The Perils of Delta City

Delta City is full of numerous challenges for heroines trying to make the world a safer place. On top of the usual real world threats like gangs and guns, AND the typical superhuman world threat posed by supervillains and ultra tech, the heroines of Danger Babe Central are faced with a host of other challenges in their quest for justice.

Forced Orgasms:

Ironically, an Aphrodite’s greatest weakness is her own body, and a forced orgasm can depower her quickly. This appears to be as much if not more genetically programmed mental processes than physiological response. Ms Americana, when mind controlled and forcing Omega Woman to pleasure her, did not lose power from her climax. In either case, some Aphrodites lose their powers and physical strength after a single orgasm while others may take multiple orgasms in short order. Their stamina and mental makeup means that while further orgasms may lead to their will weakening and becoming submissive, they do bounce back given enough time to recover.

Most every villain knows of this weakness, and tries to exploit it if only for bragging rights over having conquered a “super”. Sometimes there are attempts to add to the bragging rights by seeking to impregnate the defeated heroine. Ruining and discrediting heroines to try to force them to retire is another motivation, as is revenge for past defeats. Dragon Queen and Professor Pervo are fairly unique in their motivation of impregnating heroines to create more powerful mutants.

Below is a list of the more common tricks, traps and weapons used by various villains in order to defeat superheroines in the Danger Babe Central world.


The Danger Babe Central world is home to a few unique variations on this theme:

Nirvana Oil:

Is a nearly clear oil extracted from the seeds of a rare aphrodisiac flower.  The plant’s fragrance itself is a mild aphrodisiac, even to normal women.  When the seeds are pressed to produce oil, similar to the way cottonseed oil is made, the aphrodisiac effect is much stronger.  The scent alone can be intoxicating to an already aroused or weak-willed woman.  When directly applied, the oil stimulates the body’s production of progesterone, and oestrogens, triggering strong sexual cravings and a modest increase in fertility in women.  This effect is intensified if applied to the breasts or crotch.  Since men tend to have lower levels of these hormones, the effect on them is usually minimal.  It should also be noted that blue mages are fond of enchanting Nirvana Oil to increase it’s potency or give it other additional effects.  The oil seems particularly receptive to holding such enchantments.

Nirvana oil can also be aerosolized and delivered into a room as a fine mist like gas with no loss of potency at all.

Pollen spores from ‘Inseminoid’ plants. 

These work on skin contact and will cause the region to become flush, and slightly itchy at first, followed quickly by the target becoming hot, then a strong sexual response and loss of physical strength.

Fish Men pheromones and semen:

These fast-acting pheromones only need a small amount to be effective and will carry as far as 4 or 5 feet away from a stage 1 fish man and almost 10n feet from a stage 2 fish man.  The pheromones will cause a weakening of the will and a moderate sexual response.  Aphrodites with a highly sexual nature (such as Got Gal) are particularly vulnerable to these pheromones.  Actual physical contact with a fish man will strengthen the effect.  Fish Men semen has the effect of physically weakening those it comes into contact with as well as provoking a strong fertility response in women.  It must come into physical contact with a target though.

Erotic Energy:

Either in the form of Blue Magic (see below) or tapping the energy of the sacral chakra, exposure to these forms of spiritual energy, properly channeled, can have an arousal effect on the target.  The energy can be channeled via spells / willpower or an artifact of some sort.  Level of effect can vary also.

Blue Magic:

This may or may not be familiar to readers.  Blue magic is a specialization that focuses on anything related to sex or the reproductive system.

Mind Targeted Spells: seduction spells designed to create love or lust count, as would spells that create a sexual repulsion towards another target.  A magical boost to sexual knowledge would fall here as well

Body Targeted Spells: fertility or potency could be increased or decreased, as could sexual response in the general body or a specific location.  Magical manipulation of sexual stamina for better or worse falls into this category also.  Even spells that increase breast or penis size are all considered blue magic.  Any sort of birth control magic would also fall into this category. 

Attacks and Manipulations:  Common attacks in this category are designed to create pain in the genitals, breasts, and sometimes anus.  Beyond such damage, there’s triggering or blocking an orgasm, or making breasts lactate.  Sympathetic magic is also common, feeling what the spell target feels, or making them feel what you do, and using that connection to channel further blue magic as well.

Blue magic against a particularly strong-willed target can also be subtle and ongoing; making them feel ghostly fingers roaming across their body as erotic energy is channeled into them, etc… in order to wear down their defenses and catch them unaware.


Noted here due to Aphrodites having a special vulnerability to it.  It will put them out at least as fast as a normal woman but quickly drains their physical strength.  However, even doses that would cause permanent damage or death to a normal human will do nothing more than leave then groggy with a bad headache for an extended period of time.  Some villains are also known to mix various aphrodisiacs in with their chloroform in an effort to make it even more effective against Aphrodites.  This typically is minimally effective as the chloroform breaks down the other compound after mixing. 

Vegan Chloroform: Chloroform from the planet Vega is a notable exception.  Not chloroform in the true sense of the word, it combines strong sedative and aphrodisiac properties, and can even be addictive.

Somaform: A unique chemical compound that was invented by a Dr Soma, and is currently outlawed worldwide in the DBC universe.  The compound acts similar to chloroform, but it’s effects are slower acting, and also include mild aphrodisiac properties.  What makes Somaform unique is that it only works on women.  Presumably this took some advanced genetic engineering to accomplish.  Because it’s slower acting than chloroform, and it only affects women, it’s most common use is as an aerosol.  Used during an ambush where the target will be physically exerting herself and breathing deeply, it can weaken them fairly quickly.

Control Band:

Dragon Queen uses an ultrasonic emitter built into a wrist bracer to keep her creations under control.  Her plants and other mutants all will not attack her while she’s wearing it, and she can alter it’s frequency to pacify or enrage them.  She will sometimes use a different design if experimenting with a new model for whatever reason.


Nighthawk from “Overload” video at Superheroine Central, with lactosite on her boobs (yes it’s probably Mayo in the film, lol)

White gooey liquid poison created by mixing raw milkanite with other compounds.  Can be fatal to aphrodites with long enough exposure (5 to 15 minutes depending upon her constitution) and even normal women if the exposure is long enough.  The compound gets name due to it’s harsh effects on the mammary ducts and glands.  Contact with breasts can be extremely painful for the victim.


Kryptonite for Aphrodites.  Originally an element from Nibaru brought here by the Anunnaki and used to control their slaves.  Weakens gene carriers and causes pain, but typically not fatal.  Can be refined to produce items that will augment the power of an Aphrodite.  Forging crystalizes it’s molecular matrix, thus altering the radiation that the element gives off.

Mutant Animals:

Primarily a Professor Pervo thing.  He seems to have a bestiality fetish as he regularly creates giant insects and animals or were-type creatures that seem driven to mate with women.  Note: cannon fodder in my stories as bestiality grosses me out.


Mutoids are humanoid, semi-intelligent (animal level) creatures made by Dragon Queen via DNA splicing experiments.  They’re typically over 6 feet tall, burly, strong enough to go head to head with a typical tier 1 aphrodite, and take a punch quite well.  Dragon Queen programs them with enough intelligence to follow the most basic of commands; usually focused on their two innate drives; fighting and mating.  They are capable of breeding with women and will create offspring that birth in a matter of hours and grow to full adulthood in a week.  Dragon Queen created them this way so that she could quickly grow an army with minimal effort.


B.A.B.E. Agent Kim Li battling Markov’s Plastoids.

Those robots were originally created as a joint project between The Geek and Vladimire Markov.  A clash of egos had them go their own ways as the project hit it’s first success.  Both went on to create their own versions of the Plastoids:

Geek Plastoids:  Come in two different basic varieties and are completely technological.  Both varieties can come in various sizes. Their appearance is a varying scale of humanoid appearance; from completely human looking to something resembling mutoids, to industrial labor robots.  The first is more solid and is essentially a robot made out of high impact plastic.  Redundant systems make them resistant to most forms of damage. 

Geek’s newer variety are an advancement of the originals, and have bodies more like a plastic putty.  They can entrap body parts or weapons used to strike them and even turn into a sort of ooze to squeeze through small spaces or grapple and entrap opponents.  The Geek has made both versions ‘anatomically correct’ and programmed with knowledge of basic sexual techniques, which they will use to try to subdue Aphrodite heroines.  Their results are typically less than ideal however.

Markov Plastoids:  Originally technological also, Markov’s “plastoids” are now a sort of homunculus.  Frustrated with his lack of progress after separating from The Geek, Markov accepted an offer by a strange man for insight on how to advance his plastoids to a completely new level.  Little did Markov know at the time that the ‘man’ was a demon, and the advanced plans created something that was a mix of magic and technology.  While appearing similar to Geek’s first variety of robots, these are more durable, and self-repair.  Their only major weakness is a vulnerability to head attacks.  They also have a rather horrific ability to reproduce by breeding with women.  They can ejaculate, and the fluid will create a synthetic life form in the victim’s womb, which she will give birth to hours later.  The “child” will take the form of an oblong pod somewhere between the size of a golf ball and tennis ball, and grow into a fully functional Plastoid in a matter of days.

“Pregger” Plants or Inseminoid Plants:

A particularly aggressive, semi-aware species of giant plant that seem to have originated in the deepest jungles of Central Africa.  Dragon Queen, Professor Pervo and other rogue geneticists are known to have taken a keen interest in them however, and they can turn up in in the most unlikely of places. 

What gives the plant species it’s nickname is the way the plant reproduces.  Instead of relying on pollinators, it senses women wandering nearby and lashes out with multiple tendrils, capturing them.  The entangled woman will then be subjected to aphrodisiac pollen to make her more compliant and fertile.  At that point, the plant will insert one or more seed pods into the woman’s womb.  The seed pods will be nourished by the bodily fluids in the woman’s body, and mature within a matter of hours.  The ripened seed pods are then given birth to, and will grow into full-fledged “pregger” plants.  The original plant may also have specialized tendrils that will inject the woman with a compound to promote lactation, and then suck down the breast milk produced in order to feed itself.

It’s unknown if the plants will attack mammals other than humans.  It’s strongly believed that such an unnatural plant had to be the product of some very perverse genetic engineering as opposed to evolution. 

There are also multiple varieties of these plants.  Some live underwater, some also are capable of producing an anesthetic pollen, some will feed on breast milk while others won’t…  The most insidious are even capable of uprooting themselves and moving at walking speed to search for water and prey.

Dragon Queen’s mutations of these plants often create humanoid plant creatures, and she frequently uses Aphrodite heroines as breeders to produce even stronger creatures.

Chloroforma Plants:

A creation of Captain Chloroform; these plants look like large fluted lilies with white or gold flowers.  The flowers are surrounded by animate creeper vines that end in softball sized “cotton balls” that give off an anesthetic aroma very similar to chloroform.

Demonic Beings and Undead:

Delta City is a natural nexus of spiritual energy.  Nightmare Witch and Professor Pervo have both summoned demonic creatures and have reanimated zombies.  Count Ivanova has made use of zombies as well.  It’s suspected that the extreme amount of dark spiritual energy circulating around Delta City is even responsible for making Count Ivanova virtually impossible to permanently kill.

The one thing that the demons (regardless of actual form), zombies, vampires and even ghosts all have in common is that they have a strong desire for sex.  The demons and vampires both feed and reproduce this way, and even the zombies as well sometimes.

Ultra Ability Destabilizer:

The “Mk 2” version is a “pistol”-like device the size of a small rocket launcher or a car muffler, and seen in “Ms Americana and Amazing Babe; Star Spangled Team Up”.  The device acts similar to Forge’s Neutralizer in Marvel Comics.  Power loss is nearly instant, with an Aphrodite depowered for hours afterwards.  Amazing Babe declared that the device had a secondary effect of making her aroused by being bound and dominated.  How much of that is factual vs the standard Aphrodite vulnerability to being dominated is uncertain.  Ms Americana, after seeing the device, declared that she thought it was a Dragon Queen invention.

Inhibitor Cuffs:

These are high tech handcuffs designed to dampen superpowers.  Fully effective against Aphrodites and their Adonis counterparts, the cuffs are apparently designed to block that specific genome.  They are, however, largely effective against other varieties of metahumans, with powers and other natural physical abilities being reduced by 75% on average.  There is also another variation designed to work on high tech “powers” such as cybernetic limbs and implants.  While there are no production models designed to inhibit magical ability (largely due to the scientific and industrial community being ignorant about mystical forces), such devices are possible and would theoretically involve a combination of materials and runes designed to inhibit the flow of magic.  Ideally these would be tailored to the specific being that the restraints are being used against.  Such devices would also be potentially harmful to beings whose very nature is magical, much like high tech inhibitors would be harmful to somebody equipped with a pacemaker.

Slave Collars

These are much like inhibitor cuffs, but worn around the victim’s neck.  Typically more powerful, and frequently also equipped with the ability to shock or otherwise cause pain to or weaken it’s victim, thus keeping them compliant.  While (technically) outlawed for police use, they do see use in by villains and human traffickers as well as some black ops units (for anything from good to sinister purposes).

Ripening Beam:

An insidious creation designed to stimulate the female reproductive system. Early models had the capability to create arousal and bring a target to orgasm repeatedly. Newer models designed by Dragon Queen and Professor Pervo have the ability to drastically shorted gestation time and bring a pregnancy full term in a matter of weeks instead of 9 months.


All manner of creative weapons are found within the DBC Universe:

Grenades: these can include the standard explosive, flash bang, tear gas and knockout gas grenades, to more exotic versions that encase a target in a form fitting plastic bubble that’s porous enough for them to breath with difficulty but otherwise trap them, EMP grenades, or ones that unleash a mist of nirvana oil or plant spores.  Magical versions include ‘psi-screamers’, darkness and life-drain, sleep and paralysis grenades.

Guns: Aside from the normal types, there are tranquilizer guns of all shapes, and guns that fire bullets that release knockout gas on impact, or taser bullets.  A few villains have even taken to using high power squirt guns filled with Nirvana oil.  Techman has been seen using a rifle that fires restraint putty. Sonic disruptor rifles that cause nausea and induce vertigo have been seen as well.

Ooze:  A strange compound developed by The Institute.  The slime-like compound will dissolve non-living compounds, eating through clothes in short order.  Harder materials like metal take much longer.  While it will not dissolve living flesh, it will leave contacted areas red and itchy, sometimes with a rash depending upon exposure.

Putty:  Restraint putty has been around in the DBC universe for a while, the idea being to restrain a limb against a surface or other limb with it.  Newer versions are starting to be seen however.  Ones that also act like ooze, or as an aphrodisiac, for example.  There’s also a variety that includes nanotech vibrators in it, which are typically targeted at erogenous zones.

Tasers:  Several types of tasers exist in the DBC Universe.  The most common are variations of the standard hand-held melee range units and ones that launch tiny barbs attached to wires to use at a distance.  The main difference in these will be that some will be far stronger than real world models and designed to take down metahumans.  Billy clubs designed to also deliver a strong electric shock are in use as well, particularly with DCPD’s SWAT and riot control units.  Other varieties do exist though, including “bullets” with taser charges, and similar ranged taser projectiles.  The Geek has become particularly fond of equipping his robots with these.  Lastly there’s a rumor that the Cartwright gang has even developed a taser lasso.

Nets:  Variations on the millennia old standard entangling device.  Various high tech versions have been seen in Delta City.  These include Taser or “Electro” Nets designed to subdue and entrap a target, including a variation that is designed to be harmful to high tech armor and similar equipment.  There are also “gravity nets” designed to down flyers.  They become extremely heavy via localized manipulation of the gravity field around them.  These nets are often extremely durable to stand up to both escape attempts and their own gravity manipulation.  Upon rare occasion, nets with power dampeners built in have also been seen.

Bolas:  Much like their net counterparts, these are designed to restrain a victim.  Typically made of metallic materials with their entanglement reinforced by a magnetic field.  Aside from the standard variety, all manner of the variations of nets have been seen as bolas also.

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