The Wife’s Best Friend

The Wife’s Best Friend

Ron sat at the small built-in desk near the kitchen table, idly surfing the internet on his laptop and drinking a glass of ice-cold lemonade.  He’d finished the yard work while his wife Jessica was out shopping.  That was relatively uneventful beyond the next door neighbor Kimberly washing her car in tight shorts and a bikini top.  Ron gave the appearance of largely ignoring her the whole time.  That only served to annoy Kimberly.  She was a stereotypical redhead; stubborn and used to getting whatever she wanted.  The fact that she had remarkably full, perky 36DD breasts which she enjoyed flaunting insured that she often did also.

Kimberly, while flirtatious, was not a slut however.  She simply knew how to work the shapely body she’d been gifted with.  She also liked attention enough that she would often push the boundaries of flirting while still holding back just enough to claim to be a proper lady.  Times like today, she seemed to see how far she could push those boundaries though; getting soapy water all over her breasts, bending over to wash the hood of her car in a way that almost let her breasts spill out of her spaghetti strap bikini top, and bending over to give Ron an excellent view of her ass in those tight shorts were all part of the show Ron discreetly enjoyed.  He could tell it irked Kimberly that he seemed completely immune to her charms as well.  In fact, it seemed to only make her determined to try harder like she did today.

The interesting part of their little game is that Kimberly was not only the next door neighbor, and the neighborhood flirt.  She was also Jessica’s best friend.  On the surface, it was an odd pairing.  Jessica was fairly proper in polite company, aside from liking to highlight her own cleavage just enough to draw discreet glances.  Behind closed doors however, Jessica was an extremely hedonistic and sexual creature, as skilled as she was passionate.  That was why the friendship worked; both women were at their cores, extremely erotic.  They both radiated an aura of sexuality and passion that subconsciously drew others to them.

Ron had even told Jessica about the barely subtle flirting.  Better to be honest than have it appear at some point that he had been the one making advances.  Jessica dismissed the situation each time it had been brought up.  It was just Kim’s nature, and she loved to flirt.  If he pushed the issue beyond that, Jessica would reply she was more than woman enough to hold on to her man, and sometimes take him upstairs to prove it.

For his part, Ron was tall, tan and handsome.  His time in the military gave him a muscular, well-toned body.  He still wore his thick dark brown hair close cut like he did in those days as well.  It was his piercing light brown eyes that some women found utterly captivating though.  In Kimberly’s case, Ron was pretty sure it was the challenge of the hunt that had her so determined.

Either way, Ron had finished his yard work, grabbed a shower, and was now taking a much-deserved break.   He browsed the latest sports scores and highlights online for a while when there was a knock at the door.

Ron got up out of his chair, closed the lid on the laptop, and walked to the front door.  He looked through the peep hole and saw Kimberly standing on the front porch in a tank top and those same tight denim cut off shorts from earlier.

“Of course…” Ron said to himself with a slight chuckle.   He took a breath and opened the door. “Hello, Kimberly,” he said as nonchalantly as possible.

“Oh, hi Ron…” Kimberly replied with a casual smile.  She moved past him and into the house as if she owned the place.  “Jessica home?” she asked, heading down the hall.

Ron shook his head slightly as she passed.  “We both know she’s out shopping, Kim,” he replied in a slightly amused tone.

“Hmm, must have slipped my mind,” Kim replied, running her hand through her long auburn hair while trying to look aloof.  She strolled into the hallway, almost pushing her way past Ron.

“It happens,” Ron replied, trying to repress a smile.  “I’m not sure how soon she will be back.”  “You know how she is when she hits the mall,” he laughed.

“Can’t blame a girl for loving shoes,” Kim replied coyly.  She was trying to suppress a mischievous smile, giving Ron the clear impression that she was up to something.  “Guess I’ll hang around a little while and see if she shows up,” Kim added, sounding a bit bored.  She glanced over at the small desk where Ron had been sitting.  “Mmmm, fresh lemonade.”  “That looks delicious.”  “Be a doll and pour me a glass.”  “Lots of ice also,” Kim added.

Ron sighed.  Bad enough she plays these games and barges in here too, now she treats me like some servant, he fumed mentally.  She really needs to be put over somebody’s knee.

Ron filled up a glass 3/4 of the way with ice and then added lemonade to it.  Kim leaned against a pillar that separated the open concept home’s dining area and living room, subtly jutting her chest out as she did.  That little maneuver made her ample cleavage press against the fabric of her tank top.  Ron had already noticed when she arrived that Kim was braless.

The emerald green tank top was both form fitting and just thin enough to have shown the impression of anything worn underneath.  The tantalizing jiggle when Kim walked in was further proof that the girls were free.  The tank top also had 4 buttons down the center of the chest, and Kim had left the top one unbuttoned, allowing just a little extra cleavage to show without revealing anything.

Ron walked over and handed Kim the lemonade and she took it with a coy smile.  Ron went and leaned against the dining table as Kim took a long sip of the lemonade.

“Mmmmmm, I needed that,” Kim said, closing her eyes as she savored the cool, sweet drink.  She let out a long slow sigh, as if to emphasize the point.  “It was soooo hot out there today,” she said after a long pause.  She fished an ice cube out of her glass and began teasingly gliding it over her exposed cleavage. She tilted her head back at the same time and let out a contented sigh.  “I was absolutely roasting out there.”

“Seems like you survived OK,” Ron replied humorously.  His eyes drifted down to Kim’s cleavage, where the ice had turned her impressively sized nipples quite hard.  Her breasts had small goosebumps all over their exposed flesh from the ice as well.

The glance was brief, but when Ron looked back up, he saw Kim looking at him with a smug, knowing smile and her head tilted.

“Now what would Jess say if she caught you staring at my tits like that?” she asked.  “I know they’re amazing, and they’re bigger than her’s… but I am her best friend.”  “Shame on you,” she added.  Her tone was 2/3 accusing and 1/3 amused teasing.  She was clearly doing her best to get him shook up and off balance.

Instead he just stared her straight in the eye, completely nonplussed.  “Don’t you ever get tired of playing these games, Kim?” he asked flatly.

“What are you talking about?” Kim demanded, her tone turning decidedly indignant.  She crossed her arms in front of her and scowled.

“This constant pull-push game of yours with me and others,” Ron replied matter-of-factly.  “Trying to catch attention and then push the guy away like you never had any interest.”  “Everyone knows you’re the neighborhood flirt,” he added, standing up from his lean against the table.

Kim let out a shocked gasp.  “How dare you call me some kind of slut!” she demanded.

Kim stomped forward the couple of steps between them and tried to slap Ron.  He caught her hand, holding it there up and to the side of her.  She snarled defiantly and then tried to slap him with her left, only to have it caught exactly the same way.  Ron backed her against the pillar again, and after a few moments of wrestling, pinned Kim’s hands over her head.  They were practically face to face at that point.

“I didn’t say slut,” Ron said calmly as Kim glared and struggled against his grip.  “I said flirt, there’s a difference.”

“I still think you’re an asshole,” Kim replied, furious.  “Now let me go!” she demanded.

“You know what I think?” Ron asked, taking a firmer tone.  “I think these little games of yours are all a test.”  He leaned in next to her ear before continuing in a soft, sensual tone.  “I think you’re hungry to find a man who won’t being intimidated by them.”  “You want somebody who will push you up against the wall and give you the intense fucking that you’re craving.”  He deeply inhaled the scent of Kim’s perfume on her neck before pulling back enough to look straight into her eyes.

Kim let out a derisive snort.  “Shows what you know…”  Kim retorted.  Her indignant tone has lost some of its conviction however.  She broke eye contact after a few awkward moments, looking down and away.

“Mmmhmmmm,” Ron replied knowingly.  “So, your bra just… fell off on the way over here?” he asked in a firm but sensual tone.  As he did, he hooked a finger over the top of Kim’s tank top and ran the finger back and forth along the neckline.  “…and you don’t want your tits getting all kinds of personal attention?”

Still pinning Kim’s wrists over her head with one hand, Ron took the finger out of Kim’s top and began tracing circles around her nipple.

“St.. stop that!” Kim demanded with a slight tremble to her voice.  “What do you think you’re doing?”  Kim’s breathing had noticeably quickened, and she could feel her heart beating quickly with nervous vulnerability.

“You must have been trying to get me to notice them for a reason…” Ron replied.  He leaned in and began softly kissing and nibbling the side of Kim’s neck.  “Was I supposed to get a better look?” he whispered sensually, pulling down on the center of her neckline again and popping the tank top’s second button open.

Kim let out a slight gasp and shifted, trying as best she could to escape having her top unbuttoned further.  She struggled to get her arms free, but even with one hand pinning them, Ron was too strong for her.  Ron began removing his belt with his free hand.  Kim saw the belt and began trembling.  Fear shown in her eyes as she imagined what was coming next.

Ron leaned back in and softly kissed Kim’s upper lip.  “You do need a spanking,” he said.  “This…” he added holding up the belt, “is not how a man treats a woman’s rear though.”

Confusion washed over Kim’s face.  She looked into Ron’s eyes, trying to determine what he intended.

Ron took Kim’s hands and put them behind the pillar and then looped the belt around Kim’s wrists.  After that, he used the remaining length to tie her wrists securely to the pillar.  Kim renewed her struggles against being pinned against the pillar.   Ron watched with an amused smirk as she fought to get loose.

“Let me go, dammit!” Kim demanded.

“Where’s the fun in that, especially when you tried so hard to get me to notice these big, luscious breasts of yours?” he asked.  He began tracing circles around both Kim’s firm, jutting nipples.

Kim whimpered and tried to wiggle her chest away from Ron’s fingertips.

“Mmmm,” Ron said with a wicked grin.  “They do jiggle nicely, don’t they?”  He cupped her breasts in his hands, and gently jiggled them.

Kim gasped loudly, almost shrieking from her shock at the sheer audacity of having her tits shamelessly fondled.  Her eyes and mouth both opened wide.  She tried to speak; say something in protest, but Ron changed to fully gripping her breasts in his hands.  He lightly squeezed them, just enough to send erotic chills racing up Kim’s spine, causing her gasp two more times.  Her nipples, trapped between Ron’s fingers, were lightly pinched by them.  It only added to the erotic sensations racing through her body.  When Ron began moving her breasts in slow circles, Kim lost all power of speech.  She stood there, helpless and gasping, staring deeply into Ron’s eyes as if pleading for him to stop.

“Nice.” Ron said, still wearing his wicked smile.  “Yours are almost as responsive as Jess’s boobs.”

Somewhere in the back of Kim’s clouded mind, she couldn’t help but wonder about that.  She’d never experienced anything like this before, despite being very aware that her boobs were quite responsive.  Granted, almost all the guys she’d been with lacked real skill.  They pawed and groped at her proud girls like they were some sort of matching  chew toys for a dog.  Right now, the way Ron was handling her tits sent erotic shocks pulsing through her entire body.  It was like he was expertly playing directly with her clit.  It took serious effort to deny him the satisfaction of crying out in pleasure.  She couldn’t imagine anything more intense from just being fondled.

“Very responsive indeed.” Ron said.  “I think its time we got a proper look at them, don’t you?”

“N… no…” Kim whimpered.

Ron began teasingly playing with the third button, staring into Kim’s eyes the entire time.

“St.. stop..” Kim whimpered.  She had tried to sound strong this time but her voice cracked and only came as that nervous whimper.

“Why would I want to do that?” Ron asked smugly.  “It just wouldn’t seen right after all the times you’ve tried to make this happen.”  He undid both buttons, leaving the tank top’s neck line effectively slit to nearly the bottom of Kim’s impressive 38DD girls.  If the slit had been just a little lower, the soft mounds of flesh might have spilled out of their own accord.

Ron slowly slid the straps of the tank top off Kim’s shoulders, letting the anticipation of her looming exposure build in her mind.  When the straps reached the corner of her shoulders and had started their downward descent, Kim began to struggle frantically, gasping and growling as she did.  Ron’s evil smile intensified as she began struggling.  Without a word, he gave the straps a sharp yank downward, pulling the top of the tank top down to Kim’s midriff.

Kim shrieked loudly as her breasts popped free of their confinement with a brief jiggle.  “My breasts!”  “How could you?!?” she demanded.  She blushed bright red in embarrassment at the forced unveiling.  “This is no way to treat a lady, you beast!” she exclaimed.

“It is when it’s what she’s wanted for ages.” Ron replied with a smug smile.  “Remember last week when you were in your backyard sunbathing and asked me to put lotion on you?” he asked, placing his hands on Kim’s now vulnerable breasts.   “How you had me make sure you had lotion on your inner thighs and then tried to get me to feel you up?”  He began caressing her breasts and teasing her nipples.

“I did no such thing!” Kim blurted out indignantly.  “You’re the one that got all grabby after I simply asked for a little help, you pervert.”

“Keep that tone of voice up and I’m going to put you over my knee and spank that luscious ass of yours.” Ron retorted in a dead serious tone,

Kim gasped yet again, a shocked look on her face.  She tried to fight the moans of pleasure that were rising within her as Ron continued his firm yet gentle manipulation of her boobs.  Her willpower shattered as Ron leaned in and began kissing and suckling her nipple.  The second she felt the warmth of his mouth close around her nipple, it was like a jolt of lightning shot from her nipple to her clit.

Kim’s body jolted, her back arched, her head fell back and she let out a wailing gasp.  She didn’t outright orgasm, but the intensity of that rush of erotic pleasure was as close as she’d ever come without climaxing.  Ron held her close and started kissing along her neck.

“Mmmmm, that was an amazing response.” He whispered softly into Kim’s ear.  “You’ve been fantasizing about this and building it up in your mind for a long time, haven’t you?”

“Don’t… flatter yourself.” Kim growled, trying to hold back another moan.

“We’re going to have to tame that attitude of yours.” Ron replied.

He began caressing Kim’s soft breasts, and sensually kissing along their curve.  Kim squirmed and began moaning in an incredibly erotic soft tone.  When his mouth reaching her now achingly hard nipple, he flicked his tongue across it, then playfully circled it, eliciting a decidedly louder moan from Kim.  When he followed up by softly blowing on her nipple, Kim let out a deep shrieking gasp arched her back and felt a gentle warm wave of pleasure wash over her.  If she had any doubt that she’d had an orgasm, her sudden awareness of the dampness between her legs quickly chased away any chance at a denial.

Ron continued on, kneading and caressing Kim’s full breasts.  Her nipples continued to get extra attention, as Ron kissed, licked and suckled them.  Within minutes, Kim was wailing in ecstasy.  Ron continued ravishing Kim’s bare breasts for almost a half hour, bringing her to orgasm multiple times.  When he finally stopped, Kim was weak in the knees and gasping heavily.

“Wha… what did you do to me?” she gasped, staring at Ron in disbelief.

“Nothing compared to what’s coming next.” Ron replied with a knowing smile.  He reached down and deftly undid the top button on Kim’s denim shorts and then pulled down the zipper.  The front of the snug fitting shorts fell open.  Kim felt the cool, air conditioned air of the house caress the top of her mons, eliciting an aroused shiver from her.

A scared look washed over Kim’s face as she realized this little game of Ron’s had suddenly become much more serious.  “Hey,” She objected nervously, “that’s not funny.”  “Stop!”

“Nobody’s joking,” Ron replied as he pressed himself against her and slid a hand down the front of her shorts.

Kim squirmed and rocked her hips in every direction, trying to escape from Ron’s intruding hand.  With her shorts so tight however, they effectively held Ron’s hand firmly against her.  All she had accomplished was grinding her mons against Ron’s palm, which only seemed to turn him on further.

“I had a feeling you left your panties at home also.” Ron said with a lewd grin.  He circled his fingertips playfully against her mons and slid even lower.  “Nice thick bush too.” He added continuing to grin.  “Might as well let any playmates know you’re a real redhead though, hmm?”

Ron didn’t give Kim the time to object, kissing her deeply and passionately as his hand slid lower between her legs.  Kim’s entire body shuddered as Ron’s hand caressed and probed at her slick, wet folds.  Kim fought the kiss up to that point, but as Ron reached her womanhood, all pretense of resistance faded and she returned the kiss hungrily.  She moaned into Ron’s mouth as his fingers slipped between her folds and deep within her.  Kim’s back arched strongly, pressing her ample breasts firmly against Ron’s broad, muscular chest.

Ron slipped his fingers deep into Kim, eliciting an aroused shiver that seemed to come from the very depths of her soul.  Instinctively, hungrily, she tightened her pussy muscles, firmly gripping the fingers within her.  The strength of that grip seemed to surprise Ron.  Kim felt his entire body react briefly to it and she mentally smiled at the reaction.   Ron moved his entire hand back and forth, stimulating Kim’s clit and moving the fingers in and out of her at the same time.  The waves of pure sexual energy that washed over Kim were almost overwhelming.

Kim felt her knees go weak almost immediately and she began moaning loudly.  Ron broke the kiss and moved his lips to Kim’s bae shoulder and neck.  He kept one arm around her waist, holding her up while the other one reached around and grabbed Kim’s ass, firmly kneading it.  She did her best to fight the growing tide of lust inside her; stubbornly not wanting to give him the satisfaction of being able to just take those orgasms from her.

It took every ounce of willpower she had also, but Kim managed to hold out 19 minutes against Ron’s skillful manipulation of her body.  She’d nearly climaxed a half dozen times, and each time felt exponentially more intense than the last one she’d held off.  She knew there’d be no escaping this time though.  Her body and mind were being consumed by the burning desire within her.

Feeling Kim’s body tense and hearing her gasping become more urgent, Ron redoubled his efforts.  In moments, Kim’s body exploded in an orgasmic tidal wave.   Her body rocked and spasmed as her orgasm hit.  She tilted her head back and screamed in ecstasy.  Her pussy clenched tightly around Ron’s fingers as she sprayed her juices all over his palm.  The orgasm was so intense it shook her for what felt like an eternity.  It finally passed, and Kim panted for breath as her pussy quivered.

Ron had slowed down his intensity during her earth shattering orgasm, but hadn’t outright stopped.  With it passing, he began stimulating her again in earnest.  Kim’s eyes grew wide as saucers and she shrieked in surprise and pleasure

“Oh gawd not agai… AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!” she howled as another orgasm hit her defenseless body like a freight train.  It wasn’t just one though, orgasm after orgasm followed as the flood gates were thrown wide open.  Quite literally, as it turned out that Kim was a natural squirter.   Just when Kim thought she couldn’t take it anymore and felt she might actually black out from the orgasms ripping through her, Ron finally stopped.  She collapsed weakly against Ron, panting and gasping.  As Kim slowly regained her senses, she became acutely aware that her shorts were completely soaked with her juices.  She blushed as she realized her inner thighs were as well, all the way down to her knees.

Kim tried to speak, all she could manage was whimpering moans.  Ron removed his fingers from inside her and held them up to her mouth.  Kim, seemingly almost on instinct, took them into her mouth, dutifully sucking them clean as her tongue sensually danced around them.  Once that was done, Ron waited till Kim had recovered enough to be able to stand again, all the time fondling her breasts.  Once she had her feet again and was close to breathing normal, Ron untied her.

“Ready for the real fun to begin?” Ron asked with an evil smile.

Kim was still breathing heavy.  She straightened her hair trying to regain some composure, then gave Ron a dirty look.  “What?” she growled.  “You tie me up, half strip me and play with my pussy, and now you think you own it?”  She started to pull her top back into place when Ron grabbed her by the wrist.

“I’ve had about enough of your spoiled brat routine.” Ron said firmly.  He dragged her over to the edge of the couch.

“What do you think you’re doing?!?” Kim demanded.  She let out a shriek and tried to resist but Ron was too strong.

Ron sat down on the oversized arm of the couch and then pulled Kim to him.  She continued trying to struggle, but Ron forced her prone over his lap.  Then he forced her hands behind her back, holding them there with one hand while the other pulled her shorts part way down her thighs.

“What the hell?!?” Kim exclaimed.  She began struggling wildly but completely in vain as her shorts slid down.  “Don’t you dare!!” She yelled.

No sooner had she said that than Kim felt the sharp sting of Ron’s hand swatting her ass.  He had hit it moving in a path up her body as well, causing it and her tits dangling off the other side of Ron’s lap, to all jiggle embarrassingly.  Kim yelped in pain from the blow.

“I warned you.” Ron said sternly.  “You’ve got nobody to blame but yourself.”

Ron spanked her a dozen more times, each blow delivered the same way and causing the same humiliating jiggle.  Each time Kim cried out, and her attitude quickly went from defiant to pleading for Ron to stop.

“Are you ready to behave and admit you wanted to get fucked?” Ron demanded.

“No…  I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Kim whimpered.  “Let me go.”

Ron shook his head and gave her three more even harder swats on the ass, causing Kim to cry out even louder.

“OK!” she blurted out.  “I admit it, damned it!”  “Every night I have to listen from next door to Jessica screaming for hours as you fuck her.”  “It’s not fair!”  “I know the bitch has you bend her over and fuck her from behind in front of the bedroom window so I can see the silhouette from my bedroom window too.”  “So yes, I wanted to get fucked and be the one screaming that way for once.”

Kim’s voice took a softer and more submissive tone.  “Yes.. I want to feel you inside me.”  “I want you to make me scream like I have to listen to every night.”  “I want the cum that’s supposed to belong to her.”  “I don’t care if it’s selfish, I deserve it after all those nights.”  “And yes, I want you to look me in the eyes when you cum in me and tell me I’m better than her, dammit.” She added, her sexual frustration showing through.

Kim went limp across Ron’s lap, as the confession had completely exhausted her.  Perhaps on an emotional level it had.  Her face was red with embarrassment from the confession and her humiliation.  Ron rolled Kim over and sat her up in his lap.

“See, that wasn’t so hard, was it?” he asked with a satisfied smile.  “That last part, you’re going to have to earn though.”

Kim’s expression stayed humbled and demure, but a hint of a wicked smile appeared on her face.  “Try me,” she replied with a hungry gleam in her eyes.

“Oh, I intend to.” Ron said.

Ron repositioned Kim so that she was bent over the arm of the couch.  She heard the zipper on his pants go down and the sound of them being pulled down.  She didn’t look back for fear of her still tender butt being punished again.  Then she felt him position himself behind her, his hand caressing and probing at her wet and throbbing pussy.  Then there was suddenly the feeling of something thick pressing against her womanhood.  She let out a small gasp as she realized it was Ron’s manhood.

She had no time to wonder how big he was however.  As soon as he was in position, he grabbed her curvaceous hips and thrust fully into her with one stroke.  Kim screamed in a mixture of agony and ecstasy as she was completely filled up.  She was thankful that she was still very wet from all the previous fun, or Ron taking her that way would have been unbearable pain.

Kim flailed her arms, trying to escape his massive member.  Ron grabbed her arms and pinned them behind her back though.  Now, bent over like that, she was completely helpless and vulnerable to anything he desired.  He slid in and out of her aggressively, wanting her to know she belonged to him now.  She did her best to relax her pussy, so she could adjust to his size, but his every stroke was rough, primal with passion.  He also somehow managed to make every thrust go from the tip of its head barely in her to fully hilting inside her as he slammed against her soft, shapely rear.  It was like being ravished anew with each stroke.  It had shattered her ability to focus, to do anything but cry out like never before.

After several minutes Kim’s pussy had adapted to the monster inside her.  Her cries became more and more cries of pure wanton lust.  Ron continued pinning her arms with one hand, but took the other hand from her hip, grabbed a handful of hair and pulled Kim’s head back.  All the while, never losing the rhythm of his thrusts deep inside her.

“You like that, don’t you?” Ron demanded.  He leaned down on top of her and began kissing her neck.  “This is what you’ve been craving, isn’t it?”

“Y.. yes!” Kim cried out.  “Fuck me!” she cried out between near screaming gasps.  “Fill me up!”  “Make me scream!”

Moments after Kim’s wanton, lustful confession her body hit the point of no return.  Orgasm after orgasm ripped through her body in close succession.  Her cries of pleasure echoed through the house as her body shook and spasmed.  Her quivering pussy clenching tight around Ron soon had him crying out in pleasure as well.  Almost without warning, Kim suddenly felt the warm, gooey wetness of Ron’s cum spreading inside her.  Ron yelled in pleasure and his thrusts changed to short urgent ones deep inside Kim as he strived to get every drop deep inside her.

Kim let out a long, low moan as she felt Ron’s orgasm fill her, then collapsed weakly against the couch arm.

“Finally…” she gasped weakly.

Ron rolled her over, and Kim sat up on the edge of the couch.  Kim gave Ron a wanton smile, ran her hand between her legs and brought her fingers back up, covered in a mixture of his cum and her juices.  She licked them clean as she stared into Ron’s eyes.

“Mmmmmm…” she purred.  “Best…”  “Fuck…”  “Ever…”   She grinned at Ron again.  “Everything they say about redheads being insatiable though…”  “It’s true.”  “I want more.”  “I want you to cum in me again and again.”

Ron picked Kim up and she wrapped her arms and legs around him.  He took her to the kitchen table and laid her down on it.  True to Kim’s request, he ravished her there next.  This time staring deep into her eyes as he slowly and deliberately thrust deep inside her.  Kim’s orgasms were even more intense there.  Afterwards, Ron carried her upstairs to the bedroom and they had passionate sex there for hours; missionary again, Kim on top riding him and fully demonstrating the magical grip of her tight pussy, head down and ass up as Ron took her ass this time, and several other positions.  When all was said and done, Ron had come in Kim 4 times, and they had long since lost count of her orgasms.  All Kim cared about was that she went home VERY satisfied.


Jessica let out an annoyed sigh as she laid in bed with Ron.   “OK, you won the bet.” she sighed.  “You were able to fuck her after all.”

“You shouldn’t be so upset.”  Ron replied with a smirk.  “It just means there’ll be threesomes in the future.”

“Mmhmm.” Jessica grumbled.  “I’m taking my riding crop to that cute plump ass of her’s too.”

Ron shook his head at her, suppressing a grin.  “We both know that’s not really what you’re pissy about.”

“You’re right.” Jessica growled.  “You know I don’t like it either.”

“A bet’s a bet.” Ron replied smugly.  “Pay up, you.”

Jessica sighed and climbed out to on top of the covers, got in a head down, ass up position and pulled down her sheer lace black panties.  “Fine,” she sighed.  “My ass is yours for the rest of the night.”

The End

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