Witchfire, Part 3

By now, I hope the usual disclaimers about DangerBabeCentral.com owning most of the characters in my story are unneeded.  Same with this being adult material suitable for those 18 or older, and that it’s strictly fantasy stuff.

A couple of brief additional notes on characters however.  First, Mister X has a biographies page up for his characters for those not familiar with them.  Secondly, I’m using a couple of characters this chapter that are even more of a caricature than most of these.  First would be Battle Sprite, an obscenely overly perky and naive young blond sidekick stereotype.  Probably the only character at DBC with normal sized breasts too, LOL.  The second is “Master Pimp”, a caricature of a silly stereotype of the the huge black bad guy with genitals the size of an elephant trunk that will tame women just by the sight of it.  Yes, some of the stories are that bad.  Master Pimp is MY parody of those characters rather than borrow somebody’s character just to mock the character.

Rule 34 strikes again…

Witchfire, Pt 3 – Azure Angel Destroyed

Sara Kraft rolled her eyes.  “You’ve got to be bloody kidding me, do you really think we’re falling for that load of crap, Esha?”

“Uhmm, guys,” Krystal interjected, “Those are real credentials.”  Krystal let out an annoyed sigh.  “As much as I hate to say it, after the whole thing with her and Geek boy over there, she got offered a deal by the government:”  “Do their dirty work and she would get her life, well, freedom back.”  “They engineered that whole cover story for her.”  “She’s still an occasional pain in your asses because they let her run on a long leash so long as she keeps quiet about her dirty work.”

Everybody’s mouth fell open, including Esha’s

“How…” Esha managed to get out.  “That’s supposed to be classified information.”

Krystal shrugged.  “Not where I come from.”

“So, my briefing was accurate.” Esha said.  “You really do believe you’re from some other world with a window to ours.”

“What the hell?!?” Night Raven said, incredulous.

Geek doubled over laughing.  “And you think I’m crazy?” he managed.

“She did know all our identities.” Specter Girl said.  “Even Night Raven’s”  “She’s known aspects of our experiences that we haven’t shared with anybody else either.”

“Whatever.” Geek retorted.  “As long as I get my money and everything else I was promised, why should I care what delusions you want to believe in?”

“You fold faster than those plastoids that Americana took down with a lousy fire extinguisher.” Krystal sneered.  She looked over towards Esha.  “Bet Babs here wishes she’d thought of that.”  “Then again, maybe she enjoyed that four on one plastoid gang bang.”

“How…” Esha and the Geek both stammered in unison.

“You’re sounding like a broken record.” Krystal snapped.  “I don’t care what you think at the moment.”  “I just want to get them out of Dragon Queen’s perverted hands and to figure out a way back home.”  “Now can we please get our shit together and get things moving?”  She turned to Esha again.  “As for you, don’t think I trust you for one moment.”  “We’re still waiting to hear exactly what you’re doing here though.”

“I told you…” Esha replied indignantly.  “I’m here to help.”  “Not my first choice of assignments, believe me.”  “None the less, the people in charge are worried there’s more going on here than meets the eye.”  “Dragon Queen was too well coordinated and successful this time.”  “They’re worried she has allies or backers.”

Night Raven rolled her eyes.  “No kidding.”  “What was your first clue?”

Esha let out a derisive snort.  “… as I was saying…” she continued in a derogatory tone.  “Since I’m here, I can do scouting and infiltration for you, as I was ordered to, while investigating for Washington.”

“We already have Azure Angel doing surveillance on the She Legion headquarters.” Sara Kraft said indignantly.

“Azure Angel?” Esha snickered contemptuously.  “Five to one you only find her costume and a puddle of cum.”

Krystal sighed, knowing Esha was probably right.  “All the more reason to take back the base, before that does happen.”

Meanwhile at She Legion Headquarters…

Azure Angel crept silently down the access hallway, determined to find the She-Legion members and prove herself as a great ninja once and for all.

Wait and observe, she mentally fumed.  I’m a great ninja and heroine, and rescuing the She-Legion will finally prove that.  People will respect me at last.  I may even become as famous and beloved as Ms. Americana, she daydreamed.

She rounded the corner of the hallway and came face to face with Dragon Queen and 4 of her ninjas.  Dragon queen scowled at her with her arms crossed.

“Were you really so foolish as to believe you could sneak past me and my ninjas?” she demanded.

“Oops.” Azure Angel muttered.  “Time to go.”

She turned around and ducked back around the corner, only to almost literally run into six more of Dragon Queen’s ninjas.

In the close quarters of the narrow hallway, the fight was over in moments.  Azure Angel was mobbed from every direction, dog piled on, tied up and gagged.  From there, she was unceremoniously marched to the She-Legion training room.  It was a large, circular room with high ceilings.  All around the outer edges of the room were exercise equipment of all kinds and weight training machines.  The room’s most notable feature was the large circular combat ring in the center however.  Fifteen feet in diameter, it was the same level as the floor.  Only a raised edge around the perimeter and the padded mat for a floor distinguished it as a ring.  In reality, the She-Legion’s arrogance regarding their combat prowess meant the ring was rarely used for anything beyond aerobics and yoga.

Dragon Queen and her men marched the petite Asian crimefighter to the center of the ring, and Dragon Queen glared at her.  “What does it take to stop your nonstop interference in my plans, you arrogant child?”  “I’ve beat you repeatedly, let my men seed you, given you to my plant and mutoid creations… over and over.”  Dragon Queen snarled disgustedly at her.  “Yet still you manage to escape impregnation and return over and over.”  “I can tolerate it no more.” Dragon Queen growled.  “My men are beginning to question my leadership.”  “That, I cannot have.”

Overconfident and over-eager as always, Azure Angel smirked upon hearing that.  “Maybe they should question your leadership,” she replied defiantly.

Dragon Queen slapped Azure Angel hard across the face.  “How dare you, you impudent child.”  “You’re forgetting who you’re talking to.”

“Whatever…” replied Azure Angel, rolling her eyes.  “What I remember is you’ve always been too scared to fight me in honorable single combat.”  “You always have your men ambush and mob me, or sic your stupid plants or monsters on me.”  “Not woman enough to face me yourself?” she asked defiantly.

The ninjas surrounding them remained silent, not daring to speak up against their mistress.  None the less, both Dragon Queen and Azure Angel noticed an uncomfortable shift in the ninjas’ body language.  Azure Angel smiled smugly, clearly continuing to challenge Dragon Queen’s authority.

“Pfffft.” Dragon Queen retorted.  “Dealing with the likes of an unskilled woman-child like you is completely beneath me.” she added in a clearly indignant tone.

“I’m eighteen, and more than enough woman to defeat you.”  Azure Angel replied in a haughty tone.  “So, if you think you’re better, I say prove it then, witch,” Azure Angel snarled.  “I challenge you for leadership of your clan.”  “Do you accept, or do you yield?” she demanded.

“Of all the arrogant…” Dragon Queen said, shocked by Azure Angel’s audacity.  “How dare you, you big titted aphrodite whore.”

“I am so sick of that…” Azure Angel spat.  “Your tits are almost as big as mine.”  “Now quit stalling, you bitch.”  “Fight me according to ancient tradition, or yield your position to me.”

“Very well.” Dragon Queen spat, removing her knee length kimono style robe, leaving her in a sports bra and spandex exercise briefs.  “I accept your challenge.”  “Know that your fate will be 100 times worse now.”  She nodded to her men, who spread out along the edge of the ring.  One cut the bonds around Azure Angel’s wrists, then stepped back to join the other ninja around the ring.  “Nowhere to run now, arrogant child.”

“Who’s running?” Azure Angel said, closing the distance and attempting to connect with a high kick to Dragon Queen’s head.

Dragon Queen ducked under the kick and came up with an uppercut straight to Azure Angel’s crotch.  Azure Angel cried out in pain and fell to the ground, clutching her crotch with both hands.  Her eyes were tearing up when Dragon Queen came over and grabbed her by the ankle.  Azure Angel blocked out the pain and used her free leg to kick Dragon Queen square in the face.

Azure Angel did a kip up and was almost instantly back on her feet.  “That was cheap and cowardly,” she spat.

Dragon Queen wiped the blood from the corner of her mouth, let out an enraged growl and charged throwing a flurry of punches at Azure Angel.  To the surprise of both Dragon Queen and her ninjas, Azure Angel deftly deflected them all.  She finally caught one of Dragon Queen’s punch’s and trapped it into an arm bar, bending Dragon Queen over partially before kicking her in the back of the knee.  Dragon Queen started to fall to her knees, but only went down to a squatting position.  Rolling her shoulder and pivoting on one foot, she swept Azure Angel’s legs out from underneath her.  Azure Angel lost her grip on Dragon Queen’s arm completely at that point, and fell onto her back with a thud.

Dragon Queen immediately rolled on top of Azure Angel, pinning Azure’s arms against her sides as she sat on top of Azure’s stomach and arms.  She reached down and tore Azure Angel’s top open, exposing her massive 35D cup breasts.  On a larger woman, they’d have looked average.  Azure Angel’s petite frame and height of only five foot two inches made them proportionally massive however.  Dragon Queen immediately grabbed Azure Angel’s engorged nipples and began squeezing them… hard.  Azure Angel cried out in pain.  The pain was like twin knives in the soft supple flesh of her breasts.

“That’s right; scream for me, you arrogant whore.” Dragon Queen snarled contemptuously.  “Already you’ve been shamed and exposed.”  She began twisting Azure Angel’s nipples back and forth.  “Admit you are a disgrace to your house, call me mistress, and perhaps I’ll let you live as a pleasure slave.”

“N… Never!” Azure Angel howled defiantly before returning to her screams of agony.

Dragon Queen smiled evilly.  “It’s what you want.” She said matter-of-factly.

She released Azure Angel’s nipples and placed her hands on Azure’s breasts, her fingers spread wide.  She began kneading Azure’s breasts with her fingers and moving her palms in circles.  Azure Angel tossed her head back and forth, moaning softly as she tried to resist the erotic sensations building in her body.

“You can’t deny what your body craves.” Dragon Queen said in as close to a seductive tone as she could manage.  “It’s your nature…” she added, continuing to stimulate Azure Angel’s bare breasts

“N… n… no.” Azure Angel whimpered, her hips squirming in response to the heat spreading outward from her breasts and crotch.  “Won’t… won’t give in.”

“Don’t fight it…” Dragon Queen said softly.  “It’s a part of you, body and soul.”  “You were born to do nothing but serve as a brood mare and cum slut.”

The last line enraged Azure Angel, snapping her out of the erotic haze clouding her mind.  Nobody was going to treat her like a useless slut ever again.  Azure Angel swung her legs up, hooking her ankles around Dragon Queen’s neck and pulling her backwards onto her back.  Now the situation was reversed; Azure Angel was on top of Dragon Queen, and Dragon Queen had her legs draped over Azure’s shoulders.  Azure Angel leaned forward putting all her weight on Dragon Queen and forcing her into a position where only her shoulders and head were on the mat.

“Lets see how you like it!” Azure Angel snapped.  She grabbed Dragon Queen’s breasts and began roughly massaging them.

Dragon Queen let out something between a shriek and a gasp of surprise as the young ninja began pawing at her breasts.  “How… how dare you touch my perfect body!!”

“Oh I dare!” Azure Angel snapped, her anger getting the better of her.  “In fact, I think it’s high time you suffered the same dishonor you inflict on others.”  Azure Angel grabbed the center of Dragon Queen’s top and tore the sports bra completely open.  Dragon Queen’s own ample breasts spilled out of the torn garment and flopped down against her neck and chin.  Azure Angel grabbed Dragon Queen’s nipples and pulled on them, stretching her breasts outward.

“You hypocrite!” Azure Angel exclaimed.  “Your tits are just as big as mine!”  She continued pulling on Dragon Queen’s dark, large nipples.  “Your turn to scream for me!” Azure Angel exclaimed, pulling even harder.

Dragon Queen’s jaw trembled as she fought the burning pain shooting through her chest.  Her ninjas watched on, shocked at their Queen’s vulnerable position.   Just when it seemed that Dragon Queen was on the verge of crying out in sheer agony, she slammed her legs against the sides of Azure Angel’s head, stunning her.  Both rolled backwards and came up onto their feet, Azure Angel’s recovery being a little slower.  Dragon Queen snarled, and pulled her torn bra from her body, tossing it aside.  Both stood in a fighting stance, save for an arm trying to cover their exposed breasts and salvage their individual dignities.

They closed in on each other and both moved their arm away from their breast into a proper fighting stance.  For several minutes, they battled back and forth.  It was Dragon Queen’s moderately superior skill vs Azure Angel’s heightened strength and reflexes.  At first, it was a very even match, but Azure Angel was slowly overpowering Dragon Queen.  With a punch to Dragon Queen’s right breast and another to her jaw, Azure Angel sent the villainess sprawling to the mat.

Dragon Queen lay there on her left side, clutching her breast with one hand.  She scowled up at Azure Angel.  Both women were covered in sweat and were bruised up.  Azure Angel grabbed Dragon Queen by the hair and pulled her to her feet.

“Ready to surrender and admit who the superior woman and ninja is?” Azure Angel asked smugly.

“I will admit one thing,” Dragon Queen said weakly, yet sounding aroused.  “This fight has me quite turned on.”  With that, she slowly slid her hand down the front of her briefs.

“I guess we know who the real slut is.” Azure Angel beamed proudly.  “Now surr…” she started.

She only got the words half out when Dragon Queen pulled a packet of something from her underwear and threw the powder in Azure Angel’s face.  Azure Angel’s arms immediately went up as she tried to late to block the attack.  She gasped, coughed, and staggered backwards a few steps.  She wheezed, trying to catch her breath and focus her vision.  She was weakening by the second.

“Wha… what did you do to me?” she half moaned.  “What… was… that?”

“The spores from one of my newest plant creatures.” Dragon Queen replied with a smirk.  “They will completely destroy all voluntary muscle control you have, leaving you helpless and defeated.”

“That’s… cheating…” Azure Angel replied weakly as she fell to her knees.

“The battle cry of the inferior and pathetic losers everywhere.” Dragon Queen retorted glibly.  “Don’t be a sore loser because you lack my cunning and brilliance.”

Azure Angel could only manage a series of weak whimpers and moans as fell to the mat.  She lay there half on her stomach and half on her side.  Dragon Queen stepped up to Azure Angel and then pushed her onto her back.

“You know what happens now, hmmm?” Dragon Queen asked with an insufferable smirk.  “You lost, so now you get to pay the price.”  She reached behind her head and undid the high ponytail she normally kept her hair in.  Her dark, silky hair cascaded luxuriously down to the bottom of her ass.  “I warned you.” she said venomously.  “First, I’m going to personally teach you proper respect for your new mistress.”  “Then every one of my ninja are going to seed you…”

Azure Angel’s eyes went wide with fear and she tried to say something that only came out as an incoherent moan.

“Oh, and don’t worry, foolish one.” Dragon Queen said as she pulled Azure Angel’s costume down her legs and free of her body, “The mutant plant spores may disrupt your muscle control, but you’ll still feel everything perfectly.”

The claim that it would totally destroy her muscle control was a lie.  Not surprising coming from a supervillain.  None the less, Azure Angel could barely move at all.  Her body felt like it had some unseen massive weight pressing down upon it.  Struggle all she might, she could only get her arms to tremble slightly as she attempted to move them.

Dragon Queen put her foot on Azure’s chest, just barely below her throat.  “Now,” she proclaimed, “let there be absolutely no doubt who is superior, or why I lead.”  She looked down contemptuously at Azure Angel.  “Now… it’s time to claim my prize,” she said with a cruel grin.   She grabbed Azure Angel and repositioned her so that her shapely butt was resting on her discarded costume.  “There, now every drop of your juices that flow… every bit of seed that escapes after being pumped in you by my men, will cover your filthy uniform and add to your humiliation.  Azure Angel could only muster a pitiful whimper as a protest against this move to break her spirit.

“It would be tempting to tie you to one of the standing weight racks and take a flogger to you…” Dragon Queen said as she laid down next to Azure Angel.   She partially draped herself over Azure’s defenseless, nubile body.  “You now need to learn who the superior woman is though,” she said, staring directly into Azure Angel’s eyes.  “None can match my skills in combat, or in the erotic arts.”

The boast had the effect Dragon Queen wanted…  She smiled as Azure Angel’s eyes went wide and felt the vulnerable heroine’s body tense underneath her.  Dragon Queen began softly caressing Azure Angel’s inner thigh with her fingertips, eliciting yet another soft, whimpering moan from her.  Then leaned over and kissed her deeply and passionately.  Azure Angel felt an erotic jolt radiate outward from her pussy.  It made her shiver momentarily and her nipples start to tingle and harden.

No… can’t let this happen, Azure Angel lamented silently.  I must find a way to escape and reclaim my honor somehow.  

Dragon Queen deepened the kiss, probing Azure Angel’s mouth with her tongue.  As she did, she moved up Azure Angel’s inner thigh and began softly tracing circles around Azure’s sensitive womanhood.  This time, every circle sent an even stronger jolt of erotic electricity through Azure Angel’s battered body.   Azure began moaning distinctly.  Many of those moans escaped her with a trembling gasp that had distinct bulges appearing in the pants of Dragon Queen’s onlooking ninjas.

Dragon Queen broke the deep kiss, lingering briefly on Azure Angel’s soft, full lips.  Then she began kissing the side of Azure Angel’s neck.  Almost impossibly, she seemed to know every little hot button there, and pressed them with unnatural precision.  Azure Angel closed her eyes, trying to summon her willpower and resist the fire being stoked in her body.

“Oh yes…” Dragon Queen whispered sensually into Azure’s ear.  “Resist.”  “It will make breaking you so much more enjoyable.”  Dragon Queen began teasing Azure’s vulnerable slit.  “I know what you’re thinking…” she continued to whisper.  “Endure if you can’t escape, and you’ll return later to oppose me again.”  Azure Angel let out a loud moan as Dragon Queen’s finger tip parted her nether lips.  “Not this time.” Dragon Queen continued.  “Before, I was overconfident that you aphrodites being slaves to your carnal desires would be enough.”  “You always seem to regain your will however.”  “This time…” Dragon Queen smiled wickedly as she ran her tongue around Azure’s earlobe.  “…this time, you will know the endless shame of begging me to violate you, and calling me mistress.”

Azure Angel let out a low guttural moan and squirmed as much as the plant spores would allow her weakened body to.  “N… Never…” she gasped weakly.

Dragon Queen was slightly surprised that Azure Angel had regained enough muscle control to even regain limited power of speech.   Aphrodites were known for remarkable powers of recovery however.  She made a mental note to either improve or discard as inferior the new species that the plant spores came from.

“Oh, you will indeed not only willingly submit to me, but beg for my touch… the merest scrap of my attention as well.” Dragon Queen said.  She slipped a finger inside Azure Angel’s already dripping wet pussy.  Azure Angel gasped sharply as her eyes widened again and her hips jolted upwards involuntarily before crashing back down onto her costume.

“No…  No matter what you do to me…  I’ll… never submit to you.” Azure Angel managed in a weak but defiant tone.

“We shall see…” retorted Dragon Queen with a smug smile.

Dragon Queen slipped her finger upwards between Azure Angel’s wet folds.  She quickly found the young heroine’s now throbbing clit and began circling and teasing it with her finger.  Azure Angel cried out in pleasure and her back arched slightly.  She tried desperately to wiggle her hips and escape the erotic torment Dragon Queen was inflicting upon her.   The combination of the plant spore’s near paralytic effect and her own quickly rising libido refused to allow her body to cooperate however.

Azure Angel’s moans and cries of pleasure became louder and more urgent.  Her toned stomach rose and fell so rapidly it caused the young heroine’s impressive breasts to jiggle like two plates of jello with each gasping breath.  The young heroine was hopelessly in the grasp of her body’s hyper-sensitive responses, and on the verge of one of the most intense orgasms of her life.  Her eyes rolled back in her head as she felt the tingling and throbbing between her legs strengthen and her body start to tense.

Ancestors please, Azure begged mentally.  I beg you; give me the strength to resist…  Spare me!

Just as Azure Angel was right on the ragged edge of an earth-shattering climax, Dragon Queen suddenly stopped.  Azure thanked her ancestors for the merciful release, even as she struggled against her body screaming in erotic agony at the denial of the release it desperately craved.  Azure lay there, panting softly and trying to catch her breath.  As she did, she became acutely aware that her body was covered with a fresh layer of sweat.

Dragon Queen lay there, still half draped over Azure Angel.  She lightly wiggled her chest, teasing Azure Angel’s breasts with her own.  Even that small amount of stimulation was enough to force soft whimpers from the curvy young crimefighter.  Just as the intensity of Azure’s arousal had faded enough for her to begin to think clearly, Dragon Queen leaned in and began kissing and suckling Azure’s nipple.

Azure Angel gasped sharply.  Her chest jutted upwards of it’s own accord, pressing the soft fullness of her breast against Dragon Queen’s mouth.  Like most aphrodites, (and some other lucky normal women), Azure Angel’s nipples seemed to have a red hot connection straight to her womanhood.  Having her nipple suckled and teased by Dragon Queen’s tongue this way sent intense waves of erotic pleasure racing down her body straight to her once again throbbing pussy.  Azure Angel felt her pussy swell and her juices trickling down her to the back of her inner thighs and onto her costume.  Her cheeks burned bright red with the shame of her desires being so easily manipulated.

Must… resist… Azure struggle mentally.  Her willpower was crumbling rapidly against the haze of wanton desire clouding her mind.

Dragon Queen began teasing and tracing her fingertip over and around Azure’s swollen clit.  Azure Angel’s body trembled lightly as she managed to squeeze her thighs weakly together.  Azure Angel’s heart sank as she realized she still had almost no strength in her body.  Dragon Queen laughed mockingly at her feeble efforts to protect the last shreds of her virtue, then stopped long enough to push Azure Angel’s thighs wide apart, giving her men a perfect view of the young heroine’s now exposed womanhood.

Azure Angel’s orgasm built quickly in her already primed body.  Within minutes, she was on the verge of another climax that she could tell would dwarf the one previously denied her.  The teen ninja’s cries echoed throughout the room as she gasped desperately for breath between each one.  Once again however, Dragon Queen took her right to the ragged edge of the explosive orgasm and then cruelly denied her.  Azure Angel wailed in agony, this time at the frustration of being denied the release her body screamed desperately for.

“Submit, unworthy one.” Dragon Queen taunted.  “Beg your mistress for relief and I will grant it to you.”  “Then you can begin your service as my whore.”

“Nooo…” Azure Angel whimpered.  “can’t…  won’t…” she said, tossing her head back and forth weakly.

“It’s only a matter of time…” Dragon Queen retorted glibly.

With that, she began to coax the orgasm from Azure Angel’s defenseless body again.  Five more times, Dragon Queen brought Azure Angel to the verge of her ever-building climax.  Each time, the sensations ravaging the crimefighter’s defenseless body became more intense from the cycle of denial.  Each time, the burning desires running wild in Azure Angel’s mind grew more overwhelming.  And each time, Dragon Queen had taken her slow, sensual violation of Azure Angel a step further.

By time number eight, Dragon Queen was on top of Azure Angel in a 69 position.  Her tongue deftly circled, teased and drew figure eights across Azure Angel’s clit, causing her to scream in ecstasy.  At the same time, Dragon Queen had worked two fingers deep inside Azure Angel and was gently pressing against and caressing Azure’s G Spot.  Every nerve in Azure Angel’s body felt like it was on fire, her heart was racing faster than she could ever recall and the only thing she think of at all was the sweet release she desperately needed.  She thrashed desperately, seeking ANY kind of release, but her strength and willpower were utterly consumed by her burning desire.

“Say it, slave.” Dragon Queen demanded.

Can’t take it anymore… Azure Angel whimpered silently as the erotic agony consumed her.

“Say it!” Dragon Queen demanded again, in between tongue lashings.

Azure Angel let out a defeated whimper.  “You… win,” said gasped weakly as tears filled her eyes.

Dragon Queen felt the triumphant smirk wash across her face as she continued to finger Azure Angel just enough to keep her hanging on the ragged edge of her explosive orgasm.  Dragon Queen turned herself around and stared intensely into Azure Angel’s eyes while continuing to stimulate her.  “Beg your mistress for release,” She demanded cruelly.

Azure Angel had a look of both utter despair and wanton desire on her face as tears rolled down her cheeks.  “Please mistress…” she begged in a whimpering tone.  “Please allow your unworthy slave the release she craves.”

“That’s more like it.” Dragon Queen said triumphantly.  She began fingering Azure Angel’s drenched folds even faster.

Azure Angel screamed and arched her back as she felt her orgasm build to an explosive crescendo.  Somewhere in the dark recesses of her mind, the last minuscule scrap of willpower she had told her to stay strong and just ride out what was to come.  The petite young heroine did her best to focus on that tiny fragment of willpower too.

Just as Azure Angel was about to hit the point of no return, Dragon Queen reach down and tore off Azure Angel’s mask in a single, lightning quick move.  “You won’t be needing this anymore,” she proclaimed with wicked delight.  Azure Angel gasped in utter shock at her unmasking, just as her orgasm hit.  It was more intense than anything the young, relatively innocent heroine could imagine… exploding from the very core of her being.  Her body shook with an intensity rivaling an epileptic seizure.  Her back arched high, she screamed in ecstasy from the very depths of her soul, her eyes rolled back in her head and her juices squirted from her quivering womanhood like a fountain.

Azure Angel’s unmasking completely shattered any pretense of focus or willpower, leaving her completely mentally and physically vulnerable to the emotions and overwhelming erotic sensations rushing through her.  Dragon Queen’s men gasped as the orgasm continued unabated for almost a full minute.

When it was finally over, Azure Angel’s sweat drenched body crashed limply to the mat.  She panted desperately for breath and her eyes looked completely glassed over.  Her juices continued to trickle slowly out of her pussy as well.  Every few seconds a weaker orgasmic aftershock would cause her body to jolt briefly and her pussy to quiver.  All Azure Angel could do was moan incoherently.

Dragon Queen stood up with a smug look on her face.  “aphrodites… so easy.” she said with a derisive sneer.  “That might have actually taken some work with a normal woman.”  She looked down at Azure Angel.  “Don’t think your humiliation is over.”  “Today, your defeat and humiliation will be complete.”

Dragon Queen pulled down her own exercise briefs and flung them at Azure Angel’s face.  Then she grabbed Azure Angel’s ankle and pulled her upward till Azure Angel was awkwardly balanced on her neck and shoulders.  Dragon Queen stepped between the awkwardly prone Azure Angel’s legs and squatted slightly until their pussies were touching.  She began rotating her hips, grinding her pussy against Azure Angel’s.

Azure Angel immediately shrieked in a mixture of shock and pleasure.  She squirmed weakly, trying in vain to escape the overwhelming sensations screaming through her body again.

Dragon Queen let out a derisive snort as she continued the sensual punishment of the devastated young heroine’s body.  “You should be honored, dog.”  “Your queen is personally disciplining you.”

Azure Angel only muttered incoherently in between moans.  Dragon Queen scowled, took one of her arms from around Azure Angel’s leg and spanked her hard across the ass.

“Thank your queen, you ungrateful welp,” she demanded.

After a few hard spanks, Azure Angel’s cries of pleasure were mixed with pain.  “Th… thank you, mistress.” She cried out, hoping to ease the pain.

“That’s more like it.” Dragon Queen snarled.  Dragon Queen ripped three more intense orgasms from Azure Angel’s body.  None as intense as the original nuclear one, but all intense enough to make Azure Angel scream at the top of her lungs again.  Afterwards, Dragon Queen unceremoniously dropped her in a heap at her feet.  Azure Angel only moaned weakly, unable to move or speak.

Dragon Queen snapped her fingers and held out her hand straight to her side.  A ninja obediently moved to her side with an ornate wooden box about the size of a shoebox.  She turned to face the ninja, opened the box, and removed a feeldoe strapless strap-on dildo.

Dragon Queen tied Azure Angel’s wrists behind her back, put her in a head down ass up position, and then slid the bulbous “handle” end into her own pussy, letting out a soft moan as it entered her.  She straddled Azure Angel from behind, grabbed Azure’s hips, and then roughly thrust the business end of the feeldoe completely into Azure Angel with one stroke.

Azure Angel screamed as she was filled up by the feeldoe.  She tried to wiggle away, but her position left her far too vulnerable, and her strength was gone after the series of massive orgasms she had already endured.

All pretense of gentleness was gone at this point.  Dragon Queen knew she had shattered Azure Angel’s resistance, and had her young, shapely body not only primed but on overload.  Dragon Queen slammed into Azure Angel with long, full strokes that rocked her body back and forth.  Azure Angel cried out with each deep thrust, and in no time at all was brought to a series of seemingly non-stop machine gun orgasms.  She had no idea how long her ordeal lasted, or how many times she was forced to climax.  She lost count early on.  She only knew through the haze of pain and pleasure that eventually Dragon Queen stopped.

Dragon Queen forced Azure Angel to lick and suck the feeldoe completely clean of their mixed juices.  She obediently did as ordered, maintaining demanded eye contact with her mistress’s glaring stare.

When she was satisfied, Dragon Queen used her foot to push Azure Angel onto her back on the mat.  Dragon Queen slowly pulled the feeldoe end out of her own throbbing pussy.  Her head fell back slightly and she let out an aroused moan as it pulled free.  None of the ninjas present could quite be sure if she had just climaxed, and none were foolish enough to ask.  They had witnessed their queen have a few fairly intense orgasms as she took Azure Angel from behind.  More than a few had the feeling it was more the wicked domination and not the feeldoe that had actually had caused her to orgasm.

Dragon Queen climbed on top of Azure Angel and sat on her, trapping Azure’s arms between her thighs and calves.  She smiled cruelly and ground her wet pussy against Azure Angel’s face.  “Lick!” she commanded harshly.  “Pleasure me, or suffer.”

The last command was completely unneeded as Azure Angel complied without fighting.  She wore an expression of deep shame as she began licking at Dragon Queen’s tight, wet folds.  Azure had no experience with women, so she instinctively used the same techniques that Dragon Queen had devastated her with.

Dragon Queen deliberately focused on holding back her orgasm to let it build, and give her more time to further humiliate Azure.  When she could no longer hold it back, Dragon Queen’s orgasm was nearly as intense as Azure Angel’s.  She tossed her head back, cried out in pleasure, clutched her own breasts firmly, and squirted all over the helpless heroine’s face.  The orgasm was an intense rolling one, having three strong peaks, two of which led to the squirting all over Azure.

Afterwards, Dragon Queen got up, did a hair flip to get her hair back neatly behind her, and then put back on her kimono with a gloating smile.  “Now there’s no doubt who is both the superior woman and ninja.”  “Now… I’ll leave you to my ninjas to make sure you’re completely broken.”  She turned to her ninjas.  “Use her, violate her, make sure her spirit is not just broken, but utterly and permanently shattered,” she growled.  “I want everyone not actively taking their turn with her focused on moving the equipment and our prisoners out of here for evacuation though.”  “If the inept police don’t eventually grow a spine, higher law enforcement may, or we’ll get visited by more heroines.”  “It would be foolish to sit here waiting to be attacked.”

“Yes, my Queen,” the ninjas all barked in unison.

“Remember…” Dragon Queen said with a murderously serious expression.  “Only on her uniform also.”

Dragon Queen walked off towards the command center.  She’d gotten probably 10 feet down the hall when Azure Angel began crying out again as the ninja gang bang began.

While that was happening…

Summer (Specter Girl) and Krystal had managed, with Esha’s help, to locate Battle Sprite and, somewhat reluctantly, recruited the overly spunky blonde and returned with her to the hangar.

Krystal rolled her eyes as Battle Sprite prattled on about getting her chance to be a great heroine and prove herself.  While she found it somewhat comforting to have somebody else around that was close to normal bra size, Krystal found her vain and a bit air headed.  Krystal had moved off to the side away from the group to try to clear her head and deal with everything she’d been through.  Night Raven took notice, and wandered over though.

“I know,” Night Raven said with a smile, “she’s annoying, but she can fight.”  “If nothing else, she’ll be a useful distraction,” she added jokingly with a light chuckle.

“Tempting,” Krystal replied with a wry smile.  “Nobody deserves what Dragon Queen does to women though.”

“True that,” Night Raven replied, casually crossing her arms under her chest.  “A nice, stiff cock is one thing… her and her freaky fucking plants and monsters though…”  She tilted her head slightly, studying Krystal.  “I’m kind of surprised to see you care though, no offense.”  “From what you’ve said, you and others got off on seeing them go through that, reading or whatever on your world.”

Krystal let out a heavy sigh.  “Yeah, don’t remind me.”  She looked Night Raven directly in the eyes.  “It’s a whole different story when you find out it’s real though, not just a play fantasy created by kinky writers.”

Night Raven nodded.  “Yeah, I get that,” she replied casually.  “People have lots of fantasies that they’d never want in real life, outside of some weird roleplaying or something.”  Seeing Krystal’s mood sinking further, Night Raven tried to lighten the mood.  “So, come on…” she said almost flirtatiously while giving Krystal a playful poke in the boob, “just between us girls, what’s that naughty kink that gets you hot reading stuff like that?”

Krystal smiled awkwardly and almost blushed.  “Bondage,” she admitted in a slightly embarrassed tone.

“Kinky.” Night Raven replied with a smirk and a wicked glint in her eye.

“It’s not an all the time thing,” Krystal admitted reluctantly.   “Between uptight parents, a tough college schedules, and my Wiccan studies, I just have to be so focused and in control all the time.”  “I’m not submissive really, but…” she paused awkwardly, embarrassed to continue.

“Every once in a while, it’d be nice to be tied down, completely unable to have any control, and have your brains fucked out?” Night Raven asked with a knowing smirk.

“Maybe.” Krystal replied with a telling smile.

“I’ve been there too,” Night Raven replied with a playful wink, which was barely noticeable under her mask.  “Feel up to continuing now?”

Krystal smiled warmly.  “Yeah, thanks.”

The pair returned to the rest of the group.  Battle Sprite was now sulking in the corner after Geek had threatened to stuff a ball gag in her mouth and then wrap duct tape around her head to keep it in place if she kept talking.

“What’s next?” asked Sara Kraft.  “You think there’s anyone else we can recruit, or are we ready to take a go at the base?”

Krystal thought for a moment.  “I don’t think we have time to wait for any out of town heroes.”

I wonder if the League and some of the Marvel characters actually do have versions here like in some of the fan stories, Krystal thought.  It’s possible…  Mister X seems to like Wonder Woman and Supergirl in particular.  No time for day dreaming though.

“I’d agree.” Sara Kraft replied.  “The longer we wait, the more likely Dragon Queen is to do something even more horrible than usual to the She-Legion.”

“Something I’d like to prevent.” Krystal said flatly.  “As for anybody else…”  “I had thought about grabbing a P.I. that I’ve… read about.  Going by the news though, it looks like Nancy’s occupied with helping the police at a downtown hotel.”

Author’s note: See DeannaTroi’s stories at Mister X’s home page at DangerBabeCentral.com

“No, forget it…” Esha sighed.  “ I don’t want to know.”  “This operation is weird enough already.”

Krystal looked to Sara Kraft.  “OK, you’re the expert at getting into trapped places.”  “The one that I trust, anyway,” she added, glancing to a now indignant Esha. “I hope you’ve figured out a plan while I was recruiting.”

“None you’ll like,” Sara Kraft replied bluntly.

Krystal let out a sigh, waiting for the figurative bomb to drop.  “I’m listening…”

“Before we lost contact with Azure Angel, she reported that the ventilation system was heavily alarmed and rigged with sensors,” Sara Kraft started.

“Something I could no doubt get us past,” Geek replied.

“Even if you could, she also reported seeing mutant plants all through the duct system,” Sara Kraft replied in an annoyed tone.  “Likewise, the majority of Dragon Queen’s forces seem to be focused in the hangar platform area,” she continued.  “It might not outright be suicide, but it’d come bloody close.”

Krystal nodded, studying the diagram on the computer screen.  “So, since the base is sealed otherwise…” she said, “our only other option is…”

“Right through the front door,” Esha said, cutting her off.

“Fuck me,” Krystal muttered, shaking her head.

“Sorry, honey,” Esha replied snidely.  “Contrary to rumor, I don’t swing that way.”

“Once you go Geek, you’ll always be his freak,” Geek interjected smugly.

Most of the group rolled their eyes.  Battle sprite turned around and fought the urge to vomit.

“Don’t think payback isn’t coming some day for that either, you little weasel,” Esha snapped.

“Any time you’re hungry for more, babe,” Geek said, still wearing his smirk.

“You…” Krystal said, glaring at Geek, “are like some bad, exaggerated cliché of every desperate virgin nerd who couldn’t get laid with a million dollars and the cure for cramps.”

“Burn,” Specter Girl said with a laugh.  The rest of the group laughed, and Geek turned back to his computers, sulking and clearly hurt.

Krystal kept her focus though.  She might have almost felt bad for The Geek if she hadn’t known the terrible things he’d done to Ms. Americana and Flag Girl on multiple occasions.  Probably other heroines as well, and she simply hadn’t heard the story.

“OK, so bottom line is we’re being forced to hit them head on instead of playing commando,” Krystal said.  “We’re going to need any advantage we can get.”

“We rigged up some herbicide and insecticide bombs similar to Green Specter’s smoke bombs while you were gone.” Jungle Babe replied.  “That was a good idea.”

“One of the things I had too much time to ponder while imagining what I’d do in your situations,” Krystal said.

Author’s note: No, you didn’t miss that idea in a previous chapter.  It happened “off camera”.

“I guess there’s nothing left but to do it.” Krystal said reluctantly.  She looked up at the others.  “Odds are it’s a trap and they’ll be well prepared for intruders,” she said plainly.  “The bright side is they won’t know exactly who is coming.”  “Likewise, they’ve never encountered me before, so I get to be a wildcard.”  “I want everybody to stick together, and cover each other’s back above all else.”  “If we do that, we might have a prayer of getting through this in one piece, got it?”

Everybody nodded.

“Geek, you disable the exterior security and monitoring systems,” Krystal said.  “Once we get inside, call the cops and let them know to quit hiding under their desks and back us up.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Geek grumbled.  “I know my job.”

“Look,” said Krystal, softening her authoritarian tone slightly, “sorry if that was harsh earlier.”  “I think we all truly appreciate your help too, even if it was bought.”  “But, honestly, the way you act at times makes it real hard to overlook what you’ve done in the past.”  “You want to clear the air or have it out, we can do that later, after this is over.”  “For now, you’re a critical part of this team and I need your A game.”

“You’ll have it.” Geek said flatly.

“You’re going to need a disguise,” Specter Girl said to Krystal.  “…You know, a costume or something…  in case you’re stuck here a while or… decide to stay,” she added with an awkward smile.

“I suppose…” Krystal said, reflecting on the situation.  She sighed after a couple of moments.  “We don’t have time for me to do the whole costume design thing.”  “For now, a mask will have to do.”

Krystal waved her hands and said something in a language that sounded vaguely like ancient Latin, and a mask that looked like it came from a mardi gras party appeared on her face.  No feathers or any other embellishments, but it was quite colorful and did a great job of covering the majority of Krystal’s face.

“Witchfire lives,” Krystal said with an amused snerk.

“Good enough, let’s go.” Sara Kraft said.

“We’ll have to take the helicopter,” Krystal said.  “There’s seven of us, and the most I’ve done before is four people.”

“Can you at least disguise the helicopter so it doesn’t look like the one that broke you out of the asylum?” Sara Kraft asked, worried.

“Illusions aren’t really my thing.” Witchfire replied flatly.  “I can at least change the paint job with a spell however.”

“It will have to do, I suppose.” Sara Kraft replied.  “How about a news helicopter?” she added.  “One of those should go largely ignored.”

“Perfect,” Witchfire said.  She waved her arms in arcane circles and focused all her attention.  “Incantos Pulka Imperium!” she commanded.

The helicopter was bathed in eerie magical energy and the paint swirled and rearranged itself, morphing into a perfect replica of the paint job on one of INN’s news reporting helicopter.

“Blimey!” Sara Kraft exclaimed.  Even the normally unflappable Esha seemed slightly surprised by the change.

“Later, let’s go,” Witchfire demanded.

Everybody helped push the helicopter out of the hangar via the wheels built into it’s pontoon like landing skids.  Once it was free of the hangar, everybody piled in and the pilot fired it up.  Soon they were off.  They made good time flying towards the center of the City.  The only minor trouble being the need to detour around the media circus at a downtown hotel where the police had just broken up a bomb plot with the help of the P.I. that Krystal had mentioned earlier. When they got a little over a mile out, the team had The Geek kill the exterior cameras and sensors.  Unfortunately, the lack of surveillance capability was immediately noticed inside the base.

“My Queen, we’ve lost exterior cameras and sensors,” a ninja reported.

Dragon Queen spun to face him.  “Which ones?” she demanded.

“Errr… All of them,” the ninja replied a bit timidly, fearful of Dragon Queen’s wrath.

“We’re definitely about to be under attack.” Dragon Queen replied.  “Get the last of those Aphrodite cows onto the transport plane and get ready to evacuate,” she barked to the entire room.  She turned to another ninja manning the radio equipment.  “You, inform our nearby friends that we have company and tell them to get their asses here, NOW.”

“Yes, my queen,” the ninja replied crisply.

Ninjas immediately scattered in every direction, carrying out their leader’s instructions.

The helicopter came in for a landing fast.  Its touchdown was a little rough as the pilot sacrificed comfort for every extra second of surprise advantage he could give the group.  Everybody piled out, Sara Kraft slapped the door hard twice to signal the pilot, and the helicopter was gone again just as quick.

The team started making for the front entrance when they heard a deep booming voice from behind them.  “Where the fuck you bitches think you going?” it demanded.  The entire team turned around and there stood Master Pimp with a dozen of his gang members.

“Master Pimp!” Specter Girl blurted out, clearly terrified at the sight of the enormous black man.

Witchfire smiled wickedly.  “So this is the big bad Master Gimp I’ve heard so much about?”

“Who you callin’ Gimp, bitch?” King Pimp demanded.

“You, dumbass.” Witchfire said mockingly, deliberately choosing to strike a classic heroine pose with her hands on her hips, her hips cocked to the side, and a smug, superior attitude smile on her face.

“Bitch, I’ll bend you over and tear you in two with it.” Master Pimp growled.

“How are you going to do that?” Krystal asked innocently.  “I heard it was fake; a prosthetic that you can’t even get up, Limpy.”

All of Master Pimp’s thugs had a shocked look on heir faces, amazed that this crazy scrawny white bitch would challenge the bitch tamer.

“I got yo Limpy right here, bitch!” Master Pimp exclaimed, unzipping his pants and whipping out his insanely massive 24 inch long cock.  He stroked it a few times, and it quickly grew fully erect, gaining a bit more size as it did.  The massive member was the length and thickness of a small baseball bat.

Witchfire made an exaggerated shocked expression.  “Ooooooh… impressive!” she gasped.

“Damned straight, bitch,” Master Pimp snarled.  “Now get over here and suck it!”

“I’ve got a better idea,” Witchfire said with a smirk.  She quickly waved her hands and chanted a quick incantation, and suddenly several rat traps materialized around Master Pimp’s cock and balls.  They immediately slammed shut on him with vastly more force than normal traps would.  Master Pimp screamed in agony, hitting a pitch normally reserved for little school girls.  His eyes rolled back in his head and he collapsed onto the ground in a crumpled heap.

“Holy Shit!” one of the gang bangers exclaimed.  “Waste that crazy bitch!”

The gang members that had guns tried to pull them from their waist bands.  Night Raven and Specter Girl were faster with their throwing irons however, hitting the thugs on the wrists and temples.  One dropped his gun, and three more were knocked out.  The remainder, armed with bats, chains and knives, all started towards the women.

Battle Sprite jumped forward.  “No, you don’t, evil doers!” she exclaimed dramatically.  She smiled and blinded the remaining thugs.  “That’ll teach you meanies to mess with Miss Smile Bright 2017!” she exclaimed.

Witchfire rolled her eyes.  I can’t believe she’s really this big a dweeb in real life, and that she’s eighteen, not 10, she thought.

The team immediately jumped into battle and in no time at all had beaten the entire group of gang bangers senseless.  Krystal then had Esha tie them all up, including Master Pimp, in her special bondage ropes and knots.  In the meanwhile, Sara Kraft called the police to arrange for the thugs to be hauled off to jail.

Witchfire smirked again when it was all over.  She waved her hand in an almost dismissive gesture and spoke.  “Minimus.” She said in a commanding tone.  Immediately Master Pimp’s genitals shrunk to smaller than the size of a newborn baby’s.

“Damned,” Esha said in a pouty tone.  “I wanted to bind it up in cuck knots with my ropes.”

The thugs who were actually still conscious recoiled in horror.

“That’s right.” Krystal snarled.  “I hear any of you are causing trouble ever again, your nicknames with also be micro-dick, got it?”

The gangbangers all nodded in fear.

“Good, let’s go girls.” Witchfire said with a smirk.  They all turned and walked purposefully towards the She-Legion base entrance.

“That was amazing!” Specter Girl blurted out, clearly fawning over Witchfire.

Esha eyed Witchfire suspiciously.  “I thought Illusions weren’t your thing,” she said.

“They aren’t,” Witchfire replied in an amused tone.  “Conjurations, on the other hand, and some limited transformation…”

“Holy shit, those were real rat traps?” Esha asked.  She cringed, imagining the feel of them snapping shut on her tender bits.  “And they call me an evil bitch…”

Witchfire said nothing in reply, only smirking evilly.

The ladies got to the front door and Specter Girl tried her access code on the lock.  Surprisingly, the front doors promptly slid open.

“Anybody else think this is feeling too bloody easy?” Sara Kraft asked.

“Definitely.” Witchfire replied.

“Well,” Jungle Babe sighed, “you did say we were probably walking into a trap.”

They proceeded cautiously down the hallway and were quickly greeted by a half dozen of Dragon Queen’s ninjas.  To Witchfire’s joy, she found she was able to hold her own using her Wing Chun kung fu.  While hardly a master fighter, she managed to put down one ninja while the other heroines made short work of the rest of the thugs.

“Hello, Specter Girl,” came Dragon Queen’s voice over the base intercom system.  “I have somebody here who would like to talk to you,” she added wickedly.  Dragon Queen’s voice was replaced by the sound of Green Specter screaming in agony, and begging for whatever was happening to her to stop.

“MOM!” a horrified Specter Girl shrieked.  In a flash, she was sprinting down the hallway.

Witchfire, Sara Kraft and Jungle Babe were after her instantly.  “Stop, it’s a trap Specter Girl!” Witchfire yelled.

No sooner had she said that than a trap door opened up underneath Specter Girl.  Witchfire dived forward and barely managed to grab Specter Girl’s wrist before she completely disappeared.  Specter Girl looked down and shrieked in horror.  Below her was a huge version of one of Dragon Queen’s dreaded inseminator plants.  If she fell into the pit, Specter Girl would be grabbed by their hideous mutant vines, restrained and had seed pods implanted in her womb.

“Please!” Specter Girl screamed, “Don’t drop me!”

Witchfire struggled to hold onto Specter Girl, but she wasn’t blessed with the strength of an aphrodite.  Even compared to normal girls her age, her strength was a bit below average at best.  Just as she felt her grip failing, Jungle Babe dived beside her, grabbed Specter Girl and pulled her up.  Vines shot up and grabbed for Specter Girl, but missed her.  Witchfire recoiled in horror also, and was nearly grabbed as a vine brushed against her shoulder and the top of her breast.  She rolled out of the way and the vine fell back into the pit.

Witchfire’s body reacted to the touch of the vine as if she’d been hit by pure sexual lightning.  She shuddered, felt her nipples become full erect under her tank top, and she felt herself lubricating.

Witchfire was breathing heavy as she sat up, breathing heavily from shock and fear more than the earlier sprint.  “What the hell just happened to me?” she gasped.

Sara Kraft threw a couple of the herbicide bombs down into the pit.  “Forgot these wankers are new for you,” she said flatly as she watched the plants wither and rot.  “The damnable things have spores all over their vines that act as aphrodisiacs.”

Witchfire had a shocked look on her face.  “I… didn’t know,” she managed.

“What, you didn’t think we fall prey to the damned things because we actually like getting knocked up by giant sex crazed house plants did you?” Jungle Babe asked sarcastically.

“N… no.” Witchfire replied awkwardly.

“I’d hope not.” Sara Kraft replied bluntly.  “I can’t even look at a bloody cucumber anymore.”

Witchfire fought to suppress a slight snicker.  She wasn’t going to admit it here and now, but a cucumber had served her well more than once when she ran out of batteries.

Sara Kraft looked back down in the pit.  The monster plants had been reduced to shriveled, withered husks.  “Well the good news is that the plant killers work,” she said.

Esha helped Witchfire up to her feet.  Specter Girl, who had been badly shaken and was being comforted by Jungle Babe, snapped back to reality a moment later.  She walked over and hugged Krystal tightly.

“Thank you, you saved me,” Specter Girl said.  The tone of her voice made it clear she was still shaken up.

“I caught you, Jungle Babe saved you.” Krystal said with a slight chuckle.  She gently returned Specter Girl’s hug, then waved Jungle Babe over for a group hug.

After a few moments, Esha interjected herself into the situation.  “Enough of the sickeningly sweet garbage,” she said, rolling her eyes.  “We have a job to do.”

The group hug quickly broke up.  “You know, if you didn’t stab everybody in the back, maybe you’d have people that cared about you, and you wouldn’t be so lonely,” Witchfire replied.

“Think you have all the answers huh?” Esha replied angrily.  “Fact is, life is simply do unto others before they do to you.”  “I’ve been around long enough to learn that one.”

Witchfire shook her head, but didn’t say anything more.

“What’s the fastest way to the control room from here?” Sara Kraft asked Specter Girl.

Specter Girl thought for half a second.  “The corridor to the left…  It leads to Doctor Whirter’s lab.  There’s an elevator there to the next level.”

“Perfect.” Witchfire spat.  “I have a major score to settle with that dirty old creeper.”

“We all do.” Jungle Babe said bluntly.

The group all hopped over the corner of the pit into the next corridor and sprinted down the hallway.  They were so fired up at this point that they flattened the few ninja guards in the corridor without even breaking stride.  They burst through the doors to the lab and Witchfire yelled.

“Show yourself, you disgusting old pig.” Witchfire shouted.  “I’m going to kick your tired ass!”

One of the monitors came to life.  On the screen was Doctor Pervo.  It was impossible to tell where he was though.  The room behind him was in deep shadow and barely lit.

“Better luck next time, girls,” Doctor Pervo chuckled mockingly.  He held up a rubber mask of Professor Whirter’s face.  “I did, erm, enjoy giving you… your examination, however,” he taunted.

Witchfire let out a scream of rage and flung a chair at the monitor.  The chair bounced off it harmlessly though, since the base was designed to hold up to potential invasions and combat within it.

“Tisk, tisk.” Doctor Pervo chided.  “I don’t know why you’re so upset anyway.”  “It’s not like you had much to play with,” he added with a mocking laugh.

“Where’s the real professor?!?” Specter Girl demanded, irate.

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” Doctor Pervo replied contemptuously.  “Don’t worry, we’ll meet again,” he added glibly.  “Ta for now.”

Witchfire let out a scream of primal fury.  Night Raven put a hand on her shoulder.

“Easy,” Night Raven said.  “Don’t let him manipulate you.”  “We’ll get the bastard eventually.”

Sara Kraft nodded.  “At least we know that Professor Whirter didn’t betray the She-Legion now.”

“But we have no idea where he is or if he’s OK!” Specter Girl said, clearly worried.

“We’ll get him back,” Jungle Babe said firmly.

“Let’s get up the elevators and kick Dragon Queen’s sorry butt,” Witchfire said.

With a nod, the entire group was into the elevator.  Esha got in last, having lingered behind a few moments.

The elevator stopped on the upper level and the women poured out, ready for a fight.  To their surprise, there was nobody there.  They moved carefully down the short hallway and into the training room.

“Empty also,” Witchfire said.

“I don’t get it,” Specter Girl said warily.  “Where’d they all go?”

“They’re evil doers,” Battle Sprite said.  “They fled in terror from our righteous might!”

“What’s that over there?” Esha asked, pointing to something on the floor in the center of the room.

The group moved quickly but carefully over to the spot.  There, lying in a huge half dried puddle of cum, was Azure Angel’s tattered costume.

Esha laughed.  “See?”  “Exactly like I told you… Exactly!” she added, continuing to laugh to the point she almost doubled over.

“If it’s so funny, maybe we can arrange the same experience for you.” Night Raven snarled.

The exchange was interrupted by a brief flash of teleportation and a new costumed threat standing in front of them.  In one upheld hand he held a thick rag, and in the other, he had a bottled of concentrated chloroform.

“DA DA DAAAAA!” the skinny caped figure proclaimed.  “Captain Chloroform!”

Night Raven immediately threw one of her throwing bats, striking the bottle of concentrated chloroform, shattering it and splashing chloroform all over the villain.  He almost immediately passed out from the fumes in the air all around him and those coming off his soaked clothes.

“Bleeding Nit,” Sara Kroft snarled.

“We should tie him up also,” Esha remarked.

“I wouldn’t,” Witchfire replied.  “Right now, the fumes around him are so strong you could pass out also.”

“We need to find Azure Angel and the others too.” Jungle Babe said.

Everybody nodded and they all headed down the hallway into the control room.  They opened the doors and rushed inside.  On the far side of the room, ninjas were wheeling tubes that held Lady Midnight and Amazing Babe in some sort of sleep or trance.  They were heading towards the hangar platform.

Witchfire quickly fired a bolt of magical energy that flattened the ninja moving Amazing Babe’s tube.  A second shot missed the one transporting Lady Midnight however.

“Get those accursed meddling heroines!” Dragon Queen yelled.

A dozen ninjas charged at the heroines as Dragon Queen and the remaining ninjas and personnel ran for the landing platform.  A couple of ninjas struggled to pick up Amazing Babe’s tube from where it had fallen over, but were unable to lift it on their own.

“Leave it.” Dragon Queen snapped.  “Help get Lady Midnight on board, she commanded.  “Losing one won’t make any difference, and that one is even more of a nobody than Azure Angel.”

Driven by righteous indignation and outright rage, the heroines tore through the ninjas in short order.  They raced down the hallway in time to see Dragon Queen’s large vertical takeoff transport jet start to go airborne.  The back cargo ramp was still open, and the heroines could see several of the stasis tubes inside, including Green Specter.  Perhaps even more horrifying was the sight of Azure Angel cringing at Dragon Queen’s feet.  Her eyes held a haunted look that chilled everyone on the platform.  Azure Angel was completely nude also, except for a collar around her neck attached to a leash that Dragon Queen held in her hand.

“MOM!!!” Specter Girl screamed.  She tried running to reach the plane, but it was already accelerating away as its ramp closed.

Night Raven grabbed Specter Girl around the waist and restrained her.  “It’s too late!” she yelled.  “We’ll get them back next time.”

Specter Girl struggled and ended up turned around in Night Raven’s arms.  She weakly pounded on Night Raven with her fists.  “Noo..”  “Let me go!”  “I have to save my mom!”

“We’ll get her back, soon,” Night Raven said quietly, continuing to hold Specter Girl.  “I promise we will.”

Specter Girl broke down sobbing and buried her head in Night Raven’s shoulder.

“Poor kid,” Jungle Babe said.

Witchfire walked over and put a comforting hand on Specter Girl’s shoulder.  “I’m sorry,” she said remorsefully.  “I couldn’t cast anything fast enough that wouldn’t have endangered your mom and the others.”

Specter Girl said nothing and only continued sobbing into Night Raven’s shoulder.  Sara Kraft tapped Witchfire on the shoulder and motioned back towards the control room.  They walked back down the hall and found Esha there going over a control console.

“I can’t find any sort of a remote override for the locks on that tube,” Esha said in a frustrated tone.

Sara Kraft, Jungle Babe and Witchfire rolled the tube over.

“There’s a computer keypad lock on it,” Witchfire said.  “Let’s see how great a break in artist you are,” she added.

“I’m the best there is, period,” Esha replied smugly.  She walked over and began tinkering with the lock.  After several minutes, dismantling the lock and a bit of rewiring, the tube’s full length hatch popped open and Amazing Babe began to stir from her comatose state.

“What… happened?” Amazing Babe asked weakly.

“We were all hoping you could tell us.” Sara Kraft replied flatly.

“Head is spinning, so hard to focus.” Amazing Babe replied.

“Let’s get her to whatever goes for a medical center in this place,” Witchfire replied.  “Be alert for more plant traps also,” she added.  “I doubt we’ll see any mutoids, since they’re too hard to control.”  “Dragon Queen wouldn’t want them going after her or her ninjas.”

“Doesn’t mean she didn’t leave any as a going away present,” Esha replied in a flippant tone.

“True,” Witchfire replied.  “OK, let’s get the rest of the support team here, reclaim the base fully and then figure out where Dragon Queen went so we can get our people back.”

To Be Continued

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