Witchfire, Pt 5

I’m starting this one about where the live action left off in Witchfire Part 4.  I felt I did a little too hasty a job wrapping up that chapter.  This is an attempt to make up for that.  All the usual disclaimers about characters belonging to Mister X (except for Witchfire) and this being ADULT material apply.  I had to cut this one short due to time constraints.  Chapter 6 will be done next week and SHOULD put us at roughly the point that the Halloween story takes place.  I still plan a revision of that story as well, returning Hexanna to a more normal mage after reading more about her as well.  This story reflects that more normal version.


Witchfire Pt 5 – Aftermath

Krystal yawned softly and stirred from her slumber, slowly opening her eyes.  With a little effort,the room slowly came into focus.  She tried to sit up and felt an ache all through her stomach as if she’d done far too many sit-ups at the gym.  A gentle hand firmly stopped her movement.

“Easy,” Ms. Americana said.  “you went through a brutal ordeal.”  “Rest and give your body a chance to recover.”

The massively busty brunette smiled down softly at Krystal.  “I guess we all owe you a debt of thanks.”  “Without your help, we’d still be Dragon Queen’s captives and subject to her twisted experiments.”

Krystal brushed the hair out of her eyes as her mind cleared and the events of the last few days came back to her.  “Part of me still says this has to be a bad dream, but I hurt too much to be sleeping.”

“I’m sure it’s been quite a shock ending up here,” Ms.Americana replied, adjusting her red, white and blue bikini top.  “Yes, we believe you also.”  “You’ve more than proven yourself to us.”  “I’m not sure how Nightmare Witch and Professor Pervo managed to fool the rest of the team so effectively but we’re all sorry for what you went through.” “You’re welcome to stay with us until you can find a way home.”

“I… appreciate that,” Krystal replied wearily.  “At this point, I have no idea how long I’m stuck here, so I suppose I’d better start planning for the long term.”  She looked down at the foot of the bed and saw Specter Girl slumped over the edge of the bed, sound asleep.

“She’s been here since we brought you in,” Green Specter said.  “I couldn’t get her to go home.”

“She’s loyal for sure,” Krystal replied.  “She was a huge help on retaking the base and rescuing you all.” 

“So Lady Kraft told us,” Ms. Americana replied.  “She’s come a long way.”  “You should be proud Axanna.”  Green Specter only smiled politely and nodded.

“Is everybody else OK?” Krystal asked with just a hint of nervousness.

“We got everybody out safely, thanks to you,” Amazing Babe said from the doorway, where she’d just appeared.

“What about Azure Angel?” Krystal asked.

“She’s sedated and in the isolation room next door,” Ms. Americana said.  “I presume that was your plan when you rescued her.”  “She’s…traumatized.”  “We’re not sure if she will fully recover, but at least she’s safe among friends for now.” 

“Thank Freya for that much,” Krystal replied, clearly relieved.

Ms. Americana smiled slightly.  “You hardly seem like the same young woman I met back at Nightmare Manor.”

“I’m not,” Krystal said quietly.  “I’d like to say that wasn’t me then, but…”she continued.  “Sadly it was, at least the worst side of me.”  “I was scared, thrown into a completely different reality…” Krystal paused and shook her head slowly.  “It was still no excuse for my attitude though.”  “The last few days have been…humbling to say the least.”  She looked down, a guilty expression on her face. The look disappeared with a shocked gasp as Krystal noticed her breasts.  She pulled up the covers and peeked underneath them, and gasped again. “Oh my gawd, what happened?!?” she gasped.  “My boobs are huge!”

Ms. Americana couldn’t help but suppress a chuckle at that.  “As best as professor Whirter can tell, the plant’s phytochemicals to promote milk production are having a lingering effect on your body.  He’s uncertain if Amazing Babe’s healing energy interacted in some strange way to normalize them in your system.”  “There’s no telling how long it might last or if it’s permanent.” 

Krystal nodded, trying to take in the information.

“You’re… not mad, are you?” Amazing Babe asked sheepishly.

“Mad?” Krystal replied, chuckling weakly.  “You saved my life, and… they’re perfect now,” she added, glowing.  She started to say more, saw everybody chuckling and stopped with a blush.  “OK so they’re not as big as yours, but they must have grown at least a cup size, maybe two,” she added with an embarrassed giggle.

“I think they look great.” Specter Girl said coyly.  She had woken up and was now smiling at Krystal playfully.

“Thanks,” Krystal said a bit awkwardly as she forced a smile.  “Hey, wait a second…” she said,“Did the professor examine me again??” she asked.  “Well, not again, but…”  she let out and exasperated sigh.  “You know.”

“We used some non-invasive scanning equipment just to verify you were over the worst of everything and out of danger.” Green Specter said.  “Nobody saw you naked and we were careful to respect your dignity.”  “We felt we owed you that much after everything.” Krystal nodded quietly in response and seemed relieved.

“The professor said you’ll be OK with a little rest,” Ms.Americana added.  “There was or is a small amount of what could be extradimensional energy also.”  “Not enough to completely verify your story,not that it matters anymore.”  “We trust you, and more importantly the energy doesn’t appear to be a danger to you.”  

“Good to know…” Krystal said, trying to sit up.  She stifled a cry of pain and collapsed back into the bed.  “All those stories I’ve heard about how painful giving birth is… didn’t go nearly far enough,” she said with a painful grunt. 

Krystal felt a wave of concern and caring wash over her and she looked towards Amazing Babe.  Amazing Babe let out a slight gasp as she realized that Krystal was sensing what she felt, and then blushed lightly as she sensed Krystal’s emotions.

Krystal turned back to Ms. Americana, trying to distract herself from the situation with Amazing Babe. “You said I could stay here with the team…” she said a bit awkwardly.  “Are there any living quarters here at all?”  “I don’t recall any from earlier…”

Ms. Americana sighed and furrowed her brow in thought.  “No, there aren’t,” she replied.  “The She-Legion is all local with the exception of Lady Kraft and Jungle Babe. “Lady Kraft can afford luxury hotels for them however, so it’s never been an issue.”  “I’d let you stay with Brenda Wade, but you’re already the talk of the town and there’s already too much speculation that Brenda Wade is Ms. Americana.”

Krystal nodded quietly.  “I get it.”

“I’d let you stay with me, but my college dorm room is small and my roomie is a bitch as it is,” Amazing Babe said with a sigh.

“What about us, mom?” Specter Girl asked eagerly.  “There’s lots of room at Morgan Manor.”

Green Specter bit her lower lip thinking for a moment.   “True… Like Brenda, I’m worried about her presence connecting Green Specter and Axanna Morgan.”  “I think we owe her this much though, at least for the time being.”

“Thanks mom!” Specter Girl said, hugging Green Specter tightly around the waist.

“I suppose we should head home and make sure there’s a room prepared,” Green Specter said.  “Besides, Axanna Morgan needs to show up at the newspaper offices and make sure things are still running properly.”  With that,the duo left the room and headed for the headquarters exit.

Krystal tilted her head and looked at Ms. Americana.  “I never did ask…  How did you get yourself switched back into your own body?”

“Hexanna handled it,” Ms. Americana said with a smile.  “She’s very talented.”

Krystal nodded thoughtfully.  “Good to know,” she replied.  “There was never much revealed about her on my Earth.”  “What was seemed contradictory at times too, like she can’t use magic without her staff.”

“I’m not sure, and I try to respect her privacy,” Ms.Americana said.  “I can tell you that she can use magic without the staff, but seems quite attached to it.”  “It’s also good to know everything about us wasn’t an open book to you,“ she added with a slight chuckle. “Now I should get back to Wade Enterprises myself.”  “I need to keep the employees on their toes and I can do some discreet searching for Dragon Queen’s whereabouts from there as well.”  With that, she left the room as well.

Amazing Babe watched Ms. Americana exit and then half ran over to Krystal and took her hands. “What’s happening to us?” she asked nervously. “I thought you said this would be temporary.”  “And… why am I feeling these things from you so clearly?”

“I… don’t know,” Krystal stammered, clearly shaken.

“Not good enough,” Amazing Babe replied firmly.  “You’re the witch, it’s your spell.”  “What aren’t you telling me?” she demanded.  She crossed her arms and gave Krystal a stern look.  “Why does this scare you?”  “Why am I feeling fear from you towards me now?” she asked, hurt showing in her voice.

“OK…” Krystal said uneasily. “The spell… should have been temporary, lasting a few hours at most.”  “If I seem a shook up, it’s because of what it lasting longer could mean.”

“What?” Amazing Babe asked.  “I’m not going to turn into something gross, am I?”

Krystal chuckled slightly and cracked an uneasy smile.  “No, nothing like that…”  “I’ve… never experienced this kind of thing first hand,” she continued.  “It generally means that the people involved have some sort of a connection to start with… a past life together or something similar.”

“That doesn’t seem so horrible,” Amazing Babe replied with a slight smile.  “I’m not so sure I believe in past lives, but that’s a different discussion.” 

Krystal let out a slow sigh. “These kinds of connections are complicated.”  “If you’re lucky, it’s just higher powers pairing you up with somebody to help each other through a difficult time to come.”  “Otherwise, you’re looking at past lives, karmic entanglement…  maybe even helpmate or soulmate bonds.”

Amazing Babe nodded slowly, try to grasp what was being related to her.  “Sounds complicated.”  “I don’t really get as much of that as I probably should, but I’m sure we can…”  She stopped mid-sentence as her mouth fell open.  “Wait…  Did you say soulmates?” she stammered,completely shocked.  “I’ve never even kissed another girl, and now my perfect love is another woman??”

“Woah, hold it there,” Krystal said, holding up her hands.  “I said that was only one possibility.”  “I’m not sure exactly what this thing is between us.”  She tried to sound calm and logical as she continued. “Whatever it is, it’s best explored calmly and slowly.”  “Jumping to conclusions will only lead to somebody getting hurt, and I don’t want that.” She paused briefly.  “For either of us.”

This time it was Amazing Babe’s turn to sigh.  “I’m confused… and frustrated,” she fumed.  “I felt this ‘wow’ reaction from you when you first saw me, and like there was this amazing chemistry somehow.” “You looked at my rear, and I could feel how gorgeous you thought I was and how much you wanted me.”  “When you used your magic to move me to the other side of that blast door, I KNOW I felt love from you, like you had to do anything to protect me.”  “Now… you don’t know?!?” Amazing Babe fumed.  She crossed her arms and glared at Krystal.

“I…  I’m scared,”Krystal sobbed.  She sniffled and her eyes teared up.  “My best friend in my coven thought she met her soul mate.” “They had this amazing connection also.” “They adored each other and seemed to be able to read each other like a book.”  “Then out of nowhere they drifted apart and he dumped her.”  “She saw it coming but he kept denying, and she trusted blindly that it would work out because they were soul mates.”  “It literally destroyed her when the break up happened.”  “She’s never been the same since.”  “I… couldn’t go through that…” Krystal said,continuing to sob.  “Opening my heart completely and unconditionally only to have it ripped out.”  “It would kill me.”

Krystal began sobbing softly as tears streamed down her cheeks.  Amazing Babe could feel the redhead’s heart breaking.  She felt her pain as if it were her very own and realized just what Krystal was so afraid of.  She walked over and took Krystal’s hands in her own.

“Please don’t cry,” Amazing Babe pleaded softly.  “I didn’t mean to hurt or pressure you.”   “And… if we are soul mates, we don’t have to end up like them.”  “We can love and appreciate each other.”

Krystal regained her composure and looked up from her bed with a weak smile at Amazing Babe.  “You said you’ve never even kissed another girl, now you’re planning our wedding?”she asked with a weak giggle and soft squeeze of Amazing Babe’s hands.

“Well…” Amazing Babe admitted sheepishly.  “kissed, no… but I have thought about it.”  “I’ve… been curious and…” her voice drifted off.  After a pause, she looked into Krystal’s eyes.  “Can… I tell you something?”

“Of course…” Krystal replied.  “We share a special bond, you can tell me anything.”

 Amazing Babe gave Krystal a nervous nod.  “I…  Ihad dreams about you… about us.” 

Krystal gave her a surprised look.  “Well, we do have a connection and all, I suppose that could…”

Amazing Babe cut her off. “Not just last night,” she said.  “Before.”  “When I was in that pod in suspended animation, the only thing I remembered from that time was dreaming of you rescuing me, holding me in your arms and keeping me safe.”

“We…hadn’t even met yet,” Krystal stammered, taken by surprise.

“I know,” Amazing Babe replied quietly.  “Its had me shook up all this time too.”  “Then last night, I had the most intense and real dream about us having wildly passionate sex.”  “We couldn’t get enough of each other physically or emotionally.”  “It was so intense it scared me.”  “It didn’t make sense how someone almost a stranger could have that effect on me either.”  “Not until you explained everything just now.”

“So… you’re already convinced we’re soul mates?” Krystal asked uneasily.

“I… don’t know,” Amazing Babe admitted awkwardly.  The slight tinge of fear in her own voice was evident.  She looked into Krystal’s eyes again.  “I do know that I have feelings for you though.”  “I can’t explain them or why they’re so strong, but they’re there and I can’t deny them.”  “I can tell you feel the same too.”  “I can feel it in your heart.”  “Even if I couldn’t, why would you be so afraid of having your heart broken if you didn’t want so badly to give it to me.”

Krystal let out a nervous sigh.  “So, what do we do then?”

Amazing Babe thought for a moment and then smiled.  “Kiss me.”

“Huh?” Krystal asked, clearly confused.

“Kiss me, you dingbat,” Amazing Babe replied with a slight chuckle.  “Everybody says that’s how you can tell if you’re really in love.”  “If it’s not incredible, we’ll put aside this soulmate thing, OK?”

Krystal smiled slightly.  There was still a hint of uneasiness in her expression though.  “I gue…” she started.

Krystal’s reply was cut off by Amazing Babe leaning over her, taking her in her arms and kissing her passionately.  It was like nothing she ever experienced.  The instant their lips touched, Krystal felt a rush of tingling energy race through her body.  Every fiber of her being suddenly felt fully awakened, and completely drawn to the woman embracing her.  The sensation took her breath away and immediately had her heart racing.  She wrapped her arms around Amazing Babe and kissed her passionately.  As the kiss deepened, it felt as if they’d become one being.  Krystal couldn’t tell where she ended and Amazing Babe began. There was just one overwhelming passionate energy that consumed them both and made the world disappear.

Krystal had no idea how long the kiss lasted.  It felt like an eternity and yet wasn’t nearly long enough.  When they finally broke it,her head was spinning.  She collapsed back onto her pillow, panting and giving Amazing Babe a wide-eyed, astonished look. 

Amazing Babe returned the look in equal shock.  She tried to steady herself against the edge of the bed with one arm.  “Wha… what… wasthat?” she gasped.

“I… think we got our answer,” Krystal said, clearly flustered.  “I’ve had some great kisses in the past, but…  Nothing close to that.”  “It’s…exactly like I’ve heard first kisses between soulmates described too; the energetic rush, the instant sexual attraction… right down to the room spinning.”

“Still scared?” Amazing Babe asked.  She reached up and pulled off her mask.  “It’s just Jessica now; no more masks, nothing at all between us.”  “Tell me you don’t love me.”

“I’ve been drawn to you since I first saw you,” Krystal said.  “Gawd your eyes are even more stunning with the mask off.”  She paused.  The expression on her face made it clear she was struggling with her feelings. Jessica could feel that Krystal was still scared also.  Krystal looked back into Jessica’s stunning emerald green eyes.  “In love may be a little early in things.” “I can’t deny I’m falling for you though, and hard.”

Jessica leaned in and kissed Krystal softly on the lips.  “I understand.”  “Promise I won’t force things either if you’ll agree not to slow them down.”  “We let things develop naturally, OK?”

Krystal nodded gently. “Just please promise me we’ll talk things out if there are issues and you won’t just walk away.”    “It really would kill me if I’m going to open my heart completely to you.”

“I swear,” Jessica said. She leaned in and kissed Krystal again. The kiss was soft and tender at first, but it gradually deepened into another passionate French kiss as their tongues danced with each other.  Krystal began whimpering though as Jessica put more weight on her.  Jessica sensed her new love’s pain and pulled away.

“Oh gawd, I’m being such a selfish bitch,” Jessica said in a remorseful tone.  “You’re really hurting, aren’t you?”

Krystal nodded quietly, grimacing and holding her stomach.

Jessica caressed Krystal’s cheek and then pulled Krystal’s bed covers down half way.  “Let me try to heal you again,” she said lovingly.   She looked down at Krystal’s exposed breasts and couldn’t help but smile slightly.  “Are those hard for me?” she asked with a teasing giggle.

Krystal gave Jessica an embarrassed, pouty look, and covered her breasts with her hands.  “It’s cold in here,” She protested rather insincerely.

“Mmhmmm,” Jessica replied with a knowing smirk.  “Now lay back, relax and let me try to heal you again.”  Jessica placed her hands on Krystal’s abdomen, took a deep breath and then closed her and focused.  Soft, light blue energy began to flow around Jessica’s body and down her arms.  From there, it engulfed Krystal. 

As the energy totally engulfed her body, Krystal gasped.  Her breathing deepened, and its raspy tone became much more noticeable. As the process continued though, Krystal’s breathing became steadier and lost its raspy edge.  The look of pain on her face slowly diminished and was replaced by a contented smile.  “By Freya, I almost feel human again.”

Jessica stopped her healing power and opened her eyes.  She smiled lovingly at Krystal, leaned down and kissed her along the cheek, neck and ear lobe.  “And how is this doing?” she whispered mischievously as her hand slipped under the blankets and down between Krystal’s legs.

Krystal let out a profound shocked gasp.  Her eyes became as wide as saucers and her mouth fell open.  “Jessica!!” she exclaimed.  “We’ve barely had our first kiss for goddess’s sake!”

 “I just wanted to make sure you’re OK…” Jessica said,feigning innocence as she smiled coyly. “No girl wants a broken cookie after all.”  Her smile turned mischievous as her hand slipped under the crotch of Krystal’s panties. Krystal inhaled sharply as she felt the soft skin of Jessica’s hand caress her womanhood.  “Mmmmm, so wet,”Jessica said.

Krystal let out something between a whimper and a moan, and cringed slightly.  “It’s… still sore too.”  “I did pass 22 grapefruits through it after all.”

“Poor thing,” Jessica replied, kissing Krystal on the forehead.  She channeled her healing power into the hand on Krystal’s crotch. A blue light shown from the covers and Krystal let out a loud moan as her back arched.  “Just relax,” Jessica said softly.  “I’m going to make it all better like a good girlfriend.”

Krystal’s back arched even higher and her breath came in sharp gasping moans.  In a matter of moments, she tossed her head back and cried out in pleasure.  Her body shook and jolted before she collapsed into the bed.  “Wha… what did you do to me?” Krystal gasped.

Jessica gave Krystal a skeptical ‘yeah, right’ look for a moment, and then realized she was serious. “Holy shit, you really came from that?” she asked, amazed.  Krystal nodded silently.  “Wow, I healed some of the others while you were sleeping and never had that happen,” Jessica said.  “You must really be hot for me if that happened,” she added with a giggle.

Krystal let out a frustrated sigh.  Jessica gave her a humbled look in response.  “I’m… sorry,” Jessica said.  “I’m acting like a whore.”  “I don’t mean to,” she said, her voice taking on a guilty tone.  “I… just can’t seem to help myself with you though.”  “I feel this… pull.”  “I think this soulmate connection thing is throwing my aphrodite hormones into overload.”

Krystal, now feeling better, sat up and took Jessica in her arms, hugging her tightly.  “I feel it too, and stronger than I want to admit,” she said.  “Yes, I am really hot for you also,” she added with a giggle.  “My feelings for you are strong enough that I want our first time to be something truly special though, not a quickie in the medical bay.”

“You… mean that?” Jessica asked, practically glowing.  “You think I’m truly special?”

“Of course I do.” Krystal replied.  “You’re… amazing.”  Krystal chuckled at her unintentional pun.  “And on so many levels too.”  “Let me plan something truly special for our first time, OK?”  “When it happens, I promise, no inhibitions, no interruptions, just me showing you how much I want you.”

“Sounds heavenly,” Jessica said.  “Maybe that’s why this connection has me so enthralled.”  “I’ve always treated as just a pretty face, and a great pair of tits once they developed.”  “The whole beauty queen thing hasn’t helped either.”

Krystal hopped out of the bed and gave Jessica another, more supportive hug.   “I have a lot to learn about you, Jessica Lockhart,” she said. “This connection lets me know you’re something special though.”

“Thanks.” Jessica said, kissing Krystal tenderly.“Uhmmm…  Can you… put some clothes on though?” she asked with a giggle.  “You being naked is making me really horny.”  “Otherwise I can’t be held responsible for ravishing your boobs.”

“If I wasn’t getting such a prompting to check on Azure Angel, I might enjoy that,” Krystal admitted with a lusty grin.  With a wave of Krystal’s hand, a gold circle of light rose from the floor.  As it moved upwards around Krystal’s body, her costume materialized on her body.

“Handy…” Jessica replied flippantly as she pulled her mask back on.

“Saves time at least,” Witchfire replied with a smirk.  “Keeps my poor boobs safe from horny girlfriends too.”  “Before you threaten to test that, let’s see how poor Yumi is.” “That bitch Dragon Queen really did a number on her.”

“No fair reading my mind, and don’t say it’s not cheating because we’re bonded,” Amazing Babe said. “Darn it, now you have me doing it,” she added with a chuckle.  “Let’s just go see how she is.”

The two women walked across the room and opened up the door to the isolation ward.  The so-called ward was just a single enclosed area inside the room.  It was designed to isolate a She-legion member who might contract something contagious (which had never yet happened)or provide a quiet, secure place to heal, as was now the case with Azure Angel. The thick plexiglass wall between the isolation area and the rest of the room gave a clear view inside.  Azure Angel was curled up under a blanket on the floor, apparently asleep.

“Poor thing won’t sleep in the bed,” Amazing Babe said.  “She claims she’s not worthy.”  “She also fought us like crazy to keep that collar on.”

Witchfire shook her head.  “We have to find some way to help her.”  “Nobody deserves to live like this.”

Amazing Babe keyed in the number to the computer lock on the door and the two women slipped quietly inside, sealing the door behind them.

“Don’t want her to get out while she’s potentially a danger to herself,” Amazing Babe whispered in Witchfire’s ear.  Witchfire nodded quietly in return.

Azure Angel either heard or sensed them though.  She sat bolt upright with a scared expression on her face.  She saw Witchfire and gasped, then bound out of the blanket and wrapped herself around Witchfire’s leg.  “Mistress, I knew you’d come.”  “I’ve been so lonely waiting.”

Witchfire was completely shocked by the naked young woman now wrapped around her leg.  “I’m not your mistress,” she protested, trying to sound firm but gentle.  “And where are your clothes?”

“I am not worthy of clothes,” Azure Angel said in a pitiful tone.  “Of course you are my mistress.”  “You… saved me from the dark one and kept her from killing me.”  “Now I belong to you and wish to please you.”

Witchfire shook her head and gave Amazing Babe a pitiful look.  She knelt down and looked Azure Angel in the eye.  “Yumi, people are not property,” she said gently.  “You’re free.”  “We’re your friends and we’re here to help you… remind you who you were.”

Yumi shook her head almost violently and crawled backwards away from Witchfire and Amazing Babe.  “No,that person was shameful and weak,” she protested.  “She deserved to be gone, to suffer the way she did.”

Witchfire sighed, waved her hand and Yumi was frozen in her tracks.  “She’s pretty far gone,” she said to Amazing Babe.  “I’m not sure what to do to help her.”  “Have you tried your healing power?”

Amazing Babe nodded.  “Of course.”  “She was one of the first to be treated.”  “Her body was a bruised-up mess, and that’s just for starters.”  “I…can’t seem to do anything for her mind or spirit though.”

“Hmmmm…” Witchfire said as she bit her lower lip.  “So either your power is strictly physical, or the trauma is so bad it’s acting like a mental barrier.

“Can… that happen?” Amazing Babe asked, surprised.

Witchfire nodded.  “It’s got her will completely focused on that belief.”  “What counts is that her will is focused, regardless if that focus is good or bad.”  She furrowed her brow in thought for a minute, then her face lit up with a smile.  “Pinky, are you pondering what I’m pondering?”

“I think so Brain, but…  HEY, how come I’m Pinky?” Amazing Babe protested.

“You’re the tall one,” Witchfire retorted with a giggle.

“By what, a lousy inch?” Amazing Babe said, trying to repress a giggle herself.  “You are such a brat.”  She looked back at Yumi and sighed.  “You really think combining your magic with my power might work?”

“Pretty sure,” Witchfire replied.  “I’ll just have to be careful not to push too hard and damage her psyche.”  “Look how haggard she looks.”  “I doubt she’s had any real sleep since this ordeal began.” “If we don’t help her, she’s going to have a mental breakdown.”

Amazing Babe nodded in silent agreement and then walked over and put her hands on Yumi’s shoulders, then channeled her healing power into Yumi.  Witchfire closed her eyes and concentrated, then wove her arms in an ornate pattern in front of her.  A six pointed star of golden energy appeared in the air in front of her, surrounded by a rotating circle of glowing runes.  Witchfire’s eyes glowed golden as well, and when she locked eyes with Yumi, Yumi’s eyes glowed the same eerie golden color.  All the while, she chanted in the pseudo-Latin language that she cast her spells in.

Inside Yumi’s mind, her spirit wandered a barren landscape.  The apparition was in chains, as if she’d jumped right out the pages of ‘A Christmas Carol’. She looked completely haggard and broken as well.  A brilliant white light appeared, and Yumi’s spirit looked up.  Witchfire’s mental projection was standing in front of her.

“It’s time to come back to the real world, Yumi,” Witchfire said gently.

“You must be the one that rescued the others, and saved me from getting killed by Dragon Queen,” Yumi replied in an apathetic tone.

Witchfire nodded.  “That was me, but I was hardly alone.”  “Your friends helped, and they’re all worried sick about you.”

“You should have let me die.” Yumi replied bitterly.  “Better that than to live with the shame and dishonor of my defeat and what followed.”

“That’s not the Azure Angel I know,” Witchfire replied in an almost accusing tone.

Yumi glared at Witchfire.  “What would you know of it, Gweilo?” she demanded.

Witchfire glared back. “I’ll excuse that this once since I know you’re hurting terribly.”  “I put up with enough of that ‘ghost skin’ crap from my ex’s family though.”  Her tone and expression softened at that point.  “What I know is that you were a frequent subject of my former window to this world.”  “I saw you struggle constantly, but what made me admire you more than any of the others I saw here was that you never gave up.”  “If Dragon Queen or somebody else knocked you down, you got right back up and kept coming after them.”  “More than anybody in the She-Legion, you have heart; an unbreakable spirit and desire to do what’s right.”

“That’s… gone now,” Yumi replied weakly.

“If I believed that for a second, I wouldn’t be here,”Witchfire said.  “Let me help you, bring you back into the light and help you restore your honor.”  “I owe Dragon Queen an ass whooping myself, and I’d love to have you by my side when that happens.”

“But, how?” Yumi asked.  The tone of her voice said she wanted to believe…

“We’ll figure that out, I promise you,” Witchfire said.  “I don’t care if we have to call forth the ghosts of every great ninja in history to help you perfect your techniques.”

“You mean that don’t you?” Yumi said.  “You’re the first one to truly take me seriously.”

“Because I’m looking at your potential, not your mistakes,”Witchfire said.  She waved the spirit version of her staff and a pillar of white light descended and engulfed Yumi.  “The light will help give your spirit strength, but it’s still up to you to let go of those chains of guilt and doubt.”

Yumi nodded silently and looked upward into the light.  “Ancestors, hear my plea!”  “Forgive my foolishness and failure.”  “Help me to redeem my honor and the honor of our clan!”  As Yumi uttered her plea, the heavy chains began falling from her spirit body.  First one fell, then another, then they began falling off in groups.  Within moment sshe was free.

Witchfire smiled warmly at the now free spirit of Yumi.  “You go girl.”  With that, she disappeared.

Back in the physical world, Yumi acted as if she’d been snapped out of a trance.  “I…  I’m me again,” she said.

Amazing Babe smiled and shut down her healing power.  “Good to have you back, Azure.”  “We were really worried about you.”

Witchfire snapped back to reality and her spell faded into the ether.  “Damned, that hurt…” she complained.

“Are you OK, love?” Amazing Babe asked, clearly concerned.

“I will be…” Witchfire replied.  “I… don’t do that kind of spell very often,and Yumi has a very strong will.”  “That took a lot out of me, and left me with a bit of a headache.”  “Didn’t help that I was maintaining the paralysis spell on Yumi at the same time either.”

“Speaking of which…” Yumi interjected, still frozen in the backwards crawling position and completely naked.

“Right… sorry about that,” Witch fire replied.  She waved her hand and Yumi fell backwards.

Yumi grabbed the blanket off the floor and wrapped it around herself, trying to reclaim a little of her dignity.  “Thanks,” she said, blushing.

“Are you sure you’re OK?” Amazing Babe ask Yumi.

“I’m… better than I was,” she said slowly.  She took a deep breath.  “I’m still not sure it’s possible to get back to who I was.”  “I want to try though… see if I can be the woman and ninja I should be.” 

“The entire She-Legion will be behind you, Yumi,” Amazing Babe said.

“Let’s get that damned collar off of you first,” Witchfire said as she started to move towards Yumi.

“No!” Yumi said firmly, almost shouting.  For a moment the two other women thought Yumi had reverted back to her timid self.  “The collar stays on until I earn the right to remove it.”  “I want it to stay on as a reminder of how far I fell and how I need to redeem myself.” “Every time I’m tempted to quit, I’m going to look at this collar and remember what I’m fighting for.”

“I can respect that,” Witchfire replied.  “For now, get some rest and recover your strength.”

Yumi nodded quietly and all three women got up and left the room.  It was getting late in the afternoon, so Krystal and Jessica went to a restaurant to eat (after changing into street clothes), and Yumi decided to sleep in the proper medical bay instead of the “plastic hamster cage” as she put it.

Exhausted from the day’s activities, Krystal reluctantly tore herself away from post dinner talking (and making out) with Jessica.  After a very passionate kiss goodnight, she teleported herself to the front doorstep of Morgan Manor.

Krystal looked around in the darkness.  It should be dark enough now for me to avoid being seen and connecting the Morgans to the strange new witch running around Delta City, she thought.  She reached for the doorbell, but the door opened before she pressed the button.

Axanna Morgan opened the door with a polite smile.  The 5 foot 11 inch tall blue eyed blonde was wearing a black evening gown that complimented her 38DD bust perfectly.  “Come in, Krystal.”

Krystal walked in, feeling a bit ill at ease surrounded by such opulence.  Axanna took a look outside before quickly closing the door. 

“Are you sure you weren’t followed?” Axanna asked uneasily.

“I teleported here, so I think we’re safe,” Krystal replied with a slight giggle, trying to lighten the mood.

“I’m sorry if I’m a bit on edge,” Axanna replied.  “We all are after what happened.”  “We’ve had villains work together before, but…never like this.”  “Some of us are worried that Night Raven is right about something or someone darker behind them.”

“She’s a sharp woman,” Krystal replied, taking a serious tone.  “Smart, very good detective, and surprisingly insightful on criminal psychology.”

“She’s driven, almost obsessive,” Axanna remarked.  “Some of it is her father being the police commissioner and her mother dying when she was young.”  She took a breath and paused for a moment.  “I’m not sure how to qualify this, but…  I can’t help but feel  there’s more to the issues with her father and her obsession with being perfect.”  “I don’t suppose you have any insight from your little peep show into our world, do you?”

Krystal thought for a moment.  “Lydia and her father weren’t frequent subjects of the website,” she said.  “Night Raven was shown as capable but a bit of a nymphomaniac, but that’s about it.”  “The commissioner…” she stopped again, struggling to recall anything.  “All I can really recall is scenes with him showing up with cops to haul off defeated villains after the She-Legion did all the heavy lifting.”  “There was… something else… something way back, but I can’t remember it.”

“If you remember anything that might help Lydia, or that relates to these villains, please let me know,” Axanna said, still maintaining a polite but cool tone.

“Of course,” Krystal said. “I’m part of the team now… kind of.”  “I’ll do anything I can to help or protect any of you.”  “I’d hope that would go without saying now.”

“Of course,” Axanna replied, just a hint of sheepishness showing. “I didn’t mean to imply otherwise.”

Krystal nodded slowly.  “I still get the feeling you’re uncomfortable with me though.”

“I suppose I need to work on my poker face,” Axanna said with a slight smile.  “You… seem wonderful.”  “It’s what seems to be going on with you and my daughter that has me concerned.”

“Nothing is going on,” Krystal protested gently.  “I know she seems to have developed a small crush on me, but all I did was encourage her to stay strong and focused while you and the others were gone.”

“And that’s all?” Axanna asked, a bit suspicious.

“Of course that was all!” Krystal snapped.  “I’ve seen both of you raped multiple times, and I’ve had my own heart broken more than once.”  “I’m not going to hurt her, or anyone else.”  She gave Axanna an indignant look.  “If anyone, before coming here, it was Omega Woman I had the hots for.”  “As it turns out, Jessica and I have connected pretty strongly and are getting to know each other.”

Axanna raised an eyebrow, seemingly surprised by the last bit of information. “I’m sorry…” she said uneasily. “Summer and I have been through a lot, and I’m very protective of her.”  “She’s all the family I have left now, and I feel responsible every time something happens to her in the field.”

“I get it,” Krystal said. “As much as I can without having kids anyway.”  “I’m innocent here though.”  “if anything, Summer is like a little sister to me.”  Krystal sighed.  “Look, I’ve had enough drama with the team.”  “I think it might just be best if I find somewhere else to sleep.”

A guilty look washed over Axanna’s face.  “No, wait Krystal, please.”  “You’re right.”  “I’m out of line here.”  “Please stay and we’ll get this all straightened out in the morning.”  “We can have a talk with Summer and clear the air, OK?”

“I’ll be honest, my intuition is telling me to leave,”Krystal replied.  “I care about Summer though, as a friend, so I’ll stay for tonight and we’ll see if this train wreck can be straightened out in the morning.”

Axanna nodded and showed Krystal to the modestly sized guest bedroom, then excused herself, closing the door behind her.

What the hell did I get myself into, Krystal fumed silently. I swear I should have just left them to rot with Dragon Queen.  Fucking drama…

Krystal stripped down to her underwear and laid down on the bed, trying to sleep.  The new allegations and her memories of the asylum weighed heavy on her though.  It took almost two hours before her redhead temper had calmed down and she began to drift off to sleep.  No sooner than she fell asleep, Krystal heard the bedroom door open.  She raised her hand and willed a tennis ball sized sphere of soft white light into existence.  There in the doorway was Summer, wearing a completely sheer baby doll nightie that left nothing to the imagination.  Summer quietly shut the door behind her.

“I knew you’d come… that you felt the same way I do,” Summer said with a shy smile that was in sharp contrast to the hunger showing in her eyes.


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