Witchfire, Part 4

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Witchfire, Pt 4 – Witchfire’s Crucible

Krystal shook her head.  Did she really just refer to the She-Legion as “our people?”  Funny, she mused.  A week ago, she not only couldn’t relate to them, but she thought they were only adult comics characters.  In her short time on this strange parallel Earth, she’d come to genuinely empathize with most, if not all of them.

“Geek, any luck on tracking that jet?” Krystal asked into her radio.

“Luck has little to do with results.” Geek replied flatly.  “It’s all about skill and the right technology.”  He let out an exasperated sigh.  “I’ve got one out of two at least.”  The sound of buttons being pressed and other equipment being worked, or perhaps fought with came over the radio.  “Hmmmm, I think I’ve got something.”  “I’ll need to verify it there with better equipment however.”

Witchfire let out an annoyed sigh.  “Alright, pack up your stuff with the others and get here as fast as you can.”  With that, she cut the communication channel.

Witchfire turned to the others.  “He’s up to something…  we’ll deal with that later though.”  “First thing’s first.”  “How did Dragon Queen set up a pit trap so quickly?”

Specter Girl spoke up awkwardly.  “She didn’t.”  “The She-Legion has several of them set up around the base as part of the defenses.”  “Normally they’re just filled with knock-out gas though.”

“Figures,” Witchfire replied.  “OK, Jungle Babe please get Amazing Babe to the medical center.”  “Lady Kraft, take care of dropping some weed killer on the rest of those pits.”  “Safe bet they’re trapped too.”  “Night Raven, can you do likewise with the ventilation system?”  “Esha, you go with Jungle Babe,” Witchfire said in a sterner tone.  “I figure med bay is the place you’re least likely to get into trouble.”

“What about ME?!?” Battle Sprite half asked and half demanded.

Witchfire rolled her eyes and stifled another sigh.  “I… need you to patrol the outside for us,” she replied.  “Make sure no evil villains try to sneak up and surprise us.”  “You’re the only one I can trust with such an important task.”

“Yeah!” exclaimed Battle Sprite in her overly dramatic style.  “Nobody’s getting past me!”  With that, she took off running to the entrance.

The rest of the group stifled groans or snickers as the witless would-be heroine ran off.

“You really have no shame, you know that?” Jungle Babe said to Witchfire with an amused smirk.

“Would you prefer to have her tagging along with you?” Witchfire retorted.  “OK, everybody head out.”  “The sooner we’re operational here, the sooner we can rescue the She-Legion.

Esha grumbled but everyone agreed and headed off to their appointed tasks.

“What about me?” Specter Girl asked uncertainly.

“We need to talk,” Witchfire said bluntly.

“Uhm… OK.” Specter Girl replied, nervously shifting her posture.

Krystal took off her mask, put her hands on Specter Girl’s shoulders and looked her in the eye.  “You have to pull it together.” “You’ve been unfocused and reckless.”  “You endangered the team.”

“I… I know.” Specter Girl sobbed.  “I’m sorry.”   She stared heartbroken at the floor and sobbed softly.

“Look…” Krystal said softly.  “I’ve followed the stories.”  “You’re smart, strong, brave…”  “You can do this, even without your mom.”  “I believe in you and I’m sure she does too.”  “If we’re going to get the rest of the team back, I need you to be a strong, focused woman.”

“Ok…” Specter Girl replied a bit awkwardly.   “I’m sorry too.”  “I miss my mom and feel like I let everybody down when they were captured.”

“How did you escape?” Krystal asked.

“When Dragon Queen attacked, she flooded the base with plant spores.” Specter Girl replied.  “Mom… shoved me out the escape chute to save me.”  Specter Girl immediately became dejected again.

“You didn’t fail anybody.” Krystal said gently.  “Your mom made sure you were safe because she knew you would be able to make things right.”

“You really think so?” Specter Girl asked weakly, forcing a half smile as she did.

“Yep.” Krystal said, trying her best to sound upbeat.  “But to pull this off, we’re going to need you to get your focus back and make your mom proud, OK?”

Specter Girl nodded, smiling softly.  “I will, and thank you.”  “I needed to hear I wasn’t a failure.”  She paused for a moment, and then hugged Krystal tightly, refusing to let go for several seconds.  When she did she kissed Krystal lightly on the cheek.

Krystal was slightly stunned by the display of affection and stumbled to find something to say.  “Uhm…” she stammered, “since… you’re the only one with proper access… maybe you can get the computers and other systems up for us?”

“Sure!” exclaimed Specter Girl in a chipper tone.  She smiled and blushed at Krystal and then scurried over to the computers and began resetting them.

Krystal sighed uneasily and then headed for the door so she could go check on the others.  Sara Kraft was waiting just outside the door.

“Nice pep talk,” she said.  “She really needed to hear that, especially from an outsider.”  “You’ve got more heart than I gave you credit for.”

“I do my best.” Krystal replied flatly.

“She’s developing a crush on you, you know.” Sara Kraft observed, looking at Krystal over the top of her sunglasses, which had slid down her nose.  “Be careful how you handle things with her from here on out.”  “You were her age a few years ago, so you know how easy it is to get hurt.”

Krystal nodded quietly, trying to adjust mentally to this new wrinkle.

“Anyway, the pit traps are all cleared of Dragon Queen’s monster plants,” Sara Kraft continued.  “Only a half dozen of them, so it went fast.”

Krystal nodded again, thankful for the change in topic.  “Any indication of trouble in the rest of the base?”

“Not that I saw.” Sara Kraft replied.  “We should do a thorough sweep to make sure though.”

“Agreed,” Krystal said.  “We don’t need any last minute surprises or counterattacks.”  “Let’s get Esha and sweep…”

“Geek and the support team are here,” Specter Girl interjected, pointing to a security monitor showing the helicopter landing on the landing platform.

Krystal let out an annoyed sigh.  “OK, you go get Esha and sweep the building.”  “I… am going to find out what the hell Geek is up to,” she added.

Sara Kraft nodded and headed off.  She was only gone a few moments when Geek walked in, carrying two suitcase sized electronics cases, and followed by three support technicians and the pilot, all carrying equipment.  Krystal glared at Geek and he shot her a smug smile in return.

“You…. Come with me.” Krystal snapped.  “The rest of you, follow Specter Girl’s orders.”  “She’s in charge of getting the base secured and operational.”  Krystal led Geek into a storage room connected to the training center, then closed the door behind them.  “Alright, I was harsh back at the airfield so I’m giving you a chance to explain without making you look any worse to the rest of the group.”  “It doesn’t take witch’s intuition to tell you know more about Dragon Queen’s plane than you’re telling.”  “What kind of game are you playing?”

Geek crossed his arms.  “I know exactly where it went.”  “It was easy for someone of my intellect to track.”

“Then I suggest you tell me,” Krystal demanded angrily.  “…before I tell those ladies out there you’re keeping them from saving their friends and let them rip you apart.”

The Geek shrugged casually.  “You could, but that won’t get them back”

“You’re being paid a fortune for your help, and you want to pull a double cross now?” Krystal demanded.

“I… prefer to think of it as… renegotiating my contract,” Geek replied coldly.  “I’m apparently crossing a lot of villains as part of this.”  “More importantly, it’s become obvious that my importance to this team just went up substantially,” he added with an arrogant smirk.

“Maybe I’ll just cast a spell to compel you to tell me where they are,” Krystal retorted.

“Don’t insult my superior intelligence,” Geek replied arrogantly.  “If you had that capability, you’d have simply used it instead of trying such a hollow bluff.”  “I can guarantee you I won’t respond to pain in any kind of time to save your friends either.”  “So, you can give me what I want, or drag this out and see what Dragon Queen can do to those bimbos now that they’re safely hidden on her turf.”

Krystal let out a disgusted sigh.  “Supposing I humor this instead of banishing you to hell…” Krystal snarled, “just what do you think you’re going to get?”

Geek smiled arrogantly.  “You,” he replied bluntly.

It took Krystal a half second to grasp his meaning.  The gasp that followed was an equal mixture of disgust and shock at his sheer audacity.  “How about I just shrink your already tiny dick so small you’ll never find it?”

“That’s one way to make sure you never find the bimbo brigade,” Geek replied in a smarmy tone.

“I guess I shouldn’t be surprised,” Krystal spat.  “Chaining up a woman is the only way you even feel secure enough to get it up.”

“I’ve had about enough of that crap,” Geek replied angrily.

“Truth hurt?” Krystal snapped.

“I’ll make it simple; you’re getting fucked if you want to see your friends again,” Geek snarled.  “Tell you what though, sweet cheeks…”  “If you’re so sure it’s going to be such a disappointment, let’s up the stakes.”

“Don’t make me laugh,” Krystal snapped, fighting the urge to beat Geek senseless right there.

“Scared?” Geek challenged.  “Here’s the deal; If I make cum hard, you owe me another roll later on.”  “If I can’t, I’ll refuse my fee for this little outing, including my free pass out of here afterwards.”  “No props, no bots… no ropes and chains either so long as you give it up willingly.”

Krystal sighed, seeing no way out of the situation if she wanted to rescue the heroines before something even more horrible happened to them.  “No toys or tricks?” she asked in a defeated tone.

“Just you and my cock.” Geek replied with a smug grin, sensing victory.

“If you’re so confident, make it three orgasms and I’ll agree,” Krystal replied, a bit reluctantly.  “None of the guys I’ve been with have been able to make me cum more than twice.”  “If you can pull that off, I’ll admit you’re amazing.”

“And you owe me that second time,” Geek interjected.  Krystal sighed and nodded.  “Come to think of it, if I’m risking my money and freedom on this bet, I also want you to make sure Kraft and Jungle Boobs follow through on the rest of my contract too.”

“Fine,” replied a now thoroughly exasperated Krystal.  She didn’t see any point in arguing with Geek at this point.  He was totally fixated on getting inside her.

Geek’s smirk grew even bigger now that he was convinced of his victory.  “Now…  I just have one last issue,” he said.  “How to guarantee you will keep your word.”  “Just in the time I’ve spent around you, I can tell you have a typical redhead’s temper and vindictiveness.”  “I don’t suppose you have some sort of spell that can compel you to keep your word?”

“Uhmm… no…” Krystal said uneasily.

Geek raised an eyebrow and scowled.  “What are you not telling me?” he demanded.

Krystal sighed heavily and looked completely defeated now.  “Fine…  If I swear a witch’s oath, I’m compelled to keep my word.”  “The only exceptions are if it’s a major risk to my life, or the person on the other end breaks their word.”

“That’ll work,” Geek said arrogantly.  “Now swear that you’ll be completely sexually cooperative, there will be no retaliation after this is over, and that you’ll honor the terms of the bet as we laid out.”

“I… swear,” Krystal muttered dejectedly.  She paused, staring toward the direction of the control room.  Her thoughts ran to Specter Girl, desperate to get her mother back, and to the city which was now tearing itself apart without it’s protectors.  “I give my oath as a witch.”

“Good, now strip,” Geek commanded.

Krystal gave Geek a murderous look, reached down cross armed, grabbed her tank top and pulled it off over her head.  She dropped the tank top on the ground, and started to undo the front clasp on her lacy emerald green bra, then stopped and glared at The Geek.  “Don’t think I’m ever going to forgive you for this,” she growled.

“Maybe…” Geek said, still smirking.  “but thanks to your oath, you’re powerless to act on it, so fume all you want, and strip.”

Krystal unclasped the bra and let it slide off her shoulders, down her back and hit the ground.  Her pert 34B breasts jiggled slightly as they came free.  Geek ogled her breasts, then came over and cupped them in his hands, kneading and squeezing them.  Krystal moaned uncomfortably and tried to push Geek away.

“Well, they may be small, but they’re certainly soft and completely sag free.” Geek gloated as he continued copping a double feel.

Krystal turned her head and looked away from him.  She wasn’t sure if the revolted feeling in the pit of her stomach was more from this clownish man groping her exposed breasts, or her blaming herself for being coerced into allowing it.  Krystal whimpered painfully as Geek’s pawing at her breasts became rough and painful.

“Hmmmm, they’re sensitive, are they?” Geek remarked.  “Well, I suppose I’ll have to go gentle on them for the sake of winning our little bet.”

He began softly kissing Krystal’s breasts around her nipples, causing the strawberry blond witch to moan weakly.  Her body tensed as the knot in her stomach grew along with her feeling of dread.  She hated that her body would respond at all to this forced stimulation.  Geek, encouraged by her soft moan, began undoing Krystal’s belt with one hand.  Krystal wanted to resist, fight back with every fiber of her being, but her oath forbade it.  All she could do was go along with what she was enduring.  She could tell Geek was relishing her helplessness too.  He’d maneuvered her into bondage without so much as a single rope.  Krystal wiggled her hips, trying to maneuver the zipper of her jeans away from his hand as he went for it.

“Naughty, naughty,” Geek scolded mockingly.  “If you recall, the exact terms of our bet were that you be completely sexually cooperative.”  Krystal let out a dejected sigh and stopped struggling.  “That’s a good girl,” Geek said, pulling down her zipper and partially exposing the emerald green lace panties underneath.  “Now kick off those sandals and let’s get your pants off.”

Krystal obediently complied, hoping to get this over with sooner.  Geek smiled, feeling his power over the young witch growing.  He slowly pulled Krystal’s snug fitting jeans down off her hips, making the moment last and building the anticipation of what was to come.  Krystal cringed as he stopped 3/4 of the way down her thighs, and began kneading her tight, shapely ass.

“Nice and tight.” Geek remarked admiringly.  “You must work out constantly.”  He gave her butt cheek a firm slap.  “Much nicer than any of those bimbos you’re set on rescuing.”  With that, he gave a sharp tug on Krystal’s jeans and pulled them down clear to her ankles.

Krystal dutifully stepped out of them, leaving her in only her fairly skimpy panties.  She moved her hands to cover her breasts cross armed, and one thigh shifted slightly in front of her in a further effort to minimize her humiliation.  The normally fiery redhead was trembling lightly in anticipation.

Three years in college and I always avoided trouble, Krystal fumed.  Half a week here and I’m forced to spread my legs for this loser.  Her growing shame caused her to blush deeply.

Geek stepped back and admired the trembling redhead treat he was about to have.   “I think you should take them off for me.” Geek said absently as he eyes focused on her panties.  “To show me you’re serious about our arrangement.”  “Make sure to do it in an extra sexy way as well.”

Krystal grumbled under her breath and gave Geek a murderous look, then began a slow striptease, slowly working the skimpy undergarment down.  She turned and stuck her butt out at Geek as they began sliding down her thighs, giving Geek a nice view of her womanhood as they did.  She kicked them off her ankle as she finished, giving Geek a resentful stare.

“Happy?” she demanded.  Her tone was one of clear disgust masking a profound sense of shame.  The question was rhetorical anyway.  Krystal could tell from the visible bulge in his pants that Geek was eager to claim his prize.  The look he was giving her only added to the sense of vulnerability she felt from the situation and her now fully exposed body.

“Almost,” Geek replied.  He took a thick folding mat and spread it out on the floor of the room, giving them a padded area about the size of a twin sized bed.  Then with a smirk, he pulled off his ‘Nerds Rule’ T-Shirt.

Krystal had to reluctantly admit that her earlier assessment of Geek wasn’t far off.  He was scrawny compared to your classic comic book male.  He was somehow still fairly toned however.  While she normally preferred more manly guys, she could have seen herself possibly coaxed into a date with a nice guy with a similar appearance.  She looked at Geek with a burning anger though as he kicked off his own shoes.

“I’m going to make you pay for this after you lose,” Krystal snarled, trying to find her courage.

“Lighten up, Princess,” Geek replied with clear contempt.  “If you take the stick out of your ass, you may even find you enjoy this.”

“Fat chance, tiny dick,” Krystal retorted defiantly.

Geek dropped his pants and boxers at the same time, exposing his thick, nearly eight inch long cock.

“Holy shit!” Krystal gasped.  “How the hell…”  “They all said you had a tiny dick.”  “That thing is huge!”

“Pffft,” Geek snarled.  “It’s only been in Ameri-tits and Flag Bitch so far.”  “The rest don’t know anything beyond the crap those two tell them to assuage their damaged egos.”  “Besides, Flag Brat is such a size queen that anything short of a mutoid with a sixteen inch cock can’t get her off.”

Krystal wanted to argue his abuse of the She-Legion further, but her eyes kept glancing back down at Geek’s slowing hardening penis.  “I…  I’m not even sure I can fit that thing inside me,” she said, clearly intimidated.

“I guess we’ll just have to make sure you’re good and wet first then,” Geek replied as his smirk returned.  He grabbed her roughly into his arms and began kissing and sucking on Krystal’s nipple as his hand forced its way between her legs.

Geek was clearly lacking in any real idea of what foreplay was, but he quickly found his way between her soft, silky folds and began stimulating the delicate bud of her clitoris with surprising skill.  Geek gave her a knowing smile when his initial efforts revealed Krystal was already wet.  Krystal looked down and her face turned a bright crimson in shame.  She was loathe to admit it, but the same bondage fetish that got her turned on reading Danger Babe Central now had her body working against her.

Geek put a leg between Krystal’s and pushed her legs apart to shoulder width, and began stimulating her in earnest.  “Damned, you’re virginal tight,” he said as he began probing her hole.  “I’m going to enjoy this.”

Krystal didn’t reply.  The only sounds coming from her were increasingly more urgent moans.  She focused all her mental effort into fighting off her body’s responses.

“Give it up, babe,” Geek mocked.  “The Geek owns you.”

Krystal moaned, squirmed and fought for another 20 minutes.  The entire time, she felt the heat of desire rising in her body.  That, in turn, only fueled her sense of shame and vulnerability.  It was a vicious circle as that shame in turn only fueled her arousal further.  In the end, Krystal’s eyes rolled back, her body spasmed heavily and she cried out as Geek forced the first orgasm from her defenseless body.   Krystal collapsed against Geek, panting and weak.

“That wasn’t nearly as easy as with those aphrodites, but the payoff was worth the work,” Geek said proudly.  “Your responses are easily on par with their own.”  “Now since you’re a bit tired after that, be a good girl, get on your knees and show me your oral skills.”

Krystal sighed, and slowly lowered herself to her knees.  Funny how I love this when it’s my idea but find it so degrading when it’s pushed on me by a guy, she thought.  The bastard will no doubt cum in my mouth and make me swallow it too.   I wish I could bite it off but that won’t save the city or the She-Legion.

Krystal began slowly, trying to get used to the massive member in front of her.  She kissed and licked around the deep colored head of the veiny cock, eliciting deep, soft moans from Geek.  After several moments of trying tolerate the idea, Krystal began kissing and licking along the shaft.  Geek’s cock had a bit more girth than a golf ball.  Not huge compared to what she’d seen on Danger Babe Central, but still huge by real world standards.  Losing patience, Geek thrust the now rock hard member into Krystal’s mouth, then began roughly face fucking the humiliated heroine.

Unable to breathe with the substantial member being shoved down her throat, Krystal did the only thing she could, and sucked Geek’s cock for everything she was worth.  Her ploy worked, and it took barely a minute before Geek was on the edge of an orgasm.  He pulled half way out of Krystal’s mouth and then with a cry of victory, his orgasm exploded in her mouth.  Krystal scowled as her mouth filled with cum.  Geek held her head in place and forced her to take every last drop of the salty goo.

“Swallow,” Geek commanded.

Krystal reluctantly obeyed, and Geek released her head.  She looked up at Geek with tears streaming from her eyes, and her face awash with humiliation.  A trail of cum dribbled from the corner of her mouth.  “Why?”  “Wasn’t submitting enough for you.”  For just a fraction of a second, Krystal thought she almost saw a tinge of regret on Geek’s face.

“Because I wanted to.” Geek replied plainly.  He looked down at the crushed heroine.  “Now on your back like a good girl so we can get to the main course.”  His tone initially lacked some of the glee he’d shown earlier at gaining power over Krystal, but quickly regained it as he saw the slender redhead lay back on the mat.

“I… don’t suppose you’re going to wear a condom?” Krystal asked gloomily.

“Not a chance.” Geek retorted eagerly.  “I’m going to creampie the hell out of that tight little pussy of yours.”

Krystal glared at him.  “You’d better pray you don’t get me pregnant then.”

“Hmmmm.” Geek said with a hint of wicked delight.  “Everybody seeing a heroine with my bun in their oven would probably do wonders for my street cred.”  He glared down wickedly at Krystal.  “Guess you’d better hope it’s not close to that time for you, hmmm?”

With that, he kneeled down and then crawled on top of Krystal.  She tried to struggle, but had no strength or leverage.  Geek wasn’t sure if her oath had sapped her strength or something else was at play.  Either way, her helplessness only served to bring his erection back to life all the faster.  Geek grabbed her legs, forced them straight up and apart, and then thrust straight into her defenseless womanhood.

Krystal screamed in pain.  “Easy you, asshole,” she cried out.  “I’m not an aphrodite, I don’t have an airplane hangar for a pussy.”  She scowled at him with clear hatred as tears streamed down her cheeks again.

Back in the control room, Night Raven had returned from her tasks.  “Where’s our little spitfire?” she asked Specter Girl.

“Huh?” Specter Girl asked, confused.  “Oh, Witchfire?”  “Sheesh, I dunno.”  “I was so busy getting systems back online that I forgot about her pulling Geek aside to chew him out.”

“That doesn’t sound good.” Night Raven replied.  “They’ve been gone too long.”  “Better see if we can find them on the internal security system.”

Specter Girl nodded and began frantically working the control panel.  “Two people in the training room storage room,” she said after a few moments.  “Everybody else is accounted for, so it must be them.”  She switched on the security camera for the storage room and the screen came to life with the image of Geek mounted on top of a completely naked Krystal and pumping away in and out of her.  “We’ve got to help her!” Specter Girl yelled frantically.  She started to move when Night Raven stopped her.

“Wait,” Night Raven commanded in a calm but firm tone.  She zoomed in on the couple closer.  “She’s not restrained or fighting, but the look on her face says she’s clearly not doing this willingly.”

“So, let’s go kick his ass and save her!” Specter Girl demanded.

“I’d love nothing better right now,” Night Raven growled.  “Think though…  She dragged him off to make him tell her the location of Dragon Queen’s plane.”  “From the looks of it, he forced her to put out for the information.”  “If we barge in there, he may clam up for good and then we don’t get the others back.”  She looked at the screen and growled again.  “As much as I hate to say it, we’ll have to respect her sacrifice and deal with the little peckerhead after we have the info.”

“It’s not right…” Specter Girl said, dejected.

“No, but we don’t know how long it would take to get the information from him otherwise, or if he’d give the right information while there was still time.”  Night Raven shook her head.  “Turn off the camera.”  “We at least owe Krystal a little dignity.”

Specter Girl clenched her fists, then sighed and switched off the camera.

Back in the storage room at the same time the conversation was taking place in the control room:

Geek had heeded Krystal’s plea and taken a slower pace.  His strokes started shallow and grew increasingly deeper with each thrust.  Krystal remembered past conversations with other girls and a few things she’d read, and did her best to relax her vaginal muscles.  The yoga practice allowed her to slowly do so and take Geek more fully into her.

“Uhhhhnnnn,” Krystal moaned.  “Shit, I can barely fit you in my pussy.”

Geek only smirked and began moving faster and with more vigor.  Krystal moaned and cried out with every thrust.  When Krystal had adjusted to the member inside her enough to regain the majority of her senses, she realized Geek’s cock was the near mythical perfect size she’d heard girlfriends talk about; just big enough to completely fill her up without painfully slamming into her cervix or trying to rip its way into her womb.  Every bit of her womanhood was being stimulated at once and it was driving her crazy.

Krystal struggled desperately, trying to escape Geek.  She knew she was in serious danger of losing this bet.  Geek wrestled Krystal’s arms down and pinned them over her head.  Krystal was now completely helpless and pinned face to face with Geek.  He locked eyes with Krystal and it was like he was peering straight into the depths of her soul.  As if all her desires and shame were laid bare before him and he was daring her to defy them and him.  Krystal had never felt more exposed or vulnerable in her life.  The normally unflappable redhead witch went completely limp underneath Geek.

Geek began thrusting away vigorously, causing Krystal’s cries of shamed pleasure to become so loud they echoed around the small room.  Within minutes, Krystal’s body was rocked by one of the most intense orgasms she’d ever experienced.  She tossed her head back and screamed at the top of her lungs as her body shook forcefully.  Geek moaned loudly as he felt Krystal’s pussy clench around his engorged cock, then begin quivering intensely.

Krystal’s orgasm seemed to last an eternity, and Geek gave her utterly no respite, continuing the vigorously ride her all though it.  When it finally subsided, all Krystal could do was whimper and moan weakly.  Geek took one hand from her wrists, and took Krystal by the jaw, turning her head to look him in the eye again.

“One more, and you’re mine,” he said in a firm, almost commanding tone.

“N… no… please,” Krystal pleaded weakly between gasping breaths.

“Too late, babe.” Geek sneered.  “And now that we’ve got your body warmed up, I think it’s baby making time.”  Geek pinned both her wrists again and then began riding Krystal with renewed vigor.

Krystal looked pleadingly into his eyes.  “No….  please no…” she whimpered repeatedly.

Geek’s moans and cries of pleasure grew louder and louder.  Krystal felt his body begin to tense, and knew he was right on the edge.  She wiggled her hips, trying desperately to shake herself free of the cock inside her.  Geek was too large though and her efforts only served to excite him.  With a cry of pleasure, he grabbed Krystal’s narrow waist, thrust deep inside her and filled her with his cum.

Krystal went completely limp again as she felt the wet warmth pump into her and spread inside her.  It was her first time having unprotected sex, and she was unprepared for the intensity of the sensations, or the feeling of a man’s seed inside her.  If not for the shock of the new reality, she might have climaxed as well.  Geek had no intention of sparing her however.

“We still need that third orgasm for me to win, and make sure that seed takes hold,” he said wickedly.

He began pumping away again and quickly had Krystal crying out again.  Her body burning with desire and aching for release even as her mind screamed ‘NO’ and she tossed her head back and forth.  As close as she’d been to an orgasm before, it took no time and all for Krystal to reach her own explosive climax.  Her back arched forcefully up into the air, almost bucking Geek completely off of her.   Her body trembled, and she threw open her mouth in a silent scream as her eyes rolled back in her head.  Somewhere in the dark recesses of her mind, she became acutely aware of her own juices mixing with Geek’s cum inside her.

“That should up the odds,” Geek said, gloating.  “More importantly, you owe me another round of fun at a later date.”  He looked intently into Krystal’s eyes again.  “This will be a quick warm up compared to next time,” he said menacingly.

Krystal whimpered weakly as Geek sat up and released his grasp on her.  As he sat there and smirked at her, Krystal instinctively covered her breasts with one hand, and her lower stomach with the other.

Geek smirked at her.  “You’re worried about that possible bun in the oven, aren’t you?”  “Maybe we should keep going and see how much we can increase the odds…”

Krystal whimpered, and Geek grabbed her by the hips and turned her over.  From there, he forced her into a head down, ass up position and immediately began taking her from behind.  Krystal howled in pleasure and pleaded for mercy.  Over the course of the next ten minutes, he brought her to another pair of screaming, full body orgasms.  Finally, as Krystal lay sweaty and exhausted, Geek lost his erection and pulled his near flaccid cock out of Krystal.  Krystal flopped over on her side, exhausted and utterly humiliated.  Geek simply smirked and got dressed.

“W… wait.” Krystal said weakly as Geek turned towards the door.  “You promised the plane’s location.”

“That I did,” Geek replied cavalierly.  “I’m certainly not going to give you any excuse to break that oath you swore either.”  “The plane landed at the old water treatment plant near the East reservoir.”

Geek opened the door and stepped outside.  He was immediately grabbed by Night Raven, spun around and slammed hard against the wall.  “You went way too far this time,” Night Raven snarled.  “She’s not a heroine or an aphrodite.”

“No!” Krystal cried out as she forced herself to sit up.  “I swore a witch’s oath that there wouldn’t be any retaliation for this.”

Night Raven sighed, keeping Geek pinned against the wall with a forearm across his throat.  “And I suppose this oath carries all kinds of nasty consequences if it’s broken, being as it’s magical and all?”

Krystal nodded quietly, the shamed look returning to her face.

Night Raven nodded, then turned back to Geek.  “In that case,” she started calmly.  “THIS!” she snarled, kneeing Geek hard in the nuts, “is for Ms. Americana and Flag Girl.”

Geek’s eyes rolled back in his head and he slumped to the ground, unconscious.

Specter Girl came running into the training center to see what the commotion was about.  She saw Geek unconscious in a crumpled heap on the floor, and Krystal on the floor of the storage room with Night Raven kneeling beside her.

“Take that piece of filth to the detention cell,” Night Raven instructed.  “And make sure it’s locked tight.”

“But…” Specter Girl protested, looking at the naked Krystal.

“I’ll tend to her,” Night Raven said in an even firmer tone.  “Now go!”

Specter Girl sighed and dragged Geek off to the single small detention cell the headquarters had.

Night Raven sat down next to Krystal and cradled her in her arms.  “Are you OK, hon?”

“Not really…” Krystal said in a completely dejected tone.  “I’ll live though.”

“So, I guess he blackmailed you into sex in exchange for the plane’s location?” Night Raven asked gently.

Krystal nodded quietly again.

“That was noble of you to sacrifice yourself like that,” Night Raven said with a sigh.  “First time is always the worst,” she added.  “If it helps though, you may have saved the She-Legion’s lives and who knows how many others around the city.”  “Given the time constraints we’re under, I’m not sure we had time for anything else either.”

Night Raven got up, grabbed a bottle of water and a nearby hand towel.  After wetting the towel, she wiped off the half dried cum from the corner of Krystal’s mouth.  “Listen, I know I’m going to sound like a heartless bitch here, but I need you to pull it together.”  “Our little group of misfits desperately needs you.”  “Without you on the assault team, I don’t know if we have the power to pull this off.”  “Then everything you just went through will be for nothing.”

Krystal nodded and struggled to get to her feet.  Night Raven helped her up the last bit of the way.  “Easy,” Night Raven cautioned.  “Looks like he gave you a hell of a workout.”

“More messed with my head than anything,” Krystal said, frustrated.  “I’d be lying if I said I didn’t cum harder and more times than with any of my past connections though.”  Krystal took a nervous breath and gritted her teeth.  “Errr… speaking of which, I could really use one of those sonic disrupter thingies to prevent getting knocked up.”

Night Raven grimaced.  “I hate to tell yah, hon…”  “Those are pretty potent devices.”  “They’re designed to work on an aphrodite’s physiology; heightened damage resistance and recovery.”  “Even then they have to be fine tuned to the user.”  “On a normal woman like you, it could do major damage to your reproductive system and leave you hospitalized, infertile, or worse.”

“Shit…” Krystal exclaimed.

“The only reason we even have them is our crazy biology completely overpowers normal birth control,” Night Raven added.

“I know,” Krystal said with a sigh.  “I just haven’t had access to any in nearly a week.”  “Guess I’ll have to keep my fingers crossed.”

“No magic for that?” Night Raven asked, curious.

“Freya is a fertility goddess.” Krystal lamented.  “She’s more likely to make sure I end up prego.”

“Considering where she sent you to, it might be time to chose a new goddess,” Night Raven quipped.

“Yeah, no kidding,” replied Krystal, taking a bath towel from the shelf and wrapping it around herself.  “With my luck, I’d never get home if I do though.”  “I’m going to take a shower real quick.”

“What about your clothes here?” Night Raven asked.

“Burn them,” Krystal sighed.  She started to say more, then just turned and headed out the door and across the training center to the showers on the other side.

Sara Kraft watched the door to the showers close behind Krystal, then walked over to Night Raven.  “How’s she holding up?” she asked.

“She’s understandably shook up, but she’s holding up better than I’d have anticipated,” Night Raven replied in a frank tone.  “Most normal people don’t have that level of resilience.”

“That’s a debate for another time,” Sara Kraft replied.  “As long as she’ll hold together for the mission, that’s all I care about for the moment.”  “Putting everybody back together again will have to wait till afterwards, sadly.”

“Yeah, I suppose so.” Night Raven replied solemnly.  “We’d better get the others together and see what we can come up with while she’s showering.”

Krystal showered in complete silence, trying to wash the scent of what she’d just endured off of herself.  She needed to regain her focus if her spellcasting was going to be at all effective.  She had serious reservations about how the mission would go without Geek playing overwatch and getting them through all the electronic security also.  Esha seemed the only alternative, but Krystal still had serious reservations about her.  Krystal figured at this point, the only thing really working in their favor was that it had been an hour and a half since Dragon Queen escaped.  She’d likely let her guard down against anyone pursuing her by now.

Krystal wrapped a towel around her hair, and then quickly dried off her body with a second towel.  She stepped out of the shower, and looked down at the bench nearby.  Sitting there, with a clearly mystical aura about it, was a new costume.  Krystal carefully sorted through the pile, one piece at a time.  There was a deep burgundy, almost blood red short corset that laced in the front, a matching full length skirt that was slit all the way up to the waistband on both sides, shoes, and a crimson version of her mask.  Alongside the pile of clothes was a staff that might look like a walking stick or a now polished gnarled old tree branch to the untrained eye.  Krystal immediately sensed the power radiating from it however.  Knowing that nobody in the existing group could have rounded up such an ensemble, Krystal immediately fell to her knees.

Thank you for not forsaking me completely, she prayed silently.  I’m sorry for the childish way I acted before as well.  I truly didn’t think you would speak to me directly, much less in such an unconventional manner.  I’m not sure what you fully expect of me here, but I’ll do my best to learn, become a better witch, and a better person.


Author’s note; the above figure is what inspired Witchfire’s costume, although hers has a little different skirt,and no sword of course.  Oddly enough, the hair style is identical also

Krystal stood up and carefully, almost reverently, put on the garments that Freya had provided her.  She looked in the mirror and smiled softly.  “Now I look the part of Witchfire,” she said quietly to herself.  She picked up the staff and studied it intently.  Closing her eyes, she held it out at arm’s length in both hand’s and focused her mind’s eye on it.  She could readily tell that the staff would amplify her combat spells and decrease their casting time.  There was more though; something she couldn’t quite sense beyond a feeling of power.  She probed harder, but only seemed to meet more resistance.  Krystal, now truly Witchfire, took a deep, cleansing breath then decided to set her ego aside.  For all intents, it appeared that whatever other powers the staff might hold were locked away until she was deemed ready for them.  She’d have to accept that.

Witchfire smiled, and snapped her fingers, appearing a moment later in the control room among a very startled group of heroines.  “Looks like I have my costume,” she said proudly.

“Not bad,” Night Raven purred.  “Love the corset.”  “Trey sexy,” she added with a wink and growl.

The others nodded approvingly.  Even Esha seemed mildly impressed.

“OK, thanks for bearing with me while I got myself back together,” Witchfire said.  Half the group noted immediately that she sounded more calm, focused, and less arrogant than they’d seen her yet.  “Now, what do we have so far?”

Esha spoke up this time.  “With the little bastard properly in a cage, we all stepped up and did all we could.”  “A bit of checking confirms that on paper, that treatment plant has been shut down for years.”  “However, some… discreet inquiries verified that the place is using power, and A LOT of it.”  “More than it should even as a water treatment plant.”

“Definitely sounds like we have our place,” Witchfire replied.

Esha nodded.  “Security… is impossible to say,” she continued.  “As careless as they were with the power, they were infinitely more careful with cyber security.”  “Nothing is connected to the cloud at all.”  “If they have any sort of network, it’s probably a wireless connection to some sort of high security private intranet.”

“So, we have to play it by ear and head in blind,” Witchfire replied with a sigh.

“I did get old schematics of the plant,” Esha said.  “There’s no telling what may have been modified from the original blueprints.”

“We’re really going to have to count on you for this, Esha,” Witchfire said.  “I’ll be blunt; I don’t believe you’ve gone straight.”  “Being here shows you’ve got the heart to do so though.”  “You’ve done your part for the team though, so as long as you continue to do so, I promise I’ll stop being a bitch with you.”

“Fair enough,” Esha replied.

“Can you rig up some lock picking and bypass equipment out of Geek’s junk?” Witchfire asked.

“Already did with a few things,” she replied with a smirk.  “Not like the obnoxious little twerp was going to need them now.”  “I do have a couple more goodies I want to piece together though.”

“Do it,” Witchfire said with a nod.

Esha immediately returned to tinkering with various components on a nearby table.

“Here’s the big question; can you do anything to poof us there or… whatever,” Jungle Babe asked.

“This new staff seems to amplify some of my spells but I’m not sure how it will affect my teleportation spell,” Witchfire replied.  “Even then, teleportation is tricky at best if I haven’t seen the place before or have a psychic link with somebody there.”

“Well, they’ll see and hear the bloody chopper a mile away,” Sara Kraft said.  “I wouldn’t risk flying there in it.”

“How about I fly in with one of you and provide an anchor for the rest to teleport in?” came a soft voice from behind the group.

“Are you sure you’re up for that?” Specter Girl asked.  “You were pretty out of it earlier.”

“I recover fast, just like the rest of you,” Amazing Babe replied.  “Besides, I want to help the others and get some payback.”

“Don’t let this get personal,” Sara Kraft replied.  “You’ll jeopardize the mission.”

“OK, I think this is as close to a plan as we’re going to get,” Witchfire said.  “Let’s send in Esha with Amazing Babe.”  “She’s slender for her height and will be easy to carry.”  “She can also work on bypassing the security systems while the rest of us teleport in.”

“Are you sure…” Jungle Babe asked uneasily.

“We need to start trusting each other and working together if we’re going to pull this off,” Witchfire retorted.  “Besides, her deal with the Feds means she has motivated interest in doing this right.”  “Geek on the other hand was only motivated by money.”  “If I’d been thinking clearly, I’d have insisted he get booted earlier.”

“Like it or not, the bleeding wanker did track the jet for us,” Sara Kraft replied.

“OK, so let’s get this show on the road,” Amazing Babe interjected, trying to end the drawn out discussion.  She looked at Witchfire.  “So how does this psychic link thing work?”

“It’s pretty simple,” Witchfire replied.  “I cast a quick spell and we’ll have a temporary magical bond.”  “We’ll be able to sense each other’s location and feelings, but not really thoughts.”

“I think I can live with that,” Amazing Babe replied.

Witchfire cast a short incantation and then touched Amazing babe on the forehead, unleashing a spark of magical energy.  Amazing Babe’s eyes went wide for a moment and then she shook her head as if to clear it.

“Wow, this is amazing, it’s like we’re a part of each other now,” Amazing Babe said.  “My head feels so clear now also.”  “Let’s get going Esha.”

Amazing Babe started towards Esha, and then stopped as if distracted by something, turned back to Witchfire and gave her a coy wink.   Specter Girl noticed the silent exchange and immediately crossed her arms and frowned.   Amazing Babe scooped up Esha and started flying as fast as she could towards the East reservoir.

Jungle Babe watched the situation with an amused smirk, then suddenly spoke up.  “I should have said something before they left.”  “If Dragon Queen is that close to a large source of water, it’s almost certain she’s growing her monster plants there.”  “They require a tremendous amount of water, even in the wild, back in Africa.”

“We’ll just have to hope they stay disciplined and alert the minute or two it’ll take us to teleport in,” Witchfire said with a sigh.

The five or six minutes it took Amazing Babe to reach the reservoir seemed like an eternity back at the base, especially with Specter Girl giving Witchfire an icy stare the entire time.  The pair landed a discreet distance away from the treatment plant, in a small clearing that should hide everyone while allowing them to teleport in safely.  A minute later, Witchfire teleported in with Sara Kraft and Jungle Babe.  Once that was done, she immediately teleported Night Raven and Specter Girl to the group.  As previously warned, the arrival had been a little rough on the latecomers, even with Witchfire now having her staff.

“Any sign of trouble?” Sara Kraft asked.

“Just the two ninjas hiding in the shadows near the treatment plant entrance in the distance,” Esha said.  “Fairly sloppy even for Dragon Queen’s group.”  “They’re apparently overconfident and not expecting trouble.”

“At least with that nit Battle Sprite left back guarding the base, we should have an easier go of it,” Sara Kraft replied.

Krystal only shook her head at the remark.  “Only one way to find out if they’re cocky, or bait,” Witchfire said, motioning towards the casually hidden guards.  She held up her staff and spoke.  “Morpheus,” she commanded.

The two ninjas were quickly obscuring by swirling purple mists and then collapsed on the spot, sleeping.

“Well that was handy,” Esha quipped.

The group cautiously approached the door and Esha hooked up one of her jury-rigged portable devices to it’s electronic lock.  “This is REALLY advanced technology here,” Esha remarked.  “Way over Dragon Queen’s pay grade.”

“Bollocks,” Sara Kraft exclaimed.  “This is starting to look like a shambles.”

“Keep it together,” Witchfire said.  “Still, I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”  “I’m going to cast a cloaking spell.”  With a wave of her hands a short incantation, the group was suddenly covered in a pale light that quickly absorbed into each of them.  “That should shield us from any form of magical or mental detection.”

Meanwhile, Inside the Base…

“Pfeh, I did what I had to in order to make sure the aphrodite whores stayed in my possession,” Dragon Queen grumbled.  “They’re too valuable as research material.”

“You went too far,” A deep male voice coming from a shadowy figure on the communications monitor said.  His voice was calm and even, but his tone left no doubt that he was both displeased and in charge.

“You wanted their home defenses tested and a diversion created, and that is exactly what I gave you,” Dragon Queen snarled.  “Don’t blame me for doing my job too well.”

“There is a delicate balance to be maintained here,” the shadowy figure said.  “That is why those cows are left on the playing field.”  “Your actions have attracted undue outside attention.”  “You doubled down on that by falling back to a vital facility, putting it at risk of discovery and thus exposing the organization.”

“Nobody knows we’re here,” Dragon Queen retorted.

“Don’t be too sure,” came another female voice from behind Dragon Queen.

“What are you prattling about?” Dragon Queen demanded, turning to face her co-conspirator.

“Something…” the female voice said, “is… off here.”  “I sensed something, and then, it disappeared.”  “Too quickly for my tastes also.”

“Bah, I’m a woman of science,” Dragon Queen retorted in a haughty tone.  “I don’t have time for your superstitious drivel.”

“Your arrogance has always been your downfall,” the shadowy male figure interjected.  “If it proves to be again, the organization will not look kindly upon your failure.”

“Just what are you implying?” demanded Dragon Queen.

“I’m implying nothing,” the male voice said.  “You have 24 hours to figure out how to clean up your mess.”  “Otherwise, you will be deemed to be a liability and expendable.”

“I’m the most brilliant cross species geneticist on the planet.” Dragon Queen retorted.  “You wouldn’t dare.”  “You need me for the work to continue.”

“You know me well enough to know I don’t bluff or make idle threats.” the figure retorted, his voice showing more coldness.  “One loses the strength of authority when they do so.”  “Of course, you’re welcome to test the council’s resolve and see for yourself.”  With that, the screen went blank.

“Damn it all!!” Dragon Queen screamed, furious.  “I have too much work to do.”  “This is intolerable!”

“You can always choose to defy the leadership council,” Dragon Queen’s mysterious ally said in an amused tone.  “As for me, I’m going to investigate.”

A little earlier, back at She-Legion headquarters:

Battle Sprite walked into the small detention area that the She-Legion used to hold prisoners awaiting transfer to police custody.  Sitting idly by in the control room while the others all saved the day was boring and annoying.  Everyone knew she was the greatest up and coming heroine and would soon be more famous and loved than Ms. Americana.

“Having fun, nerd boy?” Battle Sprite asked, sounding both annoyingly chipper and mocking at the same time.

Geek sat up on his cell’s bed.  “Probably more fun than you are,” he laughed, sounding every bit as mocking as Battle Sprite did.  “How’s it feel to be benched?” he added with a smirk.

Battle Sprite stomped her foot and gave Geek a pouty look.  “I am NOT benched!” she fumed.  “I am a vital part of this team and they’re counting on me to keep the base safe while they’re gone.”

Geek doubled over laughing, slapping his thigh as he did.  “You really fell for that?” he asked mockingly.  “And here I thought you were supposed to be the smartest one, on top of the most powerful and beautiful one.”

“I am!” Battle Sprite insisted, still giving Geek a pouty stare and crossing her arms.

“Then how did you buy that line of garbage?” Geek asked.  “The base has all systems back online, including the security ones.”   “You patrolled the outside yourself before the others left.”  “You’re clearly extremely intelligent and observant, so you know nobody’s coming.”  Geek pointed at the TV outside the cell.  “Looks like Ms. Americana is back also according to the news, so the bad guys are all scared and back in hiding.”

Author’s Note: See part 7 of Deanna Troi’s stories of Nancy Peye at DangerBabeCentral.com for an explanation of Ms. Americana apparently running around Delta City

Battle Sprite looked at the news feed and frowned, then nodded without saying a word.

“You must be smart enough to see what’s going on here,” Geek continued.  “They’re trying to keep you out of the way because they’re afraid you’ll steal the show from them.”

Battle Sprite gasped, and her expression became even more pouty and angry.  “They wouldn’t dare!”

“Psssshh.” Geek retorted.  “You know how mean other girls can get when they’re jealous.”

“Yeah!” Battle Sprite fumed.  “All the other girls in the Ms. Smile Brite 2017 competition were all catty and mean.”  “Can I help it if I’m the perfect combination of cute and sexy, with a naturally perfect smile?”

“Of course not,” Geek said, sounding in complete agreement.  “But when you’re the best, the jealous people will do anything they can to keep you down.”  “Those silly heroines aren’t even smart enough to realize they need you.”

“Yeah, I know!” Battle Sprite growled.  She was becoming increasingly worked up as she imagined the others stealing all the headlines and accolades that should be hers.

“If I were you, I’d go to the treatment plant.” Geek said, doing his best to cajole her.  “Not only are you the one that rightfully deserves all the praise and awards and stuff…”   “I bet they can’t even do it without you.”  “They’ll probably get in trouble and captured like always.” “Heck they wouldn’t have even recaptured this base without your help, and we both know it.”

“Yeah!!” Battle Sprite exclaimed loudly.  “You’re right.”  “I’ll show them who the best heroine is!”

Battle Sprite immediately took off sprinting down the hall for the base exit.

Geek shook his head.  “Wow, is she dense.”   He adjusted the dial on the outer edge of the face of his watch and his cell door popped open.  “Too easy…” he said to himself.

Geek walked over to the nearby security panel, hooked a slim cable from his watch up to it and began hacking the security systems.  Within seconds, he had access to the systems.  A quick check of the base confirmed that the other technicians and the pilot were gone, leaving the base empty.  Verifying the information against the base logs, they’d been paid and dismissed by Lady Kraft after they’d helped Specter Girl get the base operational again.  That had obviously happened while he was doing his best to impregnate a certain sassy strawberry blond witch.

“Well that will make this easy…” Geek mused out loud.  He rigged all the bases cameras on a continual loop and then strolled undetected into the command center.

Once there, he went to the communications system and punched in a secret extreme high frequency channel into the system.  The large communications monitor quickly came to life.

“You missed your check-in.” the shadowy figure on the screen said accusingly.

“Yeah, well Night Raven seemed to take exception to me testing the witch’s sexual limits as you wanted.” Geek replied flatly.

“You were the one that insisted it could yield valuable insight about her.” The shadowy deep voiced male figure replied bluntly.  “I just got off the channel with Dragon Queen, so I’ll warn you once.”  “I’m not in the mood for insubordination or attempts at verbal jousting.”

“I understand,” replied Geek in an uncharacteristically even tone.  “I’m contacting you to let you know that the heroines are on their way to the facility where the water treatment plant was.”  “Dragon Queen was careless and didn’t even activate the plane’s cloaking device.”  “The other technicians tracked her easily with Kraft’s technology.”

“Damn that arrogant bitch!” the other figure fumed.  “She’ll ruin everything!”

“I delayed them as best I could by making them believe I was the only one that had the information,” Geek added.

“No doubt using it to try to get your dick wet prematurely is what got you locked up and unable to report in also,” the sinister figure accused.

“The laboratory was discovered either way,” Geek replied defensively.

“The fact that Dragon Queen bears a larger portion of the blame doesn’t excuse your stupidity,” the figure said, raising his voice.  “Earlier notice might have enabled us to salvage some resources there, maybe even contain the situation completely.”

“Yes, sir.” Geek replied, taking a much more humble tone.  “I’m prepared to finish my objectives here however.”

“Good, begin,” the dark figure demanded.

Geek walked over to the computer’s main control panel.  Within moments, he had its security bypassed and was copying every bit of information in the system to the mysterious organization.

“Excellent,” the shadowy figure said.  “Everything is coming through.”  “Install the data spike, cover your tracks completely and then return to the detention cell they had you in.”  “They must suspect that absolutely nothing is amiss for this operation to work.”

“Understood,” Geek replied.

“Sir, we have an attempted breach at the West entrance to the facility,” somebody said from the shadows on the other end of the channel.

“Damned it all,” the mysterious figure said.  “We can’t risk that technology raising suspicions.”  “Activate the burn out circuits on the locks.”

“Shall we warn Dragon Queen…” the off-screen voice asked.

“No,” the figure replied in an annoyed tone.  “She believes herself so capable, let her prove her worth to the organization and the shadow council.”

Back with our intrepid heroines:

Esha continued tinkering with the lock, frustration clearly showing on her face.

“Any luck?” Witchfire asked, trying to keep her tone positive.  She shifted uncomfortably, feeling like she was a sitting duck waiting here.  The others clearly felt similarly uneasy.

“I’m not…” Esha started.  Before she finished her sentence, the lock panel began to spark, crackle and smoke, then caught fire.  As it did, the door unlocked and popped partially open.

“Great work, Esha!” Witchfire said proudly, almost forgetting the need to remain quiet.

“Something is very wrong here,” Esha replied uneasily.  “I… didn’t do that.”  I don’t think I did anyway.”  “Nothing I did should have caused the short circuit.”

“Then we either got dumb lucky, or this is a bloody trap,” Sara Kraft interjected, clearly disturbed by Esha’s revelation.

“We don’t have much of a choice,” Witchfire said uneasily.  “Just be double careful and watch everyone’s back.”

With that, the group forced the heavy metal door open and started to work their way down the darkened hallway.  They only got a few feet when a pair of huge, barely humanoid creatures came charging down the corridor at them.

“Breed!” one of the monstrous creatures growled.

“Mutoids!” Jungle Babe yelled, her voice clearly panicked.

Witchfire immediately raised her staff and shot lightning at them.  The electricity arced from her staff, striking one of the monsters square in the chest.  It howled in pain and was stopped dead in it’s tracks as lightning danced all across the surface of it’s sickly grey, leather like skin.

The other charged past Witchfire, taking a swing at her as it did.  Witchfire ducked it’s slow, heavy movement though, and maintained her spell.  The hulking mutoid jumped on top of Jungle Babe and tore her bikini top off with one swipe.  Jungle Babe landed flat on her back and used the momentum of her backwards movement to flip the mutoid over and off of her.  The move sent the mutoid flying right towards Amazing Babe, who met it with a mighty right cross to the jaw.  The mutoid crashed to the floor and rolled up into a crouching position with an enraged roar.

Meanwhile, Witchfire’s mutoid opponent roared defiantly and began slowly forcing its way toward her, fighting against the lightning.  Sara Kraft drew her pistols and fired repeatedly at the monster.  The bullets penetrated, barely.  The effect they seemed to have was even more minimal.  Witchfire let out an angry battle cry and redoubled her spell.

The second mutoid was greeted by a flying kick from Specter Girl as it tried to up from its crouched position, staggering it.  Esha then jumped on it’s back and wrapped one of her patented bondage ropes around its neck.  Night Raven drew a couple of the golf ball sized insecticide bombs from her belt.

I hope Witchfire is right about these things being weird hybrids with insects, she thought as she prepared to throw both of them.

“There’s no need to fear, Battle Sprite is here!” came a battle cry from behind them.  “Feel my righteous wrath, you evil, gross monster… things!”

With that, Battle Sprite used her patented ‘Smile Brite’ attack… and promptly blinded everyone; friend and foe alike.

“Ahhhhh!” Witchfire yelled, losing her spell along with her sight.

The mutoid she was fighting flailed in literally blind rage.  Having been facing the entrance, the mutoid was even more affected by Battle Sprite’s attack.  Luckily it was still out of arm’s reach from the heroines.

Night Raven, stunned by Battle Sprite’s ill-planned attack, dropped both her bombs.  They promptly detonated on the floor, flooding the area with toxic gas.  “Everybody, back!” she yelled, coughing and gasping for air.

The group staggered blindly backwards, tripping over each other as they did.  They landed on their butts just outside, nearly blind and choking on the insecticide, but now in fresh air at least.  As they did, a smaller mutoid resembling something between a cross between a spider and a face hugger from the ‘Aliens’ movies skittered outside and promptly jumped on Battle Sprite.  The eyeless abomination tore off Battle Sprite’s bikini style bottoms in one fluid movement.

“AHHHHHHHHH!!!”  “Get it off!” Battle Sprite shrieked in horror.

The thing produced some sort of a proboscis from it’s chitinous body.  It then immediately wrapped itself tightly around Battle Sprite’s hips, plunging the proboscis deep inside Battle Sprite’s pussy.

Battle Sprite shrieked even louder as she felt the creature violate her.  “Oh gawd, it’s in my coochie!!” she screamed.  “Get it out, get it out!”  “I don’t want any gross monster babies crawling out of my vajayjay!”   She thrashed wildly, pushing downward at the same time in a vain attempt to dislodge the monster from her body.

Night Raven recovered partially, her training made her hold her breath and thus be less impacted by the toxic gas  She crawled over to the thrashing Battle Sprite and hit her as hard as she could in the jaw, knocking the overly spirited would be heroine clean out.  With that out of the way, Night Raven took one of her throwing blades and stabbed the creature repeatedly with it.  The creature let out an inhuman shriek and fell limply from Battle Sprite’s hips.

“Damned idiot,” Night Raven spat as she struggled to her feet.  She looked over at Esha.  “Tie her up extra good, and if you’ve got any chloroform hidden somewhere in that bikini, gas her too.”  “I want to make damned good and sure she stays out of our way.”

Esha smiled evilly and moved to tie up Battle Sprite.  “I couldn’t agree with you more.”

“Where’s Witchfire?” Jungle Babe asked as her sight finally started coming back onto focus.

Specter Girl gasped.  “She must be still inside!” she blurted out.  “We’ve got to help her!”

“I’ll get her.” Amazing Babe interjected.  “I can move the fastest.”

Amazing Babe launched herself into the tunnel, flying through the cloud and trying to hold her breath.  The cloud was still thick enough to obscure her vision however, and she crashed directly into Witchfire, sending them both tumbling down the hallway.  The only bright spot was that the collision carried them clear of the toxic cloud.  They landed with Witchfire in a crumpled heap on the floor, and Amazing Babe right on top of her, with her ample cleavage pressing against Witchfire’s face.

Witchfire struggled and tried to push Amazing Babe off of her.  Amazing Babe recovered her senses a moment later, and the star spangled busty blond heroine slowly climbed off of Witchfire.   Amazing Babe sat up next to Witchfire and pulled the gasping and choking heroine to a similar seated position.

“Are you OK?” Amazing Babe asked, concerned.

“I think so.” Witchfire stammered as her coughing subsided.  She flashed Amazing Babe a playful look.  “I’m not sure what’s more dangerous; the insecticide or those boobs.”

The blond teen flashed Witchfire a flirtatious grin.  “I’ve been told they can be pretty dangerous,” she giggled.

“I bet,”Witchfire retorted with a slight smirk before turning serious.  “Maybe we can continue that conversation another time though.”

“No promises, but that might be fun,” Amazing Babe replied with a wink.  “You’re right though, we need to get back to the others.”

Both heroines struggled to their feet, and then turned to head back down the hallway.  Before they could take a step though, the floor opened up beneath them and dropped them into a long dark chute.

Back at the entrance, the rest of the team waited anxiously a few moments.

“We need to go after them.” Specter Girl demanded impatiently.  “They could both be in trouble against those monsters!”

“I hate to say it, but she’s right.” Sara Kraft said, swapping her clips for stronger, armor piercing ammunition.  “Let’s go.”

The group moved quickly but carefully towards the doorway.  Inside, the fog of insecticide had largely dissipated.  The decomposing body of the mutoid closest to the door could be seen on the floor ahead.  A little ways down the hall, a large shadow suggested that the other mutoid was in a similar state.

“Where did they go?” Jungle Babe asked, concerned.

“Bloody hell,” an exasperated Sara Kraft exclaimed.  “Let’s see if we can find them before this whole bloody mission goes tits up.”

They heard a metallic creaking noise and run down the hallway to investigate, arriving just late enough to see the trap door finish sealing itself back up.

The chute underneath the trap door was pitch black.  The two heroines tumbled head over heel, barely able to gain their bearings much less stop their fall.  Amazing Babe had just enough time to grab Witchfire and cushion her from the impact as they fell out of the end of the chute and hit the unyielding steel floor twenty feet further below.  Amazing Babe cried out in pain as her back slammed into the floor.

“Th… thank you, Witchfire gasped, clearly shaken up.  “That fall… could have left me with several broken bones or worse.”  “Are you OK?”  she asked, clearly concerned.

“Sore, but fine otherwise,” Amazing Babe replied.  She sat up and rubbed her back.  “I’ll probably have some bruises, but they won’t last long with my healing.”

“Who is there?” demanded a stern female voice that was somehow familiar.

Witchfire held up her staff.  “Shirak,” she said.  A soft but clear white light immediately illuminated the immediate area.

“Ms. Americana, is that you?” Amazing Babe said, shocked.  She ran over and threw her arms around the started heroine.

Witchfire let out a sigh of relief.  “Wow, am I glad to see you,” she exclaimed.  “We desperately need some extra help on this team.”

“Yes, of course…” Ms. Americana said.  She placed her hands on her hips as Amazing Babe released her hug.  “The queen of justice is ready to make sure Dragon Queen gets all she deserves!”

“No hard feelings about back at the base?” Witchfire asked, extending a hand.  “I mean that whole mission against Nightmare Witch was only the second time we’d met, and things got needlessly rocky both times.”

“I suppose you’re right,” Ms. Americana said, just a hint of uneasiness showing.  “Delta City’s premiere heroine is nothing if not gracious after all,” she added with a smile.

“Yeah, except that was the first time we met,” Witchfire snarled.  She fired a magical blast at Ms. Americana, who promptly deflected the blast with a magical shield.

“Nice try, Nightmare Witch,” Withchfire exclaimed.  “Shame those body swaps leave your short term memory a little foggy, huh?”  “What did you do, swap bodies with Ms. Americana as some sort of contingency spell after I beat your ragged ass?”

“Damn you!” Nightmare Witch howled.  She grabbed Amazing Babe by the center of her top and pulled her towards her, then inky black mists flowed around them.  Immediately afterwards, golden energy began to flow from Amazing Babe and into Nightmare Witch.

Amazing Babe screamed from the very depths of her soul in utter agony and her body almost appeared to be starting to wither.  Witchfire immediately realized Nightmare Witch was draining Amazing Babe’s life force to power up her own.  Witchfire tried twice to get a clean shot at Nightmare Witch with no luck.  Realizing she had to act fast before Amazing Babe was killed or left a decrepit husk, Witchfire stamped hard staff hard on the ground, releasing a shockwave that sent Nightmare Witch sprawling to the ground and breaking her spell.

Above, the shockwave shook the entire base and knocked open the trapdoor.  The startled group of heroines looked at each other dumbfounded by their reversal of fortune.  Then Night Raven grabbed her swing line from her belt and hooked it to the ceiling beam above them.

“Going down,” she quipped with a smirk.

“I don’t need magic to finish you as long as I have Americana’s strength,” Nightmare Witch said, grabbing Amazing Babe by the wrist, and punching her repeatedly.

Witchfire used her magic to telekinetically grab ahold and take Ms. Americana’s power belt.  Nightmare Witch let out an enraged scream and flung Amazing Babe’s limp, bloodied body at Witchfire.  Thinking quickly, Witchfire used her magic to slow Amazing Babe and lower her gently to the ground right in front of her.  She desperately erected a shield spell between herself and Nightmare Witch, then began casting a healing spell.

“Hang in there, please,” Witchfire muttered as she began casting.  The shield spell was rocked by strong blasts of magical energy.  Witchfire couldn’t afford to split her concentration to maintain it though.  Amazing Babe’s life literally depended upon it.  The shield shattered just as Witchfire finished her spell, bathing Amazing Babe’s ravaged body in a soft blue light.  Amazing Babe moaned softly as her body began healing.

“Fine, I’ll kill you first, then the bimbo!” Nightmare Witch yelled as the healing spell took effect.  She fired a sphere of blackish red energy at Witchfire.  The sphere struck her solidly, then engulfed her in it’s dark energy.  Witchfire was lifted into the air and screamed in pain as the magical energy wracked her body.

“That spell will cause you unending agony, igniting every nerve and pain center in your body until you die in complete and utter anguish.” Nightmare Witch gloated.

Nightmare Witch was suddenly struck on the temple by one of Specter Girl’s throwing irons.  “Leave her alone, you bitch.” Specter Girl shouted.

The impact would have knocked out a normal human, but as an aphrodite, Nightmare Witch was able to barely stay conscious.  It did disrupt Nightmare Witch’s spell however, possibly saving Witchfire’s life.

“Damn you, I will have my revenge!” Nightmare Witch screamed.  She had fallen onto all fours from Specter Girl’s attack and was struggling to regain her senses.

Just when the heroines thought their fortunes had changed, a thick transparent wall dropped between the others and Witchfire, Amazing Babe and Nightmare Witch.  The lights came on, and Dragon Queen’s ninjas poured in the new arrivals’ side.  Dragon Queen followed behind them, pulling a haunted looking and still completely nude Azure Angel by a leash.  Dragon Queen pulled a tanto (Japanese dagger) from her belt and held it to Azure Angel’s throat.

“Your fun and games end now.” Dragon Queen announced in an imperious tone.  “You can all either surrender now, or I’ll slice this pathetic whore’s throat.”

“You disgusting bitch,” Night Raven spat.

“Drop your weapons and strip, now,” Dragon Queen demanded.

“Mistress, please!” Azure Angel begged.  “I’ve done everything you asked to please you.”

The sound of Azure Angel’s begging filled Witchfire with renewed energy as rage flowed through her.  She gestured with her hand and her staff flew to it.  With a wave of the staff, Azure Angel disappeared and the collar end of Dragon Queen’s leash fell to the ground with a clank of its metal clasp.  “Not today, you sick bitch,” she snarled.  “She’s out of your reach now.”

“Get them!” Dragon Queen screamed.

Dragon Queen’s ninjas immediately swarmed the four heroines.  Witchfire estimated there were 30 to 35 of them.  The days of pent up frustration and anger seemed to give the heroines an almost unnatural strength and fervor however.  They tore into the small army with a near berserker fury.

“You should have worried about yourself,” Nightmare Witch snarled, firing another blast of magical energy at Witchfire.

Witchfire yelled defiantly and batted the energy away with a deflection spell.  The energy impacted against the transparent barrier and melted part of it.  “I’ve had enough!” she screamed.  With a wave of her staff, Witchfire lifted Nightmare Witch into the air.  She began spinning her around, slamming her against the ground and off the walls.  In a matter of minutes, Nightmare Witch was unconscious.  Witchfire lowered her to the ground and tied her up with magical ropes.  This time, almost to the point of looking like a mummy.  Then she created a magical gag to prevent Nightmare Witch from speaking.

On the other side of the barrier, Dragon Queen had already lost two thirds of her ninjas, and slipped out a door, sealing it behind her.  Witchfire looked at the slowly recovering Amazing Babe and then over to the others.

“Go after her!” Sara Kraft yelled.  “She’ll be heading for the others!”

Witchfire nodded.  She paused half a moment to fire a blast of magical acid at the barrier to eat a hole in it and then took off down a still opened door on her side.  She raced down the corridor in the direction of where Dragon Queen’s door was.  She quickly passed that short corridor and proceeded further down the main hallway.  She saw a doorway at the end of the hallway with a brightly lit room on the other side.

That has to be it, Witchfire thought.

She raced into the room and skid to a halt.  Inside the room, lining its walls, were all the missing heroines, still in their stasis tubes.  The tubes were now hooked up to several cables.  At the other side of the room, with her hand on a large switch, was Dragon Queen.

“You’ve ruined everything!” Dragon Queen snarled.  “I’ll have my revenge though.”  “If I can’t have these whores for my experiments, I’ll end their miserable existence!”

“What is wrong with you??” Witchfire demanded.  “They’re people, like you and me.”  “So they have an oddball gene in their system.”  “So it makes them vulnerable to sexual stimulation.”  “They still feel pain, and have hopes and dreams like you and me.”

“I could care less,” Dragon Queen snarled.  “Their suffering, even their deaths are in the name of science.”  “That is ALL that matters.”

“You need help, desperately,” Witchfire said, shaking her head.

“Nobody mocks Dragon Queen,” Dragon Queen snarled.  “Beg for my forgiveness or I’ll throw this switch and fill their chambers with poison gas, killing them.”

Witchfire held her hands up in front of her.  “OK, look, no spells, see?”  “Now let’s talk about this.”

Suddenly one of Night Raven’s throwing irons flew over Witchfire’s shoulder and wedged in the switch.

“Or we can just kick your psychotic ass,” Night Raven said with a cruel smile.

Dragon Queen tried to throw the switch, but it was solidly jammed.  She cursed something in Japanese and then ducked out the door as the other heroines rushed in behind Witchfire and Night Raven.

“Get them free, fast!” Witchfire commanded.  “There’s no telling if she has backup controls elsewhere.”  Witchfire started towards the far door.  “I’m going after her.”

Witchfire raced down the corridor, keeping Dragon Queen in sight and slowly gaining on her.  They ran into a large tunnel with an open wide water channel going through it and all manner of plants along either side of the channel.  Witchfire paused for half a moment, fearing that at least some of these might be Dragon Queen’s infamous prego plants.  She quickly estimated that if Dragon Queen was running through them that they must be more harmless varieties though.

Witchfire was almost within arm’s reach of Dragon Queen when Amazing Babe shot past her flying, and tackled Dragon Queen.   Amazing Babe landed on top of Dragon Queen and hit her hard twice before vines shot out of one of the plants and grabbed Amazing Babe.  They entangled her wrists and ankles and pulled her into the air.  Before she could say anything, a flowered vine moved towards her face and sprayed Amazing Babe with plant spores.

Witchfire immediately blasted the base of the plant with a gout of fire.  It squealed in pain and dropped Amazing Babe.  Witchfire caught her with magical energy and sent her back out the door they came through.  She fired another blast of lightning at the monstrous plant, reducing it to ash.

“Just you and me now,” Witchfire snarled.

“Well not quite,” Dragon Queen replied in a smarmy tone.

At the same time, Witchfire was grabbed from behind by several plant vines, pulling her airborne and hovering above a colorful flower that now opened up to an eight foot diameter.

“Nooo!” Witchfire screamed.

“Foolish girl, did you think you’d win so easily?” Dragon Queen gloated.  She pulled a small remote the size of a garage door opener off her belt, pressed a button, and the heavy steel door slid shut between them and the other heroines.  “Those doors are designed to withstand my strongest mutoids,” she said.  “Your friends won’t be saving you now.”  “You may have cost me everything today, but now you’ll supply me with a few new pets.”

Witch fire shrieked and thrashed wildly as more vines worked at removing clothes.  “Freya NO!”

“I’m curious to see how long you last,” Dragon Queen remarked casually.  “These plants are capable of all but destroying aphrodites with their voracious breeding.”  “You being a normal human, I don’t imagine you’ll fare nearly as well,” she added with a cruel laugh.

The plants displayed a remarkable degree of awareness, if not intellect.  The vines had no trouble unlacing Witchfire’s corset and pulling it free of her slender body.  Her skirt and panties were liberated from her body all the sooner.  Dragon queen crossed her arms in front of her and smirked as other tentacles began roving over Witchfire’s nearly nude body.

“I rarely get to take the time to personally observe this process.” Dragon Queen quipped in an amused tone.  “I’m curious to see how the plants react to your magical potential.”  “Oh and if you’re wondering why they’re not bothering me…  that would be telling,” she added with a laugh.

Two flowered vines snaked their way towards Witchfire’s bare breasts.  The soft flower petals gliding across her bare skin sent a chill down her spine.  The flowers hovered over her breasts and moved back and forth, almost as if sniffing them.  The plant made an odd chittering noise that Witchfire swore sounded is if it somehow disapproved of something.

“Let me go!” Witchfire demanded, struggling futilely against the vines.  Two silky textured vines joined the ones wrapped around her knees and ankles, and began lightly caressing her inner thighs.  Witchfire shrieked again, even more high pitched than before.  Her eyes went wide as she saw two new slender vines tipped with inch long needle like thorns appear from below and snake over her body until the needle like thorns were aimed right at the soft, pale flesh of her breasts.

Witchfire squirmed with all her strength and wiggled her chest back and forth, trying to avoid the sharp thorns.  The monster plant responded by wrapping thick vines tightly around her torso just below her breasts.  She was now spread completely eagle and nearly completely immobilized.  She started to scream, but instead regained enough of her focus to try to speak a spell.

The plant, seeming to sense Witchfire’s intent, sent a vine rushing upwards and into her mouth.  Again, she tried to pull away from the offending vine, but another one wrapped around her neck, not quite choking her, but almost completely eliminating any head movement.  The thick vine in her mouth began moving rapidly in and out.  Witchfire let out a muffled protest and continued to try to struggle against the vines.

“That vine in your mouth would be the one that administers the phytochemicals that will throw your libido and fertility into overdrive, making certain your body is ready and eager for being bred.” Dragon Queen commented in an almost clinical tone.  The smirk on her face gave away that she was clearly relishing the young heroine’s defilement.

Within a minute, the vine was spraying something into Witchfire’s mouth that had the texture of human cum, but tasted more like strawberries, only better.  She fought the instinct to swallow the gooey plant substance, but the vine around her neck artfully massaged her throat, forcing an involuntary swallowing reaction.  Witchfire immediately felt a tingling warmth spread throughout her body, and she shivered involuntarily.  In moments, her entire body was on fire, her body craving any sort of sexual relief.  Her nipples were now aching hard, and her breasts were covered with pronounced goosebumps.  She felt her womanhood becoming soaking wet, and she wiggled her hips hungrily.

“Amazing how fast it takes effect, isn’t it?” Dragon Queen asked, circling to a new position so as to better observe the redhead’s violation.  “It’ll begin to affect your fertility shortly.”  “The response is vastly stronger than your peak fertility day each month.”  “You’ll be obsessed with bearing children.”

Witchfire’s head was completely swimming from the effects of the plant’s chemicals and her raging hormones.  Every inch of her body felt like a firestorm of raging sexual desire.  Despite herself, she sucked on the vine in her mouth hungrily, sucking every last drop of sap from inside it.

Suddenly, the temporarily forgotten pair of needle-tipped vines plunged straight into the centers of her nipples.  Witchfire arched her back and let out a muffled scream.  Small bulges moved down the vines and out of the needle-like thorns embedded deep in her breasts.  She felt whatever the plant was producing flow into her breasts.  Her breasts began to feel warm, itchy and painful all at the same time.  She looked down while still hungrily sucking on the vine and noticed her breasts had swollen a full cup size.

“Fascinating…” Dragon Queen observed.  “These plants, oddly enough, feed on breast milk.”  “It seems this one has adapted to deal with dry, tiny tits like yours.”

Witchfire moaned in a mix of pleasure and pain as the warm, itchy and painful sensation in her breasts was joined by a painful swelling and heaviness.  Slowly, the needle-tipped vines withdrew from her aching nipples.  They were replaced by two slender, satin textured vines that slithered around Witchfire’s swollen breasts and began squeezing and caressing them.  The vine in her mouth withdrew, eliciting a disappointed whimpering moan from Witchfire as her mouth tried to chase it.  She let out an aroused, deeply hungry moan as the vines around her breasts began teasing her nipples.  Almost impossibly, her breasts had swollen over another cup size, and were a very full 34D cup now.  Milk began dribbling out of her painfully swollen nipples.

The flower capped vines returned and the silky tulip like flowers covered Witchfire’s breasts.  She felt a gentle but firm suction as the plant began draining her breasts of their newly produced milk.  The sensation sent white hot jolts of sexual energy shooting between her nipples and pussy, causing her body to tremble with desire.

Distracted by the erotic fire consuming her, Witchfire didn’t notice a particularly thick vine approach her defenseless womanhood.  She screamed in pleasure as the vine slipped deep inside of her however.  Her pussy was more sensitive than she could ever recall, and Witchfire could feel acutely as it slipped deeper and deeper into her.  She felt it press gently against her cervix, then began rapidly thrusting in and out of her.

Yet again, Witchfire screamed in pleasure, rocking her hips and meeting the vine’s thrusts with her own hungry ones.  “Freya yes!”  “Fuck me!”  “Make me scream and cum!”  “Give me babies!”

The think vine brought her to the most intense climax of her young life.  She screamed and wailed at the top of her lungs as her body shook like a rag doll.  Sensing it’s prey was now fully ripe, the plant forced it’s vine past Witchfire’s cervix and began pumping her uterus full of goo designed to mix with her own hormones and fertilize it’s seed.  Witchfire’s howls of pleasure became a shriek of agony as her cervix was forced past, snapping her out of the erotic haze that clouded her mind.  She shrieked in horror as she saw several large lumps moving down the vine and towards her pussy.

As the first one neared her pussy, Witchfire clenched her vaginal muscles with all her might.  The vine fought to force the lump inside her unsuccessfully.  The plant responded by sending two more vines between Witchfire’s legs.  A slender one probed between her wet folds, quickly located her throbbing clit, and began tickling it.  The other circled her anus, briefly teasing it before plunging into her ass.

Witchfire screamed as her concentration was shattered and the nearly tennis ball sized seed pods forced their way inside her, up her vagina and then into her womb.  Her belly began swelling as the horrid plant pumped more goo and seeds into her.   When it looked like Witchfire was nine months pregnant with triplets, the plant withdrew from inside her.

Witchfire moaned in a mixture of exhaustion, pleasure and pain.  She suddenly heard a pounding on the door that Dragon Queen had sealed, and tried to look to see If she was about to be rescued.

“Oh, don’t worry, it will be quite some time, if at all, before your friends can help you.”  “By then it’ll be far too late.” Dragon Queen said with sadistic glee.  Just then, Witchfire’s stomach convulsed and she shrieked in pain.

“I don’t envy you this next part,” Dragon Queen added.  “It can be quite painful, bit that’s the nature of giving birth.”

“Witchfire!” came a muffled yell from the other side of the door.

“Help me!” Witchfire screamed.  A moment later, she screamed in pain as her body began expelling the fertilized seed pods.  One by one, she gave birth to the fertilized seed pods, now each the size of a large orange.  Dragon Queen collected a full dozen of the pods when it was all over, and Witchfire had screamed in agony all through the birthing process.

Witchfire collapsed, sweaty and exhausted beyond measure, clearly the worse for wear for her ordeal.

“I’m impressed you survived the first round.” Dragon Queen said.  “The accelerated birthing process is extremely taxing on the body.”  “It’s part of what makes aphrodites ideal candidates, they’re adapted to survive the process better.”  “Oh oh, here comes round two.”

True to Dragon Queen’s warning, the tentacle-like vines rose back up again and shot towards Witchfire’s mouth and pussy.  Her cry of no was cut off by the vine forcing itself into her mouth and filling it again with the goo that set her body on fire.  A moment later, the thick second vine forced its way back inside her.

Dragon Queen looked up as sparks began flying from around the locking mechanism of the sealed heavy door.   “Hmmm, it looks like your annoying aphrodite friends are more clever than I had hoped.”  “I had hoped to get a few more pods and watch you die, but I’ll have to take my leave instead.”   With that, she turned and darted down the pathway.

Witchfire was forced to several more earth shattering orgasms, milked and impregnated again, and in the process of giving birth to her second litter of seed pods when the heroines finally broke through the heavily reinforced door.  The heroines, joined the now freed members of the She-Legion, were greeted by the weakened screams of Witchfire as she pushed the seed pods out of her.

“We’ve got to help her!” Amazing Babe yelled.  “She’s going to die otherwise!”

The assembled small army of heroines quickly tore through all the plants between the doorway and Witchfire.  They attacked and destroyed the plant holding Witchfire just as she’d finished birthing her second litter of seed pods, a batch of 10 this time.  The destroyed plant released Witchfire’s limp body and she fell to the ground.  Power Lass ran over to tend to Witchfire, intending to put her training as a nurse to use.  She checked her Witchfire’s pulse and breathing.  Both were shallow and very weak.  Witchfire had a completely vacant look in her eyes.

“We’re losing her!” Power Lass blurted out.

“Sorry…” Witchfire gasped weakly, barely above a whisper.  “Guess… I wasn’t… much of a hero… after all.”  With that, her eyes closed and she went completely limp.

Power Lass shook Witchfire gently.  “Stay with us!”  She checked Witchfire’s neck.  “I can’t find a pulse…”  “She’s… gone…”

“NO!” Amazing Babe screamed as she began sobbing.  “This isn’t right!”  “No more death, no more pain, I can’t take any more!”

Amazing Babe suddenly began glowing with a soft blueish-white light.  Her mouth opened as if searching for something to say.  Without a word, she walked over to Witchfire, put one hand on the redhead’s seemingly lifeless form, pressing it gently against her forehead and the other on her stomach.  The soothing blueish-white glow flowed over Witchfire’s body.

“Live, damn you,” Amazing Babe whispered.

A few moments later, Witchfire coughed softly and then took a deep, almost startled sounding gasp.  Her eyes looked surprised, bordering on scared, and her breathing was fast and deep.  “Wh… what happened?” she asked weakly.

“We almost lost you.” Omega Woman said.  “You gave us quite a scare.”

“Amazing Babe somehow saved you though,” Green Specter added.

Witchfire looked up at Amazing Babe and smiled weakly.

“I… don’t know what happened,” Amazing Babe said awkwardly.  “Somehow I can heal people now.”

“We should get out of here and get the police and Feds all over this place,” Omega Woman said.

“We… have to get Nightmare Witch… so we can switch her body back with Ms. Americana’s,” Witchfire said weakly.

“I’ve got her,” Lady Midnight replied from the back of the group.  “Nearly identical body or no, there’s no way we’re letting her keep Ms. A’s.”   “We even found professor Whirter in a cell on the way here.”

Witchfire tried to sit up but had no strength, and collapsed back to the ground.

“Easy,” Got Gal said.  “You’ve been through an ordeal.”  She reached down and scooped up Witchfire into her arms.  Amazing Babe and Specter Girl gathered up Witchfire’s clothes, and Flag Girl brought a blanket to cover Witchfire with.

The team made their way back up and out into the welcome sunshine and fresh air.  They were greeted by a virtual army of police.  A tall muscular officer wearing a beret and with his uniform sleeves rolled up to his biceps stepped forward with a stern look.

“I’m Lt Falcon, formerly of army special forces, and Captain Hawke’s replacement as lead of the Anti-Terrorism, Monster and Alien Team.” He said in a no-nonsense, professional tone.  “Somebody want to tell me what exactly is going on here?”

“Dragon Queen retreated to this facility after invading the She-Legion headquarters and taking several members prisoner.” Sara Kraft replied.  “She escaped but several of her henchmen are tied up down below.”

Lieutenant Falcon nodded quietly, slinging his pistol grip shotgun over his shoulder.  “Any sign of further opposition?” he asked.

“No, we believe the base is now clear.” Sara Kraft replied.  “However, you should know there is a wide array of advanced technology that’s far beyond Dragon Queen’s past ability to acquire.”

“Hmmm, I’ll get a tech team in there as soon as my tac squads have swept it and secured the facility,” Falcon replied.

Without warning, the entire area shook violently, and the entire water treatment facility collapsed in on itself.

“Woah!” Specter Girl gasped.

“Was that your doing?” Lt. Falcon demanded.

“No!” Got Gal protested.  “We want evidence and answers here even more than you do.”  “And those henchmen too…”  “They were criminals but they didn’t deserve to die!”

Falcon glanced at the now 10 foot deep pit of rubble where the water treatment plant had been.  “Hmmm, well somebody is very determined to make sure we don’t get those answers.”  “That’s a very thorough, precise demolition job.”  “Who is this?” he asked, indicating the weakened Witchfire still in Got-Gal’s arms.

“Witchfire,” Omega Woman interjected.  “She’s a new member.”  “She had a bit of a rough go of it, but we wouldn’t be here without her.”

“We have Paramedics on hand if she needs medical treatment.” Lt Falcon replied.

“I’ll be OK,” Witchfire repied weakly.  “Thank you though. Lieutenant”

The She-Legion returned to base and put Witchfire in the medical bay to recover.  She slept for the entire next 24 hours.  During that time, Geek tried to pay her a visit but was blocked at the door by Specter Girl, Omega Woman and Amazing Babe.  They all made it clear in no uncertain terms that there was no way in hell he was going to get anywhere near Krystal to molest her again.

Krystal recovered fully from her encounter with Dragon Queen’s inseminator plant.  The only lasting side effect being that her breasts were now a full cup size bigger and (thus far) seemed to readily produce milk with only a little encouragement.  Krystal found she enjoyed her new curves.

While Krystal slept and recovered, Hexanna did a ritual spell and managed to return Ms. Americana and Nightmare Witch to their proper bodies.  Nightmare Witch was now truly in prison where she belonged.  Ms. Americana was relieved to be back in her own body and no longer in prison.

Azure Angel, it turned out, and been teleported by Krystal to the isolation room of the She-Legion’s medical center.  She was still extremely skittish and fearful.  At this point it was to early to say when she would recover, or even if at all.  All the She-Legion could do for the moment was take satisfaction in knowing that the poor young woman was safe from Dragon Queen.

After Krystal was rested a day later, the real professor Whirter scanned her with his equipment and readily confirmed that she did indeed have remnants of extra dimensional energy in her system.  Krystal was invited to stay at the base and join the She-Legion until she found a way home.


Author’s note: this is a slightly overdue introduction between my Delta City’s version of Deanna Troi’s character Nancy Peye

Nancy Peye, as created via HoneySelect

Later that night, Nancy Peye was sitting in Wong’s Pizzeria absently nibbling on a small pizza and mulling over her day as well as the news that the She-Legion was indeed back.  She was thankful that things were quickly returning to normal, and that the criminals had quickly crawled back under their rocks.

A small door mounted bell rang and the tell-tale creaking of the front door’s hinges announced the arrival of a slender redhead.  She wore faded jeans, a tank top and a white leather jacket, and carried a small shopping bag in her left hand.

Mrs. Wong scurried over to greet the new customer, and then stopped about 10 feet away from the strawberry blonde twenty-something.  The alarmed look on Mrs. Wong’s face didn’t escape Nancy’s notice, but she didn’t think the girl looked like any kind of trouble, so she returned to her slice of pizza.

“Wu,” Mrs. Wong declared uneasily, studying the girl.  (Note: Wu is mage in Chinese)

She nodded a confirmation to Mrs. Wong, then said “Heping” (peace) and offered a polite bow.

“What you need, Wu?” Mrs. Wong asked, still a bit uneasy.

The newcomer motioned with her head towards Nancy.  “Detective Boobs,” she said with a smirk.  “Also I hear you have the best pizza in town, so a medium pepperoni would be awesome,” she added with a chuckle, offering Mrs. Wong the cash for the pizza.

Mrs. Wong took the money with a large grin, and then scurried to the kitchen yelling something in Chinese.  Nancy’s ears had immediately picked up at the mention of the less than flattering nickname the Wong clan had given her.  She studied the new arrival carefully as she walked over and sat across the table from Nancy.

“Interesting exchange when you walked in,” Nancy said casually.  “It takes a lot to rattle Mrs. Wong.”  “Care to tell me what that was about?”

“She was able to tell I’m a mage,” The Strawberry Blonde replied calmly, making a modest effort to keep her voice down.  “Traditional Chinese tend to be a little leery of mages.”  “I let her know I mean no harm.”

“In Chinese, no less.” Nancy replied, taking a sip of her coffee.

“Don’t be that impressed,” the newcomer replied.  “I had a Chinese boyfriend for a while, and he taught me a little Mandarin.”  “And I do mean a little,” she added with a chuckle.  “I’m Krystal, by the way.”  “And I obviously know who you are Nancy.”

“So, what can I do for you?” Nancy asked, trying to sound casual.

“Actually, I’m here to do something for you,” Krystal replied.  “I come bearing gifts,” she added placing the shopping bag on the table.

Nancy raised an eyebrow.  “And just why would you be doing that?” she asked, just a hint suspicious.

Krystal leaned in across the table and spoke quietly.  “Let’s just say certain unnamed people that we both know wish to express their gratitude for your recent actions, and past help.”  “You certainly have the chest by the way,” Krystal added with a chuckle.  “You look better as a blonde than a brunette though.”

Nancy was actually caught by surprise by the redhead’s words and momentarily speechless.  “How did you know?” she asked quietly.

“The same way the Wongs recognize me as a mage, and the same way you know certain things,” Krystal replied.  “We all have unusual backgrounds.”  “Anyway, I can’t stay long.”  She slid an otherwise plain envelope with Wade Industries letterhead across the table.  “This is a thank you from Wade Industries for your helping the city.”  Then she pulled out a high quality wooden box somewhere between the size of a cigar box and a laptop case.  “This… is from Lady Kraft.” “She felt you might need a little more bang for your buck,” Krystal added with a wink.  “it can handle several types of ammo, from the normal stuff to rubber bullets and tranquilizer rounds.”  “It can at the least save you from carrying two guns.”

“Ok…” said Nancy, a little uncertain what to think.  She paused for a few moments.  “Please extend my thanks to both of them.”

“Of course.” Krystal said with a slight smile.  Then she leaned in again and spoke quietly.  “I should also warn you…  the villains in this city are much more organized than it appears on the surface.”  “We have reason to believe somebody is acting as some sort of benefactor or would be overlord.”  “Dragon Queen was far too well equipped and informed on her recent adventure.”  “Nobody’s sure what to make of it yet, but I wanted to warn you to be extra cautious.”

Nancy nodded quietly, trying to take all this new information in, and wondering how it fit into what she already knew.

“Just because we don’t know what’s going on, it might be dangerous for you to be seen with me, so I’m keeping this short.”  “The only thing I can add is that I’ve met Hawke’s replacement.”  “Name’s Lt. Falcon, and he’s a straight shooter from all we can tell.”  “He’s also ex-military, so he’s very no-nonsense and by the book.”  “Play straight with him and he should have your back.”

“Thanks for the info,” Nancy said.

Krystal flipped Nancy a brass looking coin about the size of a quarter.  Nancy caught it and gave it a quick look.  It was a token from a video game arcade down the street that closed years ago.

“Call if you need me, but given what I just told you, try to save that for a major emergency,” Krystal said.

Mrs. Wong shuffled over with the box containing Krystal’s pizza.  “Here, Wu.”  “Medium Pepperoni,” she said, pushing the box into Krystal’s hands.

“Smells wonderful, thank you,” Krystal replied.  She looked back at Nancy.  “See yah around.”  With that, Krystal snapped her fingers and promptly vanished.

Mrs. Wong was startled by the sudden disappearance, and talked very loudly in Chinese for a few seconds.  Nancy could only imagine what sort of exclamations had come out of the woman’s mouth.  She turned Nancy and looked at her with a raised eyebrow.  “How you know Wu, Detective Boobs?”

Nancy sighed.  “Referral from a mutual acquaintance, it seems.”

Mrs Wong grumbled something in Mandarin under her breath, and headed back to the kitchen.

THE END – Witchfire will Return…