Witchfire, Pt 11 – Double Trouble

Yes, the witch is finally back! This chapter continues to geust star Quentin “Sully” Sullivan and the ‘SulliVerse’ Ms. Americana. The sex scene was also guest authored by their creator ComixFana.

After Nancy departed, Witchfire walked over to Dani at the bar.  “I’ll be back for my shift in about a half hour.”  “I just have to go check back in with the She-Legion for a few.”

“See yah then,” Dani replied with a mock salute as Witchfire disappeared.

A moment later, Witchfire reappeared back in the hangar where the She-Legion was temporarily headquartered.  She glanced down at her watch.

“Wow, two hours already?” she said.  “That can’t be right.  “Sorry I took so long, all.”  “I was getting Nancy up to speed.”

“No worries, Red” Sully replied.  “We were just finishing setting up and Ms. Americana got some specialists lined up to sweep the She-Legion headquarters.”

“Sounds like we’re headed in the right direction then.” Witchfire said.  She tried to suppress a smile.

Sully let out a sigh, frustration showing on his face.  “Here’s hoping…”

“So, is little miss sunshine on board with everything?” Quentin asked.  The look on his face made it clear he still had reservations about the mysterious blond.

“She’s good” Witchfire responded.  “She’s a bit less hostile now that she’s… what’s the expression you G men use; read in?” she added with a teasing giggle.

“Yeah, that’s it” Quentin replied.

“Did you get anything useful from her?” Lady Midnight asked.

“Only more supporting evidence regarding the possibility of her ‘reset device’ existing” Witchfire replied.  She let out an exasperated sigh. “I have to admit, it seems like a bit more of a possibility.”  “I’m skeptical anyone can alter reality as much as Nancy believes without completely unraveling it though.”

“I’d have to agree” interjected Hexanna.  “But we can’t ignore the possibility of such a dangerous weapon’s existence.”

Quentin nodded and rubbed his chin.  “I hate to divert resources, but I’d have to agree as well.”

Quentin tilted his head left, then right, making his neck click.  It had been a long, eventful day; with lots of information to digest.

“This job requires an open mind and an unhealthy dose of suspension of disbelief…” He thought, with a sigh as his Brenda chatted up her doppelganger, still in her Ms. Americana gear.

 “Penny for your thoughts?” Witchfire asked, as Quentin appeared to be lost in thought.

 Quentin looked at her, giving her a tired smile.

 “Kid, no disrespect intended, there are days where I question my own capabilities…initiating the She-Legion protocols occurred because my Brenda agreed that it was time to think outside the box.  Sure, I take credit for said protocols, but turning my Earth’s She-Legion around was hardly a solo effort; it required cooperation and an open mind from the She-Legionnaires…” Quentin said, his voice trailing off, his eyes fixed on Brenda and Ms. Americana.

 Witchfire smiled warmly, putting a comforting hand on his shoulder.

“None taken Sully, but you’re not alone. I’m here to help, your Brenda’s here to help….and from what I’m seeing here, my ruse (the charley horse to Ms. Americana) has paid off.  They’ll listen now that we have their Ms. Americana’s attention.” Witchfire said, her smile turning into a mischievous smirk.

 Quentin nodded, giving her hand on his shoulder a friendly squeeze.

 “What keeps gnawing at me, is that on this Earth, my baby sister Isabella could still be alive.  I realize that time traveling to change the present only leads to chaos, but this isn’t time travel, it’s dimension hopping.  If I could just see her on this Earth, hear the sound of her voice, know that she’s okay and safe…” Quentin said, unable to repress a sob.

 Witchfire gave him a brief, supportive hug.   “It’s hard to say, but it’s possible” she said.  “Things are definitely different here.”  “I admit I already tried to look up you, or your doppelganger… whatever… here on this Earth and had no luck.”  She paused a moment, pondering.  “If your life is that different, there’s a good chance your sister’s is also.” she added.

“There’s got to be a way to find out…” Sully muttered, seemingly lost in the possibility.

“Hey, that’s what you have the world’s hottest witch and her magic for” Witchfire replied.  She gave Quentin a grin and a playful wink that made him just a little uneasy for some reason.   “I’ll try to arrange that for you Sully, I promise.” Witchfire said.  She gave him another supportive hug and laid her head on his chest.

 “You’re sweet Red…if you could…I’d be eternally grateful!” Quentin said, moved to tears and mad at himself that he was still sobbing.

 Ms. Americana and Brenda walked towards them.

 “Quentin, what’s the matter?” Brenda asked, as Witchfire released her embrace.

 “Well I ahem…” Quentin started, needing to clear his throat, and wiping the tears from his eyes with his right hand.

“Old Sully realized that on this Earth, his baby sister might be alive, and I promised to help him see her again!” Witchfire said, wiping her own now misty eyes clear.

“Oh baby, that would be so wonderful!” Brenda said, smiling, now taking her turn to hug him tightly.

Ms. Americana smiled and Witchfire nodded, as they exchanged a knowing glance.

“I…guess I’ll go check on Amazing Babe at the infirmary…see you guys tomorrow morning at the hangar?” Witchfire said, returning her attention to Brenda and Quentin.

“Yeah, if She-Legion Central is being drugged, be it via the water supply or the vent system, regrouping in a location unknown of the grand public is the smart thing to do…which raises an obvious question, now that we’re here, where do we crash? While you’re her and she’s you, we’d be imposing on this Earth’s Brenda if we were to use her main residence…or secondary, or third…” Quentin said, his gaze going from Brenda to Ms. Americana.

“Ah, I recognize my own Quentin in you!  No imposition Quentin, Bree and I have been talking it over, you are my guests. I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Ms. Americana said, the pain from her charley horse now a just bad memory.

“Bree?” Quentin said, casting Brenda an amused glance, smirking.

Brenda chuckled, bumping her massive left breast against his muscular left arm.

“C’m on, not in public!” Quentin mumbled, with an embarrassed blush that generated gales of laughter from Ms. Americana and Brenda.

“Alright, alright!” Quentin said, rolling his eyes, but chuckling along despite himself.

“You’re a good sport, hopefully so is my Quentin…if I ever work up the nerve to face him.  At any rate, Brenda figured that since you were both new to this Earth, I should be Brenda and she, Bree; to avoid confusion.” Ms. Americana said. Her gaze went back and forth from Quentin to Brenda.

“Works for me, in fact my Brenda’s roleplay name was Brigitte the sexy French maid!” Quentin said, smiling.

Brenda playfully punched him on the shoulder, making Ms. Americana laugh.

“There is this small house on the outskirts of Delta City, boring suburbia, registered under the name Elena Cooper…” Ms. Americana said, still chuckling.

“Our Nanny’s name when we were toddlers!” Brenda said, smiling.

Ms. Americana nodded.

“The perfect place for privacy, away from prying eyes.” Ms. Americana concluded.

“I realize you own many properties in our world Brenda…Bree! But do you also have that house under your nanny’s name?” Quentin asked, curious.

“I do, with one small difference; it’s used as a halfway house for battered women, until they can find a place they can afford.” Bree replied, smiling.

Quentin smiled and kissed her.

“You are truly an angel – no offense to our friend Sheila!” He said, looking into her eyes.

“I never thought of that…perhaps I’ll follow suite when our mission is completed, uh, Bree…could you…run that little idea of yours by Quentin?” Ms. Americana asked timidly, her cheek a dark pink blush.

Quentin’s eyes went from Ms. Americana to Brenda, his expression going from loving to suspicious.

“Bree, care to ‘splain what she’s talkin’ about?” He asked, putting on a silly Hispanic accent.

“Well…” Brenda said, with an embarrassed smile, biting her lower lip.

Later, after a quick change of clothes, Brenda Wade, Bree Wade and Quentin Sullivan had reconvened at Elena Cooper’s house in Suburbia. They sat down in the living room, Brenda and Bree side by side on a loveseat; facing Quentin who had selected an easy chair.  They relaxed, chatting over a few glasses of wine.

Quentin could not help mulling over what Brenda, now Bree, had told him on their way over.

“Quentin, Brenda feels miserable, like a cheap fuck toy for criminals to use and discard, just like I did until you came back in my life. Let’s do this for her, rebuild her self-confidence; let’s make love to her, and bolster her Aphrodite strength with consensual sex, the same way you do me.

Note here: Sully and his Ms. Americana have a telepathic bond.

He took a sip of wine, feeling his pulse race as he admired Brenda and Bree, perfect identical twins with whom he would have one night of passionate sex. 

“And sleep in each other’s arms until morning…’cause we have too much work to do tomorrow to be sleeping in until noon!” Quentin replied mentally

God, I hope I don’t have an exhaustion relapse…one Brenda is quite a handful, but two? In a bedroom inundated with Aphrodite pheromones? Fuck! He thought, as Brenda and Bree had now removed their blouses and bras, to see if their nipples were identical, giving him quite the show.

“Yeah, identical” He couldn’t help mumble, bringing his glass of wine back to his lips.

Bree shot Brenda a wicked grin.

“See? Putty in our hands and we haven’t even touched him yet!” Bree said.

“Shall we tease him some more? What are your thoughts on self-love?” Brenda asked.

“Hmm, I do enjoy masturbating in front of Quentin to drive himwild… Not so often that he becomes immune to it… but it does add spice to our sex life! And I guess this would also qualify as self-love?” Bree said, leaning in for a kiss, slipping her tongue into Brenda’s mouth.

Brenda responded in kind, her tongue engaging in a sensual tango with Bree’s, eyes closed and moaning; their hands exploring each other’s voluptuous breasts.

“If your intention is to drive me horny out of my mind and not thinking straight…you’re succeeding!” Quentin said, his voice taking a husky tone.

Brenda and Bree stopped kissing, still fondling each other’s chest; grinning mischievously.

“Patience Quentin, we’re just getting warmed up!” Bree said, as they stood up.

Their hands slid down to each other’s waist, Bree unzipping Brenda’s skirt, while Brenda unbuttoned Bree’s pants.

“Feel free to make yourself comfortable Quentin, it’s hard to have a threesome with your clothes on!” Brenda said, feeling her pussy getting wet.

“I haven’t made love to my Quentin since College…this is whacked…but it feels right!” Brenda reasoned, as her skirt slid down her ankles and Bree’s pants slid down hers.

“Seriously? Neither one of you bothered to wear any panties?” Quentin said, his top hitting the hardwood floor as he crossed his left leg to remove his left snakeskin boot.

“You know I like to go commando so we can get down to business in a hurry, you sexy tough guy!” Bree said, fondling Brenda’s right breast with her left hand as her right sensually explored the warm, wet folds of her pussy; making her coo her approval.

“And I…gasp! Oh my God, I do know my own body! Uuuhhh…I…I…pretty much expected to get laid so…soo…OOOHH!” Brenda stammered, copying Bree’s motion in an effort to maintain the mirror image to arouse Quentin; but herself getting lost in a fog of arousal, sensuality and Aphrodite pheromones.

Quentin observed in rapt attention as the perfect twins put on the sex show of the Century for him, his pants feeling a few sizes too tight. He absent-mindedly removed his right boot; and then reached for his glass of wine on the small side table, as his mouth felt uncomfortably dry.

“That’s right Brenda, like that; right there…FA-STER! D-DON’T S-STOP!” Bree exclaimed, also getting lost in the teasing game.

“OH MY GOD BREE, THAT FEELS SO GOOD! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR QUENTIN, HURRY THE HELL UP!” Brenda commanded, unable to hold back any further.

Breathing fast, Quentin stood up, fumbling with his belt for a few moments, finally getting it open and pulling his pants and briefs down so fast that he could not remember unbuttoning or  unzipping his pants.

“Damn those Aphrodite pheromones, I can’t think straight! Oh well…”  He thought disjointedly, as he joined them, still wearing his socks and not caring.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this…” Quentin mumbled, little Sully standing at full attention.

He joined them in a sensual huddle.  They traded kisses, Quentin to Bree, Brenda to Quentin, and then Bree to Brenda. He moaned as Bree’s familiar firm but gentle grip took hold of his boner, while Brenda’s smooth hand gently cradled his balls.

“Bedroom?” Brenda asked, her voice taking a nervous falsetto.

“Please!” Quentin said, his voice shaking.

“Yes, bedroom, now!” Bree said, he voice taking an unusual begging tone.

Brenda took the lead, dragging Bree and Quentin by the hands towards the master bedroom.

“Oh, Brenda I have an idea!  A variation of a little game I played with Quentin, Lady Kraft and Jungle Babe!” Bree said, excited.

“You mean the foursome that put me on the shelf with chronic exhaustion?” Quentin asked, rolling his eyes.

Bree kissed him on the cheek.

“Just lie down in bed, close your eyes and relax! You know the drill, only this time, you need to figure out who’s who!” Bree said, forcefully pushing him towards the King sized bed.

“Yes dear…” Quentin mumbled, breathing deeply to keep calm.

“I love it! How does it work?” Brenda said, as they observed Quentin climbing in bed and lying down in the very middle.

Bree brought her lips near Brenda’s right ear.

“Just a sec…” Bree whispered, and then quietly walked to the foot of the bed.

“Alright Agent Sullivan, how alike are we, can you tell us apart? If you can’t…you’re forgiven, after all, we are identical!” Bree said, in a sultry voice.

“Definitely my Bree…” Quentin said, eyes closed, smiling smugly.

“Show off!” Bree said, giggling, walking back towards Brenda on the left side of the bed.

“Okay, quietly go to the right side of the bed, then follow my lead!” Bree whispered, grinning mischievously.

Brenda smiled and nodded, tiptoeing towards the right side of the bed.  Bree climbed in bed, then lay on her side near Quentin, Brenda following suite on his opposite side. Bree looked at Brenda, propping herself up on her elbow. Gently, she put her hand on his chin, turning his face towards her and kissed him, sensually and passionately; moaning a bit as their tongues caressed each other. She pulled back, and winked at Brenda as if to say “Your turn!”

Brenda nodded and copied Bree’s moves, gently, putting her hand on his chin, turning his face towards her and then kissed him, with the same passion; for a moment forgetting that he wasn’t her Quentin, also moaning as their tongues passionately caressed each other.  She also pulled back and smiled, her gaze moving from Quentin to Bree, waiting for what he would say.

Quentin licked his lips, frowning a bit with his eyes still closed.

“Identical, down to the passionate, affectionate moan towards the end of the kiss, beats me who’s who!” Quentin said, with a shrug.

Bree and Brenda snickered playfully, as Bree pointed towards little Sully; Brenda nodding her approval. Bree moved down towards his crotch, making sure that her massive breasts rubbed against Quentin’s chest, abdomen and thigh on her way down; and Brenda following suite on the other side.

“Heaven…I’m in Heaven…” Quentin sang in a low voice, making the perfect twins giggle louder.

Bree flicked her tongue on his balls, licked up his shaft and then took his cock in her mouth, sliding a few inches in, focusing on its head, rolling her tongue hungrily around it. Bree then took it three quarters of the way in her mouth; bobbing her head up and down gradually faster.  Encouraged by his moans of pleasure, Bree swallowed his cock; her nose touching his pubis. She released his cock with a gasp.

Once again, Bree looked at Brenda as if to say “Your turn!”

Brenda obliged, repeating the gradual swallow and increasing cadence; Quentin feeling close to the edge more than a few times, grunting loudly.  Like Bree, Brenda swallowed his cock, making him shout out “HOLY SHIT!” as her lips touched his scrotum. Brenda released his cock and smiled, her gaze once again moving from Quentin to Bree, waiting for what he would say.

Quentin tried to gather his wits, catching his breath.

Goddamn…again, identical! Nearly shot my load there too!  Brenda to the power of two, too much Aphrodite pheromones!  I admit defeat, can I open my eyes now?” Quentin said, his body shaking from arousal.

“Not quite yet Quentin, try to guess whose tits those are first!” Bree said, her voice husky and sultry.

She shot Brenda a wicked grin, pushing one massive breast in Quentin’s face and pointing at Brenda’s breasts and then back at Quentin’s face. Brenda nodded, understanding what Bree had in mind.  Quentin kissed and licked the nipple to his right, then the one to his left.  He then frowned, realizing that neither woman had stepped over him to present her breasts to his face; come to think of it, neither woman was sitting on his abdomen. He laughed.

“One tit belongs to Bree, the other tit belongs to Brenda; can I open my eyes now?” Quentin said, smiling.

Brenda and Bree laughed good-heartedly.

“Okay, let’s share his cock; straddle him cowgirl style while I sit on his face!  You haven’t had your Quentin’s cock for far too long! After you cum we’ll switch places!” Bree said, snickering excitedly.

“Sweet!” Brenda said; giddy like a horny teen.

Bree sat on Quentin’s face, the sweet, familiar feel of his breath tickling her crotch and of his tongue sensually exploring her pussy.  She pinched her nipples, moaning softly as she observed Brenda lowering herself onto Quentin’s hard shaft; uttering a trembling “Ohhhh” as his manhood slid into her moist core.

Brenda paused, nearly losing her balance and steadied by Bree who grabbed onto her shoulders. Sensually, they kissed as they shared Quentin’s muscular body.  Brenda could feel his cock throbbing deep within her; a throb that was neither unpleasant nor painful. It was hot; and immensely pleasurable.

“It’s been so long I forget…is…gasp…is Quentin’s tongue as talented as his cock?” Brenda asked; her voice husky and rough.

“Hmmmhh…you bet your sweet titties…he’s the only one who can give me orgasms that power me up rather than drain me…” Bree replied; in an ecstatic voice.

Quentin flicked his tongue at double-speed on Bree’s wet slit and thrust his hips upward for good measure making both Bree and Brenda coo in unison out of pleasure.

“You’re one lucky girl Bree…gasp…why is it that…oohh…the dicks that assault us feel demeaning and disgusting but…GASP…Quentin’s cock feels…oh God…just plain pleasurable?”  Brenda blurted out; on the verge of orgasm.

Bree smiled.

“It’s…nnnhh…quite simple, really…gasp…they rapeoohh…take without askingaaahhh…Quentin seducesoh God…Quentin caresoh baby don’t stop…Quentin makes love!” Bree said; breathless.

Quentin uttered a low pitched, appreciative moan.

“Oh my God Bree…Quentin…I…I…” Brenda said, breathing hard.

“Are you cumming Brenda…sigh…? Do it girl, CUM!  I want you to cum as many times as…gasp…you want…pant…yes I am one lucky bitchpant…I love you so much Quentin! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH…moan…I…I…I’M CUMMIIIIING!” Bree shouted; squeezing her massive breasts as orgasmic waves coursed through her body.

“OH GOOD GOD ME TOO!!” Brenda chimed in; her voice reaching a high-pitched soprano voice, her body violently shaking from orgasm.

Panting, Brenda and Bree fell in each other’s arms giggling.

“Did you cum too Quentin, or are you good for another round?” Bree asked; as she and Brenda dismounted him.

“Oh bring it girls, I’m in the zone!” Quentin said; smiling.

“Would you mind if I watch Quentin fuck you as I rest a bit?” Brenda asked; sitting down at Quentin’s left.

“Wimp!  Come baby, let’s show my twin how it’s done; spank me!” Bree said with a mischievous grin, lying on her stomach at Quentin’s right.

“As you wish my love!” Quentin said; straddling her hamstrings.

He grabbed her firm, muscular buttocks; giving them a firm squeeze.

“Hmm how you enjoy teasing me Quentin; spank me! I’ve been a bad, bad girl!” Bree said; trembling with anticipation.

Quentin brushed her raven mane of hair to the side, exposing the nape of her neck.  He then bent forward and gave the nape of her neck a playful nibble.

Gasp…you…have a funny way of spanking Agent Sullivan!” Bree said; her skin covering with goose bumps.

“My oh my Quentin, aren’t you a tease!” Brenda chimed in; pinching her nipples, becoming aroused again.

Anticipation enhances the orgasm as Brenda…Bree knows!  That’s how Old Faithful always erupts buckets!” Quentin said; sitting up; pushing Bree’s buttocks together.

“Old faithful?” Brenda asked; perplexed.

His cock Brenda…when he cums, I guarantee you we’ll all need a shower…OOH!” Bree quipped, surprised by Quentin’s first swat on her firm ass.

Quentin grabbed Bree’s buttocks again, sandwiching his cock between them; sliding it back and forth, teasing anal entry, then rubbing some more.  He let go of her ass, letting his cock spring back up and slapped her buttocks again.

“OHHH you teasing bastardagain!”  Bree commanded; in a husky voice.

As Quentin repeated the treatment; Brenda began gently masturbating, her gaze fixed on Bree and Quentin, fascinated by their intimacy and complicity, as well as by their sheer love for each other.

“God I wish my Quentin and I would be this close…” she thought, as she teased her clit.

As Quentin slapped Bree’s ass again, he turned his attention to Brenda and winked at her.

“Here, I take the left buttock, you take the right one; help me spank her!” Quentin said; grinning.

“Hey! No fair! Two on one! Brenda said. She was resting. AAHH!” Bree exclaimed, as she was being double-spanked.

“This is fun!” Brenda said; giggling, spanking her doppelganger with her left hand and rubbing her clit with the right.

“Don’t get too…ay…comfortable Brenda…ow! I might just want to ay! Get even!”  Bree protested in jest; enjoying every bit of it.

Without warning; Quentin grabbed Bree by the waist, pulling her pelvis up; an intense, passionate look on his face that made Brenda gasp in surprise.

“Enough play…I want in youNOW!” Quentin grunted; sliding his hard shaft into Bree’s tight, wet pussy, his hands firmly squeezing her waist.

“NNNHHGGGGHH…OH GOD YES!  FUCK ME HARD QUENTIN!” Bree growled; feeling another orgasm building up as the familiar pistoning of Quentin worked its magic.

“Good God Quentin, take it easy, you’ll hurt her!” Brenda said; worried.

“NO, NO, DON’T YOU DARE STOP!  FUCK ME HARDER BABY THAT’S SO GOOOOD!” Bree wailed; on the verge of another orgasm.

“Wow Quentin …perhaps after Bree cums you could…” Brenda said; rubbing her clit faster; breathing hard.

“Assume position next to Bree, Brenda…you’re next; unless Bree has any objections” Quentin said; grunting and panting.

“NO…NO OB…OBJECTIONS…I’M SO C…CLOSE I…I…BABY I’M CUMMING AGAIIIN!” Bree screamed; as the pleasure of her second orgasm washed over her like a tidal wave.

Gasping and panting, Bree chuckled uncontrollably as Quentin pulled out of her.  She turned her head and saw Brenda lying next to her in an identical position; face first and bottom slightly lifted to allow Quentin to straddle her in the same manner.

“WHOA that’s deep!” Brenda grunted; as Quentin grabbed her by the hips and slid his cock in her hot, wet slit.

Bree rolled on her side and extended her left hand; sliding it underneath Brenda’s chest to fondle her firm breasts as Quentin pumped her pussy at double-speed.

“OH! ARGGH! AAH! AAH! OOH! YES! YES! MORE!  MOOORE!” Brenda pleaded in a high-pitched voice.

Smiling, Bree gave Brenda’s left tit a firm squeeze.

“OOH GOOOD!  SO GOOD! SO DEEP…SO…SO…INTENSE! I CAN’T BREATHE! I CAN’T THINK! I…I…” Brenda screamed; overtaken by pleasure.

“Do it Brenda, cum!” Bree said; in a gentle voice.

“Yeah Brenda, cum for us, I wanna make sure you’re both satisfied before I cum!” Quentin said in a low; grunting voice.

“Oh I am baby!” Bree said; smiling at Quentin, still fondling Brenda’s left tit.


Her body went limp on the bed; shaking from the sheer intensity of her orgasm.  Quentin pulled out of her, feeling an orgasm of his own about to burst; unable to delay it any longer.  Recognizing the signs, Bree sat up, helping Brenda to her knees.  Quentin stood in bed in front of Brenda and Bree who were kneeling before him.

“Do it baby, all over our tits; CREAM US!” Bree shouted; as Quentin held onto his cock to direct his trajectory.

“GOD YEAH!” He screamed; as several streams of hot jizz squirted out of his cock; covering Brenda’s and Bree’s gorgeous tits.

Brenda and Bree kissed seductively as Quentin dropped to his knees in front of them.  They began smearing his cum onto each other by rubbing their massive tits together giggling like Schoolgirls.  Then, Bree turned to Quentin, planting a firm; passionate kiss on his lips.

“You’re the best!  Don’t forget to kiss Brenda too!” Bree said; smiling.

“Don’t mind if I do!” Quentin said; pulling Brenda closer and giving her a passionate kiss of his own.

“That…was…amazing! Shower now?” Brenda asked; getting out of bed.

“I’d say we could all use one! Bree said, also getting out of bed, dragging Quentin behind her by the arm.

Shower and then crash for the night, you girl wore me out!” Quentin said, with a tired smile.

Brenda, Bree and Quentin slung their arms around each other and shared another kiss.  Smiling, they headed to the bathroom to shower.

After a second round in the shower, the three of them quickly changed the sheets and collapsed into the bed, quickly falling asleep.

At 6:00 A.M. the next morning, Witchfire appeared in the room with a flash of light.  “This is your wake-up call!” she blurted out with a cackle. 

The three lovers awoke with a start.  “Bree” rolled off the bed and pulled a sheet over her naked body in one fluid movement.  Brenda simply gasped and then crossed her arms under her chest.  She gave Witchfire an indignant stare.  Quentin awoke with the shout and then scrambled under the covers.

“Geez, Red!” he growled.  “Don’t you freaking knock or anything?!?”  “How the hell did you find us anyway?”

Witchfire did her best to repress an evil laugh as she turned bright red.  “Sully, you dog you…” she said.  She managed to repress another giggle but made no effort to wipe away the evil smirk on her face.  Seeing the look on the trio’s face, she took a deep breath and continued.

“I cast a locater spell on the two of you yesterday, just in case” she said.  “There’s just been too much weird crap happening here.”  “That’s actually why I’m here.”  “We’ve got information already, and it confirms our fears.”  “You three are needed at the hangar ASAP.”  “The She-Legion is pretty freaked out.”

Sully let out an exasperated sigh.  “Just great.”  “Of all the mornings I could have used an extra hour or two of sleep…”

“Excuses, excuses…” Witchfire replied, still wearing her smirk.  “I’m still insulted you didn’t invite me.”

“Red!!!” Quentin blurted out, turning deep red.

Bree giggled as Quentin let out a sigh.  He shook his head, then sighed.  After hastily pulling a blanket around him, he scurried to the bathroom and closed the door behind him.

“You know, I think that’s the first time I’ve seen Quentin blush” Bree said with an amused chuckle.

Brenda raised an eyebrow.  “I’m not sure how that would have worked out anyway” she said calmly.  She gave Witchfire a look.  “I thought you hated me.”

Witchfire’s expression turned awkward for a moment.  “I don’t hate you, Brenda” she managed after a couple of moments.  “I do resent the way I’ve been treated though.”  It was Brenda’s turn to wear an awkward expression now.  Witchfire smiled gently and then continued.  “You’ve had the deck stacked horribly against you however.”  “Neither of us realized how much until now.”  “What you’re going to see at the hangar is going to shock you.”

“It’s… that bad?” Brenda asked.

Witchfire nodded.  “There will be time for that when we get there.”  “Look… I’m apparently here for the duration”.  “I have no idea when or even if Freya is going to let me return home.”  “If I’m stuck here, I’d rather have you as a friend than a rival.”

“Give it one more try then?” Brenda asked.  She managed a weak smile.

“You bet” Witchfire replied.

“Wonderful!” Bree interjected.  “It’s nice to see you two getting along.”

Both women gave Bree a smile and then turned back to each other.  Witchfire spoke first.

“So, from that glow in your cheeks, I’m guessing ol’ Sully lives up to the hype?” Witchfire asked.  The evil grin returned to her face. 

“Goddess, yes!” Brenda blurted out.  “I can’t remember the last time I came that hard.”

“Alright, that’s enough ah that” Sully interrupted as he emerged from the bathroom, now fully clothed.  “Let’s get going”.  “If things are that serious, we need a strategy conference and to calm the rest of the ladies down”.  “I take it you can pop us all back to the hangar?”

Witchfire nodded.  “That was the plan”, “I can’t ensure the smoothest ride, but it’ll be fast and discrete.”

Brenda and Bree quickly finished dressing as Quentin and Witchfire both looked on admiringly.  Afterwards, everyone gathered around and Witchfire quickly teleported the group to the hangar.

“Geez, my stomach feels like it got turned inside out” Quentin grumbled as they arrived.

“I did warn you…” Witchfire said.  “The queasiness will pass in a few moments”.

“Thank the goddess you’re here!” Got Gal said as she scurried over to Ms. Americana.

Ms. Americana held up a hand.  “Just tell us what’s going on” she said.  Her calm demeanor had a visible effect on the rest of the She-Legion, who all became more serious and focused.  Only Omega Woman and Night Raven had been calm before that.

“Headquarters was completely compromised” Omega Woman said.  “Worse than anything I could have imagined”.  “Not only was the water supply spiked with drugs, the air system has been adapted to deliver gases and plant spores in a similar matter”.  “That’s how Dragon Queen was able to attack the building so easily, no doubt”.

“Damned…” Quentin muttered.  “This is bad…”  

“Oh, it gets better…” Night Raven said.  Her voice was practically dripping with sarcasm.

Omega Woman cut back in.  “Not only that, the entire place has more hidden surveillance equipment than the U.S. embassy in Moscow”.  “Fairly advanced gear too”.  “The truly scary find was Extremely Flow Frequency sound transmitters”.  “All operating at frequencies intended to create anger and paranoia”.

“E.L.F?!?” Quentin gasped,  “That’s next level PsyOps stuff”,  “Even most government agencies have that level of pull”.

“Why do you think we’re so upset?” Lady Midnight asked.  “Whoever we’re up against is funded and equipped on a level that would scare James Bond”.

“Conveniently, half of the headquarters maintenance crew has disappeared also”, Night Raven said.  “And I mean vanished like they never existed”.  “No records of any kind, nothing”.

“Ok…” Quentin said, rubbing his chin.  “Even I’m nervous about all of this now”.  “This is bad, and I’m not even sure I can access my usual government resources since we don’t know where this world’s Sully is”.  “The wrong play will set off red flags all over the law enforcement and intelligence communities”.

“Should I try to use Wade Industries’ connections to see what I can learn?” Ms. Americana asked.

Bree shook her head.  “No, if we’re dealing with people this well connected, asking the wrong questions is going to tip them off”.

“Like they don’t know after all their equipment went offline…” Green Specter said.  

“Well, they would if I hadn’t made it look like Headquarters suffered a massive power surge.” Night Raven said.

Quentin nodded with a grin.  “Good thinking” he said.  “It may not fool them completely, but it’ll certainly leave some doubt”.  “I owe yah a steak dinner, kid”.

“It’s a date” Night raven replied with a not so coy grin.

“So, what do we do now?” Champion Girl asked?

“Burn it all down” Sully replied flatly.

“What?” Wolf Woman asked.  “Are you freaking loco?”

“Nope” Sully replied flatly.  “We’re compromised badly”.  “We need to cover our tracks and regroup”.  “Start an electrical fire to cover our discoveries”.  “Treat your homes and civilian identities as potentially compromised and under surveillance also”.  “That means say nothing about the She-Legion while out of costume”.  “They’ve kept us off balance long enough”.  “It’s time to return the favor and start taking the fight to them”.

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