Witchfire – Part 1

OK, before I get started here, I’m throwing out a few disclaimers.  First, all the characters except Krystal / Witchfire are from a superheroine bondage and peril site.  That means that they are trademark of said site (DangerBabeCentral.com), AND that this series of stories will doubtless go places that some readers may not be comfortable with.  While the first story here is fairly tame, if you’re not into really kinky stuff, the story series won’t be for you.

As a second disclaimer “in to” does NOT mean that anything depicted is something that I or anyone else would want to do or see happen for real.  No more than a woman who fantasizes about being surprised and having a sexy encounter with a burglar would want a stranger forcing himself on her.  It’s fantasy only, and stuff left for kinky and completely consensual cosplay at the most.

Heather Carolin striking a pose against a silver foil background while wearing nothing but a loose knit pink mini dress
Playmate and Adult Model Heather Carolin; Inspiration for Witchfire’s Looks

 Witchfire – Chapter 1:  Banished

Krystal Evens stood up after finishing her Yoga routine and yawned.  “This isn’t even much of a workout anymore, even with my Wing Chun forms done before it.”  “Maybe I can hit the campus gym after I offer my prayers, if those meat heads from the football team aren’t there.”  “At least Linda is in class right now.” Krystal sighed.  “I won’t have to worry about that bitch freaking out because the ‘evil witch’ is doing strange things.”   “Stupid mundies.” she snorted derisively.

(Note here; ‘mundie’ is short for mundane and is a term Wiccans and other spiritualists use to refer to normal humans.  Kind of like ‘muggle’ in Harry Potter.  It was first used as a nicer way to refer to normals than muggle, but like many terms, meanings and use can shift depending on the individual)

Krystal turned to the makeshift altar to the Norse goddess Freya that was on top of her dresser and went through her prayer and protection rituals.  When she finished everything, she turned and glanced at the clock on the night stand nearby… then sighed.

“It’s only 3:30.” She said to herself.  “The meat heads are still in the gym and it’s too early to go eat.”  She paused for a moment, considering her options.  “Hmmm, it’s Thursday though…”  “That means Mister X should have a new update out.” she added with an evil smirk.

The slender strawberry blonde’s nipples visibly hardened under her sports bra as she plopped down on her bed and fired up her laptop.

OK, so I get turned on seeing those girls tied up and used, she thought.  Having a bondage fetish doesn’t make me a total pervo, does it? She added with a mental giggle.  Well… maybe if that thing about imagination actually being a person seeing into an alternate reality is true…

Krystal push the laptop further down her thighs as it booted up.  She had her slender legs apart just enough to balance the laptop between them… and give her room for a little self-entertainment if the update turned out to be hot enough.

Krystal was 21 and in her junior year at UC San Diego.  She shared her dorm room with Linda, a somewhat dramatic Asian 20 year old who was also in her junior year.  Krystal was 5 foot 7 inches tall and on the slender side.  She was slender and lightly toned without looking anorexic.  Her fair skin and freckles complimented her curly, strawberry blonde hair and deep blue eyes perfectly.  All in all, Krystal was very attractive.  The only thing she hated about herself was her ‘small’ 34B breasts and their equally small eraser sized nipples.  Even her butt had more curve to it, and was extremely firm due to her aerobics, martial arts and yoga practice.

Krystal keyed in the URL for DangerBabeCentral and smiled wickedly as the page came up.  “Hmmmmm…  Looks like Nightmare Witch is going to catch and have magic tentacle fun with half the She-Legion” she giggled.  “This should be fun…”

One hand slipped under her sports bra and began absently playing with her breast as she signed into the members area with her free hand.  As she waited, the free hand slid between her legs and she let out a brief moan.

“Oh of course Hexanna loses her staff immediately.” Krystal said sarcastically, rolling her eyes.  “That fluffy bunny (spiritualist for poser) wouldn’t know a shield spell from the drawer full of vibrators in her nightstand.”

She paused, looking at the next frame.  “Damned, and tentacle bound with all holes filled just like that.”

Krystal slid her hand into her yoga pants and began playing with herself, moaning softly. Then she looked at the next few frames.

“And there come more tentacles out a portal behind Ms. Americana and Flag Girl.” She commented absently.  “Wow, off with the belts and up their asses in one fell swoop”.  “Mister X is really stepping it up a notch this time.”  “This is hot, I’m going to cum if this keeps up…”  “Looks like Champion Girl and the Got pair are next.”   “Not like the Gots ever met a top they could keep on for more than 2 seconds.”  She giggled gleefully.

The next panel showed Omega Woman with a small, pale gremlin like creature on her back, wrapping it’s arms around her neck and covering her mouth with a chloroform soaked rag.  Her eyes were rolling back in her head.  At the same time, a large mass of tentacles was shredding her costume and attacking her breasts, ass and pussy.

“Oh daaaaaaaaaaamned.” Krystal gasped.  “That scene is smoking hot.”  “Never mind I’d go full on lesbian for Omega Woman to start with.”  Krystal’s breath became deeper and huskier as her stimulation became more urgent.  “Damned bondage fetish…” Krystal gasped.  She put the laptop aside, pulled her yoga pants down, leaving them dangling off of one leg, and laid down completely on her back.

She pulled her knees most of the way to her chest and spread her legs.  With a hungry moan, Krystal began kneading her breasts and tweaking her nipples with one hand.  She slipped two fingers of her other hand into her wetness and began rapidly sliding them in and out while she used her palm to stimulate her clit.   Within moments, her moaning and cries of pleasure were loud enough that she was certain any people in nearby rooms probably heard her.

Her hips began involuntarily rocking as she felt her orgasm building.  In moments, her breath became a series of rapid, high pitched moaning gasps.  Then her eyes rolled back in her head, her back arched off the bed and her entire body jolted violently 5 times.  She collapsed panting and gasping on the bed.

“Shit…” she muttered quietly, trying to fully regain her senses, why can’t I get a guy to fuck me and make me cum like that?”  “…or a cute, drama free girl even.”

After a minute or two, Krystal had caught her breath and regained her senses.  She got up, went to the dresser and put on fresh clothes.  She put on a matching green lacy bra and panty set, then chose a pair of snug but not overly tight faded jeans and a light gray tank top.

Krystal stretched back out on the bed and put the laptop back on her lap.  “They may be dumb as fence posts, but wow are those cows good for relieving pent up sexual tension.”

Suddenly, the computer screen went black.  “Perhaps you should have more compassion for your fellow women.” a stern feminine voice said through the laptop speakers.

“What the fuck?!?” Krystal blurted out angrily.  “Lisa, if that’s you, I’m going to kick your ass for messing with my laptop.”

A 3D image of Freya’s head appeared on the screen, almost identical to the idol on Krystal’s altar.

“I expect you to show more respect when you address your goddess.” The image snapped in a stern tone.

Krystal let out a derisive snerk and rolled her eyes.  “Oh right, you’re Freya…” she replied sarcastically.  “Of course you’d appear on my computer monitor, not talk to me via the altar.”

“You spend far more time in front of this than you do my altar.” The image replied snidely.  “Simply because you’re extremely talented doesn’t exclude you from your duties.”

“No prick hacking my laptop is going to tell me how to be a Wiccan.” Krystal retorted angrily as she randomly hit various keys on the laptop.

“You are a blindly stubborn, prideful child sorely lacking in empathy, and sexual self-control.” The image snapped back.

“You know, IF you were Freya, you’d know it’s your energy that makes me horny all the time.” Krystal replied flatly.  “I was timid as a church mouse before I started following her.”

“Exposure to the divine creative within you is meant for you to master it, not be led by the nose by that same energy.” The image replied matter-of-factly.

“You know, if you were Freya and said that to me, I’d be REAL tempted to call bullshit after you played snow white and the seven horny dwarves for your necklace.” Krystal replied in an extremely bitchy tone.  Her temper having gotten the better of her.

“THAT blasphemy will not stand.” The image replied as thunder sounded outside.  “It’s time you learned humility and empathy the hard way.”

No sooner had Freya said that than a dimensional portal opened up underneath Krystal on the bed.  She immediately fell through it and was falling through a black, starry sky with rainbow like swirls of energy all around her.  All of he sudden, Krystal landed hard on her rear, on a hard, stone floor.

“Owww!  SHIT!” Krystal cried out.  She rubbed her rear with one hand while looking up to ascertain her surroundings.

There in front of her was Nightmare Witch, wearing a startled look.  To her right, Hexanna was bound up tight by phallic looking tentacles.  Half of them were buried in her mouth, rear and crotch.  All Hexanna could manage was a muffled request for help with the tentacle sliding in and out of her mouth.

To Krystal’s left, Ms. Americana and Flag Girl were on the ground, missing their power belts, and each wrestling with their own masses of tentacles.  Got Gal and Got Chick were on the ground with several two foot tall albino creatures that looked like Gremlins all over them.  The gremlins were doing their best to pin the duo down and paw at their exposed breasts.  One ran around in circles cackling as it held Got Gal’s ruby in it’s hands.

Omega Woman was just as Krystal had last seen her in the panel.  Her half-conscious body was suspended in mid-air by a mass of tentacles that was violating her every hole, along with her breasts.  Omega Woman’s costume was completely in tatters and left nothing to the imagination.  Only her gloves and boots remained intact.  The sight gave Krystal a tingling feeling between her legs.

Wow, she’s even hotter in person, Krystal though

In the back corner, Green Specter and Specter Girl were being stalked by a small group of the gremlins, who were backing the pair slowly, unbeknownst to them, into another pair of tentacle monsters.

“Who are you?!?” Nightmare Witch demanded.  “And how dare you interrupt my moment of triumph?”

“You… Think she’s another hero?” Flag Girl asked, struggling with the mass of tentacles on top of her.

“No…” Ms. Americana replied, struggling wildly to dislodge the tentacle up her ass.  “Look at her chest.”  “She can’t be a superior woman.”   “Just… some poor girl that nature was cruel to who wandered into here.”

Krystal snarled.  “Fuck you, you cow!”

She immediately fired two magical bolts from hands, striking the tentacle creatures over Ms Americana and Flag Girl.  The creatures disintegrated into nothingness.  Krystal immediately spun around, catching Nightmare Witch by surprise.  For a moment, when she heard Krystal swear at Miss Americana, Nightmare Witch thought she might have a new ally.  She was completely unprepared as Krystal magically pulled Hexanna’s staff out of her hand.  Krystal caught the staff at it’s end, then swung it wide, connecting with Nightmare Witch’s jaw.  The blow spun her around in place, and sent her sprawling to the ground, out cold.

Nightmare Witch’s summoned creatures immediately all faded away.  Hexxat stumbled to her feet and Krystal tossed her the staff rather roughly.  Hexxat made an awkward catch with a startled look on her face.

“And THAT is the way you do it.” Krystal said, a hint of contempt in her voice.  “Learn anything?”

“Just who are you calling a cow, young lady?” demanded Miss Americana, starting to step over to Krystal.

“Easy, Ms. Americana.” Omega Woman said, stepping between Ms Americana and Krystal.  “She… did just save us after all.” she added, slightly bewildered at the implications of her own statement.

“And nothing about it feels right.” Ms. Americana replied.  “She has a mouth like Dragon Queen, for starters.”

Krystal shook her head in annoyance, reached down and took the Power Belts out of Nightmare Witch’s hand.  She tossed them to Ms. Americana and Flag Girl.  After that, Krystal sighed and waved her hand, and everybody’s costumes were again intact and properly on their bodies.

“You’re welcome.” Krystal snapped.  “Try keeping your clothes on next time… for once.”

“HEY!” Flag Girl blurted out, clearly hurt by Krystal’s words.

Krystal looked up, and smiled smugly.  “I told you I could do it better and wouldn’t fall for the same idiotic tricks” she said, as if talking to the sky or some unseen being.

“Everyone calm down…” Green Specter said in a slightly exasperated tone.  “Whoever she is, she was probably brought here against her will, and is understandably shook up.”  She turned to Krystal.  “Can you tell us anything about how you got here?”

“I… guess I pissed off the wrong goddess.” Krystal said dejectedly.

The She-Legion all looked confused at the remark.  Krystal, on the other hand, had the feeling that something was wrong.

“Of course!” Krystal suddenly blurted out.  “This would be about the time the villain turns the tables on all of you yet again.”

Krystal spun around and wove a spell that tied Nightmare Witch up with magical tendrils just as the villainess was getting to her feet.

“Damned you!”  “How did you know?!?” Nightmare Witch demanded, furious.

“Oh puhleaze” Krystal retorted with clear contempt.  “I’ve been reading Danger Babe Central so long that I could see that one coming a mile away.”

The She-Legion REALLY, REALLY looked confused now.

“You’re going to suffer for this you tiny titted little bitch.” Nightmare Witch snarled.  “You will suffer horribly if it’s the last thing I do!”

“Will you please… just shut… the… hell… up” Krystal snapped.  She had an unmistakably glib tone to her voice.  She walked over to Nightmare Witch. “You’re not in any position to threaten anybody.”  “I’m actually a little disappointed.”  “I thought you were supposed to be some sort of spellcasting badass.”

She smirked at Nightmare Witch.  “Maybe stealing old Bessie’s, I mean Brenda’s body here wasn’t such a good idea.”  “It’s made you stupid, and apparently vulnerable to bondage like I’ve suspected for a while.”  “Bet you’ve got the rest of her vulnerabilities too, huh?”

Krystal pulled down Nightmare Witch’s top and started playing with her nipples.  Nightmare Witch immediately went weak in the knees, had her eyes roll partly back in her head and let out a guttural moan.

“I knew it.” Krystal smirked.  “A slut, just like her.”  “You know, I’ve always wondered…” she continued.  “If they’re that responsive, they must be pretty sensitive too.”  Krystal pinched both of Nightmare Witch’s nipples hard and proceeded to double purple nurple her.  Nightmare Witch screamed at the top of her lungs in utter agony and then blacked out.

“Couldn’t happen to a nicer bitch.” Omega Woman muttered, recalling her recent Halloween encounter.

“You… have got some serious explaining to do, missy.” Ms. Americana snapped.  “How do you know that she stole my body?”  “What the hell is a Danger Babe Central?”  “And you’d better have a really good explanation for how you know my name.”

“Calm your tits.” Krystal replied in a snarky tone.  “I come from an alternate dimension where you’re all known.”

Everybody looked at each other, confused.  Flag Girl circled her finger around ear, indicating that she thought Krystal clearly had a screw loose.

Krystal put her hands on her hips.  “Oh really?” she snapped.  “Then how do I know you’re Lydia Wells, Flag Brat?”

The She-Legion all muttered among themselves.

Krystal sighed.  “Crap, you’ve got me doing it now.”  She removed her hands from her hips and rolled her eyes.  “And if we’re going to do this…  Candice Graham”, she said pointing at Champion Girl.  “Axanna and Summer Morgan” she said, pointing at Green Specter and Specter Girl.  “Kameron Drake… and you are totally hawt by the way.” Krystal said pointing at Omega Woman.  “Tanya O’Donnel and Anita Jackson.” She said pointing at Got Gal and Got Chick.   “And… Hell, I dunno.”  “You’ve always been a bit player in the background, Hexanna.”  “Your bio sheet isn’t even up anymore.”

“Bit Player?!?” Hexanna blurted out, completely incredulous.  “Screw you!”  With that, she stomped out of the room.

“Wait…” Specter Girl interjected.  “So, we’re famous on this other world?”

Krystal snerked.  “Famous for screwing up and getting violated 7 ways to Sunday.”

“What??” Champion Girl exclaimed.

“Yeah… Hate to tell you but you’re all characters in a porn site for people with a superheroine bondage fetish.” Krystal replied, a bit less smugly.  She saw the look on the other women’s faces and suddenly realized what that must be like.

“I don’t know what to make of all of this.” Got Gal said.  “I think you’d better come with us until we can sort this all out however.”

“I’m not sure I like where that’s going…” Krystal replied suspiciously.

“Relax.” Omega Woman said.  “We can sort this out, and help you get your bearings.”  “If anyone can figure out how to get you home also, it’s Professor Whirter.”

Krystal sighed.  “I suppose it’s as good an option as any at this point.”

The She-Legion members took Krystal back to their headquarters and Krystal explained everything that happened to her and how Danger Babe Central highlighted all their exploits, and exploitation.

“Banished for being a spoiled bitch…” Miss Americana snorted.  “That I can certainly believe.”

Specter Girl looked completely dejected.  “So, we’re not even real, just products of some pervert’s imagination?”

“No,” Krystal tried to explain gently.  “It’s like I tried to explain earlier…”  “Apparently when people imagine things, what they’re really doing is picking up on things in an alternate reality with their subconscious.”

“Uhmmm… yeah…” said Flag Girl, sounding both a bit lost and skeptical.

“I suppose it’s possible…” Professor Whirter replied, pondering the situation carefully.

“Professor, is there any way you can verify any of what she said?” Green Specter asked.

“Not without doing an examination and some testing.” the professor replied.

Krystal sighed, clearly annoyed again. “Fine, if it’ll end this garbage.”

“It’s settled then…”  Ms. Americana said.

Professor Whirter led Krystal and the others to his lab.

“So… this other reality…” Omega Woman asked as they walked down the hall.  “Things are really that different there?”

Krystal nodded.  “Way different.”  She paused for a moment.  “Granted, things aren’t perfect, but…  well, things are a lot better for women there.”

“And Heroines?” Omega Woman asked.

“That’s… complicated.” Krystal replied.  “At least what you’re asking about specifically.”

Omega woman nodded, giving Krystal a look that said she still wanted to know.

“Well, on my world, there are no heroines as you think of them.” Krystal replied.  “There are people with magical training like me, and people with mental abilities.”  “Metahumans like you largely exist in books, cartoons and movies though.”  “It’s different from here though in that men and women are equally represented as heroes or villains.”

Ms. Americana snerked dismissively.

Krystal glared at Ms. Americana briefly.  “People also try to view each other as equals, and it’s largely only the villains that look down on people because of their gender, or the size of their tits or cock.”

“Sounds like a delusional fairy tale to me.” replied Ms. Americana coldly.

“Kind of a nice one though…” Green Specter replied absently.

They all arrived in the lab, and Professor Whirter went to a workbench, picked up some sort of a handheld scanner and waved it up and down in front of Krystal.

“Hmmmm, I can’t get a definitive reading of any extradimensional energy.” Whirter commented as he fumbled with the dials on the scanner.

Hexxat passed her staff in front of Krystal, causing both the staff’s skull and Krystal to glow in an odd violet color.  “She has a strong magical energy about her, it may be throwing off the readings.”

“Well, I can only think of one immediate option then.” The Professor replied.  “She will have to remove her clothes so I can scan them without her own energy field interfering.”

“As if, you dirty old goat!” Krystal snapped bitterly.

“If you want anybody to believe you, then you’re going to have to provide some evidence.” Ms. Americana interjected.  “So, unless you have some other way to prove your wild story… strip.” she demanded.

Krystal rolled her eyes and pulled off her tank top and flung it at Miss Americana.  After a dirty look from Ms. Americana, she also reached behind herself and unhooked her bra, letting it fall forward off her chest before flinging it at the Professor.  Her small, lily white breasts jiggling briefly while her small pink nipples hardened.  Krystal cross arm covered her breasts and glared.  “Happy?” she spat angrily.

Got Chic and Flag Girl both snickered.

“She’s… so small…” Champion Girl muttered loudly.  Her expression was one of mild surprise.

“I haven’t been that size since I was 12.” Got Gal stammered.

“C cups are average in a non-cow world.” Krystal snapped.  “I may be a little smaller but still well within the range of normal.”

Professor Whirter took the bra and tank top, placing them into an analyzer that was about the size of a washing machine.

“Let’s have the rest of it…” Ms. Americana demanded, holding out her hand and making a ‘give it here’ motion.

Krystal glared, looking like she wasn’t sure whether to scream or cry.  Then she rapidly stripped off her shoes, ankle socks and jeans, flinging them all at Miss Americana and the Professor.  Krystal was left standing there in the pair of tiny, very sheer lace G string panties.

“Panties too.” Americana snapped.

“Go to hell.” Krystal snarled.  “You may get off on humiliation, but I don’t.”

Ms. Americana got face to face with Krystal.  “Let me make it plain for you.” She said in a clearly threatening tone.  “I don’t know you, none of us do.”  “You come out of nowhere making wild claims and you know everybody here’s secret identities.”  “That means you can put us and everyone around us at risk.”  “Hell… the whole city, if we can’t do our jobs.”  “So that means you’re going to drop those panties NOW, or we’re going to rip them off of you.”

Specter Girl looked down, shaking her head.  “This isn’t right.” She muttered, ashamed.

Omega Woman heard Specter Girl’s comment and gave her a gentle side hug.

Krystal pulled down her panties, wadded them in her hand and flung them at the Professor.  The Panties hit him in the face, and he fumbled to catch them and then threw them in the analyzer, after he discreetly gave them a sniff.  Krystal moved one hand from her breasts to try to cover her now exposed sparse bright red bush.

“Well, carpet matches the drapes.” Snickered Got Chic.

Professor Whirter placed the rest of Krystal’s clothes in the analyzer and activated it.  Miss Americana went over to him and they whispered back and forth for a couple of moments.  Krystal moved one thigh in front of her other leg, trying to further salvage what little dignity she had left.  Meanwhile the entire group gawked at the young strawberry blonde beauty.

“You want to know why I resent you?!?” Krystal finally blurted out as her eyes started to water.  “This is why.”  “You think nothing of degrading a woman that you don’t see as being on the same level as you.”  “I don’t have tits as big as my head, so somehow I’m less of a woman.”  “You make me sick.”  “You’re no different than the cheerleaders and other mean girls that used to bully me and the other unpopular girls.”  She paused for a moment, letting that sink in.  “What’s more, you’re no different than the villains that treat you as subhuman just because you have great tits.”

All the She-Legion members present had guilty looks on their faces at that point.

Ms. Americana walked back over, a slightly contrite look on her face.  “I know what this looks like on the surface.” she said solemnly.  “Please understand that you have many of us here scared though.”  “This city… this world even, is very dangerous for us.”  “If you’ve seen as much of our lives as you say, then you know how many times we’ve been raped, violated by aliens, monsters, animals and even freakish plants.”  “We strive to do the right thing though, believing that our suffering leads to some greater good.”

Ms. Americana paused and took a breath, trying to collect her thoughts.  “What you know about us can potentially make our lives a far worse hell.”  “We’ve been infiltrated a few times also, so trust comes hard for us sometimes.”  Ms. Americana sighed.  “Look, if you can be polite to us, we’ll be polite to you.”  “If the Professor’s examination of you and your clothes verify what you’ve said at all, you’ll be welcome here, and we’ll do whatever we can to get you home.”  “Fair enough?”

Krystal sighed.  “O… okay.” she replied.  She forced an awkward smile, and shook hands with Ms. Americana.

“So, do you have a heroine name?” Specter Girl asked, genuinely curious.  “The way you kicked ass back at Nightmare Witch’s hideout, you must.” She added with a slight giggle.

“I…” Krystal paused for a moment, thinking.  “Not… really.” “I use Witchfire as a screen name though.”

“Sounds like as good a name as any.” said Champion Girl.  A few of the others nodded.

“Now that we’ve settled that, the Professor needs to examine you further.”  Ms. Americana interjected.  “We still need to verify your story a little more, and we’d also like to make sure you’re OK after getting deposited here.”  “No more comments either, promise.” She added with a smile.

“OK” Krystal replied with a nod.

“Please climb up on the examination table” Professor Whirter said, motioning to a table on the other side of the room.”

“A gynecological exam table??” Krystal asked skeptically.

“All metahuman powers on this world come from a section of the genome strongly connected to the reproductive system.” Professor Whirter replied.  “Between that, and the times that the ladies here have been violated, this kind of table is necessary.”

“…The Aphrodite and Adonis genes.” Krystal said, contemplating the situation.

“You know?” the professor asked, shocked.

“Most of the site fans do.” Krystal replied, a bit embarrassed.  Krystal climbed onto the table, trying to distract everyone from her confessed guilty pleasure back home.  “Now what?”

“Lay down with your arms at your sides and I’m going to run some scans on you and do a physical exam.” Professor Whirter replied in a scholarly tone.

“Wow, they may be small but man they’re firm and perky.” Specter Girl said.  “I’m a little jealous there.”

Krystal blushed lightly hearing the words.  Meanwhile, Professor Whirter ran a metallic rod connected to a shoe box sized device above Krystal’s breasts.

“They are indeed natural, perfectly healthy, and free of any genetic defects or physical alteration….” The Professor commented as he studied the screen on the device.  “Remarkable… not even the faintest trace of the aphrodite gene in her either.”

“But… you, like said everybody in Delta City has some small trace of it.” Flag Girl said, confused.

“At least a small trace, yes.” The Professor replied.  “Not enough to give them any sort of powers, but at least enough for it to potentially create Aphrodite offspring with the right partner.”  “And it apparently accounts for the large breast size of the women here, if our guest is to be believed.”  “We should be certain that the machine is reading correctly however.”

With that, the professor began poking and probing Krystal’s breasts with his fingers, causing her to squirm awkwardly.  Her nipples also became fully erect, much to Krystal’s embarrassment.

“OW!” Krystal yelped.  “Just because they’re small doesn’t mean they’re not sensitive.”

The professor then cupped both of Krystal’s breasts in his hands and began lightly kneading and massaging them.  Krystal gasped at first, and had to fight the instinct to slap the old man’s hands away.  Nothing could stop her from blushing however as her tits were molested while half the She-Legion looked on.

“Interesting…” the Professor remarked.  “Slightly above normal swelling response to stimulation, but nothing to indicate a hidden Aphrodite factor.”   “Nothing abnormal felt at all…” the professor added while trying to hide a coy smirk.  The professor began teasing and playing with Krystal’s nipples, eliciting a soft, whimpering moan that she stifled after a second.  Krystal blushed bright red, realizing that everyone in the room had heard the moan and was looking at her oddly now.

“Uhmm, I think that’s enough… verification, professor.” Green Specter said in a skeptical tone.

“Ermm, errr, yes…  quite right.” The professor replied.  He immediately ran the wand done both sides of Krystal’s body and then up her inner thighs, then looked at the screen, frustrated.  “Hmmm… inconclusive readings again.”  “Please put your legs in the stirrups, my dear.”

“What??” Krystal blurted out, shocked.

Miss Americana gave Krystal a reassuring look and nodded to her.

Krystal sighed, rolled her eyes and reluctantly put her legs in the stirrups, spreading herself wide and allowing all assembled to get a good look at her womanhood.

As if this couldn’t get any more mortifying, Krystal thought.  I’m beginning to think they put way too much blind trust into this creeper.

The professor took the scanner’s wand and ran it along Krystal’s inner thighs and between her legs.  “Definitely normal human…” he commented absently.  “Nerve cluster concentrations would indicate above average responsiveness for a non-aphrodite, but not extreme.”  “Detected hormone and biochemical levels indicate sexual activity today also.”

“HEY!” Krystal objected loudly.

“Of a solo nature it seems…” the professor added, seemingly oblivious to Krystal’s outburst.

“OK, now THAT is REALLY none of your damned business.” Krystal snapped, slipping out of the stirrups and sitting up.  She looked up at the group, staring at her awkwardly.  “Don’t look at me like that.” She said, clearly quite flustered.  “A girl has …needs.”  She paused awkwardly.  “Besides, it’s not like all of you don’t do it also regularly.”

There were several awkward uhms and erms, especially from the sidekicks, and a few of the group looked away awkwardly.  Krystal rolled her eyes and shook her head.

Miss Americana walked over to the larger analyzer containing Krystal’s clothes, looked at the readouts and nodded to the Professor.  The professor nodded back to her.

“Well, I think we’ve got all the answers we need now.” Miss Americana said to Krystal.  “You can hop on down from there and we’ll figure out where to go next from here.”

“Finally…” said Krystal, her exasperation clearly showing.

Krystal took one step toward the large analyzer, intent on recovering her clothes and salvaging what little remained of her dignity.  Her foot hadn’t even hit the ground however when Professor Whirter grabbed Krystal from behind.  She felt a sting in her right breast and looked down to see the professor had injected her with something.  Krystal struggled to blurt out a ‘why’ but the darkness overtook her and she went limp in the professor’s arms, drugged into unconsciousness.  Half of the group gasped at the event.

“Why?!?” demanded Specter Girl.

“Not cool.” Flag Girl stated.

“Everybody remain calm, please.” Ms. Americana said, putting up her hands.  “The professor will explain why we had to do that.”

“Sadly, nothing in this young woman’s story checked out with our equipment.” The professor stated calmly.  “She may very well be a villain intent on destroying the She-Legion.”  “Far more likely the poor child is traumatized by her lack of… development, and has delusions of proving herself a great heroine to give herself validity in her mind.”  “That in and of itself is sad.” He continued.  “Combined with her formidable magical abilities however, she’s a serious danger to herself and others.”  “As much as it pains me to say it, the safest place for her is in a mental institution where she can get the help she needs, and she can’t expose your identities to anyone who will believe her.”

The assembled She-Legion members mumbled quietly, and accepted the professor’s declaration with varying degrees of reluctance.  A call was made to the sanitarium and Krystal was picked up, completely restrained, and taken to an awaiting cell there.


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