Witchfire – Part 2

OK, before I get started here, Same disclaimers as last time.  First, all the characters except Krystal / Witchfire and The Giggler are from a superheroine bondage and peril site.  That means that they are trademark of said site (DangerBabeCentral.com), AND that this series of stories will doubtless go places that some readers may not be comfortable with.  While the first story here is fairly tame, if you’re not into really kinky stuff, the story series won’t be for you.

As a second disclaimer “in to” does NOT mean that anything depicted is something that I or anyone else would want to do or see happen for real.  No more than a woman who fantasizes about being surprised and having a sexy encounter with a burglar would want a stranger forcing himself on her.  It’s fantasy only, and stuff left for kinky and completely consensual cosplay at the most.

Witchfire, Pt 2. –  Strange Bedfellows

Krystal lay in a heap on the floor of the padded cell.  She was strapped tightly into a strait jacket to inhibit her spellcasting.  To add insult to injury, they’d gagged her as well.  Not just with any gag, but with a ball gag.  The orderlies thought it was funny, and made crude remarks about what else they could stuff into her mouth to shut her up.

She wanted to cry, but she felt totally numb… dead inside.  Not only were the drugs they’d pumped into her clouding Krystal’s mind, but her spirit was badly damaged as well.  Alone on a strange world, betrayed by women who were supposed to be heroes, and then this hell with no way out…

A sound on the other side of the exterior wall vaguely registered through the haze in her mind.  Some small unclouded remnant of her powers told her to move.  She rolled on her side until she was under the bunk bolted to the wall.

From out of nowhere, the exterior wall exploded inward.  Krystal instinctively cringed and pressed herself against the wall the bunk was connected to.  Through the roughly 5 foot hole in the wall, Sara Craft, Jungle Babe and Specter Girl came pouring in.  They’d barely gotten into the room when the cell door flew open and half a dozen orderlies armed with cattle prods charged in.

“Did you use enough explosives?!?” Jungle Babe demanded, punching the first orderly in the face.  “We’re supposed to rescue her, not blow her to bits.”

“Bloody hell, I did the best I could.” Sara Kraft retorted.  She did a forward roll off to the side and came up guns blazing, taking down 3 of the orderlies.  Fortunately for them, she had loaded her pistols with tranquilizer dart bullets.  “The walls are heavily reinforced to prevent escapes.”

Specter Girl was being stalked by the remaining two orderlies.  She did a spinning back kick, hitting one in the stomach and sending him flying into the wall.  The second one jabbed his cattle prod right into her breast as she finished the kick.  Specter Girl cried out in pain and fell to the ground clutching her injured tit.  Jungle Babe grabbed him by the shoulder, spun him around and then Sara and Jungle Babe both hit him in the face, knocking him cold.  The one orderly remaining conscious, whom Jungle Babe had slugged first, took off running down the hall.

“Forget him.” Sara snapped.  “We’ve got to get her out of here before the area is crawling with guards and orderlies.”

Jungle Babe helped Specter Girl back up to her feet while Sara grabbed Krystal by the ankles and pulled her out from her hiding place.  “Right, then…” Sara said.  “Time to go.”

Krystal curled up into a fetal position and mumbled something incomprehensible through her ball gag.

“What did they do to her??” Specter Girl asked, horrified.

Sara Kraft shook her head, pitying the restrained and sedated woman.  “We’ll get her right and proper after we get out of here.” She replied.  “Barricade the door while I get her cut free.”

Jungle Babe and Specter Girl pulled the bunk frame loose from the wall and wedged it against the door.  In the meantime, Sara unbuckled the ball gag from Krystal’s mouth.  Krystal whimpered incoherently while Sara cut the straps off the strait jacket with her survival knife.

“Come on now, be a dear.” Sara said, trying to pull Krystal to her feet.  Krystal only moaned and muttered a semi-coherent ‘no’.

“That’s not going to hold them long.” Jungle Babe said, coming over to help Sara with Krystal.

They each lifted Krystal by one arm.  As if almost on que, there was a banging against the door as the institution’s security team tried to force their way in.

“We’ve got to get out of here!” Specter Girl blurted.  “I… I don’t think I could handle ending up like her.”

Recognition dawned in Krystal’s eyes as she heard Specter Girl’s voice.  She looked up at Specter Girl with a crazed expression.  “YOU!!” she exclaimed, enraged.  “You did this to me!”  “You and the rest of those whores!”  She struggled and thrashed wildly to get at Specter Girl as Sara and Jungle Babe struggled to restrain her.

“We don’t have time for this, damned it!” Sara yelled.  Sara released Krystal’s arm, spun her around and slapped as hard as she could across the face.  “Listen, you bloody sot…”  “If we don’t get you out of here right now, they’re going to catch you again and what you’ve already gone through will look like a bleeding picnic!”   “Now get with it.”  “We’ll straighten out the rest once we’re safely away.”

The slap returned Krystal to her senses.  “F… fine.” She gasped, the adrenalin already wearing off thanks to the drugs still in her system.

Sara grabbed a hand-held radio off her belt.  “Extraction team, now!” she barked into it.

A helicopter could be heard flying over the institution’s outer wall.

“She’s in no condition to climb a rope ladder.” Jungle babe observed.

“That’s why I brought a harness.” Sara replied, pulling it from her backpack and slipping it on to Krystal.  “Specter Girl, you first.” Sara ordered.  “I don’t want to have to explain losing you to your mother.”

“If we even can get her back.” Specter Girl replied sadly, her voice almost cracking.

“We’ll get her back.” Jungle Babe said.  “We’ll get them all back.”

Specter Girl nodded weakly, then jumped out the hole in the wall, grabbing a rope ladder hanging from the helicopter now hovering above.

Jungle Babe helped Sara get the harness fastened around Krystal, then turned to Sara.  “You next.” She said firmly.  “No arguing either, climbing vines is in my blood.”

Sara Kraft started to argue, but realized there was no time for it.  The bashing against the door was becoming louder and more frequent, and the door was starting to give way.  She hooked a cable to Krystal’s harness, nodded grimly to Jungle Babe, and then jumped out the hole and began climbing the ladder.

Jungle Babe sighed, looking at Krystal.  “I hope you’re worth it.” She said.  She tugged twice on the cable and Krystal started to be winched up to the helicopter.  Jungle Babe guided her safely through the hole in the wall then leapt for the ladder herself, climbing it at record speed.

Sara Craft and Jungle Babe helped reel in Krystal as Specter Girl strapped herself into her seat.

“I hope the Geek got the security systems disarmed, or this is going to be a real short trip.” Sara Kraft remarked uneasily.  “Hit it!” she yelled to the pilot as the two women shoved Krystal into a seat.

The helicopter immediately took off, gaining altitude and pulling away from the mental institution’s grounds.  Not a moment too soon either as shots began to ring out from the hole in the building’s wall.

Sara and Jungle Babe buckled themselves into their own seats.

“No cannons or force field keeping us from leaving.” Sara Kraft remarked.  “No police copters chasing us either.”

Jungle babe nodded glumly.  “Looks like little dork did his job.”

A short time later, the helicopter landed at an abandoned private airport on the far outskirts of Delta City.  The trio of heroines helped Krystal into an old, rusted hangar while the helicopter crew pushed it into the hangar and out of sight as well.  The hangar had clearly been set up in a hurry as an emergency base.  The trio laid Krystal down on a cot.  Krystal was moaning softly and incoherently, and was having trouble focusing her vision as well.

“These jungle herbs should help her body fight off the poisons in her system.” Jungle Babe said, as she prepared an herbal tea for Krystal.

“Medicine, not poisons.” Sara said, showing a hint of exasperation.

“You know my opinion of modern drug company medicines.” Jungle Babe said with clear contempt.

“This probably isn’t the best time for a debate.” Specter Girl interjected.

Sara Kraft sighed.  “Yes, you’re correct.”

Jungle Babe helped Krystal sit up and then held the cup of tea to her lips, helping her drink slowly.  After 15 minutes, Krystal had finished the cup of tea.  Her appearance had gone from barely aware to looking more like hung over after a bad college frat party.

“OK,” Krystal said softly.  “Somebody please tell me what’s going on…”  She looked up and glared at Specter Girl.  “And why I shouldn’t kick her ass.” she added with a grumble.

“Look, I’m sorry about what happened.” Specter Girl said.  “Nobody was really happy with what happened, or how it went down.”  “We… apparently trusted the Professor, and what he told us, a bit too much.”  “He told us you were a normal human who exhibited signs of insanity, that there was no dimension travel evidence, and that you were a danger to yourself and others because of your magic.”

“And you just believed him, no questions asked…” Krystal said accusingly.

“He’s been a huge help in the past.” Specter Girl said.  “His inventions have saved us several times.”  She paused for several moments.  “If it makes you feel better, we’ve paid for it… dearly.” She added, clearly badly shaken up.  “He… betrayed us to Dragon Queen.”  “She and her ninjas stormed the She-Legion headquarters without warning.”  “She let lose an army of mutoids and plant monsters.”  “Almost the entire She-Legion was captured.”  “It’s… been days.” Specter Girl added.  “God only knows what she’s doing to them.”

“Cry me a river…” Krystal said in a bitter tone.  “Karma if you ask me.”  She looked at Specter Girl on the verge of tears.  “Let me guess, you want me to go and save them all.”

“Well, you did kick some major butt back at Nightmare Manor.” Specter Girl replied, a hint of hope in her voice.

“Technically, we want you to work with us to free the others.” Sara Kraft replied.

“Lady Kraft, Jungle Babe…” Krystal nodded to each of them.  “Thank you both for getting me out of that nightmare.”  She glanced back at Specter Girl.  “There’s no way in hell I’m lifting a finger to help them though, especially after what they did to me.”

“Please!” Specter Girl sobbed throwing her arms around Krystal.  “They may not mean anything to you, but that’s my mom they’re torturing and experimenting on.”  “She’s all I’ve got.”  “I… I’ll do anything, please.”

“Now there’s an intriguing offer.” came a smug and lecherous male voice from behind them.

The entire group turned to face the new voice.  To Krystal’s shock, it was The Geek.

“What are you doing here??” Krystal demanded.

“Easy, sweet cheeks.” Geek said with a smug smile.  “I’m the one that helped with all the electronic security, allowing you to be rescued.”  “Feel free to reward me in whatever way comes to mind.” he added with a lewd smile.

“The money I’m paying you is all the reward you need, Geek.” Sara Craft snarled.  “It’s a small fortune… two or three times what I could have hired another team for.”

“Quality costs, babe.” Geek replied in a cocky tone.  “Besides, try getting any of those so-called experts to do something like this so quickly.”  “Can’t blame your friend with the perky little tits for refusing though.”  “The rest of this is a suicide mission.”

“You must be desperate if you’re working with this clown.” Krystal said, rolling her eyes.  She looked down at Specter Girl, who was still sobbing with her head resting on Krystal’s lap.  She ran her and gently through Specter Girl’s hair and sighed.  “Alright…  I must be crazy, but I’ll help.”

Specter Girl popped up and hugged Krystal tightly.  “Thank you thank you thank you.” She said excitedly.

Krystal sighed awkwardly, then looked at the others.  “I hope you have a plan… a good plan at that.”

“There are no good options here.” Sara Kraft replied bluntly.  “We don’t even know where the others are.”  “We’re assuming they’re still alive because they’re worth more to Dragon Queen that way for her sick experiments.”  “The only place to start would be the She Legion headquarters, and hope they’re either still there, or we find a clue pointing us in the right direction.

Krystal nodded quietly.  “Who have we got left?”

“You’re looking at it.” Jungle Babe said grimly.  “The only other one to avoid capture was Azure Angel.”  “She’s running surveillance on the base now.”

“Azure Angel?!?” Krystal blurted out.  “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

“She’s a trained ninja warrior.” Sara Kraft replied a bit defensively.

Krystal rolled her eyes.  “And can you name me one time she hasn’t gotten caught and violated on a mission?”

The others were awkwardly quiet.

“I rest my case.” Krystal said with a sigh.  “We’re going to need more to have a chance.”  She reluctantly turned towards The Geek.  “What about you?”  “You’ve got an army of robots, right nerd boy?”

“Sorry Babe…” Geek replied.  “They all got smashed up by Omega Woman when she rescued Ms. Americana and Flag Girl from my last trap.”  His tone and expression turned decidedly sullen as he finished the sentence.

Krystal scowled at him and started to say something.  She cut herself off though.  “No…. never mind.”  “I’m going to keep my mouth shut for once.”  She turned back to the other women.  “What about other heroines who are independent or retired… like Night Raven?”

“No clue…” Sara replied.  “I’m not even sure how to reach her, much less who she is.”

“That’s OK…  I know how to find her.” Krystal said with a smirk.  “Hopefully she’ll know how to find Bat Broad.”  “Freya help us, we may even need… Battle Sprite.”  Krystal literally shuddered at the thought.

Geek doubled over laughing, slapping his knee.  “Battle Sprite?!?”  “You really are desperate.”

“Stow it.” Krystal snapped, glaring at The Geek.

“So how do we do this?” Jungle Babe asked, curious.

Krystal thought for a moment.  “Specter Girl and I will go approach her.”  Sara Kraft shot her a disapproving look, but Krystal cut her off from speaking.  “Somebody has to stay here in case we need a rescue, and to keep an eye on him.” she said, motioning with her head to Geek.  She paused briefly.  “Besides… you and Jungle Babe stand out in a crowd, to put it mildly.”  “Even with more normal clothes, you’re both fairly famous, are seriously stacked, and Jungle Babe has platinum blonde hair down to her ass.”  “The two of us can blend in easier.”

“I suppose so,” Sara Kraft replied skeptically.  “That doesn’t mean I have to like it though.”

“Duly noted.” Krystal replied.  Krystal cast a magical spell and transformed Specter Girl’s costume into civilian clothes, but left her mask on.  “No peeking for you, Geek.” she said.  “I’m just glad those idiots at the sanitarium were too afraid to take my clothes.”  “This is one of my favorite tops.”

“Now what?” Jungle Babe asked.

“I’ll teleport the two of us to Night Raven, and we’ll see if we can talk her into helping.” Krystal replied.  “We’ll see how things go from there…”  “One step at a time.”  “In the meantime, keep this hangar doors closed and everybody out if sight.” 

A few minutes later, Krystal and Summer appeared in the hallway of an apartment building.  Krystal nudged Summer lightly.

“Mask.” She whispered.

Summer reached up to her face and quickly pulled the mask from her face.  “Thanks” she said awkwardly.  “I… wouldn’t want that jerk knowing my identity.”

Krystal nodded quietly.  “Let’s hope she’s here…”  She knocked on the door.

After several moments the door was opened a few inches and a leggy, fair skinned woman with green eyes and pale blonde wavy hair in a pixie cut peeked out.  “Can… I help you?” she asked warily.

“I hope so…” Krystal replied calmly.  “The She-Legion needs Night Raven.” she added quietly.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” The blonde said, quickly trying to close the door.  Krystal had gotten her foot literally in the door however.

At that moment, a look of stunned realization washed over Summer’s face.  “Woah!”  “Police Commissioner Bordon’s daughter Lydia is Night Raven?!?” she blurted out.

Lydia immediately got a horrified look on her face, pulled and pulled the door open.  She grabbed Krystal and Summer, pulling them inside, and quickly shut and locked the door behind them.

“Who are you and what are you doing here?!?” Lydia demanded.

“Calm down, please.” Krystal began.  “We’re here because the She-Legion has been captured and needs your… our help.”

“You already said that.” Lydia said, balling up her fists and stepping into a fighting stance.  “Now answer the question.”

“My name is Krystal Evans.” she answered.  “I’m a witch that… recently got involved with the She-Legion.”  “This is…”

“Summer Morgan.” Lydia replied flatly.  “Spoiled rich girl playing superheroine as Specter Girl alongside her mother.”

“Hey!” Summer snapped, sounding hurt.  “…Wait, how did you know?”

Lydia rolled her eyes.  “I’m a hell of a detective, kid.”  “You and your mom aren’t exactly the best at being cautious with your IDs either.”

“I’m not a kid.” Summer snapped.  “I’m 18, and a woman.”, she added, eliciting an eye roll from Lydia.  “You’re only a few years older than me anyway.”

“We don’t have time for this shit!” Krystal snapped, raising her voice just short of yelling.

“Look, I know what happened.” Lydia replied.  “The whole city knows.”  “Dragon Queen has been bragging on it for a couple days.”  “She’s got the whole city, including the police, scared and doing whatever she, and whoever is in this with her, wants.”

“There are others?” Krystal asked?

“No way she could have pulled something like this off without help.” Lydia replied.  “She’s good, just not that good.”

“All the more reason we need your help then.” Krystal replied matter-of-factly.

“I’m… sorry.” Lydia said, her head drooping forward.  “I… can’t.”  “Not anymore.”

“Why the hell not?” Krystal demanded.  “You know what Dragon Queen is going to do to them.”

“I know, and I’m sorry.” Lydia replied.   “I… just can’t anymore.”  “I had to stop a couple years back, when that life nearly destroyed me.”

“What happened?” Summer asked in a sympathetic tone

“It started with me getting more and more addicted to the action, and yes the danger and sex too.” Lydia replied.  “It was fun and exciting at first.”  “Then… it was like the Aphrodite gene went nuts inside me.”  “I found myself taking insane risks, and later even putting myself in situations where I knew I was going to get captured and raped.”  “It turned me on, and sometimes it even became a game to see if I could outlast them.”

Summer’s mouth fell partly open, stunned by the confession.

“It finally came to a head the last time I was captured by the Giggler.” Lydia continued.  “He raped and brutalized me for days.”  “When I finally escaped, I realized I had to get out of that life no matter what.”  “It was a self-destructive addiction.”

“I…  I’m sorry.” Summer said, giving Lydia a hug.

“I’m sorry too.” Krystal replied.  “We’re desperate here however.”  “Please, help us just this once, and you can go back into retirement.”

Lydia bit her lower lip.  “I… wish I could.” She replied.  “Even if I wanted to, I’ve been undergoing drug and hypnotic therapy to dull those urges in me.”   “My reflexes have slowed, my fighting edge is gone, and so is that daredevil, live-on-the-edge mindset I needed as Night Raven.”  “The only bright side is that I finally don’t feel like my sexual urges have complete control of my life.”  “It’s worth the trade off to no longer be a nymphomaniac.

“What do we do now?” Summer whispered quietly in Krystal’s ear.

“I have an idea.” Krystal whispered back.  “It’s a little extreme, but you’ll have to trust me, OK?”

Summer nodded back uncertainly.

Krystal turned back to Lydia.  “No sex drive at all now, hmmm?” she asked.

“Not really.” Lydia mumbled.

“That’s odd…” Krystal replied.  “Because I couldn’t help but notice you’re not wearing a bra under that T shirt.” she added suggestively.  She stepped up close to Lydia and ran a fingertip over Lydia’s breast.  “Those bar nipple piercings are… really …turning me on too.” She whispered in a sultry voice into Lydia’s ear before running the tip of her tongue lightly along it.

Lydia felt an erotic shiver rush through her body, and let out a soft moan.

“I think you need somebody to show you a good time and remind you just how much fun this can be.” Krystal whispered.

“It… won’t work…” Lydia stammered, uncertainty showing in her voice.

“Oh really?” Krystal said in an erotic, teasing tone.  “So… Bondage doesn’t make your pussy wet anymore?”.

Krystal waved her hand and magical tendrils of energy shot out of nowhere, wrapping themselves around Lydia’s wrists.  They pulled her arms upward and out to her sides.  Lydia gasped, then began squirming and tugging against the straps while gasping and moaning.  Summer, shocked by the scene, gasped and blushed bright red.  It was questionable how much was from her own memories of similar experiences however, given how hard the girl’s nipples had now become.

“Personally…” Krystal said, walking around behind Lydia.  “I don’t think the Aphrodite gene is that easily tamed, and neither are you…”

With that, she ran her fingertips over the narrow strip of Lydia’s stomach that was now exposed.  Lydia shivered involuntarily and let out a whimpering moan.   Knowing that she had her now, Krystal smiled wickedly and slowly slid her hands upwards, pulling the Lydia’s form fitting shirt up as she did.  She reached Lydia’s ample DD breasts, and began running her fingertips lightly along their underside.  Lydia’s head fell slightly back and she began moaning steadily.

Wow, this is hot. Krystal thought with a smile.  That first Ms. Americana comic with her in it was right; her responses are completely off the chart.   I should feel bad about this when she’s trying to get her life together, but I don’t have a choice.

“Those nipple piercings must be absolute torture for an Aphrodite also…” Krystal continued.  “They can make a normal girl’s nipples insanely sensitive.”

Krystal began lightly teasing Lydia’s nipples with her fingers.  Lydia’s nipples hardened to the width of a pinky finger’s last digit, and nearly as long.  Her moaning became louder too.

“Mmmm, they’re just begging to be kissed and sucked on.” Krystal said hungrily.  She leaned in and whispered in Lydia’s ear.  “I’m going to make you cum so hard you’ll beg me to fuck you from now on.”

Lydia let out a started gasp and her eyes went wide.  “N… nn…  no.” she gasped weakly.  “Won’t… let you… break me.” she added with a whimper.

Krystal circled around in front of Lydia and began covering her breasts with kisses.  “You say that as if you have a choice.” She said in her most seductive tone.

Lydia had her eyes closed the entire time and Krystal couldn’t help but feel that some small part of Lydia was somewhere else, reliving some dark fantasy of the past.  When Lydia’s moaning became even louder, Krystal began kissing and suckling her breasts.  She took special delight in stopping and circling Lydia’s nipples with her tongue, and teasing the nipple piercings that way as well.  Every time she did, Lydia would cry out and her body jolt and shiver.  Krystal didn’t think they were orgasms, but she figured it was probably as close as one could get without actually going over the edge.

Krystal undid the button on the top of Lydia’s shorts, the slowly, teasingly pulled down the zipper.  “Time for you to cum for me…” Krystal said, just a hint of a commanding tone in her voice.

She slipped her hand down the front of Lydia’s shorts and down between her legs.  To Krystal’s surprise, Lydia was nearly bald down below, just a faint wisp of pubic hair greeted her touch on the way down.  Krystal was also surprised to feel that Lydia had already completely soaked the crotch of her shorts from her arousal.  Krystal’s wicked smile grew even larger as she began slowly caressing and working her way in between Lydia’s folds.

“Noooooooooo.” Lydia gasped.  “No… No, can’t… won’t…” she moaned.  “Nooo…”

Krystal decided Lydia was so close to the edge that she could just dispense with any further foreplay.  She found Lydia’s hole, which was almost virginal tight, and slipped two fingers slowly into her.  She kept her palm lightly pressed against Lydia’s mons and clit, then began rocking her whole hand back and forth, lightly rubbing Lydia’s clit as she slid in and out.  It only took a minute, and the reaction was explosive.

Lydia’s protests became louder and ran together into a nonstop stream of No repeated as she tossed her head around and thrashed against her bonds.  Within moments, she shrieked in pleasure, her body shook and convulsed as if she was being electrocuted, and her juices gushed all over Krystal’s hand.  It quickly soaked the entire crotch of her shorts and began trickling down her inner thighs.

Lydia gasped and panted as the orgasm finally subsided after several achingly long seconds.  Krystal refused to let her have any rest however.  She quickly returned to suckling Lydia’s ample breasts, and fingering her.  Lydia’s breath came in gasping pants as she rapidly approached another orgasm.  Within moments, she hooked a leg around Krystal, and her head fell back.  She opened her mouth to scream, but no sound came out as her entire body shook violently.

“Holy shit…” Summer gasped.  Her eyes were wide as saucers in complete disbelief.  She was so entranced by the erotic display before her that she unconsciously began fondling her own boobs and touching herself without even realizing it.

Krystal had a wicked look in here eyes that somehow this had become about more than the mission.  She continued stimulating Lydia as she climaxed, giving the defenseless woman no respite.  Lydia went from her silent scream to wailing like a banshee as wave after of orgasmic onslaught crashed over her body.  She shook, bucked and her body jolted repeatedly like she was possessed.  After almost five minutes of this erotic torture, Krystal stopped.  Lydia collapsed against Krystal as much as her bindings would let her.  She was soaked in sweat, and panting heavily.

“No… no more… Please…” she gasped.  “You’re killing me.”

“Do we have the old Lydia back now?” Krystal asked with a smile.

Lydia lifted her head up and smiled at Krystal.  She had an almost wild look in her eyes.  “Fuck yes, you do.” she said hungrily.

Krystal pulled her hand out of Lydia’s shorts and held them up in front of Lydia.  Lydia took them into her mouth and began to suck them clean.  She did it slowly and sensually, all the while keeping eye contact with Krystal.

“Good girl.” Krystal said with a smug smile.  She ran her other hand thru Lydia’s hair and then leaned in and kissed her sensually on the neck.

Lydia moaned in response, slightly tilting her neck.  To her disappointment, Krystal pulled away though.

“I’m sorry I had to do that to you…” she said, caressing Lydia’s cheek and giving her a soft kiss.  “It’s beyond desperate though.”  “I promise after this is over, I’ll help you get back to your life, or to try to keep things in balance if you stay with us.”

Lydia nodded softly.  Both an unspoken thank you and nervousness showing in her eyes.   With a wave of Krystal’s hand, the bindings holding Lydia’s wrists faded away.  Lydia fell forward into Krystal’s arms.

“Sorry…” Lydia said meekly with a slight blush.  “Legs aren’t quite working yet after that.” She added with an embarrassed giggle.

“It was Fucking amazing for me too.” Krystal whispered into Lydia’s ear.  She then ran the tip of her tongue along Lydia’s ear lobe before kissing her sensually on the neck.  Krystal helped Lydia stand fully on her own, and then the both turned to face Summer.  Krystal raised an eyebrow, and Lydia tried to suppress a snicker.

“Enjoying yourself?” Krystal asked with a smirk.

“Huh, what….?” Summer asked, fully snapping back to reality.

“Looks like she enjoyed that almost as much as I did.” Lydia said with a mischievous grin.

Summer suddenly realized that her hands were still on her breasts and between her legs.  She let out an embarrassed gasp, turned bright red and quickly hid her hands behind her back.  She stammered, trying to find something to say to ease her awkwardness.

Krystal walked over and kissed her on the forehead.   “Don’t worry about it.” She said with a reassuring smile.  Summer managed an awkward but clearly grateful nod.

“Come on…” Lydia said, motioning them to the spare bedroom of her apartment.

The other two followed her, not quite sure what Lydia wanted.  When they were all in the surprisingly small room, Lydia pulled on a light fixture and a section of wall slid aside, revealing all her Night Raven gear.   Lydia quickly suited up, chuckling as Summer blushed while watching.

“Not like it’s the first time you’ve seen a girl naked or been with one.” Lydia giggled.

“It’s cute that she’s still innocent enough to be embarrassed by it though.” Krystal added with a giggle of her own.  “Even after all she’s been through.”

“OK, I think I’m ready.” said Lydia as she slipped her mask into place.  “I hate to say it, but God I missed this.”  “I felt so alive as Night Raven.”

“I meant what I said earlier.” Krystal said.  “If you decide to stay as Night Raven after this, I’ll do what I can to help you keep things in balance.”

“You’re assuming we’re going to survive this in the first place.” Night Raven said with a slightly grim tone.

“We’ll find a way… somehow.” Krystal said.

“If we do, I want something else for this.” Night Raven said, her tone indicating she was very serious.

“Oh?” Krystal asked, raising an eyebrow.  “What happened to heroines just doing the right thing?” she asked teasingly.

“I don’t think this will be so bad.” Night Raven replied nonchalantly.  “Besides, you owe me after that mugging in the living room.” she added with a smirk

Krystal shook her head and chuckled.  “I suppose I do…” Krystal said with a slight smile.  “I did apologize though.” she added with a coy grin.

Lydia crossed her arms, waiting silently.

“Ok, ok…” Krystal said with a playful mock sigh.  “What do you want?”

“A rematch.” Night Raven said, her smirk growing bigger.

“Rematch??”  “When did we fight?” Krystal asked, confused.

Night Raven stepped up close to Krystal, still smiling.  “That was a sex fight, and you know it.” she said in a sexy, playful tone.”  “You just cheated and mugged me without warning with those damned hentai tentacles.” She added with a giggle.

“You’re serious?” Krystal asked, laughing.

“Very…” said Night Raven, licking her lips slowly.   “No striking, just grappling…  No fun if we get hurt.”  “Winner is the one who climaxes the other into submission.”  “Loser is the winner’s play toy for the rest of the night, and has to do anything they want.”

“Kinky…” Krystal said with a smile.  “What about powers and gadgets?”

“Hmmm…” Night Raven mused, a smile crossing her face.  “Same kind of rules as fighting.  Nothing designed to injure.”  “Fair enough?”

“Sounds fair enough…” Krystal said, a wicked smile on her face.  And you’re serious about the loser has to do anything the winner wants?”

Night Raven simply smiled and nodded.  “Other than anything would expose their identity, OK?”

“You’re on.” Krystal replied with a grin, shaking Night Raven’s hand.

“I’m… going to pretend I didn’t hear any of that…” Summer said, shaking her head.  “Perverts.” She muttered quietly.

“We both heard that.” Lydia said.  “And if you do tell anybody, we’ll tie you to a bed and both take a vibrator to you.”

Summer gasped, and held out her hands, shaking her head.

“Good girl.” Krystal said.  “You know, she’s kind of hot when she’s scared and turned on.”

“Or it could just be the Pheromones.” Night Raven replied with a shrug and a smug grin.

“Wow…” Krystal said.  “I hadn’t even thought about the possibility of the Pheromones affecting me.”

“Something you’re going to have to deal with around this group.” Night Raven said matter-of-factly.  “Under the right conditions, they can even turn a straight girl bi… temporarily anyway.”

“I’m going to have to come up with a protection spell…” Krystal said absently as she focused on the issue.

“In the meantime, we need to get going.” Night Raven said, grabbing some civilian clothes as well.  “Dragon Queen has the police patrolling for any remaining heroines.”  “They’re so scared of her army of monsters that they’re actually obeying.”

“Great…” Krystal remarked.  “Could this get any worse?”

“Probably, since my dad has been sending a unit by regularly to check up on me.” Night Raven added with a shrug.  “Shouldn’t I be in civilian clothes, come to think of it?” she asked.

“No, definitely not.” Krystal answered.  “Believe it or not, Sara Craft and Jungle Babe hired The Geek to do the cyber side of this job.”  “So, keep the mask on unless you want the little peckerhead learning your identity.”

“I should be pissed.” Night Raven replied.  “He’s violated She-Legion members multiple times in the past.”  “I guess the situation is that desperate though.”

“I don’t like it either.” Krystal replied.  “We’ll just have to make sure to watch our backs during and after this mission.

“Where to now?” Summer asked, slipping her mask out of her pocket and back onto her face.

Krystal cast a short spell and returned Summer’s costume back into its normal self from civilian clothes.  “That… depends upon Night Raven.” she said.  “Do you have any idea where Bat Broad is?” she asked, looking at Night Raven.

Night Raven sighed.  “No clue at all…” she said in a dejected tone.  “She’s been missing for over a year, presumed dead.”  “It’s part of what shook me up and made me hang up my corset.” she added.  “I… just have this feeling though…  She’s out there, alive… somewhere.”

“If she is, we’ll try to find her.” Krystal said.  “We may have to run this mission without her however.”

“Probably better we head back to the base and make sure Geek isn’t up to no good before we do anything else anyway.” Specter Girl said.

“True…” Krystal said.  “I don’t trust the little weasel.”  “Shame he’s such an irredeemable ass though.”   “With a good makeover… some contacts, a new hair style and all, he might almost be cute otherwise.”

“Ewwww, gross…” Specter Girl retorted.  “I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.”

“I did use some major caveats on that…” Krystal said, a little indignant.

“I’m just glad he hasn’t gotten his tiny penis in me.” Specter Girl said, rolling her eyes.

“Been looking?” Night Raven asked with an evil smirk.

Specter Girl got all kinds of flustered for several seconds before being able to muster a “Ewww, gawd no!”

“OK, enough fun and games.” Krystal said firmly.  “We’ve got heroines to rescue and a city to save.”

The other two women nodded in agreement.  Krystal took a deep breath and focused, then cast her teleportation spell.  A moment later, the old, run down hangar materialized around them.  The trip was more jolting than Specter Girl remembered, and she almost fell to the ground when they arrived.

“Sorry about that.” Krystal said.  “That teleport spell gets a bit rough the more people I take.”  “My record thus far is four other people.”

“All back in one piece I see…” Sara Craft said approaching the group.  She gave Night Raven a quick warm hug.  “Good to see you again after so long.”  “I just wish it was under better conditions.”

“Me too.” Night Raven replied.

“So, this is it?” Jungle Babe asked.  “What about Bat Broad?”

“MIA” Krystal replied flatly.  “We’ll have to do this without her.”

“Told you it was a suicide mission.” The Geek said smugly.  “Love the costume though, sweet cheeks.” He said, gawking at Night Raven.  “I look forward to taking it, among other things, from you some time.”

“Dream on, loser.” Night Raven snapped, raising her fists.

“If anyone would be qualified to know a loser…” came a snarky female voice from the hangar doorway.

“Well, well, well…” The Geek said with a sarcastic smile.  “If it isn’t Barbara she couldn’t stop Cummings for me.”

“You wish, you pathetic little man-child.” Barbara, AKA Esha the Thief, replied.

Sara Kraft immediately drew her pistols and leveled them at Esha.  “What the hell do you want, and how did you find us.”

“Put those down before you shoot yourself in the foot or something.” Esha replied mockingly.  “As it turns out, I, However reluctantly, am the answer to your prayers.”

“What the hell are you talking about Esha?” Krystal demanded.  “Everybody knows you’re only in anything for yourself.”

“Oh, now that hurts…” Esha replied with a mock injured tone.  “And after I came all this way also.”

“Enough games.” Sara Craft replied, still holding her pistols on Esha.

Esha reached into her cleavage and pulled out a thin leather wallet and flipped it open, revealing CIA credentials.  “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”