NSFW! You Have Been Warned

This is the master directory for my Witchfire heroine peril erotica project. I have links to my original series, character biographies and location information for those wanting detailed background information, Some pictures of Heather Carolin (the Playboy playmate who is the model for Witchfire’s appearance), Some artwork of her costume, and of course there’s a link set up for the soon to arrive Witchfire reboot series.

Any spin-offs will be here as well.

A few points to be made before continuing. First, this IS superheroine peril themed erotica. That means some of the sex will be non-consensual. That is NOT an endorsement nor a glorification of non-consensual sex. Think of it more in terms of the way a woman MIGHT fantasize about having a sexy encounter with a burglar, or some other similar scenario that would only remain in the realm of fantasy or at best, kinky roleplaying with a partner. She can have those fantasies while still being horrified by the idea of rape.

Likewise, I have a secondary goal of adding a little reality to the whole scenario of non-consensual sex, along with humanizing the heroines that are portrayed in these stories. None the less, if non-consensual stories offend or “trigger” you, please pass over these stories.

Lastly, the setting for these stories, and many of the characters are the creation of Mister X, owner of the Danger Babe Central heroine peril website. Mister X allows readers to use his characters in stories, which in turn makes this section of the website possible. Any artwork of DBC characters is owned by Mr X and his site. Likewise, any pictures of Heather Carolin are owned by Playboy Inc, Heather Carolin or the original photographer. NO attempt to commercialize nor profit from any of the above content has been made nor is intended by me.

Witchfire’s Inspiration

Heather Carolin; Playboy’s Ms. April 2002 was the inspiration for Krystal’s physical appearance.

Get a better look at this redhead stunner for yourself.

Witchfire’s Costume

After ages of trying to come up with the right look, I finally stumbled across one that’s 90% plus there.

Take a look at the new Witchfire in and out of costume.

The Original Witchfire Storyline

My story, blogged and posted at Mr X’s home page back in 2018 & 2019. Updated with new pictures and GIFs

Witchfire Redux

A complete reboot of the series, featuring Krystal’s return to Delta City for the first time.

Coming Soon!

Witchfire Series Character Biographies

My own kinky take on ‘The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe’, with everything you’d need to know on each character

Coming Soon!

Erotic Errata

My second informational section, containing info on setting, organizations, equipment and other items from Delta City… It’s a kinky place