The Original Witchfire Storyline

Picture of partially painted bronze statuette of the Morrigan holding a sword in one hand and with a raven perched in the other.

The Witchfire storyline originally started out with a two pronged goal. First was to jump start my dormant writing habit. Second was to challenge myself to try to take a sub-genre of erotica that has a bad reputation (heroine peril) and see if I could put a different spin on it… make it about something other than “uppity strong women getting ‘what they deserve’ “.

I think I was slowly on my way there also, but I started this project during one of the most stressful down periods of my life. That, combined with trying to collaborate with another author for a shared story universe made things all but impossible. I burnt out after 11 chapters, and left it abandoned for a couple years.

The original project stands here as a comparison to measure the new project about to start soon… To remind myself and other writers that practice is how we improve. Besides, while I won’t say it’s the best superheroine erotica out there, it’s far from the worst also.

Background Info:

Briefly, Witchfire’s story premise was a bratty college girl falling through a portal into the world of superheroine peril. That specific world was borrowed from Danger Babe Central and it’s creator Mister X. The storylines there are primarily set in the imaginary Delta City, where a team of superheroines named The She-Legion patrol and keep the city safe. Metahumans in this world get their powers from genetic manipulation. It gives them exaggerated physiques (women ending up looking like porn starlets), and heightened sexual traits as well. Males tend to be far more aggressive and “bigger”, while women develop more sexually responsive bodies as well as sometimes an aloof personality. That, in turn, leads to the frequent peril situations.

Witchfire: Chapter 1 Banished

Spoiled college coed and Wiccan Krystal is banished by her goddess to Delta City to teach her humility

Originally Written October 11, 2018

Witchfire: Chapter 2 Strange Bedfellows

Krystal is rescued by Sara Kraft and Jungle Babe, then works with The Geek and Esha to free the She-Legion

Originally Written October 18th 2018

Witchfire: Chapter 3 Azure Angel Destroyed

Azure Angel is captured while scouting and challenges Dragon Queen to a martial arts duel

Originally Written October 25 2018

Witchfire: Chapter 4 Witchfire’s Crucible

Witchfire and her rag tag group move to rescue the She-Legion from Dragon Queen.

Originally Written November 11, 2018

Witchfire: Chapter 5 Aftermath

Krystal and Amazing Babe attempt to heal the emotional damage done to Azure Angel, and Krystal contemplates being stuck in Delta City

Originally Written: November 22, 2018

Witchfire: Chapter 6 Revelations

Specter Girl forces herself on Krystal. After fleeing, Krystal finds literal Sanctuary and the Sorcerer Supreme.

Originally Written: November 29, 2018

Witchfire: Chapter 7 The Witchfire Halloween Special (RetCon’ed)

Witchfire and Hexanna investigate Nightmare Manor and encounter Count Ivanova the vampire lord.

Originally Written: November 8, 2018

Witchfire: Chapter 8 Reinforcements

Witchfire squares off against The Aberration and later gets some unexpected reinforcements

Originally Written: December 20, 2018

Witchfire: Chapter 9 Training Day – Part 1

Witchfire gives Sully and Brenda a briefing about her situation and then takes them to Sanctuary

Originally Written: January 17, 2019

Witchfire: Chapter 10 Training Day – Part 2

Ms Americana and Brenda get in a catfight, followed by Witchfire battling Golden Qilin

Originally Written: January 31, 2019

Witchfire: Chapter 11 Double Trouble

Sully has a threesome with both Ms Americanas while the rest of the She-Legion set up their new base

Originally Written: Sept 12, 2019