Witchfire Pt 6 – Revelations

FINALLY finished here.  41 pages in Word and 16712 words.  I tried to get more sex and action in here, but much of what’s seen is good old fashioned advancing the plot and the characters.  I had a couple more scenes involving Witchfire and Amazing Babe working out their relationship a little more at the end, but the story was just getting too long.  I hope what is here will entertain readers and draw you all into the plot.  I even tried to inject a little humor here and there.

This also includes the epilogue for Chapter 4, so that it’s properly put into context for readers.  It also got a slight re-write to allow for Deanna Troi deciding what was in the mysterious Wade Enterprises envelope in their story.  Yes, I deliberately left that open.

So, beyond that…  All the usual disclaimers: Adult material; nobody under 18 should read.  Likewise, all characters are property of their respective creators.

Witchfire Part 6

Krystal stripped down to her underwear and laid down on the bed, trying to sleep.  The new allegations and her memories of the asylum weighed heavy on her though.  It took almost two hours before her redhead temper had calmed down and she began to drift off to sleep.  No sooner than she fell asleep, Krystal heard the bedroom door open.  She raised her hand and willed a tennis ball sized sphere of soft white into existence.  There in the doorway was Summer, wearing a completely sheer baby doll nightie that left nothing to the imagination.  Summer quietly shut the door behind her.

“I knew you’d come… that you felt the same way I do,” Summer said with a shy smile that was in sharp contrast to the hunger showing in her eyes.

“Fuck, Summer, what’s gotten into you?” Krystal said, shocked.

Summer gave the shocked Krystal a wicked smile and climbed on top of her on the bed.  She straddled Krystal’s stomach and pulled the straps to her sheer light blue baby doll down.  Her full 36D breasts spilled free.  “Fuck Summer is exactly what I had in mind,” Summer said hungrily.  “I know you want me.”  I can see it in your eyes, and it’s had me so hot…”  She smiled as she cupped her breasts, pushing them upward and together.  “You like?” she asked playfully.  “I’m almost a double D like mom, and I’m firmer than anyone else in the She-Legion.”

“Damnit Summer, get off of me!” Krystal shouted.  “This isn’t funny.”  Krystal reached up and tried to grab Summer and force her off of her.  The young blonde aphrodite grabbed Krystal’s wrists and pinned them over her head.   Krystal growled loudly and struggled against Summer’s grip, but the young heroine was probably as strong as 3 weightlifters.

Summer giggled.  “You playing hard to get is kinky fun.”  Pinning Krystal’s arms over her head had brought Summer to a bending forward position and her breasts brushed lightly against Krystal’s own breasts.

“I’m NOT playing!” Krystal yelled.  “Let me go!”

“OK, you’re afraid, I get it,” Summer said.  “New relationships are scary.”  She smiled wickedly.  “Don’t worry though, I’ll help you relax.”  “I learned how to control my pheromones,” she added coyly. “I can make them stronger when I want.”  “Just relax and let them work their magic and we can be together.”

“Too bad for you I developed a spell to shield me from them.” Krystal growled.

“Guess I’ll have to make you cum the old fashioned way,” Summer said with a smug smile.  She pushed Krystal’s wrists together, then held them with one hand as her other hand reached lower and undid the front clasp on Krystal’s bra.  The bra fell to the sides, exposing Krystal’s alabaster, freckle covered breasts.  “The professor says that based on your nerve cluster density, your breasts should be insanely sensitive.”  “I admit, I’ve been curious what breast milk tastes like too…”

“Summer… please… don’t do this,” Krystal sobbed as she struggled against the girl’s unnatural strength.  “We’re supposed to be friends.”

“We are friends, silly.” Summer said.  “And after tonight, we’re going to be very… special… friends, and lovers.”  She leaned down and began softly kissing Krystal’s pert breasts.

Krystal let out a whimpering moan, and goosebumps raced across the surface of her pale breasts.  The kisses sent erotic chills racing down Krystal’s spine and she felt her breasts getting heavier almost instantly.  “St… stop…” Krystal whimpered in a weak, pleading tone.

Summer kissed her way to Krystal’s hard nipple.  “Mmmm.  I love your nipples, such a cute size, and so hard.”  Summer kissed and suckled Krystal’s nipples with surprising skill, massaging Krystal’s breasts with her free hand.  In almost no time at all, milk began dribbling from Krystal’s engorged breast.  “Tastes sweet…” Summer said with a smile.  She licked her lips, cleaning them of the excess.  “Even warm like this, it’s sexy though.”  “Your squirming and moaning have me so turned on.”

Summer returned to suckling Krystal’s breast, causing the helpless mage to moan louder and louder.  As her breast was almost completely empty, Krystal let out a cry of pleasure.  Her back arched and her body trembled and she became aware of the dampness in the crotch of her panties.

Summer emptied Krystal’s breast, then did the same with the other.  The process brought Krystal to 3 more orgasms, each progressively louder than the last.  Krystal’s alternating screams of “stop!”  and pleasure grew louder and louder with every passing minute.

Summer finished draining Krystal’s breasts and gave her a mischievous grin.  “I didn’t think I’d enjoy that so much,” Summer said.  “Hearing you cum just kept getting me so hot though.”

Krystal looked back up at her with tear filled eyes.  “How could you…”  “I trusted you…”

“Stop pretending you didn’t want it as much as I did,” Summer growled.  “I know you want this as much as I do.”  “Is this about that bitch, Amazing Babe?”  “I know how to make you forget all about her.”  Summer slipped her hand under the waistband of Krystal’s panties.  “I’ll make you cum so hard you’ll forget all about her.”

Krystal snapped as she felt the unwanted hand slip under her panties.  She screamed at the top of her lungs and thrashed wildly.  The heavy wooden door burst open and Axanna Morgan ran into the room.

“What in the hell is going on in here?!?” Axanna demanded, almost screaming.  Summer leapt off of Krystal with a shocked look.  Summer searched for something to say, but just stood there with a shocked and embarrassed look on her face.  Axanna looked between the two, then glared at Krystal. “What did you do to my daughter?!?” she snarled.  Her face contorted with anger.

The accusation sent a rage filled rush of adrenalin through Krystal’s body and she sprung off of the bed.

“What did I do to your daughter?!?” she roared back at Axanna.  “In case you didn’t notice, she was on top of me!!” she screamed.  “I’m also the one who was crying and has bruises on her wrists from being held down.”  “GET A CLUE, YOUR FUCKING DAUGHTER RAPED ME!!!” Krystal screamed at the top of her lungs.

“Not my Summer,” Axanna declared, almost yelling back.  “You must have done something to her, put some kind of spell on her…” she accused.

“UnFuckingBelievable,” Krystal fumed.  “You are some kind of serious psycho level helicopter parent.”

Axanna sneered and raised a hand to backhand Krystal.  Before Axanna could strike her though, Krystal’s eyes glowed an eerie red and Axanna was frozen in place.

“Don’t even think about it!” Krystal snarled at Axanna.  She turned and glared at Summer.  “That means you too, you useless shit!”  “I’m done being a victim here!”  Summer, stunned by the transformation in Krystal’s behavior, backed up terrified against the bedroom wall.  Krystal turned back to Axanna.  “You should thank your God that I’m not the monster you just tried to make me out to be, or what I’d do to you right now would have you begging to be back in Dragon Queen or Nightmare Witch’s hands.”  Krystal waved her hands and was instantly re-clothed.  “I won’t waste my breath telling you what an overprotective failure of a mother you are to that sheltered, undisciplined psychopath either.”  “For your own continued well-being, I suggest you both stay far away from me in the future!”  With that, Krystal snapped her fingers and disappeared.

The paralysis spell on Axanna immediately faded with Krystal’s departure.  Axanna immediately ran over and hugged Summer, who returned the hug uneasily.  “We need to assemble the She-Legion immediately and deal with this,” Axanna said firmly.

Krystal materialized in middle of Perez Park; Delta City’s large public park built around the city’s central lake.  The nearly full moon peeked through the clouds, providing her immediate surroundings with some illumination beyond the dim, sparsely spaced lamp posts.  The wind suddenly picked up, sending a chill through Krystal, and she shivered in response.

Just fucking great… Krystal thought.  Now I’m alone on an effectively alien world, no extra clothes, no money… raped by somebody I trusted, again…  This SUCKS.

Krystal looked around.  She didn’t sense any immediate danger.  The only people around seemed to be a few homeless people here and there who were trying to settle in for the night.  A couple who looked to be in their 30s walked down the path near the lake, completely oblivious to anything but each other.  It was now about 9pm.  The sun had gone down hours ago, and it was getting cold out.

“So now what do I do?” Krystal asked herself quietly.  “She-Legion headquarters is out.”  “Cold day in hell before I trust them ever again.”  “I don’t know how to reach Jessica without a Legion communicator.”  “She may not even side with me in this mess…”  “Nancy?”  “No, that won’t work.”  “She doesn’t even know who I am yet.”  “Showing up on her doorstep and saying hey you don’t know me but I’ve been discreetly stalking you, just to keep you safe, really… but can you give me a place to crash…”   “Yeah, that’ll go over like a lead balloon.”  She sighed in frustration.  “And now I’m talking to myself too…  Just great.”

Krystal looked around again and saw a bench near the path and a newspaper sitting on it.  Freya help me, have I really been reduced to this, she thought?   Krystal sniffled and fought back tears as she curled up on the bench in a fetal position and covered herself with the newspaper sheets, then tried to go to sleep.

Shortly after that, an emergency meeting was assembled at She-Legion Headquarters.

“I want her head on a spike!” Green Specter growled.

“What’s going on?” a bleary-eyed Amazing Babe said as she entered the room, yawning.

“Witchfire sexually assaulted Specter Girl,” Ms. Americana said in a stern tone.

“What?!?” Amazing Babe blurted out, suddenly wide awake.  “No fucking way!”

“Of course you’d side with her, you’re her new playmate after all,” Green Specter snarled.

Amazing Babe glared back at Green Specter.  “I’d suggest you watch your mouth,” Amazing Babe said.  “Yes, we’re kind of dating now.”  “For your information, I all but threw myself at her though, and she turned me down saying she wanted to take things slow and get to truly know each other.”

“What would you know?” Green Specter spat.  “You’re probably under some kind of spell just like Summer was.”

Amazing Babe balled up her fists and took a step towards Green Specter.  Ms. Americana stepped in front of Amazing Babe and put her hand on her shoulder.

“Calm down,” she said, then looked at Green Specter.  “Both of you.”  “Fighting between us isn’t going to resolve this or get justice for Specter Girl.”

“Wait a minute there.” Lady Midnight said.  “First you said Witchfire raped her, now it’s she put a spell on her.”  “Which is it?”

“Well, she put a spell on her and made her have sex with her.” Green Specter said in an indignant tone.

“She wouldn’t do that!” Amazing Babe screamed, infuriated.

“We have the word of two trusted, long term members of the She-Legion here.” Ms. Americana said.  “That’s enough for me.”

“Yeah never mind all she’s done for us in the short time she’s been in our lives.” Amazing Babe snarled.  “Let’s burn the witch!”  “Not like those two bimbos would know a magic spell from a TV dinner anyway.”

“That’s enough!” Ms. Americana snapped, her own anger showing through.

“Look, as a DA, I have to at least say I’d need more evidence to have a prayer at getting a conviction here.”  Lady Midnight said.  “It’s not like we have a magic detector just laying around either.”

“Actually we do,” said Omega Woman from the back of the room.  “You’re forgetting about Hexanna.”  “Personally, I think if we’re going to crucify somebody we all owe our lives to, we’d better be damned sure of the facts too.”

“Agreed,” said Sara Kraft.  “The woman I got to know was willing to put her life on the line for all of you even after you had her locked away in an insane asylum.”

Ms. Americana nodded slowly, considering the situation.  “I suppose we do need to be absolutely sure of the truth before we mete out justice.”

A psychic call was put out, and minutes later an annoyed looking Hexanna marched into the room.  “What was so blasted important that my nightly meditation had to be interrupted?” she demanded.

“Witchfire raped my daughter,” Green Specter said.  “However… some people here feel Specter Girl’s and my collective word isn’t good enough.”

“Oh, get over yourself.” Amazing Babe growled.

“We need you to verify the truth here, Hexanna,” Ms. Americana said, trying to sound patient.  “Witchfire apparently cast some sort of seduction spell on Specter Girl.”

“This makes no sense…” Hexanna replied.  “Very well,” she sighed.  “If she has become a veiled threat, its best we know and act accordingly.”  She stepped up to Specter Girl and passed her staff in front of the busty blonde 18 year old.  Hexanna frowned and shook her head, then waved the staff in front of Specter girl again.  This time the motion was more ornate than the earlier simple pass.  “There is no magic or residue thereof in this girl’s system,” Hexanna pronounced flatly.  “Nothing hidden, or erased either.”

“Well your magic is clearly faulty,” Green Specter snapped.

Hexanna gave Green Specter a murderous look.  “When you have even 1/100th of my experience with the mystic arts, or anything for that matter, you can begin to question my skills.”

“My daughter wouldn’t lie,” Green Specter said, “especially about something so serious.”

“Then let us see exactly what happened,” Hexanna retorted, clearly angered by Green Specter’s questioning her competence.  She held her staff up and beams of light came out of the eyes of the skull on it.  The beams created a sort of magical viewing screen that replayed the entirety of Summer’s attack on Krystal.

“Looks like little miss sweet and innocent is the rapist,” Amazing Babe growled.  There was no mistaking the smug tone in her voice now.  “Ready to kick the crap out of her and send her to jail?”

Half the She-Legion said nothing but shuffled or fidgeted uneasily.

“I… I’m not a rapist,” Specter Girl sobbed.  “I can’t be.”

“Pictures don’t lie, precious,” Amazing Babe snarled.  “And now my girlfriend is out there alone on an Earth that isn’t her own.”  “No friends, no possessions, no shelter for all I know.”

Ms. Americana shook off her uneasiness and guilt to finally speak again.  “Some of us have known Specter Girl a long time.”  “Before we condemn her, let’s get Professor Whirter here and see if there’s any outside influences besides magic that might account for her behavior.”

Phone calls were made and within the hour, a very tired looking Professor Whirter arrived.  He ran blood tests and chemical detectors all over Specter Girl’s body.  The last pass with the chemical detection equipment captured Professor Whirter’s attention.

“I believe I’ve found the source of Specter Girl’s… inappropriate behavior,” the Professor stammered as he adjusted his glasses.

“What did you find, Professor?” Got Gal asked

“It would seem that there’s an… extremely high concentration of nirvana oil in Specter Girl’s genital area, the professor replied.

“How did you get nirvana oil on yourself?” Green Specter asked.  “Did Witchfire do that to you?”

“Really?!?” Amazing Babe snarled.  “Still??”  “You really are a piece of work.”

“N… no,” Specter Girl replied.  The only thing I’ve put… down there… is the medicine that the doctor gave me after the Dragon Queen thing.”  “He… said it was preventive; to keep me from accidentally getting a nasty coochie from all the plant spores and stuff.”

“Next step seems obvious then,” Omega Woman said.  “We verify the contents of that tube of medicine.”  “I think we already know what the answer will be though.”

“I’ve seen enough,” Amazing Babe said.  “Heard enough slander of an innocent woman too.”  “I’m out of here.”

“Wait…” Green Specter said, showing some remorse for the first time all evening.

“Screw you,” Amazing Babe said as she raced towards the exit.

Meanwhile, back at the park…

“Holy shit, is that her?” the young native American woman asked.  “It sure looks like her.”

“I dunno, Dani,” the young Latino man with her replied.  “She helped the She-Legion and saved the city.”  “She’s probably living in comfort right now, not homeless in the park.”

“She’s freezing whoever she is,” Dani replied.  “She doesn’t even have a jacket, Berto.”  “Give me the picnic blanket.”

“Well, our picnic at midnight to bait muggers was a bust anyway,” Berto replied with a sigh.  He tossed Dani the thick wool blanket.

Dani approached the park bench nervously.  “Hello?” she said softly.  “Are you OK?”  She walked over and carefully covered the shivering redhead with the blanket.  The woman slowly stopped shivering.  “Poor thing,” Dani said.  “She’s clearly not used to a life on the streets.”  “No bags of stuff also, so she was either robbed or just ended up this way.

Berto nodded in agreement.

Krystal moaned softly and struggled to wake up.  She suddenly became acutely aware of the two people standing near her.  She sat bolt upright with a startled gasp and raised her hands to cast a spell.

“It’s OK…” Dani said, trying to sound reassuring.  “We’re not here to hurt you.”  “We’re friends…  I’m Dani and this is Berto.”  “Are you OK?”  “What happened to you?”

Krystal fought back the urge to respond with a snide remark.  No need to punish these newcomers for the disaster earlier this evening, she thought.  “I’m…”

“It is her!” Berto exclaimed.  “Damned, we get to meet a genuine celebrity.”

“I think you have me mistaken for somebody else,” Krystal said in a groggy tone.

“No, you’re the redhead witch that saved the She-Legion and brought some order back to the city,” Dani said.  “I’d know you anywhere.”

“Great…” Krystal sighed.

“What are you doing out here, alone in the cold with no jacket?” Dani asked, concern showing in her voice.

“Let’s just say the She-Legion didn’t appreciate my help as much as I’d hoped,” Krystal sighed.

“And they just left you homeless?” Dani asked, shocked.

“The Doctor is right about them,” Berto growled.  “Arrogant and incompetent.”

Krystal pulled the blanket tighter around her.  “Let’s not get into it,” she grumbled.

“You can’t stay here,” Dani said.  “You’ll catch your death of cold.”  “Come on, we’ll take you to Sanctuary.”

“Huh?” Krystal asked.

Dani pulled a golf ball sized glowing sphere out of her pocket and the three were teleported away to a strange, run down looking cross between a warehouse and a dive bar.  The building was moderately crowded with people who ranged in appearance anywhere from homeless to a few that looked almost middle class.

“Where are we?” Krystal demanded.

“I told you, Sanctuary,” Dani said with a slight grin.

“Come on, you should talk to the Doctor,” Dani said, taking Krystal by the hand.  “He’ll know what to do.”  “Probably want to meet you regardless.”

Dani led Krystal through the crowd, many of whom seemed to recognize her, to a booth in the back corner.  Sitting there, nursing a giant stein of some sort of beer like drink was a man in faded blue jeans, cowboy boots and, in stark contrast, a dark blue pirate shirt and a sash.  He appeared to be Caucasian, but fairly tan.  He looked up from his drink at the newcomers.

“Hello, my dear,” he said to Krystal with a somewhat disinterested smile.  “It appears we’re meeting sooner rather than later.”  “I’m Doctor Steve….”

“Strange?” Krystal asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Mmmm, no…” the Doctor said.  “Why does everybody make that mistake…”  “Does this look like a Marvel reality?” He let out an exasperated sigh.  “I’m Doctor Steven Weird.”  “Sorcerer Supreme of this dimension, and the owner of Sanctuary.”  He brushed his shoulder length jet black hair out of his eyes and grinned at Krystal.

“What is this place?” Krystal asked, looking around.

“It’s a place where people like you three can escape the dangers of Delta City for a time, relax, share stories and have a drink,” Doctor Weird replied.  “I don’t have to tell you how dangerous the streets of Delta City are for the typical aphrodite or adonis gene hero.”  “It’s far more dangerous for those who carry the genes, but haven’t manifested meaningful powers.”   “They’re hunted for sport, experimented on… the usual villain stuff.”  “This spot is a literal sanctuary from that nastiness.”

“Well, if you know about all of that, why aren’t you putting a stop to it?”  Krystal asked in a slightly annoyed tone.

“Not my job,” Weird said, taking a sip of his beer.  “I know what you’re thinking, it’s not like that though.”  “As Sorcerer Supreme, my job is to head off cosmic level threats to this dimension’s existence.”  “Everything from ancient evils to things like your blond friend’s employers deciding we need to be erased as a threat.”  “Believe it or not, it’s more than a full-time job.”  “Setting up Sanctuary is about all I’ve had the time for.”  “Being able to get the occasional beer break in peace helps also.”

Krystal sighed.  “I get it.”  “I suppose higher powers want to see if us smaller fish can clean up the existing messes on our own anyway.”

“You got it, babe.” Doctor Weird said.  “So how about we talk about your immediate problem?”  “No money, no place to stay…”

Krystal let out another, far more exasperated sigh.  “Let me guess, this being Delta City, you’ll help me out there if I’m a good girl and let you fuck my brains out, right?”

Dr Weird shook his head.  “By the Vishanti, no.”  “I’m a gynecologist when I’m not fighting cosmic evil.”  “Do you have any idea how sick I am of seeing pussy at this point?”

Krystal let out an amused snerk.  “OK, so what is your game here then?”

“Simple, you need a paying job, a roof over your head, and a way to gather information about what you’re up against.”  “I, on the other hand, need a new bartender here.”  “Somebody who can handle the crowd.”

“I thought you said this place was off limits to villains,” Krystal replied.

“It is,” Doctor Weird replied flatly.  “The crowd can still get rowdy though.”   “A good portion of them know and respect you, or at least your mask.  I’m rarely here as it is, so somebody they respect would help keep things quiet.”  “Think you can handle it?”

Krystal smirked, snapped her fingers and a bottle of Jack Daniels appeared next to Weird, with a poured glass next to it.  “I think so,” she chuckled.  “I was quite the hit at parties at the college.”

“I can imagine,” Weird smirked.  “Pay isn’t great, but there’s tips also, and a small room upstairs that’s included with the job.”

“Good enough,” Krystal said.  “Probably the best thing that’s happened to me all day.”  “Well, second best anyway.”

Weird nodded.  “She’s worried about you, by the way.”

“Hey, how come the She-Legion don’t know about this place?” Krystal asked, trying to keep Amazing Babe out of her thoughts for the moment.

“To be blunt, they’re high profile screw ups,” Weird replied.  “I come here to grab a beer every now and then, and I don’t want to constantly be defending Sanctuary from constant attacks by villains and their corporate and government backers after they lead them here.”

“The villains are being backed by corporations and the government?” Krystal asked, somewhat shocked.

“Did I say that?” Weird said, rubbing his close-cut full beard.  “Those kinds of answers, you’ll have to find for yourself.”  “You can start tomorrow night.”  “Room is upstairs, end of the hall on the left.”  He tossed Krystal a key.  “That’ll unlock it, and let you transport back here when needed.”  “Staff don’t need to bother with the normal doors.”  “Dani will get you situated.”  He looked up and grumbled.  “Gotta go, something out there is trying to introduce Twilight characters into this reality.”  “No way in hell I’m having that.”  With that, Doctor Weird promptly vanished.

Krystal turned to the others.  “I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised he’s so… eccentric.”  “It seems to be a quirk with many mages.”  “OK, so what do I need to know?”

“For now, you just need to know that the club is a safe zone,” Dani said.  “That depends upon secrecy to some degree, so the first rule is keep quiet about the place.”  “We mainly cater to those who most need a safe escape; the metahuman poor and those with minimal powers.”  “There’s a few exceptions like Berto and I.”  “We both have moderate power levels.”  “Not enough power to compete with supervillains and terrorists though.”  “Sometimes Sanctuary helps people with food and clothes.”  “Occasionally we’ll even smuggle someone out of the city into a new life elsewhere if things get dangerous.”

“OK, I don’t get it…” Krystal said, contemplating the situation.  “It sounds like a great idea on the surface and all, but…”  “Delta City is a little bigger than the typical medium sized city, how many aphrodites can there really be in a city this size?”

“Superhero level, not many,” Berto replied.  “There are WAY more at the lower tiers though; people with just moderately enhanced looks or minor mutations.”  “A handful of legitimate magic users like you also.”

“Not only that,” Dani interrupted, “there’s far more aphrodites in this city than anywhere else.”  “It’s like it’s a breeding ground for us.”

Krystal nodded quietly. “Odd, any theories?”

“Just a bunch of shadow theories about conspiracies to create and control aphrodites,” Dani replied.  “Lots of theories, nothing concrete though.”

Krystal sighed.  “I get the feeling I’m being maneuvered into the middle of a giant mess.”  “First by the people behind the villains, and now the doctor.”

“Doc has a tendency to pull strings behind the scenes,” Dani admitted.  “He gets people to help with things that he can’t directly get involved in without dragging equally powerful entities into the mess.”

“I’m not thrilled with the idea of being manipulated,” Krystal grumbled. “What about you two, what’s your story?”

“I work here as the bar manager,” Dani said.  “I’m a psychic.”  “Doc found me on the streets of Delta City about a year and a half ago.” “He took me in, and I’ve been working here since.”  “Berto has enhanced strength that’s charged by moonlight.”  “He helps out doing whatever we need around here.”

“Wow,” Krystal said.  “You’re the first actual adonis gene carrier I’ve met.”

“His pheromones are also fairly potent,” Dani said with a coy smile.  “Don’t get any ideas though, he’s mine.”

“Good thing I keep a shielding spell up after my misadventures with the She-Legion,” Krystal said, smirking.

The trio sat at the bar making small talk and going over Krystal’s job description for a few hours.  It was all fairly standard stuff, other than Dani advising Krystal to wear a bikini top while working if she really wanted good tips.  Delta City being what it is, sex sells more than usual.

Krystal, can you hear me, lover? asked Amazing Babe’s voice resonating in Krystal’s head.

Y… yes. Krystal replied mentally, shocked that they were capable of communicating this way.

We need to talk, Amazing Babe replied.  Hexanna proved you were innocent and Professor Whirter found the real cause of Specter Girl’s behavior.

I appreciate Hexanna’s help, but the She-Legion can go to hell, Krystal replied.  I’m done with them.  First a mental institution and then rape allegations…

“Are you having any luck?” Ms. Americana asked, concern showing in her voice.

Amazing Babe opened her eyes and muttered something under her breath.  “I did manage to contact her.”  “Not surprisingly, she doesn’t want anything to do with the She-Legion anymore.”

“Tell her we want to make things right,” Ms. Americana said.

“If that doesn’t work, let her know there’s payback to be had for the real cause of this drama,” Sara Kraft added.

Amazing Babe sighed and closed her eyes again, trying to focus.  Krystal, they want to make things right, please listen, she pleaded mentally.

Jessica, I love you but it’s not happening, Krystal replied mentally.

Please, Amazing Babe pleaded…  If you don’t care about making things right or even getting revenge on the person who caused all of this, do it for me… please.

It was Krystal’s turn to sigh this time.  Fine, but only for you, since you’re caught in the middle.  AND, ONLY on the condition that neither Green Specter nor Specter Girl are at the meeting.

Amazing Babe opened her eyes again.  “She’ll come, but only if Green Specter and Specter Girl are not at any meeting,” she said to the She-Legion members present.

Lady Midnight spoke up before anybody else could say anything.  “Done.”  She looked over at Green Specter and Specter Girl.  “I hate to say it, but she’s right.”  “Generally, it’s a very bad idea to have people involved in an investigation when it’s personal.”  “Emotions are high right now, and we need to get to the bottom of this.”

“But…” Green Specter started to protest.

“No,” Lady Midnight said flatly.  “I’m trying to be polite because you two have saved my skin more than once.”  “This mess wouldn’t be half as bad though if you were capable of being objective where your daughter is concerned.”

Ms. Americana stepped in at this point.  “Let us smooth things over Axanna, then after she’s calmed down and we’ve found out what’s going on with the doctor’s office, the rest can be talked out.”  Green Specter nodded reluctantly, then Ms. Americana nodded in turn to Amazing Babe.

They agreed, Amazing Babe said mentally to Krystal.  Meet us in front of the downtown medical plaza.  Summer’s doctor or somebody in his office slipped her some bad drugs.  We’re starting there.

Good enough, I’ll be there, Krystal replied.

“Hey… Red, you OK?” Berto asked, tapping Krystal’s shoulder lightly.

“I think she’s talking with somebody mentally, Berto,” Dani said.  “If so, they have a hell of a connection, or she’s way stronger than Doc let on to us.”  “I can’t even get a hint of what’s being said.”

Krystal shook her head slightly, returning her focus to her immediate surroundings.  “Yes, the connection we have is as special as they are,” she said with a hint of a smile.

“They?” Dani said with a slight smile of her own.  “Being kind of vague there aren’t we?”

“Deliberately so,” Krystal admitted.  “I’ve been put through the meat grinder in the five days or so I’ve been here.”  “Trust comes really hard for me at this moment.”  “For what it’s worth, I have do have a good vibe about you two.”  “I… just need a little more time to find my comfort zone here.”

“Don’t worry,” Berto replied.  “We get that reaction more often than you think.”  “Especially by the ones who say they’ve been hunted.”  “Most folks here will understand so long as you’re not hostile.”

“Fair enough,” Krystal said.  “I do have to head out for a little bit though and see what’s going on.”

“Well, what do we call you, at least?” Berto asked.

“Folks call me Witchfire,” Krystal replied.  “My friends call me Krystal,” she added with a wink before disappearing.

Outside the medical plaza, Ms. Americana, Flag Girl, Amazing Babe, Lady Midnight and Omega Woman arrived and glanced around looking for Witchfire.

“You think she stood us up?” Flag Girl asked after popping her bubble gum.

“It’s possible,” Amazing Babe admitted.  “She was pretty mad.”  “Still, I think she understands how important this is for everybody.”

“Yes, I do…” replied Witchfire as she faded into view, decked out in her full costume and carrying her staff.

Amazing Babe ran over, threw her arms around Krystal and kissed her passionately.  Krystal returned the kiss hungrily, but broke it after a few seconds when she felt her head start to spin again.

“Wow… those kisses still get me light headed,” Witchfire said with a coy grin.  She took a deep breath.  “We have work to do though.”  “I took a quick look around while you all were arriving.”  “The doctor’s office isn’t open yet though.”

“Too early in the morning,” Omega Woman commented.  “They probably won’t open for a couple of hours yet.”

Witchfire nodded.  “I could have opened the door magically, but under the circumstances, I felt this is something we should do together.”  “No… misunderstandings about planting evidence to throw suspicion off myself,” she added with more than a hint of contempt in her voice.

“We’re sincerely sorry about that,” Ms. Americana replied.

“Later,” Krystal growled.  ”I did see some guys in maintenance uniforms that I was getting a weird vibe off of.”  “Intuition tells me we better move.”

Amazing Babe got a worried expression, and then looked from Krystal to the building.  “GET DOWN!” she yelled.

The entire front façade of the office building suddenly exploded, sending shards of glass and concrete chunks flying at the heroines, followed by a cloud of smoke and dust.  When the dust began to settle a few seconds later, everybody looked around, shocked.

“Is everyone OK?” Ms. Americana asked.

“Yeah… fine…” replied Lady Midnight, somewhat shocked.

As the dust cloud cleared enough for everyone to see, the group realized they were surrounded by a force field.  A force field that was the same sky blue color as Amazing Babe’s healing energy.  Her eyes were glowing the same color as the force field too.

“Woah…  first healing and now a force field…” Flag girl said.

Witchfire smiled.  “We may have to change your name to Protector Babe at this point,” she said with a giggle.  “We need to get in there and make sure nobody is hurt, and hopefully salvage some evidence.”

Without another word, the heroines sprung into action.  They rescued a few early arriving employees, and Krystal used ice spells to try to fight the fire.  It only took five minutes for the fire department to arrive, but in that time, the offices in the area where Summer’s doctor was located were completely destroyed.

Witchfire shook her head as the heroines watched the fire fighters try to save the burning building.  “The fire seems to have started right near the office we were going to investigate.”  “No sign of those maintenance workers or their van either.”  “I hope you all are getting the message here.”  “Night Raven was right, more than even I suspected.”  “There’s some sort of conspiracy going on here; somebody or something far more sinister backing the villains you usually fight.”

Ms. Americana nodded with a grim expression.  “It certainly appears something deeper is going on.”

Lady Midnight spoke up next.  “Finding Dragon Queen should be our top priority right now.”  “She’s the only lead we really have at this point.”

A few moments later, the heroines were mobbed by several reporters who had rushed to the scene.

“Ms. Americana, Tonya O’Donnell with INN news, can you tell our viewers what happened today?” Delta City’s most well-known reporter asked, sticking a microphone in Ms. Americana’s face.

Ms. Americana couldn’t help but smirk slightly.  Got Gal played her civilian identity to the hilt, and was arguably the most heroine friendly reporter in Delta City.  “The She-Legion came here to look into a lead on a case we’re investigating.”  “No sooner had we arrived than the building exploded and went up in flames.”

“What sort of case?” another reporter asked, holding up a microphone.  “How does a medical office merit attention from costumed vigilantes?”

“We’re not currently at liberty to discuss that at this moment,” Ms. Americana replied.  “The situation is an ongoing police investigation at this point.”

“And when exactly did you become a spokesperson for the Police Department?” Megan Fitzpatrick asked, stepping up and sticking a microphone in Ms. Americana’s face.  “And while we’re at it, is that costume in keeping with department dress code regulations?”  The assembled crowd all laughed at the second question.

“Ms. Fitzpatrick, so good to see you,” Ms. Americana replied.  “I was worried the reporting might be professional and unbiased.”  “Did you complete your high school equivalency examination in sensationalist blogging yet?”

The entire crowd laughed at Megan Fitzpatrick, causing her to turn beet red.  Any chance at a retort was cut short by another reporter spotting Witchfire.

“You,” the handsome black man wearing slacks and a polo short with a news station’s logo on said, “You’re the one that saved the She-Legion from Dragon Queen, aren’t you?” “Tell us about yourself and what happened.”

The entire group of heroines held their breath in anticipation of what Witchfire might say.  Witchfire stepped forward and took a deep breath, then forced a polite smile for the cameras.

“Thank you,” she said.  “I appreciate the chance to introduce myself to the public.”  “You can call me Witchfire.”  “As you can see,” she said with a laugh as she momentarily cupped her breasts, “I’m not an aphrodite gene based heroine like the rest of the ladies present.”  The joke brought a brief laugh from the crowd.  “I’m a magician, and I arrived in Delta City a few days ago.”  She paused a moment, fighting back the urge to spew venom.  “As for reports that I somehow single handedly rescued the She-Legion, I’m afraid that’s inaccurate.”  “I did aid members of the She Legion in an effort to rescue some of their own from Dragon Queen.”

“So, you’re not an active member of the She-Legion?” Megan Fitzpatrick demanded.

“No,” Witchfire responded.  “At this time, we simply have a mutual interest in events that may have occurred at this facility, and might also have connections to Dragon Queen.”

“Can you tell us anything further?” the black reporter asked.

“I’m afraid not,” Witchfire replied.  “As Ms. Americana said, the matter is now an active law enforcement investigation.”  “More than that, there’s no actual evidence of any connections to Dragon Queen at this time.”  “The explosion as we arrived could be coincidental.  Unsubstantiated accusations would be immoral and irresponsible.”  “Something I’m sure all the ladies behind me can agree on.”

“What about the allegations that members of the She-Legion were involved in an assault on Westside Psychiatric Prison,” Megan Fitzpatrick accused.

Witchfire chuckled.  “Sounds like some sort of fairy tale made up by Dragon Queen or her minions to undermine confidence in the city’s defenders.”  “I wouldn’t believe that kind of rumor any more than I’d believe that the city’s brave, outstanding police were corrupt.”  “I think a better question is what’s happening at Westside that would allow such an attack to take place.”

Commissioner Borden stepped up in front of the heroines.  “That’s all the time we have for questions,” he said.  “The scene is currently being gone over by our crack CSI teams.”  “When we know something, so will the public.”  “I’m sure the ladies here have work to get back to as well.”

With that, Commissioner Borden shuffled the heroines back away from the cameras.  “Somebody want to tell me what the hell is going on here?” Borden demanded.  The change in his tone and mannerism sent a chill down Witchfire’s spine.

Lady Midnight spoke up.  “You know as much as we do at this point, Commissioner.”  “We arrived to investigate a report of drug dealing taking place at one of the offices, which might possibly have connections to Dragon Queen.”  “When we did, the building caught fire and went up in minutes.”  “The speed of the fire looks suspicious, but that’s for your CSI teams and Fire investigators to determine.”

“Damned right it is,” Borden growled.  ”You should have let my department investigate this in the first place.”  “Maybe then we’d have evidence and avoided massive property damage.”

“That’s hardly a fair statement,” Ms. Americana interjected.

“Stow it,” Borden replied.  “I’ve gone easy on your little bikini club the last few years because you’ve managed to avoid blowing up half the city.”  “If that’s going to change, so is your relationship with my department, is that clear?”

“Perfectly,” replied Ms. Americana indignantly with a harsh scowl.

“As for you…” Borden said, turning to Witchfire. “That was nicely done handling the media.”  “You allowed everyone to maintain a professional image.”  “Don’t think I don’t realize everything went to hell in a handbasket about the time you showed up though.”  “Or that you bear a resemblance to what little information we do have on the subject of that escape from Westside.”  “Quite convenient that all records on her disappeared at the same time as the escape…”  “If I find out that was you, or I have any other trouble out of you, there’ll be hell to pay.”  “Stay out of trouble, and we might just get along.”

“I assure you, the last thing I want is to cause any trouble in your city, Commissioner,” Witchfire replied.

“Good, now get out of my crime scene, all of you,” Borden barked.  With that he turned and walked towards the CSIs taping off the building.

“Sanctimonious prick,” Witchfire muttered.

“He’s just upset over the property damage,” Ms. Americana said.  “He’ll calm down.”

“Maybe,” Witchfire said.  “For now, I think we’d better get the hell out of here.”

“Meet us back at the She-Legion headquarters?” Ms. Americana asked.

“Fine…” Witchfire grumbled.  “I suppose this is too important for personal feelings to get in the way.”

At the mysterious shadowy citadel of the villains, a technician scurried over to the commander.  “Sir, we have an incoming voice transmission from council seat number five.”

“Put it through immediately then, you dolt,” the dark figure said.  The technician immediately complied.

“They’re on the trail of Doctor McKinney,” a heavily modulated but vaguely male sounding voice said.

“We realized this was a possibility after all,” the deep voiced shadowy figure said.  “It’s a shame that he didn’t sow more mayhem before being discovered.”  “I’ll have him dealt with.”

“Good, hurry before they catch up to the fool,” the modulated voice said before the line went dead.

A short time later, at She-Legion headquarters…

“So that’s all we know at this point…” Ms. Americana said as she finished briefing the members now present.  “I think it would be best if we were all a little vigilant from here on out.”

The conversation was interrupted by a newscast of a car crash on the downtown expressway.  A BMW had apparently experienced brake failure, crashed into the dividing wall and burst into flames, killing the driver.  The driver was identified as a Doctor Nathan McKenney.

“That’s our doctor!” Green Specter shrieked, in complete shock.

“Oh my God…” Omega Woman stammered.

“Lady Midnight was supposed to be out trying to find him while we planned,” Ms. Americana said.

“Are you getting it yet?” Witchfire growled.  “Whoever they are, they’re well organized and professional.”  “They cleaned up loose ends here very quickly, and are so confident in their power that they didn’t even care about eliminating the Doctor this close to burning down the building.”  “They’re playing you like fiddles too, getting you chasing shadows and turning on me.”  “Next it’ll be each other.”

“I…  I’m so sorry Krystal…” Specter Girl stammered, tearing up.   “I didn’t mean to…”  “It was the drugs.”

“I know that, and I can forgive.” Witchfire replied, anger still showing in her voice.  “Forgetting is another matter though, especially after having been raped before by somebody I cared about.”  She glanced at Green Specter.  “It’s the allegations from your mother, and your unwillingness to come clean, that I’m still pissed about.”  “All that talk about earning your trust after I nearly died helping you all just went right out the window without a second thought.”  “I was raped when I was 16.”  “If it were up to me, it would be a death penalty offense.”  “You DAMNED sure better make certain of accusations like that before you throw them around though.”  “They destroy lives and relationships.”  Green Specter had a remorseful expression and started to say something.  “Just don’t.” Witchfire said.  “The best thing you can do right now is give me time and space.”  Green Specter nodded.

“Let’s focus on finding Dragon Queen,” Omega Woman said.  “Once we have her, we can hopefully get some answers, and some closure.”

“Agreed,” said Ms. Americana.  “Nobody’s found a trace of her in days though.”  “Either these would-be benefactors have whisked her to safety, or she’s running scared.”

“Word on the street is she’s persona nongrata.” the recently arrived Lady Midnight said.  “She’s on the outs and nobody is supposed to help her.”  “Green Specter and Night Raven both got the same info.”

“Then she’s still here somewhere,” Got Gal said.  “If she’s going to be true to her nature, she’s doubtless hiding in the sewers somewhere.”  “I’d suggest we start with her old bases.”

“Let’s spread out and cover every known site,” Sara Kraft said.  “I don’t think I need to say to be bloody discreet either.”  “I want to catch that bitch once and for all.”

Ms. Americana pulled Witchfire aside as the others left.  Sara Kraft noticed and delayed her own exit to join the conversation.

“I just wanted you to know how sorry we are, and that you really do have our support,” Ms. Americana said.  “I know you’re justifiably upset right now.”  “I hope in time we can set everything aside.”  “We appreciate everything you’ve done, from Nightmare Witch, to rescuing us, even impersonating me to confuse the villains and keep the city safe until we were rescued.”

Witchfire let out a derisive snort.  “I don’t have the boobs to pull that off.”  She thought for a moment.  “I’m pretty sure I know who it was though.”

“Oh?” Sara Kraft said, interjecting herself into the conversation.  “Do tell.”

“Her name is Nancy, and she’s a private investigator,” Witchfire said.  “I first caught her story right before I was banished here.”  Witchfire held up her staff and produced a magical hologram of Nancy Peye.  “She’s saved your butts a few times too over the last year.”  Witchfire produced a playback of the rescues of Ms. Americana and Flag Girl, then the Specters.

“I… remember her, although only barely for some reason,” Ms. Americana said.

“I’ve kept my distance, but checked in on her from time to time, making sure she wasn’t too far over her head,” Witchfire said.  “I’ve really wanted to intervene at a couple points, but I’ve had the feeling I’d just complicate things for her.”  “Anyway, she’s almost certainly the one that played heroine while we were rescuing you.”

“She… reminds me of someone…” Ms. Americana said.  She suddenly gasped.  “I know!”  “Meet me in my office at Wade Towers in a half an hour.”  “Don’t try to teleport in either, Hexanna has the office well protected.”

“Fine…” Witchfire said.  “I hope this is worth diverting resources away from finding Dragon Queen though.”

“I have a feeling it might be,” Ms. Americana said in an uneasy tone.  “It’s something I think she will want to know about, and may be uniquely qualified to deal with…”

Witchfire quirked an eyebrow underneath her mask.  “Alright, I’ll humor you.”

“I have something back in my hotel room also,” Sara Kraft said.  “Something I think that should prove a nice thank you for all her help.”  “I’ll meet you both at the office.”

A half hour later, the three women met at Brenda Wade’s office.

“If you’ve been keeping tabs on the woman, I’m assuming you know where to find her.” Brenda said.  “Give her this envelope.”  “I think she’ll know what to do with it, particularly if she’s all that you say she is.”

Krystal took the envelope.  “A test is an odd reward for all she’s done.”

“Who says it’s a test?” Brenda asked, nonplussed.

“Fine, I’ll play along.” Witchfire said, her annoyance showing.

“I think she’ll appreciate this as a bit more clearly stated thank you,” Sara Kraft said.  She pulled out an ornately engraved Black Walnut box and flipped it open.  Inside was an ornately engraved custom pistol with pearl handgrips, a silencer, laser sight, and 2 extra clips.  “I had this made for myself, but somehow I have a feeling that she can put it to good use around here.”  “It can handle numerous types of rounds; rubber bullets, armor piercing, high explosive, tranquilizer rounds, you name it.”

Krystal wrinkled her nose momentarily. “Never cared for guns myself.”  “Unlike martial arts or magic, they require no mastery to use.”  “That is exquisite looking though.”

“Guns require a great deal of training to use properly,” Sara Kraft argued.  “That’s a discussion for another time however.  “I’ve got a couple extra boxes of ammo here also.”

“I’m sure she’ll appreciate it.” Krystal said.  Immediately afterwards she yawned deeply.  “I hate to say it, but I think I need to get some sleep.”  “I’ve been up a day and a half.”  “Besides, Nancy is pretty mobile during the day.”  “I know where to find her at night though.”

“Get some rest then,” Brenda said. “Where are you staying now anyway?”

“I’m… not at liberty to say,” Krystal said, which elicited the expected scowl from Brenda Wade and Sara Kraft.  “Nothing personal; the people I’m staying with are very skittish about things going on in the city.”  “They’re afraid and trying to keep a low profile.”  “If I can convince them to change their minds, I’ll tell you all about it.”  “Till then, you’ll have to trust me.”  With that, Krystal snapped her fingers and disappeared with the gifts for Nancy.

“Villains having well organized support and working together, bases and buildings blowing up, people conveniently dying in car crashes, and now people afraid to be known even by the She-Legion…” Brenda said in a reflective tone.  She rapped her manicured nails on her desk.  “Have we been that blind?”  “Have we failed the city that badly, Sara?”

“I… don’t know what to think,” Sara Kraft replied.  “It’s almost a shame Geek and Esha didn’t stick around after Dragon Queen’s base went up.”  “They might have been our best chance at getting some real answers.”

“Esha went back underground with the government, and Geek took his money and ran as soon as he could,” Ms. Americana said.  “I still think letting him walk away free was a mistake also.”

“Maybe so, but Jungle Babe and I gave him our words, so did Witchfire after she let him rape her in exchange for information on your location.”

“She what?!?” Brenda gasped.

Sara Kraft nodded.  “Specter Girl, Night Raven and I are the only ones that knew.”  “We didn’t even tell Amazing Babe for fear she’d react poorly.”  “So, next time maybe you’ll understand why she’s a wee tad frosted at Axanna acting like such a wanker.”

Krystal reappeared at Sanctuary near the bar.  Being mid-morning, the place was fairly empty.  Dani and Berto saw her arrival and walked over to greet her.

“Caught your interview on TV,” Berto said with a chuckle.  “Not sure how the Doc will feel about you being that public, but I think the city could use a few more role models.”  “They need hope.”

Krystal shrugged. “I didn’t sign up to be a poster girl.” “I’m still going to do what’s right though.”

“Soft sold the whole police thing too,” Dani said knowingly.

“I know,” Krystal replied, “but there’s no point in making enemies where we don’t have to.”  “Besides, trash talking them will just piss off the good cops on the force, and we may need them.”

“Good point,” Dani said.  “Hope there’s a bikini in that pile of stuff,” she added with a playful laugh.

“Nope…” Krystal replied with a smirk.  “I’ll worry about that later.”  “Right now, I need some sleep.”

“This is about the time we usually go to bed also,” Dani replied.  “Gotta love the late shift.”

“Sleeping may or may not be involved though,” Berto added with a grin.

Krystal shook her head.  “Are you even legal?” she asked with a laugh.

“Turned 18 a month ago,” Berto said with a smirk.

“Aren’t you a but young to be playing cougar already, Dani?” Krystal asked shaking her head.

“I’m 20, only two years difference between Berto and I,” Dani replied.  “Berto can be a bit insufferable at times, but we adore each other, and he’s amazing in bed.”

“I’ve got to admit, I’ve been curious since reading about adonis gene carriers,“ Krystal replied.  “I’ll take your word for it though.”  “Right now, all I want is sleep,” Krystal replied.

Krystal staggered up the stairs to her room, unlocked the door and went inside.   The room was small, as old as the rest of the place looked, and a bit spartan in décor.  There was a metal frame single bed with a mattress, which reminded Krystal of the beds she saw in prison movies.  The bedding looked to be nicer though.  There was a dresser, a small writing desk, and a rather large looking armoire instead of a closet.

“Well, it’s… cozy.” Krystal mumbled to herself.  “Nice cheap motel feel to it too,” she laughed.  “Screw it, it’s home for now, and I’m safely away from the She-Legion.”

Krystal put the delivery for Nancy on the desk, then undressed and laid down on the bed.  She quickly drifted off to sleep.

A short time later, Krystal was awakened by very loud moaning and wailing coming from the next room.  She tried to go back to sleep then she heard Dani’s voice.

“Oh gods yes, Fuck me Berto!” Dani howled.  “So….  Good!”  “Give it to me, baby!”

Krystal growled, highly annoyed that her sleep was being interrupted.  Despite her annoyance, she couldn’t help but be captivated by Dani’s howls of pleasure.  There was a hunger; a passionate yearning that Krystal could almost feel palpably from the busty Native American.  The feeling of raw, passionate lust mixed with feelings of love was something Krystal had often fantasized about finding, but had never experienced.  Maybe she’d have that with Amazing Babe?  Krystal couldn’t hold back her curiosity any longer and decided to peek using her astral projection.

Her astral body drifted into the next room and beheld Berto on top of Dani in a missionary position.  He was thrusting in and out of the raven-haired beauty vigorously.  Dani had her toned body wrapped tightly around the muscular body of her Latin lover.  Krystal couldn’t help but lick her lips at the display.  The young lovers were both clearly passionate and surprisingly skillful.  Berto wasn’t bulky, but his street clothes had served to hide a very muscular body that didn’t look to have an ounce of fat on it.  Dani looked to be almost as magnificent underneath him.  Krystal felt herself getting turned on as she watched.   Suddenly right after an orgasm so loud it made Krystal’s ears hurt, Dani looked right up where Krystal’s spirit was.

“Naughty, naughty,” she said, still staring at Krystal. “If you’re going to watch, you have to join.”

Dani’s eyes glowed a silvery white and suddenly Krystal found herself in Dani’s body.  Not just in Dani’s body but acutely aware of every square inch of it.  She felt the firm fullness of Dani’s 36DD breasts, the aching hardness of her large nipples, the sensation of being completely filled up by Berto’s massive cock.  She felt Berto’s muscular body pressed against her, and the warmth of his mouth as he kissed her / Dani deeply.  Even Dani’s intense sexual desire was felt by Krystal.

OH fuuuuuck, Krystal moaned mentally as Dani’s head feel back.  Is this what it’s like to be an aphrodite?  My… her entire body is insanely sensitive and burning with desire.  Everything feels like my pussy during sex.  I’m inside her body, and my own too.  What the fuck did she do to me?  I can feel my own body reacting to this as well. 

Another orgasm ripped through Dani’s body, causing her to scream out at the top of her lungs in ecstasy.  Dani’s back arched and her body convulsed so intensely that she might have bucked Berto right off of her if not for his strength and her being wrapped so tightly around him.  Krystal felt every bit of it at full intensity as well.  Her spirit screamed in unison with Dani’s as her body reacted in nearly equal intensity and screamed in the room next door.

Krystal felt her body’s hips bucking on her own bed in rhythm to Dani’s thrusts against Berto.

“Fuck yes!” Dani and Krystal screamed.  “Fill me up!”  “More, more, MORE BABY!”

“Oh shit, Dani!” Berto screamed.  “I can feel her too now!”  “She’s so fucking tight!”  “SHIT!”  “Both of you…”  “Too much…”  “Going to…”

Berto let out a scream of pleasure as his own body shook.  Krystal shared Dani’s sensation of Berto’s cum pumping into her.  Seemingly impossible amounts as it filled Dani up, and flowed out of her.  The sensation pushed both women over the edge.  Dani bucked and convulsed, her pussy twitching and convulsing around Berto’s massive member.

If Krystal was expecting any relief following Berto’s massive orgasm, it wasn’t forthcoming.  In fact, Berto only slowed down long enough to flip Dani over and take her from behind.  Dani and Krystal’s spirit both screamed as they were impaled on his manhood.

Berto took Dani and Ghost Krystal that way for what seemed like an eternity, both women climaxing again and again and again.  That was followed by a dozen different positions. By the time they finished, half the day had passed and all three collapsed into a deep slumber.

That evening, Krystal awoke back in her own body, a bit light headed but invigorated and in a surprisingly good mood.  She put her clothes back on and headed downstairs.

“Well, she’s alive…” giggled Dani from her stool at the end of the bar.

“I was beginning to wonder…” Berto said with a smirk.

Krystal raised an eyebrow, and fought the urge to smile.  “I should be mad at both of you,” she said in an almost playful voice.

“Sounded like you enjoyed it to us…” Dani said with a wink.

“It was fucking amazing,” Krystal admitted. “You grabbed my astral form without asking though,” she added

“I did, but I didn’t do anything at all to keep you with us,” Dani said.  “You could have left at any point.”  “You just enjoyed it so much that you didn’t even try.”

Krystal opened her mouth to say something but was at a complete loss for a retort.

“You made it amazing for us also,” Berto said.   “It made everything even more intense for both of us as well.”  “We’d love to have you join us again sometime, but we won’t push.”

“I’m… not really one for plural relationships,” Krystal said, confused.  “Then again, I never thought I’d be a cheater either…”

Dani hopped off of her stool, walked over and gave Krystal a supportive hug.   “I’m sorry, I guess we should have thought about what we did.”  “We were caught up in the heat of the moment.”  “If you’re going to hang out with aphrodites and adonises you’re going to have to understand that consent can be… tricky.”  “Raging hormones and pheromones are just the start of it.” “Things have a way of getting unintentionally out of hand.”  “It seems to be our curse.”  “Keep that in mind if your special whoever they are happens to be a gene carrier.”

Krystal nodded thoughtfully.  “I’ll do my best to remember that.”

“We still good?” Berto asked casually.

“Yeah,” Krystal said with a weak smile.  “Can’t be mad at you if it was my own fault.”

Berto pulled a box off the bar and tossed it to Dani, who in turn offered it to Krystal.

Krystal took the box with a surprised look.  “What’s this?” she asked, smiling.

“A little welcome aboard gift.” Dani said.  “After last night, we thought you could use it.”

Krystal opened the box and took out a new white leather jacket.  “It’s gorgeous, thanks you two.”

“The Doc threw in most of the money for it,” Berto replied.  “Said to consider it a signing bonus,” he added with a laugh.  “We picked it out though.”

Krystal slipped the jacket on.  It was a perfect fit.  “Perfect, thanks again you two.”  “With winter knocking at the door, this will be a huge help.”  “Why white though?”

“Good witches wear white, right?” Dani said with a laugh.

Krystal mock rolled her eyes and laughed.  “Glad I’m not being stereotyped.”  “Look, I hate to run, but I have an errand I have to take care of.”  “I’ll be back in a bit.”

“Uhm… OK,” Dani said.  “Just don’t be late for your first shift.”

“I won’t, promise,” Krystal said with a chuckle.  She grabbed the shopping bag that her jacket’s box had been in off of the bar, then scurried upstairs.  She put everything for Nancy into the bag and snapped her fingers.  A moment later she was standing in front of Wong’s Pizzaria.

Nancy Peye was sitting in Wong’s Pizzeria (As Krystal had guessed) absently nibbling on a small pizza and mulling over her day as well as the news that the She-Legion was indeed back.  It had only been a day since they were freed, and the city was thankfully returning to normal at a rapid pace.  The criminals had quickly crawled back under their rocks, but Nancy couldn’t shake the feeling that things were actually getting worse under the surface.

A small door mounted bell rang and the tell-tale creaking of the front door’s hinges announced the arrival of a slender redhead.  She wore faded jeans, a tank top and a white leather jacket, and carried a small shopping bag in her left hand.

Mrs. Wong scurried over to greet the new customer, and then stopped about 10 feet away from the strawberry blond twenty-something.  The alarmed look on Mrs. Wong’s face didn’t escape Nancy’s notice, but she didn’t think the girl looked like any kind of trouble, so she returned to her slice of pizza.

“Wu,” Mrs. Wong declared uneasily, studying the girl.  (Note: Wu is mage in Chinese)

She nodded a confirmation to Mrs. Wong, then said “Heping” (peace) and offered a polite bow.

“What you need, Wu?” Mrs. Wong asked, still a bit uneasy.

The newcomer motioned with her head towards Nancy.  “Detective Boobs,” she said with a smirk.  “Also I hear you have the best pizza in town, so an extra large pepperoni would be awesome,” she added with a chuckle, offering Mrs. Wong the cash for the pizza.

Mrs. Wong took the money with a large grin, and then scurried to the kitchen yelling something in Chinese.  Nancy’s ears had immediately picked up at the mention of the less than flattering nickname the Wong clan had given her.  She studied the new arrival carefully as she walked over and sat across the table from Nancy.

“Interesting exchange when you walked in,” Nancy said casually.  “It takes a lot to rattle Mrs. Wong.”  “Care to tell me what that was about?”

“She was able to tell I’m a mage,” The Strawberry Blonde replied calmly, making a modest effort to keep her voice down.  “Traditional Chinese tend to be a little leery of mages.”  “I let her know I mean no harm.”

“In Chinese, no less.” Nancy replied, taking a sip of her coffee.

“Don’t be that impressed,” the newcomer replied.  “I had a Chinese boyfriend for a while, and he taught me a little Mandarin.”  “And I do mean a little,” she added with a chuckle.  “I’m Krystal, by the way.”  “And I obviously know who you are Nancy.”

“So, what can I do for you?” Nancy asked, trying to sound casual.

“Actually, I’m here to do something for you,” Krystal replied.  “I come bearing gifts,” she added placing the shopping bag on the table.

Nancy raised an eyebrow.  “And just why would you be doing that?” she asked, just a hint suspicious.

Krystal leaned in across the table and spoke quietly.  “Let’s just say certain unnamed people that we both know wish to express their gratitude for your recent actions, and past help.”  “You certainly have the chest by the way,” Krystal added with a chuckle.  “You look better as a blond than a brunette though.”

Nancy was actually caught by surprise by the redhead’s words and momentarily speechless.  “How did you know?” she asked quietly.

“That gets really complicated, and I’m not sure there’s time for an in-depth explanation,” Krystal replied continuing to speak in a low, conspiratorial tone.  “Suffice it to say it’s the same way the Wongs recognize me as a mage, and the same way you know certain things,” Krystal replied.  “We all have… unusual backgrounds.”  “Anyway, I can’t stay long.”  She slid an otherwise plain envelope with Wade Industries letterhead across the table.  “This is…” Krystal let out an annoyed sigh.  “I wish I could say it’s a reward from Brenda Wade and Ms. Americana.”  “Somehow I think it’s more of a test.”  They wouldn’t tell me exactly what’s in the envelope, but I think it’s a cold case.”  “Either way, she said you’d be interested.”  “Do with it what you will.”

“Doesn’t sound like you’re on the best of terms with the She-Legion right now…” Nancy observed casually.

“Suffice it to say we’re having difficulty maintaining a productive working relationship,” Krystal replied, a hint of annoyance showing in her voice.  Krystal slid the shopping bag over to Nancy, trying to be discreet. “This… is from Lady Kraft.”  “She felt you might need a little more bang for your buck,” Krystal added with a wink.  “It can handle several types of ammo, from the normal stuff to rubber bullets and tranquilizer rounds.”  “It can at the least save you from carrying two guns.”

“Ok…” said Nancy, a little uncertain what to think.  She looked in the bag and saw the ornate dark stained back walnut case and boxes of ammo.  She paused for a few moments.  “Please extend my thanks to both of them.”

“Of course.” Krystal said with a forced slight smile.  Then she leaned in again and spoke quietly.  “I should also warn you…  the villains in this city are much more organized than it appears on the surface.”  “We have strong reason to believe somebody is acting as some sort of benefactor or would be overlord.”  “Dragon Queen was far too well equipped and informed on her recent adventure.”  “Nobody’s sure what to make of it yet, but I wanted to warn you to be extra cautious.”

Nancy nodded quietly, trying to take all this new information in, and wondering how it fit into what she already knew.

“Just because we don’t know exactly what’s going on, it might be dangerous for you to be seen with me.”  “Doubly so given the two otherworldly pains in the ass you’re dealing with.”  “No doubt they’d object to you associating with witches, so I’m keeping this short.”  “The only thing I can add is that I’ve met Hawke’s replacement.”  “Name’s Lt. Falcon, and he’s a straight shooter from all we can tell.”  “He’s also ex-military, so he’s very no-nonsense and by the book.”  “Play straight with him and he should have your back.”  “Be wary of Borden though, something about him gives me the creeps.”

“Thanks for the info,” Nancy said.

Krystal flipped Nancy a brass looking coin about the size of a quarter.  Nancy caught it and gave it a quick look.  It was a token from a video game arcade down the street that closed years ago.

“Call if you need me, but given what I just told you, try to save that for a major emergency,” Krystal said.

Mrs. Wong shuffled over with the box containing Krystal’s pizza.  “Here, Wu.”  “Extra Large Pepperoni,” she said, pushing the box into Krystal’s hands.

“Smells wonderful, thank you,” Krystal replied.  She looked back at Nancy.  “See yah around.”  With that, Krystal snapped her fingers and promptly vanished.

Mrs. Wong was startled by the sudden disappearance, and talked very loudly in Chinese for a few seconds.  Nancy could only imagine what sort of exclamations had come out of the woman’s mouth.  She turned Nancy and looked at her with a raised eyebrow.  “How you know Wu, Detective Boobs?”

Nancy sighed.  “Referral from a mutual acquaintance, it seems.”

Mrs. Wong grumbled something in Mandarin under her breath, and headed back to the kitchen.

Krystal reappeared at the Sanctuary bar with the pizza in hand and put it on the back bar counter.  “Pizza delivery!” Krystal said with a chuckle.  “Best pizza in town, so the rumors go.”

“Wong’s?” Berto asked.  “Awesome!”

Krystal finished her shift with few problems.  As the Doctor had predicted, a goodly portion of the customers recognized her and thought highly of her.  The only explanation she had was that her initial foray at Nightmare Manor had gotten more press than she thought.  It didn’t bode well for her keeping a low profile in Delta City.  Her tips, however, had indeed been mediocre.

Her shift finished about dawn, and at that point, she decided to check in with Amazing Babe.  It was a conversation she was dreading, as she could feel hurt coming from Jessica all night.

Jessica, are you there hon, Krystal asked mentally.

Yes, Jessica replied excitedly.  We think we have a lead on Dragon Queen.  The Bilbo Brothers were spotted heading towards one of her old hideouts.  We think they may be trying to get her supplies or maybe smuggle her out of the city.

Awesome, Krystal replied mentally.  Where?

We’re at a warehouse on the West edge of the docks district, Jessica said.  Corner of 47th and Adams Street.

OK, Krystal said.  I think I can use you as a focus for my teleport also.  Be there in a moment.

Krystal transformed her clothes into her costume, summoned her staff and teleported to the exterior of the warehouse.  Amazing Babe ran over and hugged her tightly.  Witchfire could feel a marked uneasiness from her.

“Let’s talk after this is over, OK?” Witchfire said.  “I can tell something’s bothering you.”

Amazing Babe nodded silently and cracked a nervous smile.  Behind them, Ms. Americana, Flag Girl, and Omega Woman walked up.

“Well, we’re certainly going all out this time,” Witchfire said.

“Lady Midnight, Green Specter and Specter Girl are scouting the perimeter as we speak,” Ms. Americana said.  “We want to make absolutely certain there are no repeats of the office incident and that Dragon Queen is finally brought to justice.”

“Agreed,” Witchfire said.  “It’s the only way we’ll get answers.”

“Tonya O’Donnell is standing by to make sure the reporting is accurate as well,” Omega Woman added.  “We don’t need Megan Fitzpatrick being the only one telling our story here.”

“Let’s get dangerous then,” Witchfire said with a smirk.

The five women approached a reinforced walk-in door next to the loading dock.  Witchfire started to prepare an unlock spell when they realized the door’s lock had been forced.

“Looks like they came in this way…” Omega Woman whispered.  “and they weren’t expected, otherwise the lock wouldn’t have been forced.”

The others nodded in agreement.  Just then, they saw Lady Midnight go flying through a crate with a loud crash.  Bart and Biff Bilbo strutted towards the barely conscious Lady Midnight.

“Shouldn’t have got in our way,” Bart said smugly.  “Not that I don’t love beating you uppity superheroines senseless to remind you of your place.”

“Think we have time to have a little fun with her?” Biff asked with a grin.

“I dunno… there’ll be hell to pay if we let Dragon Bitch get away,” Bart replied.  “Maybe we tie her up and have some fun with her after we take care of the bitch, just like we did with the blonde bimbos.”

“Unhand her, you miscreants or face the wrath of the Queen of Justice,” Ms. Americana announced, scowling and striking her stereotypical hands on hips pose.

“Hey look, more bikini club bimbos!” Bart said, grinning wickedly.

“Dibs on the redhead,” Biff declared.  “Tiny tits or no, I’ve by dying to see if redheads are as good a fuck as people say.”

“I’m a 34C, I’m not tiny damnit!” Witchfire growled.

Biff launched himself towards the heroines with super speed.  He shot past Ms. Americana and Flag Girl, clotheslining both of them and knocking them to the ground.  He leapt at Witchfire, only to vanish into a portal a foot before reaching her.  He came out a portal several feet behind her and crashed into a steel I beam support for the building, and slumped to the ground.

Omega, you three handle Bart,” Witchfire said.  “Amazing Babe and I will deal with Biff.”

Witchfire turned back to a stunned and groggy Biff.  “Shame you’re dealing with a comic book geek who spent a lot of her spare time trying to figure out how to beat various characters and powers.”  “Portal worked just like I figured it would,” she added with a giggle.

Amazing Babe walked over to grab Biff when he suddenly sprang to back to life.  He swept his leg around and kicked Amazing Babe’s feet out from underneath her.  Before she could hit the ground though, he sprung up to his feet at super speed and grabbed her from behind, one hand between her legs and the other groping her breasts.

Biff’s hands began vibrating at super speed.  Amazing Babe let out a shocked gasp, and her eyes went wide.  Her body trembled and she let out three short gasping shrieks, then she was rocked by a massive orgasm.  Her entire body shook, her eyes rolled back in her head, and the crotch of her costume became visibly damp.  Before a visibly shocked Witchfire could even react, Amazing Babe had three more intense orgasms and passed out.

“Nobody does that to her but me.” Witchfire snarled.

“Another damned lesbo…” Biff said, clearly annoyed.  “Don’t worry, a good deep dicking will set you straight.”

Across the room, Omega Woman launched herself at Bart.  She flew towards him at full speed.  Bart grabbed the barely conscious Lady Midnight and flung her at Omega Woman, sending them both crashing to the ground.  Ms. Americana and Flag Girl charged in right behind Omega Woman though.  Ms. Americana hit Bart in the midsection with a shoulder tackle while Flag Girl connected with a flying kick to Bart’s face.  Both heroines jumped on top of him and began beating the villain senseless.  Moments later an enraged Omega Woman joined the dogpile on Bart and began pummeling him mercilessly.

Witchfire fired a blast of lightning from staff, which Biff was partially successful in dodging.  The lightning seared his left arm and the generic black t shirt that was the brothers’ trademark costume, along with black jeans.  He cleared the distance between Witchfire and himself in less than the blink of an eye and immediately slapped the staff out of Witchfire’s hand, sending it flying across the room.

“Now let’s see how tough you are without that toy,” Biff said.  In the blink of an eye, he backhanded Witchfire across the face, momentarily stunning her, and then stripped her corset and skirt off at super speed.  Before she could even react, Witchfire was reduced to her mask and panties.

“Just like I thought,” Biff gloated, “just another smart mouthed piece of ass now.”  He reached out and grabbed Witchfire’s boobs.  “Let’s give these a squeeze before I fuck the sass out of you.”

The pain shooting through her breasts snapped Witchfire out of the stupor caused by Biff’s blow.  Her face twisted into an expression of pure hatred and her eyes literally flashed with lightning.

“A staff is an extension of a witch’s power, nothing more,” she growled.

With that, her whole body lit up with lightning.  The resulting jolt of electricity sent Biff flying away from Witchfire and into a large crate.  The impact cracked the side of the crate and left Biff slumped on the ground.  He tried to get to his feet, but was met by a swirling pillar of lightning as Witchfire outstretched her hand.  Biff screamed and convulsed as his hair stood straight up and lightning danced across his body.  Finally, he collapsed, unconscious and smoking, onto the concrete floor of the warehouse.

Witchfire waved her had and her clothes flew back onto her body, then she held her arm straight out to her side, and her staff flew to her hand.

“Nicely done…” said Omega Woman as the other three women walked over, having just finished with Bart.

“They’re dangerous when they’re allowed to use teamwork,” Witchfire remarked.  “Not so much when we were able to divide and conquer.”  She walked over to a slowly reviving Biff and kicked him in the ribs.  “For the record, you shit…” she growled, “I’m bisexual.”  “When I’m with a man though, I want a real man.”  “Not a pathetic excuse for a male like you.”  Witchfire cast a quick spell and both Bilbo Brothers were wrapped up tight in steel cables.

The women helped Amazing Babe back to her feet and then did the same for Lady Midnight.  Afterwards, they found and untied Green Specter and Specter Girl.

“You four are a bit worse for wear,” Ms. Americana said.   “You should take the Bilbos to the police and then head back to She-Legion headquarters.”  “The rest of us should be more than enough to apprehend Dragon Queen.”

“They can go,” Lady Midnight said.  “I want to continue sweeping this place for bombs and other traps.”  “I want evidence for a conviction, and no bullshit from Borden.”

Ms. Americana nodded uneasily.  “Just be careful.”

Amazing Babe and the Specters took the Bilbo brothers outside where Tonya O’Donnell was waiting with cameras for an interview. In between questions directed to her by Tonya and other later arriving reporters, Green Specter managed to put in a call to DCPD.  The department dispatched an armored prisoner transport and Lt Falcon’s unit.  It would be several minutes before either arrived though.

Inside, the remaining heroines found two large duffel bags left by the Bilbo brothers after being interrupted by the Specters.  There were enough explosives in the bags to level a city block, along with a half dozen assorted firearms.

“This definitely was not a rescue mission,” Omega Woman remarked.  “I’ve spent enough time around Military Intelligence with Kameron Drake to know gear for an extermination team when I see one.”

Ms. Americana’s expression became equal amounts contemplation and concern.  “The Bilbos have always been little more than hired muscle.”  “This seems a bit extreme for them.”  “What in the name of Liberty is going on here, and who wants Dragon Queen dead?”

“We’ll have to catch her to get those answers,” Witchfire replied.  “I see a trap door also.”

After carefully checking the trap door for explosives and other traps, Ms. Americana ripped the trap door up out of the floor.  She moved to drop down the hole into the darkness below when Witchfire held out a hand and stopped her.  Witchfire conjured one of her tennis ball sized globes of light and mentally commanded it to descend into the darkness.  The sphere descended about 20 feet before proving Witchfire’s intuition correct.  The tunnel below, which looked to be heading towards the harbor, was overflowing with mutant plants.

“Great goddess of Liberty!” Ms. Americana exclaimed.  “There would have been no escaping that.”  “The plants are everywhere.”  “What will we do now?”

Witchfire smiled.  “I’ve been brainstorming this one since my last run-in with them.”

“And?” Omega Woman asked.

“Winter is Coming,” Witchfire replied with a self-satisfied smirk.

A somewhat involved and ornate casting of a spell later, the tunnel was flooded with icy winds and frost.  The plants below quickly withered and died.

The heroines dropped down into the tunnel and quickly but carefully made their way down the dark, cold tunnel.  At the end of the tunnel, they found a small room lined with shelves of chemicals and plant seed pods.  In the far corner, Dragon Queen was huddled in the corner shivering.

“I would have been better off with those two braindead cretins burying me alive,” Dragon Queen growled.  “Killing all my beautiful plants and trying to kill me with frostbite and pneumonia.”  “You aphrodite whores are a menace.”

“Actually, I get to take credit for that,” Witchfire said with a smirk.  “Although now that we’ve established that it works, I’m sure there are many cryo-grenades in your future.”

“Nay, there’s only prison in this evil-doer’s future,” Ms. Americana said.

“Get up!” Omega Woman demanded, grabbing Dragon Queen by the collar and effortlessly lifting her to her feet.

As soon as Dragon Queen was on her feet, Witchfire threw a roundhouse kick right to her stomach, causing Dragon Queen to double over in pain and cry out.

“Witchfire, that’s NOT how we treat prisoners!” Ms. Americana snapped.

“What?” Witchfire asked innocently.  “I thought I saw a plant spore grenade in her hand.”  “It’s not like I would deliberately beat her for what she did to me… or poor Azure.”

“And how is the poor little broken whore?” Dragon Queen asked with a psychotic laugh.

Flag Girl kicked Dragon Queen hard in the crotch, causing her to scream in pain.  “Oops, foot slipped…” she said, responding to Ms. Americana’s disapproving look with an innocent smile and a shrug.

“This is Lieutenant Falcon with GCPD Special Response Unit,” came a booming voice over a bullhorn from the far end of the tunnel.  “Everybody below, come out with your hands up and all weapons discarded.”  “NOW!”

“Lieutenant, this is Ms. Americana,” she yelled back.  “Everything is fine.”  “We have Dragon Queen alive and in custody.”  “We’re bringing her out.”  She looked at the others.  “I’d hoped to get some questions answered first but I suppose we’ll have to wait for the moment.”  “Let’s go.”

“You cows will get nothing from me,” Dragon Queen snapped as they left the room.

Omega Woman smacked Dragon Queen’s head into the door frame on the way out.  “Oops, be careful there,” she said smugly.  “Wouldn’t want you to hurt yourself.”

Dragon Queen glared at Omega Woman but was smart enough to keep her mouth shut.  They got half way down the tunnel when Dragon Queen began to show visible signs of panic.  “You can’t take me out there, they’ll kill me!” she exclaimed.

“Nice try, but Falcon is one of the good guys,” Witchfire said.  “I’m sure he’ll give us a little time to have a talk with you also before your sorry ass is dragged off to prison.”

The heroines made their way to the tunnel exit and turned Dragon Queen over to Falcon’s SRU team.  They slapped full prison chains on her; waist, ankle and wrist restraints, and then put a Hannibal Lecter style muzzle on her to keep her from spitting on or biting anyone.

“We’d like to have some time to question Dragon Queen, Lieutenant,” Ms. Americana said, trying to sound as professional as possible.

“No can do,” Falcon said flatly.  “I’ve got orders from the commissioner and mayor to get her back to headquarters and locked up ASAP.”  “You’ll have to talk to the commissioner to arrange anything after she’s booked.”  “Sorry, but my hands are tied.”  Falcon’s tone was firm, leaving no doubt there was no room for debate, yet at the same time held a hint of sincerity for the She-Legion’s plight.  He started to walk Dragon Queen out to the awaiting prisoner transport when he stopped and glanced briefly back at the heroines.  “Good work back there too.”  “No casualties or damage, and you got the suspect in one piece.”  “I’d call that a win all the way around.”

Falcon led Dragon Queen outside into the mid-morning daylight.  His team kept a perimeter around him and Dragon Queen, and the heroines followed a short distance behind, keeping a watchful eye for ambushes or any other sort of trouble.

Outside, Delta City police had set up crowd control barriers along the sidewalk.  A small crowd had gathered and cheered when they saw Dragon Queen being perp walked to the transport.

Falcon gave an abrupt “no comment” to the handful of reporters present, loaded Dragon Queen onto the transport and then his team left.

“We’d better keep after them,” Witchfire said with a grim tone.  “I have an uneasy feeling and I’m not going to feel better until we know she’s properly locked up.”

“Agreed,” Omega Woman said.  She looked over Ms. Americana.  “You and Flag Girl should trail behind the police and keep an eye on things.”  Witchfire and I will teleport there as soon as we answer a few questions to keep the press half way on our side.”

Ms. Americana nodded, and the duo climbed into the Americana-mobile and sped off.  Witchfire and Omega Woman spent 5 minutes fielding questions from the reporters who hadn’t set off for police headquarters.  The questions were all fairly mundane, asking what had gone into capturing Dragon Queen.  The only one that flustered either woman was a question from a reporter from an adult magazine asking if the rumors were true that the two women were an item.  The handsome black reporter was also still there, and Witchfire found out his name was David Johnson with the BBC.  He asked if Witchfire was still denying she was a member of the She-Legion.  Witchfire confirmed as much and then the two teleported away.

They reappeared right in the middle of the walkway up to Police Headquarters and the Jail.  Omega Woman glanced at her watch.  “Assuming no delays, it should take them about 5 more minutes to get here.”  “Thanks to your teleport, we beat everyone here.”

Witchfire nodded.  “Good, we can help the police make sure the area is secure.”  She paused for a moment.  “Where do you think that one reporter got the idea we’re together?” she asked awkwardly.

“Probably just wishful thinking,” Omega Woman said.  “Either that or somebody saw you and Amazing Babe hanging in each other and confused her with me.”

“Well, you do look similar…” Witchfire replied thoughtfully.  “Well, other than you having… you know, more curves,” she added with an awkward chuckle.

“Since when are you flustered talking about sex?” Omega Woman asked.  Her mind wandered back to their initial meeting at Nightmare Mansion, where Krystal had declared her to be ‘incredibly hawt’.  Realization dawned on her face.  “Oooooh.”  “I remember now…”  “First me, then Amazing Babe.”  Guess you have a thing for blonde and busty, hmm?” she asked with just a hint of humor in her voice.

“Actually no…” Witchfire started.  “Erm, well I don’t know,” she continued with a stammer.  She laughed nervously before continuing.  “There’s that old joke about epic boobs turning straight girls lesbian,” she added with a chuckle.  “You certainly qualify there.”  Krystal sighed as she saw the disapproving look from Omega Woman.  “So much for humor.”  “Truth is what turned me on about you is the combination of the epic curves and that you always seem so together and in control.”  “Strong and sexy is a powerful combination.”

Omega Woman’s mood immediately softened, and she almost smiled.  “I appreciate that.”  “Most people are intimidated by how focused I am.”  “Right now, I’m completely focused n my career though, and… well, at the risk of sounding insensitive, you’re a bit young for me.”

“I kind of picked up that vibe,” Witchfire said.  “It’s why I never hit on you despite being sorely tempted.”  “Besides, it feels like Amazing Babe and I have the start of something special.”  “I want to see where it goes.”

“She seems a little young for you,” Omega Woman said matter-of-factly.  “I can’t deny you two seem to have chemistry though,” she added with a smile.  “If it makes you feel better about the boobs also, aphrodites tend to keep filling out longer.”

“Oh?” Witchfire said, genuinely curious.  “That I hadn’t heard before.”

Omega Woman nodded.  “I didn’t stop filling out till I was 21.”  If I remember right, Ms. Americana and Got Gal told me it was 25 and 24 for them respectively.”  “Point being, she could end up bigger than any of us.”

“Wow…” Witchfire replied, dumbfounded.  “That would be wild, but all I really care about is that she loves me too and is happy.”  “Anything else is a bonus.”

“There’s hope for you yet,” Omega Woman joked.  She immediately snapped back to a dead serious expression and posture.  “Stay sharp, here they come.”  “I’m going to scout the area from the air.”

Witchfire nodded and Omega Woman took to the air.  Ms.Americana had raced ahead of the prisoner transport, and parked her Americana-Mobile.  Flag Girl and her hopped out and raced to Witchfire.

“The transport should be about 30seconds behind us,” Ms. Americana said.   “Stay alert for anything.”  “Personally, I hope your conspiracy theory is wrong though.”

“So do I,” Witchfire replied as the transport rolled up.  “Freya, what a media circus,” she added as several news crews tried to swarm the transport.  They were kept back by police in crowd control gear however.

Falcon and his team surrounded Dragon Queen and perp walked her towards the entrance.  Flash photography and video cameras all rolling for what may very well have been Delta City’s most famous arrest since the political scandal that rocked the city in 1892.

Goddamned circus so the brass can make political points, Falcon fumed mentally.  She should have been brought in the back entrance like normal suspects.  It’s far more secure than this.

Falcon’s team got Dragon Queen half way to the front door when there was a faint pop, and Dragon Queen fell to the ground with a bullet hole in the back of her head.

“Sniper!” Falcon yelled.  “Everybody down!”

The crowd panicked and began trampling one another in the scramble to find a hiding spot.  The police immediately took cover behind benches and lamp posts, looking for the shooter.

“Great Liberty!” Ms. Americana exclaimed.  “Flag Girl, get down!”

Witchfire looked all around and began to cast a spell when another pop was heard and she was struck in the chest and fell to the ground.

“Got them, 1.8 klicks to the Southeast!” Falcon shouted into his radio.  “Roof of the Wade Enterprises building.”  “Get all available units there, now!”

The DCPD helicopter and Omega Woman both flew towards the rooftop.  As they did, a voice came over the PA system outside the police station.

“Justice is served.” The heavily modulated voice said.  “The Revenant swears bloody vengeance on all the evil and corrupt of Delta City.”

A few seconds later, Champion Girl came over the radio.   “I was in the area and reached the top of the Wade Enterprises building.”  “Nobody visible here, just two shell casings and a piece of red ribbon.”  “Hold on, Omega Woman is arriving.”

“Omega Woman here, Champion Girl’s assessment is accurate.”

“Seal off that building and I want a perimeter 3 blocks on all sides, nobody gets in or out without thorough vetting, am I clear?”

Ms. Americana looked around, still in shock.  Dragon Queen lay nearby in a large puddle of her own blood.  A few yards to the other side, she saw Witchfire face first on the ground.

“Witchfire!” Ms. Americana yelled and ran to her.

Falcon ran over as well.  “Medic!” he yelled.

Ms. Americana turned Witchfire over and quickly examined her for wounds.  All she found was a softball sized bruise on her upper chest.  “Is she???” she asked in a panic.

Falcon furrowed his brow and scowled.  “No, she’ll be OK,” he said.  “It was a rubber bullet, designed to knock the wind out of her.”

“Thank the goddess,” Ms. Americana said.

Witchfire started to come around.  “Ow ow ow ow, shit what hit me?” she asked as she struggled to sit up.

“You were shot,” Falcon said flatly, eliciting a gasp from Witchfire, followed by her patting herself all over.  “Relax, it was a rubber bullet.”  “You’re bruised and are likely to be sore for a few days.”  “If you’re really unlucky, you might have a cracked rib or sternum from the impact.”

“Gotta.. Get up…” Witchfire said, trying to get to her feet.  “I might be able to use my healing magic to save Dragon Queen.”

“Forget it.” said Falcon.  “She was dead before she hit the ground.”  “Killed by a highly skilled sniper from the top of the Wade Enterprises building.”

“That’s a mile and a quarter away,” Ms Americana declared.  “That’s just not possible!”

“The best snipers have been hitting targets at that range since Vietnam,” Falcon replied matter-of-factly.  “The current record is held by a Canadian and is a little over 2 miles.”  “In Afghanistan about a year ago.”  It’s still a hell of a shot, given the elevation, wind, and position of the sun.”  “On top of that, they were able to fire again and hit you in no time at all, while changing ammo types.” He shook his head and swore under his breath.  “What we have here is a highly trained and discipled kill happy vigilante.”  “I suppose I’ll start by finding out what the hell a Revenant is.”  “Might give me a clue on motivation.”

“It’s a type of corporeal undead, come back to ‘life’ after a long time to seek vengeance for a terrible wrong,” said Witchfire.

“Great, the only thing worse than a whacked out psycho is one with a martyr complex,” Falcon grumbled.

“Lieutenant, this is sergeant Tackleberry,” came a voice over the radio.  “I can confirm two shell casings.”  “5.56mm but far longer casings than a standard round.”  “They look to be built for distance.”  “Also a red satin hair ribbon left behind.”  “Perhaps some sort of calling card.”

Falcon rubbed his chin.  “Hmmm…” he grumbled.  “Keep that area secure, and find out where the hell Brenda Wade is.”  “I want to know who the hell she’s giving access to her penthouse deck.”

“Roger that, sir,” Tackleberry said.

Witchfire staggered to her feet with a little help from Ms. Americana.  A moment later, Amazing Babe swooped down out of the sky and right into Witchfire’s arms.

“Are you OK,” Amazing Babe asked, panicked.  “I saw the news, and you going down and I was so scared…” she added, clinging tight to Witchfire.

“I’m fine,” Witchfire said gently.  “I just got the wind knocked out of me.”

“Oh thank God,” Amazing Babe said. She looked Witchfire deep in her eyes and then kissed her passionately.  The kiss bringing a round of applause from the crowd that had reassembled at the barricades.

Ms. Americana looked around and sighed.  “Lieutenant, I’d offer to help, but I have the feeling we’d just be in the way at the moment.”  “Perhaps we should just get out of the way.”

“That might be best,” Falcon said, glancing over at Dragon Queen.  “Borden is going to blow a gasket over this fiasco.”  “It’s his own damned fault for turning the arrest into a damned PR stunt though.”  “Either way, if I were you, I’d clear out of here and stay out of his cross hairs.”

Ms. Americana nodded and motioned for the others to leave.

“Before you go…” Falcon started.  “Watch your backs.”  “This is too coincidental after the water plant and the medical center.”  “This shooter had good enough intel to know Witchfire was the only long range threat in the immediate area, and enough training to get off those two shots and disappear that damned quick.”

The group all nodded and then left as quick as they could.

A half hour later, there was an emergency meeting at the She-Legion headquarters.  Everyone except Sara Kraft and Jungle Babe, who had already returned home, were present.  Sara Kraft was attending via video conference on her Leer Jet over the Atlantic however.

“And that’s what we know.” Ms. Americana said grimly.  “There’s a chance that we do have some sort of conspiracy going on, but it seems more likely that some of these events are just circumstantial and what we’re dealing with is a murderous vigilante with a revenge motive.”

“Maybe, but this still stinks to high hell to me.” Sara Kraft replied.

Night Raven, although not an active member but had agreed to attend, sat there with her arms crossed shaking her head.

“I’ll talk to Jungle Babe when I reach Africa,” Sara Kraft said.  “That won’t be for a few days though.”  “I have a layover in England to take care of business obligations and other rot.”

“Hold on, Commissioner Borden is on the TV,” said Flag Girl.  She grabbed the remote and turned up the volume.

“…exactly why I’ve been skeptical from the get go about the idea of costumed vigilantes running around our city!” he exclaimed.  “Not only do they violate public decency standards with their lack of clothing, they’re not legitimate officers of the law.”  “We’ve let them run amok for ages, skirting the edges of the law.”  “This is the inevitable result of it, a further escalation of that disrespect for the law where one of them thinks they can play judge, jury and executioner.”  “As much as I detest criminals, we are a society of laws; laws that include due process and the standard of innocent until proven guilty.”  “Under the circumstances, I have no choice but to re-evaluate the department’s policy…”

“Jackass,” said Flag Girl, turning the TV off.  “After all we’ve done for this city…”

Lady Midnight shook her head in stunned disbelief.  “What the hell is he thinking?” she asked.

“I have no idea,” said Green Specter.  “I think we’d better prepare for the possibility of having to go underground, just in case…”

“That seems a bit extreme…” Ms. Americana said, contemplating the situation.

“Better safe than sorry,” Witchfire said flatly, sitting there with her arms crossed.

“I agree it may be a bit extreme,” said Omega Woman.  “Our greater efforts should be focused on catching this… Revenant.”  “Still…making a few preliminary preparations just in case can’t hurt.”  “There are a few too many things that just don’t neatly fit into the crazed vigilante theory.”

“I’d have to agree with Omega Woman,” said Champion Girl.  “Chances are, this is just a lone nutcase giving us a bad name, but even if it is, the potential for backlash is real.”

“What about you, Power Lass?” Ms. Americana asked.

“I say focus finding this nutcase, and kicking their butt,” a clearly annoyed Power Lass said.  “Once they’re out of the way, people will see we don’t support that kind of thing.”  “We’ll have our good name back then.”

“I agree,” Got Gal said.  “We’ve had a couple scary incidents lately, but we can’t let that make us irrational or paranoid.”  “Let’s focus on the case at hand.”

“Looks like the deciding vote is yours, Lady Midnight,” Ms. Americana said.

Lady Midnight sat quietly for a few moments, considering the situation.  “I’ve tried to look at all sides of this and examine the case from both sides.”  “There’s just enough that doesn’t add up here.”  “Taking a few preliminary steps might just end up saving our butts.”

“OK, it’s settled then…” Ms. Americana said.  “We prepare for the worst, just in case.”

“No… Bloody… Way…” Sara Kraft gasped, her face turning pale with shock.

“Is something…” Ms. Americana started.

“Turn on the Tele, NOW!” Sara Kraft blurted out.  “Now!”

Flag Girl grabbed the remote and immediately switched the TV back on.  Everybody was in complete shock at that point.  On the TV, ranting away, vowing revenge against the city and the She-Legion was Dragon Queen!

Witchfire shook her head.  “Nothing surprises me anymore in this town,” she said with a sigh.  “Least of all on Halloween.”


Note that the Witchfire ‘Halloween Special Edition” would take place after this, making it a “part 7”

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