.

Kara began washing her hair.  As she was working the shampoo into her hair, Kara was grabbed from behind.  One arm wrapped around her chest and began caressing her breasts, and another arm wrapped around her waist before Kara felt a hand slide between her legs and start playing with her clit.

“MaAAaaaaarc” Kara blurted out as she was grabbed.  “I… uuuuuuuuuughh…  have to…  go.”

Marc’s touch reignited a storm inside Kara.  Jolts of erotic lightning ran from her nipples to her crotch.  Kara began moaning and crying out in pleasure.  She half bent over hoping to escape Marc’s caresses.   Marc just partially bent over with Kara, leaving her cheek and breasts pressed up against the tile and her curvaceous rear jutting out invitingly.

Kara moaned with desire as Marc’s fingers slipped inside of her.  Then, she felt her legs slide slightly apart of their own will before she started gently lowering and raising herself, bringing her hips to meet Marc’s finger thrusts.  The combination of warm water running over her naked body and Marc’s masterful techniques quickly brought Kara to several more very vocal climaxes.

Kara was panting from the orgasms when she suddenly felt Marc slide into her from behind.  Her eyes went wide and she doubled over completely as she howled in pleasure.  Marc kept hold of her hips and thrust into Kara’s wet pussy over and over.  Kara’s eyes rolled back in her head as another climax ripped through her body.  After four more orgasms over several minutes, Marc withdrew from Kara, turned her around and kissed her passionately.  Kara wrapped her arms around Marc and he backed her against the wall.  Marc hooked his arms under her legs and lifted Kara up.  She promptly wrapped her long legs around Marc’s waist and positioned herself.

Marc needed no prompting and immediately entered Kara again.  Kara let out a long low moan into Marc’s mouth as she felt him fill her up.   Marc deepened the kiss as he began thrusting into Kara again.

Kara came three more times, each orgasm more intense than the last.  After the third time, Marc thrust deep inside Kara and came inside her again.  Kara’s body shuddered a few times and she collapsed against his body, panting softly.

“So, was it good for you too?” Marc asked teasingly.

Kara giggled weakly.  “F… five times inside me wasn’t… enough for you?” she asked, gasping.

Kara unwrapped her legs from Marc and he released her butt.  Kara’s feet touched the ground, but her legs were still wobbly, prompting Marc to keep his arms firmly around her waist.

Kara smiled lovingly at Marc and kissed him softly.  “I should be mad at you, you brat.” she said.  “If they didn’t know what happened before, they certainly will when I show up this late.”

“I’m not ashamed of having feelings for you.” Marc said warmly.  Kara looked down, conflicted.  “I hope you aren’t either…” Marc added in a concerned tone.

“No…” Kara struggled.  “It’s just…”   She sighed.  “I just need a little time to get used to this.”

Marc stepped back a step, taking Kara’s hands.  “I’m sorry if I went too far at any point.”  “I… just couldn’t seem to help myself with you, Kara.”

“I felt the same all night.” Kara said with a soft smile.  “I think that’s what scares me; I’ve never felt anything close to that before…”  Kara paused and noticed Marc’s abs were all heavily bruised.  “What?!?”  “Marc, what happened?” she gasped.

“It’s nothing…” Marc replied dismissively.

“You’re black and blue all over your midsection, don’t tell…” Kara paused, a look of guilty realization washed over her face.  “I… did this, didn’t I?” she asked.

“No, Kara… It…” Marc started.

“Yes, I did.” Kara said, as her eyes started to water up.  “I told you I was dangerous and unsafe to be with.”  She turned to leave the room

Marc grabbed her by both shoulders and turned her around.  “OK, so things got a little crazy when you were on top those two times.”  “It’s only a little bruising.”  “We got through it, nobody was really hurt, and nothing is ever going to stop me from loving you.”

Kara stood there, her jaw trembling as she tried to sort through the whirlwind of emotions.  Marc took her in his arms, held her close and kissed her tenderly for over a minute.  Kara slowly went from tense and nervous to melting in his arms.

Marc broke the kiss and gazed lovingly into Kara’s eyes.  “We will get through this, together.”  “I promise.”  “OK?”

Kara nodded softly.  “…ok.” She replied.

Marc smiled at her.  “It’s time for my delicious sex goddess to turn back into the smart, strong businesswoman I adore though.”  “As much as I’d love to keep you in bed, the League and your company need you.”

Kara nodded with a gentle sigh.  “I know…”

“You go get dressed, and I’ll go get the transducer for you.” Marc said, kissing her on the forehead.

Kara went into the bedroom, retrieved her original clothes and hesitantly got dressed.  Part of her wanted to climb back in bed and stay in his arms.  Responsibilities came first however, she kept reminding herself as she buttoned up her blouse and straightened her hair.  She’d just finished when Marc came back into the bedroom, fully dressed and carrying a large suitcase sized case that held the Energy-Matter Transducer.

“You look beautiful.” He said with a smile.

“I thought it was my mind you admired.” Kara replied teasingly.

“I adore all of you.” Marc replied.  “I meant everything I said about our companies working together too.”  He paused for a moment.  “Look, I know this is as safe in your hands as it would be Superman’s…” Marc continued.  “For the sake of appearances and helping protect your identity though, I’d like to send a few of my security specialists as guards for your limo ride to the League’s Paris transport pad.”

Kara nodded thoughtfully.  “I suppose it makes sense from a keeping up appearances standpoint.” She replied.

“If anybody causes a scene though, I expect you to protect my guards and kick bad guy ass.” Marc added with a chuckle and a kiss on her cheek.

“Okay, okay…” Kara said with a laugh.

“Limo and the guards are down below waiting for you.” Marc said in a slightly sullen tone.  “Best get going… before I’m tempted to grab you again.”

Kara kissed Marc on the cheek and quickly made her way to the elevator.  From there it was an uneventful ride across town to the League transport pad.  Kara exited the limo and proceeded to the building entrance, flashing her badge to the employees.

“Karen Starr, delivering important technology for the Watchtower.” she said in a slightly impatient tone.

The employee made a quick check of his tablet computer.  “Of course, Ms. Starr.” He said politely.  “You’re expected and have been granted priority access for this delivery.”

Kara headed straight to the teleporter room and beamed up to the Watchtower.  Batman and Superman were there waiting for her.

“Here you go…” Kara said with a slight smirk, handing the case to Batman.

“Long night?” Batman asked pointedly.

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” Kara replied with a smirk.

Superman’s mouth fell partially open.

Kara’s expression and tone became more serious.  “Even if it was…” she said, glancing between the two. “it’s none of your business.”

Kara smirked and strutted out the transporter room door, leaving both of the heroes in awkward silence.