Erotic Errata

This page, and it’s linked to articles are intended to help readers navigate the kinky world of Delta City. Most of the gadgets, etc described are fairly straight forward if you’re into Superheroes, and a bit kinky. For those who haven’t read stories at Danger Babe Central though, it may help you to know how the Adonis and Aphrodite genes work, what Nirvana Oil is, or even just where the hell Delta City is even supposed to be.

I feel obligated to offer one caveat though; all of this is my own work, and thus can’t be considered canon. At least not until when and if Mister X approves any of it. I’ve done my best to dig through old stories and new to create a consistent canon for my own story world and to keep it as close to as possible.

Delta City

What’s the real scoop on the setting for Witchfire’s story, and one of the most debauched locations on the Redneck Riviera? See for yourself.

The Aphrodite and Adonis Genes

Find out all about the key genetic mutation responsible for the vast majority of metahumans in the world of Delta City

The Perils of Delta City

A look at the dangers unique to a “Peril” setting that the heroines of Delta City face every day in their battles against the forces of evil.

Law in the World of Delta City

How the law works in regards to metahumans in the world of Delta City