Sex Talk

Learning can be VERY sexy, give it a chance

This is my directory page for all posts relating to having more and better sex. Why? Because being better in bed is better for your self esteem and turns you into the kind of person your lover wants to keep, and please. Great lovers aren’t born, they’re made.

Unlike some advice books, columns, etc… I’m not going to tell you it’s easy. Sex is like any other skill; the basics only take a minute, but mastery takes real work to learn. BUT, it gets you reactions like THIS:

GIF file of blonde young woman having such an intense, body shaking orgasm that she nearly falls off the bed

Or even stronger ones.

Yes, I’m going to be a bit graphic, and also VERY blunt. I’ll also give you the no bull information to make you better in bed.

I’ll also be very up front that my advice and teaching is centered on heterosexual men and woman. At least some of it will prove useful to members of the LGBTQ community as well, BUT writing about gay sex (as an example) it outside my wheelhouse, and I’m not going to pretend I have expertise in an area that I don’t.

The starter articles here are old blog posts that I’ve repurposed for this new blog. There’s some articles about the difference between domination and abuse, and a few ones on sexual techniques. More to come… and cum.

In Defense of Soft Domination

My thoughts on the joys sensual, pleasure based domination

Originally Written Dec 8 2018

Picture of smart phone with Pornhub logo on screen, out of focus US flag as background for picture

How Porn CAN Contribute to Bad Sex

What porn gets wrong about sex in the real world

Originally Written Jan 16 2023

MasterClass: The (not so) Mythical Boobgasm

A detailed how-to on making a woman cum via breast play. Guaranteed to work on 98% of women