The Aphrodite and Adonis Genes

These are two elements of Danger Babe Central’s characters that my readers may not really have a grasp on, so I’m going to give a brief summary of what’s stated at the site, and then expand upon them as they apply to my slightly different reality of Delta City.

OK, per DBC, the Aphrodite gene is a genetic mutation in women that has existed for thousands of years.  It gets its name from its producing carriers who are exceptionally beautiful, strong willed and highly sexual.  I’d speculate that the nickname first came about in ancient Greece, where those with the gene were compared to the original Aphrodite and Adonis. Danger Babe Central lore (per the Return of Set story) says that the mythological Amazons were Aphrodites. Various other strong warrior queens and women mistaken for goddesses are also suspected Aphrodite gene carriers.

So, what does it do exactly?

First, the Good:

Its carriers are always exceptionally beautiful and quite busty; always at least a D cup and often more well-endowed by their 20s. They age very well also without necessarily having longer lifespans than normal people.

It enhances the physical strength, endurance, agility, reflexes, durability and healing / recovery ability of its carriers.  It often gives them a resistance to disease and toxins as well.

Until such time as an Aphrodite loses her virginity, she will typically have a stereotypical innocent, ‘chaste maiden’ personality, even while her figure develops and she produces pheromones. After losing her virginity, the Aphrodite develops a strong sex drive.

It gives carriers exceptional willpower and a desire to combat evil.

It makes its carriers more fertile and sexually responsive than the average woman.  The gene does not create a cookie cutter woman however, and ‘hot spots’ will vary on an Aphrodite woman just as they will a normal woman.  Intensity of sexual response seems to be in part determined by amount of previous sexual experience.

At advanced mutation in more modern times, it can even give the women who carry it metahuman powers.

For better or worse, it’s carriers also emit a subtle yet fairly strong pheromone.

And Now, The Bad:

Sexual Responsiveness: An Aphrodite’s increased sexual responsiveness comes at a cost. Orgasms, particularly forced ones, will sap an Aphrodite’s physical strength, willpower, and the strength of any powers she may have.  Enough orgasms can break a carrier’s will completely, at least temporarily.  The gene’s enhancement of a woman’s spirit typically means that she’ll recover her will with time. This vulnerability seems to vary from Aphrodite to Aphrodite. Some have been seen to lose their powers and physical strength after a single orgasm, while others like Ms Americana require multiple orgasms in short order to weaken them.

Bondage and Forced Sex Aphrodites are (unlike real women) quite responsive to forced sex. Bondage of any sort has a weakening effect on their willpower to resist their dark desires also.

It should be noted here that the Aphrodite vulnerability to sex and bondage SEEMS to be more mental programming from their genes than physical response.

The Pheromones they emit can be strong, leading to unwanted advances by men, other women and sometimes humanoids as well.

Aphrodite women are extremely vulnerable to the Pheromones emitted by their Adonis counterparts.

Breast Milk: Per a few stories, Aphrodites not only naturally store or produce breast milk all the time, (somehow without the embarrassment of ever dealing with leaky boobs) but the milk also seems to act as a ‘battery’ or some sort of empowering agent. An Aphrodite who has her breasts completely drained of milk becomes a normal woman in terms of physical abilities and lack of powers. It seems to take roughly an hour on average for the Aphrodite to recover from being drained this way.

The Adonis Gene: is the male version of the Aphrodite gene.  It creates muscular, typically very handsome men who are hung like a horse with tons of sexual stamina.  They also emit pheromones, and women find themselves naturally drawn to them.  While Aphrodite genes make their carriers naturally defiant, but quite vulnerable to being tamed, Adonis genes simply enhance the male urge to excel and dominate.

Power Levels:

Aphrodite Women (and presumably Adonis men) are categorized on three power levels or types:

Level 1 – The base level.  These women have enhanced strength that may reach as high as low level metahuman (ie up to 5 tons, but often less), enhanced physical durability, but not on the level of being bulletproof or such, enhanced agility and reaction times, and enhanced healing, physical and sexual stamina. Typically, a tier 1 Aphrodite would be considered a “street level” superhero in Marvel or DC

Level 2 – These are women that have had greater levels of physical attributes and likely some super powers unlocked as well via means of some sort of external focus.  Without the focus, they revert to a normal level 1 Aphrodite. These are typically classic mid range power level metahumans

Level 3 – These are Aphrodite women who are also more powerful, sometimes even beyond a type 2, but do NOT require any sort of an external focus for their powers.  In the case of Omega Woman, her strength is over 100 tons at her peak. 

Both type 2 and 3 Aphrodites each have a higher level of weakness to sexual stimulation and overload, and can also have extra weaknesses or vulnerabilities as well.


Both a positive and a negative for Aphrodites. This is’s answer to kryptonite.  It’s an extremely rare crystalline alloy that robs an Aphrodite of her powers while exposed to it.  While it doesn’t seem to be fatal, it does depower an Aphrodite and cause pain if in close enough proximity.

While dangerous in its raw state, it can be refined in a special way that will enable it to be used to empower a focus that Level 2 Aphrodites require to unlock her full powers

MY Take on All of This:

This was originally going to be revealed in my story but I think it helps readers to be able to understand it before the heroines do.  I tried to noodle together who would do something like this to women (and men) thousands of years ago and why.  I decided to run with the legends of the Annunaki from ancient Sumeria.  They had the tech and the brutality.  Here’s the story:

The Annunaki were known to have a fetish for the women they created.  Being highly sadistic beings however, they also enjoyed rough, sometimes very rough sex.  Since they were also more powerful, they frequently killed their female slaves that they used as sex toys. 

Irritated by that, they invented a genetic manipulation that would lead to a stronger, more durable sex toy who would also be wilder at the start but also easily tamed.  They tied as much of their genetic manipulation as they could to the female reproductive system and began creating an elite cadre of dedicated sex toys.  They built in pheromones into their toys as a reminder not to be TOO abusive to them and risk breaking them as well (they would never create something that might truly be their physical equal after all).

The Annunaki women were increasingly incensed as they began to be replaced in bedrooms by these genetically augmented human woman.  They finally decided that turn about was fair play and engineered male counterparts to the Aphrodites.  Men who could not only fully satisfy their sadistic Annunaki mistresses but potentially sexually destroy an Aphrodite as well when they encountered each other (thus eliminating the Annunaki women’s sexual competition for them).

All of this eventually led to the Annunaki civil war and humanity’s revolt against them, which eventually led to the Annunaki fleeing the planet.  Many of the Aphrodites and nearly all of the Adonis gene carriers were wiped out by their former masters during those wars.  Some survived though, and that’s how the gene still exists as an active mutation in a small fragment of humanity.  Over the millennia the amazons and various great heroes and heroines were indeed gene carriers.  The gene has now evolved and mutated to the point that it’s capable of producing full blown metahumans.

Milkanite was a radioactive isotope that the Annunaki brought with them from Nibaru.  It powered their machines and was used in genetic engineering experiments as well.  In its natural form, it greatly weakens Aphrodites, and the Annunaki used this as an added control tool.  It can weaken an Aphrodite even at a distance, and the closer it comes to physical contact, the more pain it actually causes as well Touched anywhere along the chi meridians that regulate sexual energy, it can cause extreme pain in an Aphrodite.  Taken internally, it’s outright toxic to any human.

Refined Milkanite has its radiation frequency changed such that it will empower some Aphrodites to even greater power by unlocking their genes more completely while in their possession. 

With Adonis gene carriers, it worked out to be just the opposite as the Annunaki women tried to outsmart their male counterparts.  Adonis gene carriers are empowered by raw Milkanite, but are weakened and made impotent while exposed to refined Milkanite.

Much like Kryptonite in the DC Universe, the radiation frequency of Milkanite is harmless to normal humans unless there’s prolonged exposure.

As always, none of this section (My Take) is official Danger Babe Central lore, just my attempt to flesh out existing canon to create a deeper lore and allow for some plot hooks.

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