Witchfire, Pt 7 – Halloween RetCon

Time for a rewrite of this one.  Primarily I want to do so because I’ve learned more about Hexanna since writing the story.  I want to keep my fan fiction as close to the originals as possible.  I think it just gives the characters a better feel than going off into left field and completely changing them.  Hexanna will probably still be a bit different than Mister X’s version, but hopefully fairly similar.  Beyond that, I want to add a few scenes to deal with a few things left unfinished in chapter 6.  Hopefully nobody objects to more sex.

Disclaimers: As always, this is adult material.  Do not read if you’re under age, or can’t separate fantasy from reality…  Krystal / Witchfire is my character, and everyone else in this chapter is created and owned by Mister X.  Lastly, if you’re a true Wiccan, you know I play pretty loose with the craft in my stories.  No disrespect is intended.  Krystal’s origin is being changed slightly to remove some of the gross distortions of Wicca however.  Things like Krystal’s sexual vulnerability have always only intended to add some kink to the stories.

We now have a time frame for this chapter also, and it can be considered part 7 of the Witchfire saga.

Witchfire (Slightly Belated) Halloween Special RetCon

“Turn on the Tele, NOW!” Sara Kraft blurted out.  “Now!”

Flag Girl grabbed the remote and immediately switched the TV back on.  Everybody was in complete shock at that point.  On the TV, ranting away, vowing revenge against the city and the She-Legion was Dragon Queen!

Witchfire shook her head.  “Nothing surprises me anymore in this town,” she said with a sigh.  “Least of all on Halloween.”

“How can you be so calm?” Ms. Americana demanded, shocked.

“I suppose part of it is I’ve seen so many comic book villains come back from the dead in stories on my Earth,” Witchfire said casually.  “It’s almost a joke among us fans.”  “Escape death, body recreated by some cosmic entity, it’s a clone, it’s a twin, it’s a robot or a hologram, we’ve seen it all.”  “Granted, I’ve never seen one return this fast, that I can recall…”  “Her reappearing so quickly tells me we’ve got somebody very worried also.”

“How do you figure?” Lady Midnight asked.

“The assassin at the jail, and her reappearance happened too close together,” Witchfire said.  “Somebody is so desperate to keep us rattled and off balance that they’re at risk of overplaying their hand in my opinion.”

“That assumes there is a conspiracy,” Ms. Americana said.  “It could just be Dragon Queen’s massive ego not allowing anyone to think she’s gone.”

“Time will tell.” Lady Midnight interjected.  “Regardless of which scenario is true, we have a dead body wearing Dragon Queen’s face in the city morgue.”  “I think it’s time Assistant DA Angela Greer tried to get some answers.”  “I’d suggest everybody be on-guard until we get this straightened out.”  The others all nodded in agreement.

“I’d suggest we all get some rest as well,” Green Specter said.  “Tonight is Halloween, as Witchfire pointed out.”  “That means the devil’s night crowds will be out looking to loot and burn.”  “We’ll need everybody out on patrol tonight.”

Everybody agreed and headed off to rest, take care of secret identity responsibilities, or to investigate the current situation.  Witchfire was almost to the front door of the base when she was stopped by Amazing Babe.

“Can… we talk?” Amazing Babe asked.  Witchfire could hear the hurt in her voice and feel it in her energy.

“Of course, love,” Witchfire replied.  “I told you we’d talk after the immediate crisis was over.”

“Do you love me?” Amazing Babe asked.  Her voice was trembling and nervous.  It was clearly a question not an accusation.

“Of course I do,”Witchfire said, taking Amazing Babe’s hands, bringing them to her lips and softly kissing them.  “I was scared at first…”  “I guess I still am a little.”  “But the longer we have this connection, the more this feels… like it was meant to be.”

“I… don’t understand what’s going on.” Amazing Babe said, still nervous and uncertain.  “When you’re gone lately, I have a hard time sensing you.”  “I… swear I felt you having sex also.”

Witchfire let out a pained sigh.  Her face had a guilty expression that even her mask couldn’t hide.  “The… people I’m staying with have some strong magic around their place.”  “They’re afraid of being discovered by the villains and whoever is backing them.”  “I wish I could tell you more, but I promised them I’d respect their privacy.”  She looked deep into Amazing Babe’s eyes.  “I swear when I can tell you more, I will.”

“What about the sex?” Amazing Babe asked, her expression showing more hurt now.

“That…” Witchfire replied, is a bit more complicated.  “I kind of did, but I didn’t.”  “Can I.. show you what happened?”

Amazing Babe silently nodded as she shifted uneasily.  “OK…” she said softly.

Witchfire sighed, feeling horribly guilty over her kinky encounter with Dani and Berto.  She reached out towards Amazing Babe, stopping uneasily for a moment before continuing and touching her fingertips to Amazing Babe’s temples.

Amazing Babe gasped in surprise as her mind flooded with images.  Suddenly she found herself reliving Krystal’s entire encounter between Dani, Berto and Krystal.  She experienced every sight, sound and sensation exactly as Krystal had.  Where it had been hours for Krystal however, Amazing Babe relived it all in a matter of moments.  Amazing Babe pulled away, gasping and panting.

“Holy shit…” Amazing Babe gasped.  “THAT… was real?”

Witchfire nodded slowly.  “Now that you know what happened, can you forgive me?”

Amazing Babe paused for a several seconds, trying to organize her thoughts.  “I can forgive you,” she said.  “What you did still hurts though.”

“I’m so sorry,” Witchfire said.  “Tell me what I can do to start to heal your hurt.”

“Just listen for the moment.” Amazing Babe said.  “If we’re going to be together, you need to understand some things.”

Witchfire took Amazing Babe’s hands in her own and nodded quietly.

Amazing Babe’s expression turned serious.  “You already know aphrodites have insanely raging hormones and that the aphrodite gene is closely linked with the reproductive system, I won’t nag there.”  “I was a full B cup in 7th grade, so I’ve been dealing with it for years.”  “I understand you’re going to get caught off guard by pheromones, along with the other kinky dangers common in this city.”  “I can… reluctantly understand when things like that happen.”  “Likewise, I hope and expect you to understand when it happens to me.”  “I only expect two things from you.”

“Just tell me what you need,” Witchfire replied gently.  “I’ll do anything I can to make you happy.”

“First…” said Amazing Babe, “don’t go actively seeking out chances to have sex with others.”  “Getting blindsided is different than hunting for it.”

“Of course,” Witchfire said in a loving tone.  “What was the second thing?”

“Damned it, quit being so sweet,” Amazing Babe said in an annoyed but humorous tone.  “I’m trying to be mad at you.”  She smiled softly and continued.  “The second part is why I am… well not mad but frustrated.”  “You asked me to wait, and I reluctantly did.”  “Instead of taking me to bed though, you fooled around elsewhere.”  “I’m so attracted to you, it’s making me crazy.”  “I have all these aphrodite gene fueled desires and… I need you.”

“I… I’m sorry,” Witchfire stammered.  “I didn’t realize…”  “I just wanted our first time to be as magical as you are to me.”  “How can I make it up to you?”

Amazing Babe wrapped her arms around Witchfire and pulled her close.  She kissed her way up Witchfire’s neck and nibbled teasingly on her earlobe, then whispered.  “Fuck me,” she said in a sultry tone.  “I need to feel your body against mine, your hands and lips all over my naked body.” “I need to feel how much you crave me as I scream your name.”

“Freya yes,” Witchfire moaned as Amazing Babe’s hands roamed hungrily all over her body.  She kissed Amazing Babe deeply and held the kiss for what felt like an eternity.  “W… where?” she gasped as they broke the kiss.  “We can’t exactly have sex in the entry way,” she added with an embarrassed giggle.

“I’ve had sex in worse places,” Amazing Babe retorted with a playful giggle.

“So have I,” Witchfire admitted sheepishly.

“How about the training room?” Amazing Babe asked with a wicked grin.

“That’s still a little public,” Witchfire replied, nervous arousal showing in her voice.

“It will add to the kink,” Amazing Babe said, continuing to hold her lascivious grin.  “Besides, everybody is gone now.”  “The chance of getting discovered is small.”  “It’s also a perfect spot to settle who is going to be in charge in this relationship while we have our naughty fun.”

“Well, obviously me…” Witchfire said teasingly.  “I’m older and more mature, and a natural redhead.” She added, running her hand through her hair.

“Yeah, well I’m bigger and stronger, and I have the boobs,” Amazing Babe replied playfully, wiggling her chest as she did.

“Oh yeah?” Witchfire retorted.  She reached out and tweaked Amazing Babe’s already achingly hard nipple.  The result was a quite vocal moan from the busty blonde beauty.  As Witchfire’s hand slipped under the top of Amazing Babe’s costume, the moan turned into a series of pleading whimpers.  “Guess it’s time I teach you who these boobs really belong to,” she said, cupping and lightly squeezing Amazing Babe’s soft, ample breast under her top.  With a snap of the fingers in her other hand, Witchfire transported them both to the center of the training room.

Amazing Babe gasped at the momentary disorientation from the teleportation, then began moaning loudly as Witchfire’s caresses of her breasts sent erotic chills running down her spine.  “Oh God,” she said as her body shuddered.  “I… am going to be the fuck toy in this relationship, aren’t I?” she asked as her knees almost gave out.

Witchfire slid her hand out from underneath Amazing Babe’s half top and wrapped her arms around her.  “Your body belongs to me,” she said with a playful smile, “but you’re the woman I love and you will always be more than a fuck toy.”  She kissed Amazing Babe gently and then peeled off her mask before removing her own.  “That’s better.”

Jessica smiled lovingly as she removed her belt.  “Are we really going to be grown up and have an equal relationship?” she asked with a teasing giggle.

“Why not?” Krystal said.  “That’s the way a relationship should be.”  She waved her hand and all her clothes except for her panties fell off her body to the floor. “So, that means this…” she said, moving her hands down along her body, “belongs to you also.”

Jessica’s smile turned hungry as she started to pull off her star spangled half top.  “I’ve wanted this since I first felt you staring at my ass.”

Krystal slid her hands up Jessica’s toned stomach and helped her slide her top off.  She stared hungrily as Jessica’s massive breasts spilled free.  “So have I,” she replied.  Krystal leaned in and began covering Jessica’s breasts in ravenous kisses.

“Oh God Yes!” Jessica cried out.  She pulled Krystal’s head against her chest, and tossed her head back, gasping.  “I can feel how much you want me.”  “It’s got me so wet.”

Krystal slipped a hand down the front of Jessica’s bikini costume bottom.  She cooed as her fingertips glided over and through Jessica’s pubic hair, but kept moving further downward.  She began softly caressing Jessica’s wet folds, quickly slipped inside them and located her swollen clit.  Jessica’s head fell back, she clutched Krystal tightly and let out a loud moan.

“Mmmm, you are wet… naughty girl,” Krystal said in a sultry tone.  She leaned in and kissed the side of Jessica’s neck.  “Does that mean we can skip the foreplay?”

“Oh… God… Yes.” Jessica replied in breathy gasps.  “Take me, please.”

Krystal laid Jessica back on the mat and hungrily pulled off her boots and then her costume bottom.  She stared at the 18 year old blonde beauty, admiring her nude body.  “By the goddess, you are so beautiful,” Krystal exclaimed in an almost awestruck tone.  She took Jessica’s leg and draped it over her shoulder, kissing her way up the inside of her leg.  Jessica squirmed and moaned, cupping her breasts as Krystal worked closer to her womanhood.

Jessica’s moans of pleasure had almost become full fledged cries of passion when Flag Girl walked into the room.

Oh shit, Flag Girl thought as she caught view of the lovers.  Flag Girl thought for a fraction of a second about slipping back out the door, but instead ducked behind one of the weight machines and watched the erotic display, completely entranced.  I can’t help myself, she thought.  I have to see what everybody sees in her.  I’ve been trying to get Amazing Babe in bed for months…

Krystal kissed all around Jessica’s soaking wet folds, provoking loud moans from the lusty blonde.  When Krystal ran her tongue stiffly along Jessica’s slit, she arched her back and cried out.  Her hands shot to her sides and slapped the mat, looking to clutch sheets that didn’t exist.

“Oh God YES!” Jessica screamed.  “More!”

Flag Girl’s nipples visibly stiffened as she watched in awe.  Her hand unconsciously drifted down between her legs, and she began playing with herself without even fully realizing it.  She watched, shocked as Krystal’s tongue dived into Jessica’s folds and began circling and licking Jessica’s clit.

Krystal felt the tell-tale signs of falling under the influence of Jessica’s pheromones, her body began to get warm, she felt her breasts swelling and her pussy quiver briefly.  It was becoming harder to think about anything other than the blonde goddess she ravishing.  She intensified her oral efforts, and slipped two fingers into her lover.  She moved them slowly at first, causing Jessica to cry out even louder and toss her head back and forth.

“YES!” Jessica screamed nearly at the top of her lungs.  “Yes, fuck me!”  “Just like tha…”  Jessica’s sentence turned into a scream of pleasure as her juices squirted all over Krystal’s fingers.  Her back arched off the ground again and trembled for several seconds.  Not wanting to overwhelm her new lover and unsure of her limits, Krystal stopped but left her fingers inside Jessica’s spasming pussy as she rode out the orgasm.

After several seconds, Jessica collapsed onto the mat, gasping and panting.  She gave Krystal a wild eyed look.  “I…  I’ve never cum that… fast before,” she gasped.  “Or that hard.”  “You… are fucking amazing…”  “I love you so much.”

Krystal gave Jessica a smile that was both mischievous and loving at the same time, then returned with increased vigor to ravishing her.

“Oh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!” Jessica cried out as her body responded to the waves of erotic energy crashing through it.  Over the next half hour, she panted, gasped and screamed as multiple orgasms rocked her defenseless body.  She couldn’t believe the way her body was responding.  Krystal seemed to know exactly the right way to touch her to make her body sing.  The love she felt through their connection was so different than the lesbian rapes she’d experienced in the past as well.  This was everything she dreamed sex should be.  They had to be soulmates she told herself.  Nothing else could explain the intensity of what she was experiencing.

Flag Girl watched the show in amazement.  Her desires had fully gotten the better of her, and she had pulled up one side of her top to fondle her breast and tweak her nipple, while her other hand was underneath her skirt and panties, masturbating furiously.  She’d already had a couple of light orgasms, but had managed to stifle any cries of pleasure.

Jessica thought she was finally going to get some relief when Krystal stopped.  Krystal pulled her up into a seated position, kissed her deeply and then put her fingers up to Jessica’s mouth.  Jessica hungrily sucked them clean.  Afterwards, Krystal put Jessica in a head down, ass up position, then positioned herself just to the side of Jessica’s hips.  She slipped two fingers into Jessica from behind and began pumping them in and out of her.

Jessica’s eyes rolled partially back in her head and she cried out all over again.  Krystal’s free hand alternated between firmly massaging Jessica’s tits, fingering her clit, and slapping her on the ass.  In no time at all, Jessica was having explosive, squirting orgasms again.  It was all she could do to keep her focus.  Everything she experienced in the previous position was there again.  The vulnerability she felt in this position stirred something primal deep within Jessica though and everything felt so much more intense.

“YES!” Jessica screamed.  “Fuck me, claim me, make me your dirty little whore!” she howled.  Part of her was shocked at the words coming out of her mouth, but she couldn’t stop herself.  It was what she craved.

Shocked by the display, Flag Girl was pushed over the top by Jessica’s wanton display and words.  She cried out in pleasure also.  Flag Girl gasped as she realized she’d given herself away and quickly ran out the door.

The two lovers gasped and sat up, covering themselves with their hands.  They watched in disbelief as Flag Girl ran away, then stared at each other for a few moments.  Finally, Krystal started snickering, and Jessica found the laughter contagious.  Both were laughing hysterically within a few moments.

“I guess she liked the show,” Krystal managed as her laughter subsided into an embarrassed chuckle and her cheeks turned flush.

“I… guess so,” Jessica managed trying to catch her breath.  “Hope she learned a lesson about being a peeping Tom… err Lydia also.”  She looked at Krystal and smiled weakly.  “That was amazing…” she said softly.  “Best… sex… ever…” she said.  “I can’t believe the things you had me saying,” she added, turning bright red with embarrassment all the way down to the tops of her breasts.

“It was hot,” Krystal said, grinning.  “Whoever knew my sweet angel was such a dirty girl?”  Jessica blushed even deeper at that remark.  Krystal side hugged her.  “Don’t worry, I’d never take advantage of you.”  “Anything like that is just expressed passion in my book.”

Jessica rested her head on Krystal’s shoulder and a yawn escaped her.  “That’s why I adore you,” she said.  “I… want to return the favor too, but you wore me out,” she added with another yawn and a sad look.

“Next time, love,” Krystal replied.  “I promise that will be soon also.”  “For now, you should get some sleep.”  “Maybe I should check in on Azure Angel also and see if I can help her recovery along.”

“The others have been working with her,” Jessica managed weakly as she fought fatigue.  “She’s… better, but we can’t seem to get her self-confidence and fighting spirit back.”  At that point, Jessica fell softly asleep against Krystal’s shoulder.

Krystal used magic to redress Jessica back into her costume, then teleported her to one of the two beds in the medical bay.  After magically redressing herself, she visited Azure Angel and spent the afternoon talking and working with her.

Afterwards, Krystal retrieved a deck of tarot cards she’d managed to buy in between all her other running around.  She found a small table in the corner of the lounge room of the She-Legion headquarters and decided to get some answers regarding her future.  Initially, she’d hoped her stay in Delta City was going to be a brief one.  That now looked to be far from the case however.  The fact that Amazing Babe had come out of nowhere to steal her heart made things all the more confusing for her.

Krystal meditated on her question and then laid out the cards in a traditional Celtic Cross pattern.  Her face wore a stern but reflective expression as she focused on the tarot cards sitting on the table in front of her.  Sadly, several minutes later, she had to admit that the cards gave her little indication of her future.  The only revelations, if they could be called that, were that she’d get to where she wanted, where ever that was, eventually.  There would be a great deal of turmoil along the way.  That, she had to admit, was almost a given in a place like Delta City.

What am I not seeing, she asked herself.  There must be more, something in the cards’ positions and relationship I’m overlooking…

Krystal’s gaze fell on the 6th and 7th position cards and her brow furrowed.  The uneasy feeling in her stomach told her something was wrong there.   The sixth card was supposed to be the next important event in her path.  It was The Tower.  The card was generally dreaded by tarot readers as it symbolizes ruin.  Granted, on a more positive level, it could also symbolize rebuilding after ruin.  The question that haunted Krystal was which meaning held true for her?  Did she walk through the fire already, or was the worst yet to come?

The seventh, which represented how she saw herself, was The Empress card, which should herald a positive encounter with the divine or unexpected blessings.  Trying to rectify how that fit into her current self-image, which was fairly low after recent events, was difficult to say the least.

Krystal looked up as Hexanna strolled by, and quickly hopped out of the chair.

“Hey, Hexanna,” Krystal said, “can we… talk, please?”  Her voice had taken a more timid tone towards the end of the request.

“I suppose so,” Hexanna replied in a tone that made it clear she wasn’t looking forward to the conversation.

Krystal let out a guilty sigh.  “Look…  I… just wanted to say I’m sorry about what I said when I first arrived here.”  “It was uncalled for, and I acted like a total bitch.”  She paused uneasily for a few moments.  “The only thing I can say at all in my defense is I was scared and in shock.”  “It doesn’t make it right though, and I’m sorry.”

Hexanna nodded thoughtfully.  “I appreciate that.”  “It’s… difficult to stay mad at you after you saved the entire team also.”

“Helped save,” Krystal gently corrected.  “No way I could have done that solo.”  “Either way, I sense there’s still some tension between us and I want to make it right.” “Hell, in the few rare times I imagined myself here, I figured you would be the one heroine that I’d click with.”  “You know, us having some commonality and all.”

Hexanna smiled wryly and adjusted the black cross-wrap styled bikini top to better support her huge breasts.  “Not as much as you think,” she said calmly.

Krystal gave her a puzzled look.

“Sit, let’s talk,” Hexanna said.  “I suppose if we’re going to be teammates, at least for the foreseeable future, we ought to understand each other a bit better.”

“Agreed,” Krystal nodded, as both women took a seat.

“OK, so why don’t we start with what you do know about me?” Hexanna asked.  “Given what you said, I assume little was revealed about me in your reality.”

Krystal nodded.   “More or less true,” Krystal replied.  “The account of your escapade against King Sutt probably had the most information, and even then, that was next to nothing.”  “I know you have a curio shop in the old town district near downtown, and that it’s your sanctum.”  “You’re at least 2000 years old and had a run-in with Sutt in ancient Egypt also.”  “Nothing about your powers, where you got your staff, or even what your real name is.”

“I left my given name behind long, long ago,” Hexanna said.  “This is the only name I’ve gone by for centuries.”  “As for the Skull Staff…” she said, “that’s perhaps a tale for another day.”  “For now, like all mages, I’m choosing to keep some secrets.”

“Fair enough,” Krystal said earnestly.  “Can you at least clear up the whole thing with you can and can’t cast without the staff?”

“I can do that much,” Hexanna said.  “If we’re going to fight side by side, we need to understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses.”   Krystal nodded in response, waiting for Hexanna to continue.  “Without going into complicated stories, my body doesn’t regenerate mana like normal living things.”  “I can store vast amounts from absorbing it from the world around me, but I need the staff to do that.”  “Without the staff in my hand, I’ll deplete my mana reserves eventually.”

Author’s Note: at my proof reader’s request: Mana is raw magical energy and the essence of life.  Shaping Mana to produce effects and results is practicing magic.

“How quickly depending upon the strength and type of spells you cast, I assume,” Krystal replied.

“Very good,” Hexanna said with just a hint of a smile.  “You’re as intuitive as I sensed.”

“What were you doing in ancient Egypt?” Krystal asked.

Hexanna flashed a wistful smile, recalling a long past age.  “At the time, I was a rising priestess in the temple of Seshat the builder.”  “I was obsessed with the mysteries, learning and growing.”  “Overly ambitious, depending upon who you asked back then.”

Krystal listened with an expression of wonder.  “Wow, all the things you must have seen and learned during that time and since…”

“Living this long can be a blessing and a curse,” Hexanna said.  “If I seem aloof or stand-offish at times, that’s why.”

Krystal nodded quietly again.  “Enough said,” she replied quietly.  “Have aphrodites really been around as long as Sutt indicated during that bit of drama?”

“They have indeed.” Hexanna said.

Krystal bit her lower lip, thinking.  “It’s starting to look like my theory about aphrodites being a genetic modification created by the gods millenia ago so they’d have sexual playmates is correct.”  “It also fits reasonably well within ancient astronaut theory by Zacharia Sitchen and others.”

“Impressive, but also what I’d expect given your heritage,” Hexanna said.

Krystal gave her a puzzled look.  “I’m just a Scots-Irish girl from Virginia,” she said.  “Neither one of my parents are into the Craft at all.”

“You really don’t know?” Hexanna asked with an amused chuckle.

“Know what?” Krystal asked, now a bit frustrated.

“You have Fae blood in your veins, youngling.” Hexanna said.  She held up a hand as Krystal started to blurt out a shocked objection.  “Not a great deal, but I can sense it in you.”  “Why do you think magic comes so easily to you?”  “Nobody is naturally talented at it.”  “They either have past life experience that helps them along, or supernatural blood of some type.”  “You intuitively grasp magical concepts and technology hates you.”

“Well, I don’t know about hates, but we don’t have the best relationship…” Krystal replied with a laugh.

“Given that everyone seems drawn to you, or at least likes you, combined with what my magic is sensing, I’d say there’s a Leanan sídhe in your background.” Hexanna said.  “It would explain why Summer reacted excessively even for being under the influence of Nirvana oil.”  “Some of your vulnerabilities like your magic failing from forced climaxes and being compelled to keep your word are other indications.”  “A broken witch’s oath only invokes the law of 3 or 10 depending upon the nature of the betrayal.”

Author’s Note: Briefly, the laws of 3 and 10 are Wiccan beliefs that karma comes back 3 or 10 times stronger on a witch for magical misdeeds.

Krystal sat there dumbfounded, trying to absorb the information.

“Better you know the truth now than find out the hard way,” Hexanna said matter-of-factly.  “You’ve already noted pheromones have a stronger than average effect on you.”  “Poisons, especially organic ones can be exceptionally dangerous for fae folk.”  “Likewise, iron is going to be a bane to your magic.”  “I suspect you’ve already encountered that issue before however.”

Krystal nodded.  “I just… dismissed it to other causes the couple of times it happened.”

“I doubt you’ll sprout wings or have any real interaction with the Faerie realms,” Hexanna said.  “You’re too far removed from pure Fae blood.”  “You should be excellent with healing, nature, shapeshifting, illusion and portal magics though.”

Lady Midnight entered the room at that point, ending any further conversation.  “Hey, I need you two to go check out Nightmare Manor,” the buxom ebony crimefighter said.  “There’s some major weirdness going on there.”  “Nightmare Witch is still in prison too, so we know it’s not her.”

Hexanna sighed.  “I suppose there’s not much else to do, and what could really be all that serious there with that bitch in prison?”  “It should be an easy in and out,” she said.

“I’m stuck here on monitor duty and everybody else is busy with their own patrols or attending social gatherings, like Assistant DA Angela Greer should be,” Lady Midnight grumbled.

Krystal stared off in the direction of Nightmare Manor, a distant look on her face.  “Whatever is going on there…” she said softly, “…it’s bad.”  She snapped out of the near trance she was in and looked at the other two women.  “There’s a dark presence there… scary level dark.”

Lady Midnight nodded.  “Whatever it is, you two are the most qualified to deal with it.”  “Head out… and be careful.”

“Well, with Nightmare Witch gone, there’s doubtless nothing there but an imp making mischief or some gang of posers looking to get into things they shouldn’t.” Hexanna said.  “It should be a cakewalk.”

Krystal grabbed her staff from where it was leaning against the nearby wall and tapped it in the ground.  A ring of golden light rose from the floor, floating up Krystal’s body and transforming her street clothes into her Witchfire costume and mask.

“Ready to rush into the jaws of doom?” Hexanna asked amusedly.

“Not quite…” Witchfire replied as she weaved protective spells around herself.  “You should put some protective spells on yourself as well.”

“I would if there was any need,” Hexanna said in a slightly arrogant tone.

Witchfire glared at Hexanna, unnerving the older woman with the intensity of her gaze.  “Humor me,” she demanded sternly.

“When you have my experience in the mystic arts, then you can presume to lecture me on how and when to cast spells,” Hexanna said haughtily.  The indignant glare she gave Krystal said there was no point in arguing the issue.

“Fine,” Witchfire said flatly. “if we get our asses handed to us though, you can bet I’ll have something to say at that point.”  With a wave of her staff, Krystal teleported them both to the front steps of Nightmare Manor.

The old Victorian style manor house dated back to before the founding of Delta City.  It’s dilapidated appearance and the unnatural things that always seemed to happen around the house kept most of the city’s residents far away from it.  The city had tried to tear it down on a few occasions, but it always managed to be restored to its previous decrepit but otherwise intact state overnight.

Witchfire and Hexanna approached the door cautiously, an uneasy feeling in the pit of their stomachs.  Witchfire was about to cast a detection spell on the door when it swung open on its own.

“Enter freely and of your own will,” a deep yet ethereal voice said.

Hexanna gasped sharply, and looked all around.  “Where did that voice come from?”

“I’m… not sure.” Witchfire replied uneasily.  “Watch your step inside.”  “No telling what we’ll find.”

They crept slowly inside, circling as they went.  Both women jumped with a start as the door slammed shut behind them.

“It… was just the wind,” Hexanna said, trying to catch her breath.  The wind was indeed howling eerily outside, brushing the branches of the old dead looking trees around the house against its decaying wooden walls.

“This is asinine,” Hexanna said with a disgusted tone.  She drew herself up to her full 5 foot 11 inch height and straightened her silky jet black tresses.  “Nightmare Witch is in prison.”   “Whatever is going on here is far beneath my abilities as a master sorceress.”  “I refuse to be spooked by the wind blowing through trees.”

Witchfire started to say something, but the statuesque brunette cut her off.  “I’m not spending all night in this dump chasing shadows either.”  “I have important research to get back to that can only be done on All Hallows Eve.”  “You go that way, and search the downstairs.”  “I’ll go this way and search upstairs.”  “We can get this done, and go home.”

Witchfire let out an exasperated sigh, realizing there was no point in trying to argue with the woman.  “Fine,” she growled.  She turned and headed down the hallway.

Hexanna quickly explored the parlor of the old house and then proceeded up the stairway to the second floor.  Each step creaked unnaturally no matter how lightly she tried to walk or where she placed her foot on the step.  Hexanna held up her staff and concentrated on making it produce light.  It only took a moment before the skull on top of the staff began to glow a soft orange-yellow light.  It was just enough to illuminate Hexanna’s immediate area.  Even that amount of light gave her some comfort and visibility though.

Hexanna opened a door and walked into what appeared to be a study or library.  A dusty, moth eaten rug covered most of the wooden floor, and the walls were lined with bookshelves overflowing with old dusty tomes.   She walked a third of the way through the room when the door slammed shut behind her.  Before she even had time to turn around however, several twisting pillars of grey mist formed at various spots around the room.  They quickly formed into the shapes of stereotypical sheet wearing ghosts and began flying about the room.  Hexanna could see right through each and every one of them however.

“Away spirits!” Hexanna commanded.  “The material world belongs to the living.”  “You have no place here.”

“You will be punished for trespassing and disturbing our rest,” the spirits all wailed in unison.  One of them flew straight at Hexanna but collided with her in a spark of light.  It retreated to the shadows wailing angrily.

“I can cast my shield spells much more quickly than the welp downstairs gave me credit for,” Hexanna boasted.  “You spirits have no power over me while I wield the Skull Staff.”

“Your arrogance will be your doom,” the spirits replied in unison.

Hexanna swatted at an approaching ghost and her arm passed right through it.  There was an icy stabbing sensation all through her hand and forearm as she did, and an uneasy, sickly feeling in the pit of her stomach.

“What the hell?!?” Hexanna blurted out as panic set in.  She raised her staff and shot a bolt of energy at one ghost, who barely dodged it.  Another ghost flew right through her abdomen, doubling her over with the same icy cold, sickly sensation.  She gritted her teeth in rage and stood up, raising her staff.

“I think that’s quite enough of that dreadful thing,” said a deep and seductive masculine voice from the shadows.

Suddenly Hexanna’s staff was torn from her grasp by some unseen force.  Hexanna gasped, and tried to lunge for her staff, but her body wouldn’t move.  A moment later she felt her body lifted into the air and she was suspended just inches off the ground and completely unable to move.  A dark figure stepped seemingly right out of the shadowy nothingness in the corner of the room.  As he approached, Hexanna could make out more details.  He was a tall man, about 6 foot 4 inches she guessed.  His build was wiry but still quite muscular.  His features, as well as his earlier words, seemed Eastern European, but Hexanna couldn’t be sure.  His short cut dark hair was parted on the left side, and he wore black pants, a white shirt that looked like something out of a pirate movie or a gothic romance novel, and an ornately decorated red sash.  Even in the darkness, Hexanna found herself captivated by his dark brown eyes.

“Clothing on food…” the dark mysterious stranger said as he sauntered closer.  “Such a waste.”  With a wave of his hand, Hexanna’s top flew from her body.  Her massive 36DDD breasts plopped lightly against her chest as they were freed.  Her large dark areola and nipples stood out in stark contrast to the pale skin of her soft mounds.

Hexanna screamed, completely overcome with terror as the stranger came closer.  There was something completely unnatural and vastly powerful about him that struck fear into her down to the depths of her soul.

“Wh… what do you want?” Hexanna demanded weakly.  Her voice cracked as she tried to challenge the ominous presence coming towards her.

With a wave of his hand, the loin cloth was torn from Hexanna’s body.  “You, of course,” the dark stranger said as he stepped face to face with Hexanna and stared at her.

Downstairs, as Hexanna stomped off into the den, Witchfire crept into the next room.  She saw nothing, but couldn’t escape the uneasy feeling that she was being watched.  Watched by something soullessly evil and utterly devoid of humanity.

“Shirak!” Witchfire commanded as she held her staff up.  Immediately the area was flooded with a soft white light radiating from the top of her staff.  She felt the evil retreat…  Not fully, only just enough to withstand the light.  It was still there, watching… waiting.  She spent several minutes scouring the room for any clues.  Finding none, she decided reluctantly to move downstairs where Nightmare Witch’s laboratory and ritual chamber were.

“I don’t know if I’m better off doing this alone or getting Hexanna’s arrogant ass down here also.” Witchfire muttered to herself.

She started to open the door when she heard movement within.  Her intuition began screaming at her, and every hair on the back of her neck stood up.

If I was an idiot in a horror movie or Scooby Doo cartoon, I’d walk blindly in, Krystal thought.  Momma didn’t raise no stupid witches though.

Krystal slammed the door shut and quickly cast a sealing spell on it.  No sooner had she done so than there was thrashing against the door from the other side along with screeching noises and inhuman hissing sounds.

Whatever is on the other side of that door can stay there, Krystal thought as she tried to calm her racing heart.  If the stories are true, the evils around this place disappear at sunrise anyway.  Thank Freya that’s not too far off.

Krystal took a piece of chalk and drew several runes around the edge of the door, reinforcing her sealing spell.  After that, she took some powder from a pouch on her belt and sprinkled it in a line across one of the stairs, then cast a spell causing the strange powder to glow a bright gold color briefly.

“Goddess, please let that hold them,” Witchfire muttered quietly.  She headed back up the stairs into the grand entry hall when she felt an inhuman presence.  Guided by pure intuition, she raised her staff and fired a bolt of magical energy.  It struck a large grey skinned bat-like humanoid squarely in the chest.  The creature was knocked out of mid-air while attempting to swoop down on Witchcraft, and it crashed to the floor with a loud thud.

“Vampire!!” Witchfire shrieked.  “Holy shit!”  Acting on pure instinct and training, Witchfire raised her staff and chanted a spell.  A glowing magical protection circle eight feet wide suddenly formed on the ground beneath her.  The center was a hexagram and it was surrounded by a circular band of glowing magical runes and symbols that rotated slowly around it.

Several more vampires threw themselves at Witchfire, only to be painfully repelled by the protection circle.  Witchfire made the staff glow even brighter and then thrust it into the floor in the dead center of the circle.  The light illuminated most of the room and made the vampires hesitant.  Witchfire began casting spells and flinging magical energy at the undead abominations.

She fought for what seemed like an eternity, but had really only been about a half hour going by the faint hints of pre-dawn light peeking through the plantation shutters on the windows.  She had slain several of the beasts, but they just seemed to keep coming no matter how many she struck down.  Fighting that long had begun to take a toll on Witchfire though.  Exhaustion was setting in and she wasn’t sure how long she could keep up the fight.

With a shriek of terror, a naked Hexanna raced down the half circle shaped stair case, barely dodged a lunging vampire, and raced inside the circle.   “HELP ME!!” she screamed.

“What happened?” Witchfire demanded as she shook Hexanna to try to return her to her senses.

“At… attacked,” Hexanna stuttered, her voice and body trembling.  “Got… away when… he sensed you though.”

“Let me see your neck, now,” Witchfire demanded sternly.

A confused and terrified Hexanna reluctantly complied.  Seeing no bite marks on the other woman, Witchfire relaxed ever so slightly.

“Doesn’t look like you’ve been turned…” Witchfire grumbled.  “Now who attacked you, and where’s your staff?”

“Up… upstairs,” Hexanna said, still terrified.  As if on cue, a slow clapping began from the top of the stairs.

“Most impressive, especially for one so young,” a dark voice said from the top of the stairway.  “Very few mages have the ability to outright create a protection circle without drawing it out by hand.”  “No wonder the scent of magic coursing through your blood is so… alluring.”

Witchfire’s eyes went wide as she recognized the dark figure walking slowly down the stairway.  “Count Ivanova!” she gasped.

“You’ve heard of me, how flattering,” Count Ivanova remarked cavalierly.

Witchfire turned to Hexanna.  “We have to find a way out of here, now!” she said, a touch of panic entering her normally calm voice.  “He’s the only one other than the Aberration that I’ve seen manhandle Ms. Americana and not give a damned if she was wearing her power belt.”

“Ahhh yes, she was quite the meal, and… how do you uncultured people say nowadays?” Ivanova said almost dismissively.  “Oh yes, fuck toy…  earlier this evening.”  “That cow behind you might have been also, if I hadn’t sensed your wonderful energy.”  “And yes, all humans are nothing but cattle for my kind.”  “You however…” he said, stepping up to the edge of the protection circle, “The power running through your veins marks you as something special.”  “Lower this ridiculous spell, surrender yourself to me and I will make you my queen.”  “Men will fear you and you will have power unimagined along with eternal life.”

“Unlife you mean,” Witchfire snarled.  “How about you go to hell instead?”  Witchfire unleashed a blast of magical energy at Ivanova which he dismissively backhanded away.

“You are no match for me here, in this place.” Ivanova mused.  “Doubly so in your current fatigued condition while trying to maintain this feeble spell.”

“If it’s so feeble, cross it and come get me,” Witchfire snarled defiantly.

Ivanova nodded silently and Hexanna struck Witchfire with a blast of magical energy to the back.  The move momentarily stunned the slender redhead, and Hexanna pinned Witchfire’s arms behind her back.  Then she ran her foot over the lines of the circle, breaking it.  Making matters worse, she then kicked Witchfire’s staff out of the circle and across the room.

“If you were a master magician…” Ivanova remarked as he stepped into the now broken circle, “your circle would have been composed of pure energy.”  “Talented as you are, you can only gather dust and similar materials into the form you desire and then energize your circle.”  “Thus… it is as easily broken as any neophyte’s.”  Ivanova reached out to grasp the tie cords at the front of Witchfire’s corset and recoiled in pain as magical energy lashed out at him.  “Arrgghh!!” he howled.  “Damn you, you bitch.”

“I’m not stupid enough to come to a place like this without casting protective spells first.” Witchfire snarled, trying to regain her senses fully.  “You may have gotten past the circle, but I’m still protected against undead and any other sort of unholy abomination.”

“A shame that’s all you had the foresight to protect yourself against,” Ivanova growled.  “Also a shame that I can sense your weakness, little witchling.”  “So, while I may not be able to break your magic, my pet here can do so.”

“Wha?” Witchfire started.  Her thought was cut off by Hexanna switching to a rather erotic bearhug with one hand slipping into Witchfire’s corset and caressing her soft 34C breasts while the other slipped through the slit of Witchfire’s skirt and began gently caressing her womanhood.   “Hexanna…” Witchfire moaned, “st… stop.”

Hexanna responded by forcing Witchfire down and backwards.  Hexanna ended up on her back. With the smaller Witchfire laying on her back on top of Hexanna.   She wiggled Witchfire’s right breast free of the corset and began caressing and kneading it.  Witchfire let out a moan of wanton pleasure at Hexanna’s surprisingly skilled touch.

Ever since the run-in with Dragon Queen’s monster plant, Witchfire’s breasts had been her Achilles heel.  They were responsive before, but now they were almost aphrodite level sensitive.  Any form of gentle manipulation of her girls drove her crazy, and started them producing milk as well.  She could already feel the telltale heaviness growing in her breasts as well.

Hexanna hooked her legs over and around Witchfire’s and forced them further apart.  When she did so, Witchfire saw the fatal error she’d made earlier; fang marks on Hexanna’s left inner thigh.  The vampire lord had chosen a more discreet and intimate way of enslaving the overconfident spellcaster.

With her legs now forced apart by the more powerful aphrodite woman, Witchfire was completely vulnerable to her manipulations.  Hexanna slipped her hand underneath Witchfire’s panty and began softly circling her defenseless slit.  Witchfire struggled to escape, but Hexanna was just too strong.  Even as a base level aphrodite, she was as strong as 3 to 5 well-conditioned men.  Witchfire moaned loudly as Hexanna’s long, slender fingertips slid between her already wet folds.  Hexanna found Witchfire’s clit and began softly and masterfully circling it with her fingertips.  In a matter of minutes, Witchfire was squirming frantically, gasping for breath and crying out loudly.

“Between her pheromones and your rather unique but delicious vulnerability, it won’t be long now.” Ivanova remarked with a smirk.  “I’d ask you to admit defeat and swear yourself to me, body and soul, but…  I admit I am enjoying the show.”

“When you live as long as I have,” Hexanna growled softly into Witchfire’s ear, “You become extremely skilled in many arts beyond magic.”  Hexanna redoubled her efforts at ravishing the defenseless redhead.  “The erotic arts, for example.”

It took every ounce of willpower Witchfire had, but she managed to hold out five more minutes.  Under Hexanna’s relentless assault though, Witchfire’s body inevitably betrayed her.  She shrieked at the top of her lungs and arched her back as her body twitched and convulsed.  For the first time in her young life, the defenseless heroine experienced a squirting orgasm.  Her juices spraying past her pulled aside panties and all down her thighs, clear to her knees and all over the floor between her thighs.

Witchfire felt the first layer of her protective magics fail with her intense orgasm.  She looked up at Ivanova, terrified.  He merely smiled and with an intricate wave of his fingers, her corset began unlacing itself and then fell open to either side of her.  Witchfire’s heavy, now swollen breasts sloshed to the sides also, milk dribbling out of her achingly hard nipples and running down the alabaster, freckled surface of her breasts and down her abdomen.

With another wave of Ianova’s hand, Witchfire’s skirt removed itself from her body and flew across the room.  Then with another wave, her mask was gone, leaving Krystal completely exposed to the monster.  Then he looked at Hexanna and nodded.

“Continue, my pet,” He said casually.  “She has more defenses to strip away.”  “I know how you’ve been wanting this as well.”

Hexanna wiggled out from underneath the exhausted Krystal, and then laid on top of her.  She kissed Krystal’s neck several times and ran her tongue along it, open mouthed, almost as if intending to feed on Krystal herself.  The only thing that kept Krystal from completely panicking at that thought was that she knew it took two bites from a vampire to completely turn a person.  With only one, they were reduced to an almost helpless thrall of the vampire.

Hexanna kissed her way down to Krystal’s exposed breasts, sending erotic jolts between the helpless heroine’s breasts and clit with every kiss on her soft globes.  Krystal began moaning again despite her best efforts to resist.  She completely lost it and cried out in ecstasy as Hexanna took her nipple into her mouth, began flicking it with her tongue, and then suckling it.  Krystal’s moans immediately turned into howls of erotic pleasure as she was milked by the older woman.  Within moments, Krystal had three orgasms that left her weakened and shaken.  While moderate in intensity, they were stronger than anything she experienced before arriving in Delta City.  Each one left her feeling weaker and her magical defenses stripped a little further away as well.

Hexanna shifted her position, putting herself in a seated position between Krystal’s legs long enough to pull off the redhead’s panties and expose the light strip of bright red hair on her mons.  Then Hexanna moves to almost sitting on one of Krystal’s legs while holding the other leg in the V of her bent arm.  The position put her pussy right against Krystal’s now exposed and soaking wet womanhood.  Hexanna leaned forward, pinning Krystal beneath her.  She began kissing and suckling Krystal’s breasts as she grinded her pussy against Krystal’s.

The combination was like being struck by erotic lightning for the trapped strawberry blond enchantress.  With her body already primed by multiple orgasms, it took only moments for the masterfully skilled raven-haired vixen to bring Krystal to several more orgasms.  Krystal thrashed and screamed in ecstasy, but was being completely dominated by the older heroine.  She screamed and begged for Hexanna to stop in between her screaming from the intense orgasms ravaging her body.  Hexanna only seemed to become more aroused and determined the more Krystal pleaded however.

Finally, Krystal collapsed, exhausted and only half conscious, onto the floor.  She panted and gasped for breath as she tried to remain conscious.  She watched, too weak to move as Ivanova waved Hexanna off of her and then undressed.  Ivanova’s cock was huge; as thick around as a small plum and at least 10 inches long.  Ivanova gave Hexanna a nod.  The leggy brunette responded immediately and forced Krystal to her feet, and again trapped Krystal’s hands behind her back.

Ivanova walked over and pressed his naked body against Krystal’s, sandwiching the redhead between master and thrall.  “Now, you will obey me, and I will claim the rest of your magic,” he declared.  He locked eyes with Krystal and the two engaged in a fierce battle of wills as Ivanova attempted to use his ability to charm mortals on her.  “Bah, you are too stubborn for your own good, child,” Ivanova growled as he broke eye contact.”  “No matter, there are other, more effective ways to ensure your cooperation.”

He nuzzled Krystal’s cheek, inhaling the scent of her hair and body.  Krystal squirmed frantically knowing what was coming next.  With a growl, Ivanova sunk his fangs deep into Krystal’s neck.  Her head fell back and she opened her mouth to scream, but no sound came out.  The brief sting of the bite quickly became a crashing symphony of utter agony and absolute ecstasy consuming her body.  The pain and pleasure were each unbearable.  Combined, Krystal thought she’d literally go insane.  She felt herself orgasm intensely at least three different times, and then was aware of the sensation of her juices flowing down her inner thighs.  Then she felt herself slip away into a warm darkness.  She couldn’t remember why she had come here or what she was fighting against.  Her whole world had become the dark god before her that she would do anything to please.

Ivanova released his bite and smiled as he licked Krystal’s warm blood from his cold, undead lips.  He smiled as he saw the vacant, yet eager look in Krystal’s eyes.  “Fey blood,” he gasped with a slight smile.  “I knew there was something special I sensed about you.”  “It’s no doubt why you could sense me when this arrogant cow couldn’t.”  “You will make an excellent feast, and I will keep you alive as thrall cattle so I can benefit from the magic in your blood.”

With another nod from Ivanova, Hexanna laid down on her back and pulled Krystal down on top of her.  She laid Krystal’s head against her ample breasts, and positioned the small of Krystal’s back against her wet pussy.  Ivanova quickly mounted Krystal and began to slowly work his massive cock into the enthralled heroine’s pussy.  Krystal cried out in pain and pleasure as the vampire lord worked slowly deeper inside of her.  Hitting her cervix, Ivanova stopped briefly and then with slow, steady pressure forced his way past it and into Krystal’s womb.  Krystal screamed in agony, her back arching high and her breasts falling towards her face as she did.

Having fully hilted himself inside the heroine, Ivanova began aggressively thrusting in and out of her.  Each thrust hilting inside her again and rocking her body forward.  The movement rubbed her body against Hexanna’s pussy and sent moans of pleasure through her.  Krystal wailed as Ivanova took her.  Over and over, he thrust vigorously in and out of her.  Despite the pain, Krystal craved nothing more than to feel Ivanova inside of her, to please her master in any way she could.  She rocked her hips forward to meet his every thrust.  Krystal’s actions only stimulated Hexanna further and soon the brunette was crying out as her orgasm came ripped through her.  For Krystal, the pain gradually faded.  The combination of her entrancement and Hexanna’s now out of control pheromones served to drive her crazy.  Soon both women were experiencing orgasm after intense orgasm.

Krystal’s tight, constantly clenching and quivering pussy eventually drove the vampire lord over the edge.  She felt his body tense, and she wrapped her legs tightly around his waist just as he climaxed.   With an unholy howl, he thrust deep into Krystal and filled her womb and uterus with his seed.

Something snapped Krystal back to reality at that point.  Perhaps it was the cold clammy feeling of the undead monster’s cum inside of her; a complete contrast to the warmth of live cum.  Perhaps it was Freya, a goddess of life, showing mercy on her.  Krystal’s eye immediately went wide and she began kicking and screaming “NO” repeatedly at the top of her lungs.

Ivanova growled, enraged.  “Perhaps turning you outright will finally break that damnable will of yours!”  he moved his mouth towards Krystal’s breast, lightly dragging his fangs against the delicate pale skin as he prepared to sink his fangs into it.

The front door exploded inward as Lieutenant Falcon and the rest of Delta City’s Special Response Unit poured in.  Falcon leveled his chrome plated pistol grip shotgun and fired a solid shell right at Ivanova’s head.  Half of Ivanova’s head exploded from the impact of the massive slug, and then slowly began to reform.  Ivanova’s vampire followers all swooped in from the shadows of the room to attack the invaders.  The police team stood it’s ground briefly, shooting down the monsters with silver bullets or energy weapons.  The tide quickly turned though, and soon they were fighting a losing battle for their lives.

A half-conscious Krystal looked over and spotted her staff several feet away as Ivanova used his magic to repair the door and seal everyone inside.  The staff refused to respond to Krystal’s mental command though.  Dejected, she realized she was completely powerless since Ivanova had raped her.

“Please!” Krystal pleaded.  “Help me!!”

Freya seemingly had no intention of restoring Krystal’s powers or sending her staff to her however.  A few seconds later, one of the police heavy laser rifles was knocked out of the hands of an officer being pummeled by a vampire.  Maybe it was coincidence, maybe divine intervention, but it landed next to Krystal.  She grabbed the rifle, and struggled to lift it.  As abused as her body was, she had barely any strength left.  She managed to hoist the rifle and started to aim it at Ivanova.  He had his back to her and was completely unaware at this point.  She stopped, then aimed at the area where the front entrance wall met the ceiling and opened fire repeatedly.

The wall and ceiling exploded outward, and daylight flooded into the room.  Ivanova and his vampires all burst into flames and tried to flee.  Most only made it a few feet before being consumed into ash.  Ivanova was about to make it to the shadows when Krystal hit him with another blast from the energy rifle, burning a hole clear through his chest.   The police team fired a net gun at the screaming, burning vampire lord and dragged him back into the sunlight.  Within seconds he was reduced to nothing but a pile of ashes.

With everybody now safe, and the last of her strength spent, Krystal collapsed into unconsciousness on the floor.  Amazing Babe came running in, a disintegrating vampire in one hand.  “Witchfire… is she alright?!?” she asked urgently.

Lt Falcon kneeled over the unconscious redhead’s naked body.  “I’m not sure.” He replied bluntly.  “She’s lost a lot of blood.”  “It looks like they both have.”  “They need medical attention immediately.”

Amazing Babe ran over and put her hands on both of her fallen comrades and channeled her new healing power into both of them.  Hexanna regained consciousness after only a few seconds and moaned softly.  She sat up weakly next to Krystal and one of the officers brought a blanket and wrapped it around her.  Amazing Babe pumped a little more of her healing energy into Hexanna and then focused all of her attention into Krystal.  She scooped the Redhead into her arms and kissed her tenderly as she continued to heal her.  Krystal slowly came figuratively back to life, wrapped her arms around Amazing Babe and kissed her deeply.

Seeing everyone ok, the police team broke out in a short round of applause, which made Krystal blush.  They quickly brought her over a rescue blanket as well and wrapped it around her.  Amazing Babe carried a still weak Krystal in her arms out into the daylight.  Not before an embarrassed Hexanna had retrieved Krystal’s mask and put it on her face though.

“You’re lucky your teammate called us in.” Lt. Falcon said.  He cracked a slight smile.  “Nice save in there too, you’ve definitely got heart.”

Witchfire smiled softly in response as Amazing Babe carried her outside.  “How did you know…” she asked.  Amazing Babe simply smiled, touched her forehead to Witchfire’s and took to the air, flying them back to headquarters.

“That psychic bond has turned out to be more of a blessing than I ever thought,” Witchfire said, resting her head gently against her lover’s chest as Amazing Babe flew her to safety.

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