Witchfire, Pt 8 – Reinforcements

Witchfire, Pt 8 – Reinforcements

Amazing Babe flew Witchfire back to the She-Legion headquarters.  Within minutes, they were at the headquarters and in the small medical center within.

“I’m fine,” Witchfire protested.  The fatigue in her voice made her protestation less than convincing.

“No, you’re not,” Amazing Babe said firmly.  “You’re still pale, and I can sense how weak you are.”  “Lay down and rest.”  She paused for only half a second, knowing how stubborn her redheaded lover was.  With a mischievous smirk, she pulled her top to the side, creating a very deliberate partial nipple slip.  “Do it for me… please.” She said coyly, batting her eyelashes.

Witchfire gave Amazing Babe a pouty look.  “Boob blackmail?” she asked.  “That’s dirty…”

“No, but it could be… later.” Amazing Babe said, renewing her mischievious smirk.  “If you’re a good girl anyway.”

Witchfire sighed and then sat down on the bed.  “The things I do for love…” she grumbled playfully.

“Love or lust?” Amazing Babe asked with a knowing smirk.

“You know it’s both, you brat,” Witchfire said as she pulled off her mask.

“Maybe,” Amazing Babe replied with a giggle.  “That doesn’t mean I still don’t love hearing it though.”

Hexanna walked in, followed by Lady Midnight and Ms. Americana.  All three were chatting and giggly.

“And then they netted him and dragged Ivanova out into the sunlight where he went up like a roman candle,” Hexanna laughed.  “It was glorious.”  “Another easy night, just as I predicted.”

The joking had Witchfire’s blood boiling immediately.  She glared at the three new arrivals.  “You… have…  got… to… BE FUCKING KIDDING ME!” she shouted.  “We nearly died tonight!”  “Not just died, but I came a half a second away from losing MY SOUL!”  “You would have been next also!”  “Of all the villains NOT to fuck around with…” Witchfire continued.

Hexanna rolled her eyes and let out an exasperated sigh.  “Calm down,” she replied.  The blasé tone of her voice making Witchfire anything but calm.  “We won.”  “What more do you want?”

“I… WANT… to get through a mission without getting raped five ways to Sunday and nearly dying!” Witchfire exploded.  “I want to work alongside women who actually give a shit that it happens and try to prevent it instead of strutting around with their head up their rear thinking they’re flawless or nobody will ever suffer any consequences for their screw-ups,” she snarled.  Witchfire was shaking with anger and visibly pale by this point.  “I expect it from the others, but by the gods, YOU are over two thousand years old!”  “You should be somebody I can look up to, sit at the feet of and learn untold forgotten wisdom from…”  Witchfire leaned over and began coughing.  “A… big sister…” she stammered between coughs.  “A mentor I…”  Witchfire’s sentence was cut short as she turned ghost white and fainted.

Amazing Babe caught Witchfire in her arms.  “She fainted!” she exclaimed.  “She looks sick.”  “Somebody, do something!” she demanded.  The panic in her voice was matched by her expression.  She carefully laid Witchfire down on the bed.

“I’ll get Power Lass,” Ms. Americana said, “she’s still here, and her nurse training should help.”  With that, she turned and took off running down the hall.

Amazing Babe brushed Witchfire’s hair out of her eyes, and then turned to glare at Hexanna.

“What?” Hexanna asked defensively.  “It’s not my fault.”

Amazing Babe put her hands on her hips.  “Oh, so you did go in with protection spells in place, and didn’t get blindsided and then help Ivanova rape her?”

“Screw you,” Hexanna growled.

“No thanks,” Amazing Babe fired back.  “I’ve seen where that leaves people,” she added, motioning with her head towards Witchfire.

Hexanna glared at Amazing Babe and then waved her hands upward, promptly disappearing.

“Good riddance, Endora,” Amazing Babe snarled.  She turned around and laid her head on Witchfire’s chest.  “Please be OK…” she whispered quietly.

A literal minute later, Ms. Americana ran back in with Power Lass and Omega Woman behind her.  She looked around, concerned.  “Where’s Hexanna?” she asked.

“She left in a huff,” Amazing Babe replied, standing back up.  The snarky tone of her voice left little doubt in the new arrivals’ minds why Hexanna had left.

“Goddess, can’t I go five minutes anymore without drama disrupting this team?” Ms. Americana fumed.  She turned around and stomped out of the room.

Power Lass quickly moved to check Witchfire’s vitals, pupil dilation and other signs.  “It’s fairly clear from her pale coloration that she’s still recovering from her blood loss,” she said nervously.  “I think based on her strong pulse that Amazing Babe’s healing power countered that blood loss though.”  “My best guess is she’s just recovering from the strain the blood loss and recovery put on her body and maybe psyche.”  “I’m a nurse though, not a doctor.”  “She’d benefit from proper hospital care.”

Power Lass turned and faced Amazing Babe and Omega Woman.  “All of that is assuming there isn’t some freaky magic thing going on.”  “Vampires and witches are a bit beyond my area of expertise.”

“It doesn’t sound like the hospital would be of any more help to her than we’d be able to provide,” Omega Woman said.  “Given everything that’s happened recently, I’m wary of leaving her in a public place where anyone can get at her.”

Amazing Babe nodded uneasily.  “I… agree.”  “I want her better as fast as possible, but I’d die if she had an ‘accident’ at the hospital.”

Power Lass nodded.  “I understand.”  “If you’re determined to keep her here though, keep her warm and let me check on her.”  “If her condition worsens at all or she’s not improved in 24 hours, I’m going to have to insist on hospital care.”

“Fair enough,” Omega Woman said.  She sighed and looked towards the door.  “In the meantime, I’d better go talk Ms. Americana off the ledge.”

Omega Woman walked into the command center of the She-Legion headquarters.  Ms. Americana was leaning over the circular meeting table, with her fists knuckles down on the table.  Omega Woman cracked a slight smile.

If she wasn’t such a pretentious pain in the ass half the time, I’d really be appreciating the view right now, Omega Woman mused silently.

“You doing alright?” Omega Woman asked, keeping her tone professional.

“No…” Ms. Americana replied.  The frustration in her voice was tangible.  “Ever since she showed up, everything has been going to hell.”  “Everyone captured, the team fighting with each other, Commissioner Bordon becoming hostile…”

“She’s young and hot headed,” Omega Woman replied.  “No doubt about that.”  “She’ll learn there, given a little time and guidance.”  “Reality is she didn’t cause those problems though.”  “If anything, without her, they all would have been much worse.”

Ms. Americana grumbled under her breath.  “I know…”  “It’s just…”

“I get it,” Omega Woman said.  “When I was in the selection process for my space flight, there was one other candidate that seemed to upstage me on a regular basis.”  “It was a major blow to the ego.”  “My choice was to buckle down, work hard and become better than her.”

“That easy, huh?” Ms. Americana asked, half mockingly.

“Night Raven and I have been saying so for ages,” Omega Woman said calmly.  “The difference is we whispered and she’s screaming.”  “Of course, we didn’t nearly die twice in just over a week in completely avoidable screw-ups.”

Ms. Americana spun around, fire showing in her eyes.  “You think I don’t know that?” she growled.  “That I don’t feel guilty about it… like I’m a complete failure lately?!?”

“I know you do,” Omega Woman replied flatly.  “The question is what are you going to do about it?”  “While you ponder that, I have to return to the Military Intelligence office.”  “Kameron Drake is due at work.”

Over the next 24 hours, Witchfire did seem to show some improvement, but remained unconscious.  Another 24 hours after that, Amazing Babe came to check on Witchfire and she was gone…

Several blocks away, Witchfire walked uneasily through a small park, trying to regain her focus.  The sunshine and fresh air were helping, but she still felt fuzzy headed and energetically out of balance.  She started to sit down on the grass when an annoyingly familiar voice greeted her from behind.

“Well, well…” Geek said.  “I heard you were wandering about down here.”  Geek’s expression turned to a smug smile.  “And I was just thinking about how much I’d like to collect on that second time you owe me…”  “The way you wiggled and screamed last time as you came all over my cock over and over was hot.”  “I think I enjoyed fucking you more than I did those aphrodite sluts.”

Witchfire felt herself fill with a dark anger.  It washed over her, filling her with renewed energy and clarity.  She openly embraced the darkness that came with it.  Geek was about the last person she wanted to see right now.

“Come on, sweet cheeks,” geek said.  The smarmy tone of his voice made Witchfire’s blood boil even more.  “An oath is an oath, and I want to see some titties.”

“Right here in public, hmmm?” Witchfire asked.  Her voice was seductive but at the same time carried an uncharacteristic but unmistakable cruelty.  “I like your style,” she purred.  Witchfire turned around, as she started to unlace her corset.  She got the lacing loose enough for her breasts to almost spill out of it, then looked up at Geek with a sadistic smile and glowing red eyes.

Geek’s eyes went wide as saucers and he staggered backwards.  “What the hell?!?” he gasped.

“No, but I came close,” Witchfire said in the same dark tone.  “The She-Legion would screw up an ice cream social.”  “I’ll deal with them later…” she added, waving her hand dismissively as she spoke.  She then glared at The Geek with those glowing dark red eyes.  “Ready to fuck, little boy?”

Geek took a couple of steps backwards as a look of utter panic washed over his face.  “I… uhmm…  erm… uhh…” he stammered.

“You said it yourself,” Witchfire said, “a deal’s a deal…”  She raised her hand and vines began springing forth skyward from the ground.  The vines hovered menacingly a few feet from The Geek, and were inching his direction.

“Uhhhh Tha… that’s alright!” The Geek stammered.  “I… uhh, changed my mind!”  With that, he spun around and ran full speed from the park.  “Mommy!” he yelled as he sprinted away.

Witchfire laughed to the point of almost doubly over as she watched the terrified Geek run for his life.  With a wave of her hand, her corset fully re-laced itself.  “That will teach him to screw with me,” she said glibly.  “Oath officially voided…  Problem solved.”

Amazing Babe swooped down staring uneasily at Witchfire.  “What… are you?” she asked.  The trepidation in her voice matching her uneasy stare.  “This… darkness in you that I’m sensing scares me.”

Witchfire shook her head as if clearing it.  The color returned to her skin, and her eyes returned to their normal soft green shade and sparkle.  “What do you mean?” she asked.  “It’s me, love,” Witchfire said.  “That… was just scaring off The Geek.”  They just stared at each other for a few moments, Amazing Babe’s expression never softening.  “If you’re worried that I’m a vampire after what happened, I’m out here in the sunlight…” Witchfire continued.

“I can see that…” Amazing Babe replied.  “I also saw you with chalk white skin, glowing red eyes, your hair turned dark auburn and standing up in a non-existent wind, and your ears pointed,” she added in an almost accusatory tone.

“Did… I really change that much?” Witchfire asked, surprised.

“Yes, and your energy still feels darker also,” Amazing Babe replied.  “What the hell is going on here?”, she demanded, hurt and confusion showing in her words and on her face.

Krystal sighed.  “Really, after all we’ve been through…”  Her tone turned hurt and indignant.  “…how I’ve sacrificed for you and the others?”  She crossed her arms in front of her.  “If you must know, Hexanna said before that disaster of a mission that I had some Fae… fairy blood in me.”  “I never had anything to indicate that before, or a chance to verify it since being told.”

“That… didn’t look anything like Tinkerbelle to me,” Amazing Babe said, clearly rattled.

“Fey Folk come in many different varieties, and can change aspects depending upon the forces they’re subjected to,” Krystal replied, still defensive.  “As far as it being true…”  “My great grandmother was a well-known Irish poet, and said to have a strong spiritual side and connection with nature.”  “She also died around 50, supposedly of a broken heart.”  “My great grandfather had disappeared a few years earlier.”  “That all fits with the legends of the leannán sídhe who act as muses to their lovers, right down to the partners dying early.”

“And you didn’t think this was important to mention?!?” Amazing Babe blurted out, horrified.

Goddamnedit, what part of I didn’t know is so hard for you to understand!?!” Witchfire screamed.  Tears began rolling down her mask and lower cheeks.  “At best, I’m 12% Fae and still mostly human.”  “I’m not one of Dragon Queen’s monsters!”

Amazing Babe stood there, shocked, confused and at a complete loss for words.  Her jaw trembled as she tried to say anything.

“You know what…” Witchfire blurted out.  “Fuck it, I’m done being hurt by selfish assholes I’ve tried to love.”  Witchfire waved her hand and a pair of scissors composed of magical energy appeared in her hand, and then a cord of energy that ran between her heart and Amazing Babe’s appeared also.  Without a word, Witchfire cut the strand of energy between them.  Amazing Babe reacted with a shudder, and gave Witchfire a horrified look.

“Wha… what did you do?” Amazing Babe gasped.  “I… can’t feel you anymore!”

“I cut the spiritual bonds that connected us together,” Witchfire said coldly.  “Now you don’t have to worry about sharing your life with a monster.”  She snapped her fingers and vanished.

Amazing Babe fell to her knees. “…wait  …please,” she whimpered.  She curled up in a ball on the grass and began sobbing.

Witchfire reappeared next to the bar in Sanctuary, grabbed a large glass beer mug off the bar and hurled it across the empty room with a primal scream.  The mug stopped in mid air half way across the room, suspended in a field of golden energy.

“That almost came out of your pay…” said Doctor Weird casually from his customary corner table.  With a gesture of his hand, the mug returned to the bar.

“It would have been worth it,” Witchfire growled.

“Relationships are rarely easy,” the Doctor replied with a shrug.  “Probably why I don’t bother with them anymore.”  “Your ancestry and this Earth make it even tougher for you.”  “However, a mage who isn’t in control of themself isn’t in control of their magic.”

“Doc, maybe Pari and I should handle this?” Dani suggested gently.  “You know, girls to girl and all.”

“I suppose,” Doctor Weird said in his typical nonplussed tone.  He looked Witchfire dead in the eye before continuing.  “Now that you know what you are, you’d better learn how to manage your spiritual energy and how to handle external energies.”  He waved his hand and a small crystal bottle full of a clear liquid appeared next to Witchfire, along with a thin leather bound tome.  “That vial of fairy water will purge the dark energy,” he continued matter-of-factly.  “The book will fill in what you need to know.”

Witchfire nodded.  “Thanks, Doc,” she replied.  Witchfire took the vial, removed the stopper and drank down the liquid.  She raised an eyebrow.  “Doesn’t taste any different than high quality purified water…” she said.  “I… can feel it working though.”  “I feel human again.”

“Don’t get dependent upon it,” Doctor Weird cautioned.  “It’s addictive and risks turning you into a light fairy.”  “Use the ritual in the book instead.”

Witchfire nodded uncertainly.  “Ok…  will do,” she said.

Dani dragged Witchfire aside, and they were accompanied by a very attractive woman that looked to be about their age.  Her bronzed complexion indicated she (or her family) was likely from India, Fiji or a nearby area.  They went into the liquor store room and Dani shut the door behind them.

“OK, so what happened, hon?” Dani asked.  She put a supportive hand on Witchfire’s shoulder.  “It’s just us girls now, so you can talk.”  She paused when she noticed Witchfire staring at the other woman, then giggled awkwardly.  “I guess I should have done introductions first.”  “I forgot you two haven’t met yet.”  “This is Pari Singh,” Dani added.  “She’s a waitress here… server if you prefer more politically correct terms.”

“Personally, I don’t care about labels and titles,” Witchfire replied.  “I’ve never seen being identified as a woman as bad, only being treated as inferior because I’m one.”  The other two woman nodded in agreement.

“Pari, this is Witchfire, our resident honest to goodness superheroine,” Dani said with a chuckle.

“Some heroine I am…” Witchfire lamented.  “I’m getting my ass kicked right and left, and can’t even maintain a relationship.”

“I’ve seen you on TV,” Pari chimed in.  “I think you’re great.”

Witchfire smiled awkwardly. “Thanks,” she said.  She pulled off her mask.  “Dani apparently trusts you, and we’re going to be working together, so call me Krystal… in private anyway.”

“Hi Krystal,” Pari replied with a giggle.

“Sorry if I was staring,” Krystal continued awkwardly.  “Your eyes are the most stunning golden brown shade I’ve ever seen.”

“Thank you,” Pari replied, clearly embarrassed.  “Most people only notice my breasts.”

“I hadn’t noti…” Krystal started.  Her train of thought was completely derailed as she looked down from Pari’s eyes.  “Goddess!” she exclaimed.  “You’ve got to be as big as Got Gal or Ms. Americana.”

“I… think all of us are G cup sized,” Pari replied, blushing profusely.  “I’m not as tall as them though.”

“Well, you’re clearly an aphrodite…” Krystal observed.  “Do you have any special powers?”

“I… can talk to machines,” Pari replied awkwardly.  “I can make them do things.”

“Wow, that’s a pretty amazing ability.” Krystal replied, doing her best to encourage the shy woman.

“It’s why Doc gave her a spot here also,” Dani said.  “If she was captured by villains and forced to put her powers to evil use…”

“That could be all kinds of bad..” Krystal agreed.

“I want to be a heroine like you though…” Pari interjected.  “I want to help people.”  “You can help me with that right?”  “You’re a big hero now and everything.”

“We can talk to Doc about it,” Dani interrupted.  “Remember there’s your safety and the safety of Sanctuary to think about.”  Pari gave a dejected nod.  “Besides, we’re back here to talk about what happened to Krystal.”

Krystal nodded, took a deep breath and then recounted everything that had happened; all the way from the medical office building explosion, Dragon Queen’s arrest and assassination, the disaster at Nightmare Manor, and her conflict with Amazing Babe.  By the time it was over, Krystal was sobbing on Dani’s shoulder.

“Wow, she really hurt you, didn’t she?” Dani said, running her hand through Krystal’s hair.  “I can’t believe you were dating Amazing Babe too”.  “She looks like Jessica Simpson with better boobs.”  “Oh well, sounds like you’re better off without her.”

Krystal just nodded silently.  She glanced over at Pari and noticed the stunned look on her face.  “What’s wrong?” she asked with a giggle.

“You… like women?” Pari asked, stunned.

“Men and women both actually,” Krystal replied with an amused smile.  “I’m bisexual.”

“I think I’m more surprised that you’re so open about it,” Pari said sheepishly.  “In India, such relationships are still frowned upon.”

“That’s a shame…” Dani said.  “Never been my cup of tea, but I think everyone should be free to choose.”  She sighed.  “We’ll be open in a few hours.”  “Pari, go ahead and start making sure the tables are ready.”  “I’ll be out in a minute or two.”

“OK,” Pari replied.  She flashed a quick smile to both women and then exited the room, closing the door behind her.

Dani turned back to Krystal. “Are you up to working your shift tonight?”  “If not, I’ve got to figure something out.”

“I’ll be here,” Krystal said plainly.  “This is the closest thing to family I’ve got, and I need an income.”

“Good, Dani replied.  She flashed a sly smile “So…  Does this breakup mean we can lure you into joining us for more fun?”

“Aren’t you the one that just said other women aren’t, and I quote; your cup of tea?” Krystal asked with a knowing smile and a laugh.

Dani shuffled awkwardly and blushed.  “I… don’t,” she stammered.  “I mean…  I’ve never been attracted to other women before, but…”  “Well…” she continued awkwardly.  “I… could feel your reactions… the way your body was responding…”   “It was… exciting, and I have been wondering if I could make you respond that way from my touch.”   She let out an embarrassed breath.  “It was hot knowing my man can do all that to any woman also,” she added, trying to change the subject from her own desires.

“Aren’t you worried that I will steal your guy?” Krystal asked with a playful smirk.  “You know what they say about us redheads.”

“Pfffftt,” Dani replied.  “Not a chance.”  “Berto is addicted to my body.”  “You wouldn’t even get to first base with him if I wasn’t there,” she added teasingly.

“Think so huh?” Krystal replied with an evil smirk.

“Know so,” Dani said smugly.

“Wanna bet on that?” Krystal asked.  Her tone clearly daring Dani to back up her words.

“What?” Dani asked, caught off guard.  Her expression was a mixture of surprise and nervous arousal.

“Simple,” Krystal said.  “If you’re that sure I can’t get anywhere on my own, let’s put it to the test.”  “I’m not big on threesomes, but if I can’t get anywhere with him, I’ll join you two and let you both do whatever you want to me.”

“Anything?” Dani asked, surprised by Krystal’s bravado

“Tie me up, spank my naked ass… whatever you want,” Krystal said.

Dani swallowed hard, fighting down the lump in her throat.  “That’s… pretty high stakes,” she said.  “What do you want if you win?”  “It…must be something fairly big if you’re willing to let yourself be used like that.”

“I want you… in my bed.” Krystal said.  “Alone for the night together.”

“I… guess that answers my question about this being a ploy to steal Berto,” Dani replied, shocked.

“He’s your man, I respect that.” Krystal said bluntly.  “That doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun figuring out where we all stand with each other though.”

“That’s easy,” Dani replied with a smug chuckle.  “I’m the boss.”

Krystal pressed herself up against Dani, backing her up against the door.  “In the bar maybe, in bed… in my bed, that you still have to prove.”

Krystal’s hands slipped under Dani’s form fitting T Shirt.  She stared deep into Dani’s eyes with a fiery hunger.  Dani felt as though the look had gone straight to the depths of her soul, stripping bare every forbidden desire and insecurity she’d ever had.  Dani’s heart was racing as she felt the tips of Krystal’s fingertips slide upward.  Krystal’s touch was even softer than her skin, and it sent chills racing down Dani’s spine.

“I could probably tame you right here,” Krystal whispered into Dani’s ear.  “That wouldn’t be half as fun as winning our little bet though… assuming you’re brave enough to take it.”

Krystal had guessed correctly that the beautiful young Native American was as proud of her courage as her body and sexual prowess.  “And just how far are you proposing to get to call it a win for you?” Dani asked skeptically.

“All the way.” Krystal replied confidently as her fingers continued to drift upwards, grazing the bottom of Dani’s bra.  “If he doesn’t cum inside me, you win and I’m a plaything for you two.”

“Big risk just to try to get me in bed alone and make a lesbian out of me,” Dani replied with a smirk.  ‘I have to admit, it is making me wet to know you want me that much.”  She cocked her head slightly and continued to smirk at Krystal.   “No chance he goes that far with you though.”  “I’ve got that magnificent cock of his too well trained.”  “I think it’d be kind of fun to settle who the alpha female around here is…” she said as her smirk grew.  “Give an oath that you can’t and won’t use magic and you’re on.”

“Done,” said Krystal. “with the only condition being there’s no drama from all of this.”  “Win or lose, it’s only everyone exploring desires and establishing limits.”

“Done,” Dani replied.

Krystal glided her fingertips across the bottoms of Dani’s soft, full breasts.  Even through the fabric of her bra, the sensation sent a shiver down Dani’s spine and a tingle in her clit.  Krystal let her lips brush lightly against Dani’s and teasingly lingered there.  “Game on,” she whispered as she stared intently into the other woman’s deep brown eyes.

Krystal slid her hands out from underneath Dani’s shirt and then stepped back.  “I’ll be back for that luscious body of yours later,” she said with a lascivious grin.  “First thing’s first though.”  With a wave f her hands Krystal’s costume changed into a painted on pair of jeans, a skin tight T shirt and a pair of 4” tall strappy stiletto heels.

Krystal strolled out of the storeroom and upstairs.  Conveniently, Berto just happened to be in the doorway of the room he shared with Dani.  “Looking good, Berto,” Krystal said with a wink. It wasn’t an exaggeration either.  Berto was wearing a black workout shirt that hugged every ripple and bulge of his broad, muscular chest.  His jeans were looser than Krystal’s but did little to hide the massive bulge in them.  Krystal ran her fingertips up the crotch of his jeans, admiring the bulge.  “Down boy,” she said in a wantonly flirtatious tone.  “You’re taken, remember?” she added with a wink.

Krystal moved to her own door.  The whole time she could feel his eyes roaming over her body, undressing her.  She put a little extra sway in her hips as she walked.  She reached her door, fished her key out of her pocket, and ‘accidentally’ dropped it.  Krystal feigned a slight gasp of surprise and bent over at the waist to pick up the key, giving Berto a perfect view of her rear in those skin tight jeans.  By the time she’d picked up the key, unlocked the door and started through the doorway, Berto was right behind her.

“Taken didn’t seem to bother you the other night,” Berto whispered in her ear from behind.

Krystal could feel the heat of his breath on her neck and it made her stomach flutter and her abs quiver.  “That… wasn’t exactly the same,” she replied coyly.  “That was my astral form stuck in her body.”

Damned, he has me wet already, Krystal thought.  Even without those damned pheromones, I’d ride him all night.

“And you enjoyed it so much your own body was reacting to it in here,” Berto replied.  He guided her inside, shut the door behind them and pinned Krystal between the wall and his body.

Krystal felt her pussy start to throb as Berto pinned her against the wall.  Her nipples were now standing erect, pressing against her shirt as well.  “Even IF I did, that doesn’t mean you get a free pass to my body now,” she replied, playing hard to get.

Berto leaned in and kissed Krystal’s neck, sending a shiver down her spine.  He kissed her earlobe eliciting a soft moan from Krystal.  “I know about the bet,” he whispered, pointing at his head.

“She told you?” Krystal asked, whispering also.

“No, but she can’t hide things as well as she thinks,” Berto replied with a smirk.  “Her fault for bonding us.”  His hand slid up Krystal’s body and cupped her breast, giving it a firm squeeze.  “So how about it?” he asked.  “You’ve clearly been thinking about this as much as I have given that exchange you had with her.”

Krystal shifted nervously.  “I… don’t know,” she said, her voice breathy with desire.  “I feel like I’m caught in the middle of something now instead of just having some kinky fun.”  “Besides, I’m not even sure I can fit that monster of yours inside of me.”

“I’m not going to leave her,” Berto replied, returning to kissing Krystal’s neck.  Krystal’s breath came in trembling gasps as he kissed her.  “This is just a chance for us to have a little fun and show her that she’s not as in charge as she believes.”

Krystal’s head fell to the side and she began to slide her thigh up and down Berto’s leg.  His hands slid to her rear and squeezed it tightly.

“What about you breaking my poor pussy with that giant cock of yours?” Krystal moaned.

Berto lifted Krystal up by her rear as if she weighed nothing and started kissing her pert nipples through her shirt.  “Don’t worry, daddy will be gentle,” he said.

Krystal wrapped her legs around Berto’s waist and locked her ankles.  She gazed hungrily into his eyes and then pulled off her top.  With a moan of wanton desire, she pressed her breasts against Berto’s face.  He kissed, licked and sucked on Krystal’s breasts until her breath was coming in loud, sharp gasps.

Berto carried Krystal, still wrapped around him, to the bed and plopped her down on it.  He pulled off his shirt and then reached down and pulled Krystal’s high heel shoes off.  He locked eyes with Krystal as his hands moved up her inner thighs and grabbed her belt.  There was a primal hunger in Berto’s eyes that both scared and excited Krystal.  It’s promise of passion fueling a deep, hidden and long denied hunger in her that she barely knew existed.  Now it was all she could do to keep it from consuming her.  She lifted her hips off the bed as Berto unzipped her pants.  He pulled them off with one firm pull yank and dropped them onto the floor.

Berto raised an eyebrow and grinned as he took in the beauty laying before him.  “No panties or bra…” he said amusedly, “You came up here with every intention of getting laid.”

Krystal shrugged and flashed a smug smile.  “Maybe…  First I had to see if you wanted me badly enough to let you have my pussy.”  She slowly, sensually licked her lips, returning Berto’s hungry stare.  Without another word, she spread her legs until her knees were shoulder width apart, giving Berto a look at her already dripping wet womanhood.

Berto hurriedly kicked off his shoes and then pulled down his jeans and underwear in one move.  His thick 12 inch long cock sprung forth, already fully erect.  “I’m going to fuck that bratty streak right out of you,” he said hungrily.

“Promises, promises…” Krystal purred.

Berto buried his face between Krystal’s thighs and began ravenously devouring her pussy.  His tongue sliding in and out of her folds, dancing around her clit and occasionally plunging deep inside her.  Krystal’s back arched and she began howling in pleasure.  Berto picked her up off the bed, never stopping his tongue lashing of her defenseless pussy.  He carried her on his shoulders with his face buried between her legs.  Krystal did her best to hold on to Berto’s head as she wailed and screamed, her hips bucking with a mind all their own.  Berto leaned Krystal against the wall to steady her and continued devouring her.

Krystal wanted to scream the deity, beg for more, anything to express the way her body was burning with desire, but all she could do was gasp and let out primal screams.  Berto’s oral technique had stripped her of any reason, leaving only a primal passion.  Her first orgasm struck from nowhere, rocking her body to its very core, and causing her to spasm and convulse wildly as her juices flooded Berto’s face and her inner thighs.

Four more increasingly stronger orgasms later, Krystal was gasping for air and trying to gain control of the aftershocks shaking her body at random intervals.  Berto gripped Krystal’s waist and flipped her over into a standing 69 position.  Berto’s porn star sized cock smacked Krystal squarely in the face as she was flipped over.

Krystal considered the large member with nervous anticipation.  Her experience with men was limited, and until Berto had been disappointing at best.  The raw lust pulsating in Krystal made her hungry to give as good as she got… to make him cry out in the same way she was.  She kissed and licked up and down the length of the shaft before taking it into her mouth and sucking hungrily on it.

She could only fit half of its massive length into her mouth.  Krystal wasn’t very experienced either, but she made up for it with pure lust driven enthusiasm.  She moved her tongue all up and down the shaft as she sucked hungrily and bobbed her head up and down on it wantonly.

“Oh yeah….  Just like that…” Berto moaned loudly.  “Suck it, baby.”

Krystal could only moan and scream as Berto returned to servicing her.  His cock in her mouth muffled all her cries of passion, but that only made Krystal more determined to express the simmering desire within her.  For the next half hour, they went at it with wild abandon.  Krystal climaxed so many times she lost count.  Berto exploded in her mouth twice, and both times, Krystal sucked down every drop she could.

Berto turned Krystal over and carried her trembling, sweat drenched body to the bed and set her gently down on it.  “Rest, you’re worn out,” Berto said in a gentle but amused tone.

“Mmm, that was amazing,” Krystal said weakly.  “I don’t think I’ve ever cum so many times so hard.”  “Sex with an adonis gene carrier is everything I imagined it would be.”  She pulled Berto down beside her on the bed and they cuddled while Krystal rested.

“You act like you’ve never been with a guy before,” Berto said with a chuckle.

“A few times…” Krystal said with a sigh.  “All of them were pretty disappointing.”

“Ouch,” Berto replied.  “Guess that makes me the best though…” he added with a smug grin.

“I’d tell you yes, but it’d just go to your head,” Krystal chuckled.  She rolled over on top of Berto.  “Ready to see if we can get that thing inside me?” she asked coyly.

Berto rested his hands lightly on her hips.  “I’ve wanted inside you since I first saw you.”  “Just take it slow, we’ll make it.”

Krystal gripped Berto’s cock just under its head and guided it into position to enter her.

How in the hell does he stay so hard, Krystal thought?  It’s like his blood stream is pure Viagra.

She lowered her self slowly down onto the cock, and let out a cry of ecstasy as it filled her completely.  She was so wet that she barely felt any pain as her womanhood was stretched.  The cry became louder as she sunk even farther onto it.  Berto felt himself hit her cervix.  She slowly increased the weight she was putting on him and after a minute she felt him slip past her cervix and slowly fully hilt him inside of her.

“Nnnnnnnnnnngh,” she gasped.  “So… full.”  “Too…big.”

Berto gripped Krystal’s hips and began bouncing her up and down on his cock.

“SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!” Krystal howled.  “BERTOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”  Krystal began bouncing up and down on her own, riding Berto and rocking her hips forward as she hilted him inside her.  She screamed louder than she ever had from sex as moderate pain mixed with overwhelming pleasure.

They continued for almost two hours, first her on top, then missionary, then her bent over the side of the bed.  Krystal howled and wailed all through it with Berto cumming deep inside her three different times. It only ended when Krystal finally blacked out after an orgasm more intense than she could have even imagined possible.  Berto stayed with her for a few hours as she slept but then quietly slipped away.

Krystal went downstairs to start her shift, this time wearing a bikini top with jeans and her costume’s mask.  She figured it wouldn’t hurt this once to see if showing more skin did indeed help her tips.

Dani caught her at the stairs and gave her an awkward look.

Krystal returned the look with one of realization.  “You really didn’t think there was any chance you could lose, did you?”

“No,” Dani replied sadly.  “I knew he was thinking about you, but I thought he’d back out at the last minute because of what we have.”

“Dani, you can’t treat the world as a chess game to manipulate,” Krystal said, giving her a gentle hug.  “It just leads to anger, hurt and disappointment.”  “Nobody with any common sense doubts you’re intelligent, insightful or that you have an amazing body.”  “Use your heart as well as your brain.”  “Berto loves you, but he needs to hear that from you.”

Dani sighed.  “You’re… right,” she replied.  “Bad habits from being used by people while I was on the street.”  “I need to break it if I want to keep what I have now.”

“I believe in you,” Krystal replied, giving her a kiss on the forehead.  “I won’t force you to keep that bet either.”  “Realizing what you need to change is payment enough.”

“Alright, enough mushy stuff,” Dani said.  “Get to work, you.”

Krystal went to work, and quickly became a favorite of the crowd.  Conjuring drinks instead of mixing them, combined with a little theatrics and cleavage had people gathered around the bar watching as she did her thing.

About half way through her shift, Krystal was greeted by a familiar voice.  “So, this is where you’ve been hiding to avoid me, huh?”  The question was followed by a soft giggle.

Krystal looked up and saw Lydia Bordon sitting on a stool at the bar, wearing some light sunglasses and an amused smirk.  “Hey!” Krystal said with a huge smile.  She leaned over the bar and gave Lydia a hug.  “I figured Night Raven would be keeping you busy…” Krystal whispered during the hug.

“Not quite as much as you’d think.” Lydia replied.  “I’m still finding my footing there.”  She gave Krystal a knowing smirk.  “I smell Berto all over you also.”

“Uhmmm… yeah.” Krystal replied.  “It was just a one time thing though.”

“I should be mad,” Lydia replied with a grin.  “You owe me some fun.”  “He is a magnificent beast though, isn’t he?” she added with a giggle.  “Oh don’t be surprised, I bedded him right before Dani got her hooks into him.”  “God that was a wild weekend.”

“Weekend?!?” Krystal gasped.  “Gawd a few hours with him and I’m going to be sore for days.”

“Joys of being an aphrodite,” Lydia replied with a smug smirk.  “Now about that rematch…”

Krystal sighed.  “Yeah I know…”  “It never seemed to be the right time.”  “Either I was getting banged up, or trying to focus on my relationship with Amazing Babe.”

“I know, that’s why I never pushed…” Lydia replied.  “I may be a slut but I do respect relationships.”

“Then you’re just frisky, not a slut,” Krystal replied.  “You’ve been a good friend since I got here too.”  “So, yeah… nakedness soon,” Krystal said with a wink.  “How’d you get in here anyway?”  Doc said he didn’t trust the She-Legion to keep this place secret.”

“Let’s just say some people are more trusted than others,” Lydia replied knowingly.

“Enough said,” Krystal replied.  “You’re more professional than the rest of the group put together, Lady Midnight and Omega Woman being possible exceptions.”

Lydia leaned in and spoke quietly.  “I wanted to let you know that there hasn’t been much progress on Dragon Queen.”  “The round was a special glass tipped one designed to shatter and shred after penetration.”  “Turned her brain to hamburger with no chance of surviving the hit.”  “Scary way to go…” she continued uneasily.  “DNA and fingerprints have turned up negative except for some vague references to a buried Identity of a research scientist from the University of Beijing.”  “We’re not even sure if she’s real or a false flag.”

“Great…” Krystal grumbled.  “More questions and games.”

“Hey look at the TV everyone!” a voice yelled from the middle of the room.

“How in the hell does he get TV in another dimension anyway…” Lydia started.  Her comment was cut short as both women looked up at the TV and saw a live news report of the Aberration laying waste to the Old Town district and singlehandedly beating down the entire She-Legion. Krystal and Lydia watched stunned for a few moments until The Aberration punched Amazing Babe and sent her flying through a brick wall.

“NO!” Krystal yelled.  With a wave of her hand, she was in her full costume, and then she promptly vanished.

Krystal reappeared in the street just as The Aberration grabbed a car in each hand and slammed them together, sandwiching an airborne Omega Woman between them as they exploded.  Omega Woman fell to the ground screaming in agony.  The sound brought a chill to Krystal as it was the first time she could ever recall Omega Woman ever crying out in pain.

“That all you bimbos got, or should we get to the raping?” The Aberration asked mockingly.

He looked up and down the street hoping for a challenge.  Destroyed cars and emergency vehicles littered the street, some of them burning.  The few police that had been foolish enough to engage were battered and bloody or worse.  The entire She-Legion seemed to be in desperate shape.  Their unconscious, battered and broken bodies were strewn all over the area.  Power Lass swooped down, following Omega Woman’s failed attack.  One boob was already hanging out of her tattered costume.

“Take yer best shot, bitch,” The Aberration shouted.

With a scream of primal rage, Power Lass flew in and landed a shot to the Aberration’s jaw that reverberated down the block.  The Aberration staggered a couple steps backwards and rubbed his jaw.

“I almost felt that…” The Aberration said with an arrogant smirk.  He swung as Power Lass came in for a follow up attack.  His punch slammed into her midsection and nearly folded her in half.  Power Lass coughed up blood as she went flying backwards.  The horrifying sight shocked Krystal back to reality.

“I like your spunk, I’m gonna rape you first, Blondie,” Aberration said cruelly.  “Shame there ain’t nobody in this town to even give me half a fight.”

A sledgehammer blow of mystical energy hit The Aberration in the back of the head.  “Let’s test that, shall we?” Krystal growled defiantly.

“Well, lookie here…” The Aberration said with an evil smirk.  “Little miss hocus pocus showed up after all.”  “I’ve got this here necklace thing that protects me from magic though, thanks to friends.”  “You can’t hurt me.”

Witchfire shook her head with a sarcastic smirk.  “You really are some special kind of stupid, aren’t you?” she asked mockingly.

The Aberration glared viciously at Witchfire.  “You callin’ me stupid, bitch!?!”  “I’ll rape you to death!”

Witchfire snapped her fingers and the amulet disappeared from Aberration’s neck and reappeared in her hand, her eyes crackled with lightning and the amulet disintegrated in her hand.  “No, I called you extra special stupid…  You know, can’t even figure out how to get on the short bus level dumb.”

“I don’t care if you took that damned thing,” The Aberration howled.  “Nothing can hurt me, not tank shells, not flame throwers…” he yelled, stomping towards Witchfire.

“Yeah, that’s the thing…” Witchfire said.  “Did you know lightning is actually hotter than the surface of the Sun?” she asked as she leveled her staff at him and blasted him with a massive torrent of lightning.

The Aberration screamed in pain as the skin on his chest started to bubble and smoke.  His body shook and convulsed but wouldn’t move.

“It does a hell of a job screwing up your nervous system too.” Witchfire replied.  “Personally, fighting you is proving to be a real letdown though.”  Witchfire stopped her lightning and immediately opened up a large portal underneath the Aberration.

“Heeeyyyyyyyyyyyyy!” The Aberration howled as he fell though the portal.

“Hay is for horses, aren’t you glad you’re a jackass?” Witchfire retorted as she walked closer to the portal and opened up another one above it.  The Aberration came tumbling out the upper portal and fell back down into the lower one again.  Witchfire watched as the scene repeated over and over again, with the Aberration gaining momentum as he kept falling.  She fired a magical flare into the air with her staff.

“Get some EMTs in here to help the injured!” Witchfire yelled.  “Some of these people need a hospital NOW!!”

Fire trucks and ambulances that had been holding back now moved closer in, still keeping at the edge of the calamity and treating people there first.  One ambulance pulled through the mess and began treating people closer in though.  Witchfire jogged over to the woman that hopped out of the back

“Thank goodness somebody here has a spine,” Witchfire said.  “Look after the civilians first unless anyone in the She-Legion is in critical shape.”  “They have enhanced healing; the civilians aren’t that lucky.”

The grim faced Latina woman nodded.  “Got it,” she replied.  She looked over at the Aberration still tumbling head over heals between the two portals over and over.  “What do you plan on doing with him?” she asked uneasily.  “I really don’t want that monstrosity wrecking my triage efforts… or me.”

Witchfire let out an uneasy sigh.  “Well, let’s just hope what I have planned stops him.”  “If not, be prepared to get out of here while I distract him.”  “I do have a plan B, but it’s a last resort.”

The EMT nodded and rushed over to star checking on the various wounded people.  Witchfire turned back to The Aberration, who looked to now have achieved terminal velocity.  “This had better work,” she mused.  With a wave of her staff, the lower portal disappeared.  The aberration hit the pavement of the street with a massive boom.  The road splintered underneath him and he made a crater a foot and a half deep with his impact.

“I hope I didn’t kill him…” Witchfire said uneasily.

No sooner had The Aberration hit the street than Megan Fitzpatrick and her cameraman appeared on the scene.  Their camera caught the impact, stayed on the unmoving form of The Aberration for a moment and then turned to Witchfire as Megan stuck a microphone in her face.

“Megan Fitzpatrick, WXYZ news,” she started as always.  “Witchfire, did you intend to kill the Aberration with your move?”

Witchfire rolled her eyes.  “We haven’t established what shape he’s in,” she retorted.  “For the record however, I would not set out to kill anybody.”  “Life is precious, even criminals have rights, and lethal force should only ever be an absolute last resort to protect life, period.”

Without warning, The Aberration stirred and flicked a baseball sized chunk of asphalt at Witchfire.  The jagged chunk of rock struck her in the floating ribs, just below her short corset.  The force of the blow sent her flying backwards a few feet and crashing to the ground.  Witchfire felt a couple of her ribs break with the impact as well.  Meanwhile, The Aberration forced himself to his hands and knees, coughing and wheezing as he did.

“You… think that’s cute, bitch?” he growled.  “I’m going to slowly pull you apart one piece at a time while I rape you, and then I’m going to do the same to everybody else here!”

Witchfire, by sheer force of will, forced herself to a kneeling position, and magically pulled her staff to her outstretched hand.  “You’re… not leaving me much choice here,” she managed before coughing up some blood.

The Aberration made it back to his feet.  He was still a little wobbly.  Between the lightning attack and his impact with the pavement, his chest was a mass of raw flesh as well.  He looked around, pure rage showing on his face.  His gaze settled on Megan Fitzpatrick.  “How about I start with her, so you can see what you’re in for?” he growled.  “We only need the jerk with the camera to immortalize this anyway.”

The Aberration grabbed for Megan, who screamed and jumped back.  He caught Megan’s blouse though.  It, along with her bra, tore clean off her body.  Megan shrieked and tried to cover her breasts with her hands, backpedaling as she did.  Megan’s cameraman immediately turned the camera on her, just in time to see her trip over a piece of rubble and fall on her rear.  She screamed just as a sickly green blast of energy struck The Aberration in the chest.

Witchfire, barely able to stand, had her staff leveled at The Aberration and was continuing with the stream of sickly green energy.  “I… didn’t want to do this…” she gasped, “but… you’re leaving me no choice.”  Witchfire’s eyes began glowing blood red again as she continued the onslaught.

“Do what?” The Aberration mocked, as he turned to face Witchfire.  “You think yer little fireworks are going to do anything…”   His rant was interrupted by a short bout of coughing.  “Anything… other than… piss… me off…” he stammered before starting to cough uncontrollably again.  He took a couple of stumbling steps towards Witchfire.

“You’re drunk on your own power, completely insane, or both,” Witchfire said.  “I wanted to do this the right way but you left me no choice.”  She let out a shout and redoubled her magical attack.

Against all odds, the Aberration stumbled onward towards Witchfire.  Suddenly, there was the sound of a siren and an ambulance slammed into the Aberration at an angle from behind.  The move sent him flying into a cinder block wall on the far side of the street.  There was a sickening sound of multiple bones breaking with the impact, and the Aberration’s mangled corpse collapsed to the sidewalk.

“What the hell happened?” the Latina EMT asked as she ran up.  “I thought he was freaking indestructible.”

“He… has a vulnerability to disease,” Witchfire stammered as she fought the pain in her abdomen.  “It.. destroys his cellular… structure.”

The EMT shook her head.  “First dead heroines having look-alikes running around, now rampaging villains.”  “Working in Delta is never dull.”  She held out her hand.  “I’m Roberta Sanchez,” she said.  “The nut driving the battering ram there is my partner Vic.”

Author’s Note: Check out Deanna Troi’s stories for Roberta’s original appearances.

Witchfire was half doubled over clutching her wounded side, but managed to shake hands using her free hand.  “Nice… to meet you,” she managed.  “Get… the rest of those… assholes in here.”  “People need help.”

Roberta wanted to argue with Witchfire about her own condition but realized it would be pointless.  The redhead was clearly putting civilians before herself.  She got on her portable radio and ordered more people in.  First responders of all types began streaming in.

Witchfire, in the meantime staggered over to Megan Fitzpatrick, and her cameraman turned from the carnage to record the exchange.

“I suppose you’re having a good laugh at my expense,” Megan growled, trying to salvage some shred of her dignity.

“No, I think there’s been enough cruelty here tonight,” Witchfire replied calmly.  “I hope you’ll remember what happened here next time you’re inclined to judge the heroines of this city harshly.”  “The She-Legion aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed, but they don’t set out to end up like this any more than you did.”  Witchfire waved her hand and Megan was suddenly wearing her fully restored blouse and bra again.  “Everybody is entitled to basic human dignity.”  She smiled weakly.  “Now that you’re presentable again, I think you have a job to do.”

Megan was stunned into momentary silence and could only manage a nod at first.  “Th… thank you…” she stammered as she got to her feet.  She turned to face Witchfire for a moment, and opened her mouth to speak, but was unable to find the words.  Witchfire nodded calmly and then motioned to the scene behind them.  Megan nodded and then turned to face the camera, which had been live the entire time.  “This is Megan Fitzpatrick, on the scene where Delta City’s newest heroine Witchfire has just stopped a rampage by the menace known as The Aberration…”

Time will tell if she learned anything tonight, Witchfire thought.

Witchfire turned and made her way through the triage area.  She found a badly battered Amazing Babe laying unconscious on an ambulance gurney.  Seeing her again caused an ache in Witchfire’s heart.  She waved off the EMTs trying to load Amazing Babe into an ambulance.  “Hold on a moment with that one,” she said.  Witchfire raised her staff over Amazing Babe and began chanting in her pseudo-latin magical language.  Slowly, Amazing Babe’s body began to mend.  Cuts closed, bruises cleared up, bones knitted back together, and the massive knot on her head disappeared.  Amazing Babe moaned weakly as she regained consciousness.

Witchfire moved off before Amazing Babe could fully come to.  She found Got Gal next, and healed her as well.  Got Gal slowly sat up, rubbing her head.  “I didn’t think anything could hurt that much…” Got Gal managed.  She realized her massive breasts were exposed, and pulled her sheer top back together.

“You might need this…” Witchfire said, offering her the Got Emerald.  “Megan Fitzpatrick is already on the scene also, so it might be a good thing for Tonya O’Donnell to make the scene, if she’s up to it.”  “With any luck, Amazing Babe has Got Chic back on her feet.”

“Thank you,” Got Gal replied, giving Witchfire’s hand a gentle squeeze before getting back to her feet.

Witchfire nodded.  “I need to go check on The Aberration… what’s left of him.”  She walked off back towards where the Aberration’s corpse was.  The stench of decayed and rotting flesh greeted her, making her stomach turn.  When she got to the body, the sight of blood, decaying flesh and shattered bones was more than she could bear.  She turned and vomited uncontrollably, blood coming up with the contents of her stomach.

Roberta Sanchez came up and put an arm around her.  “Easy,” she said.  “It’s clear that wasn’t your plan.”  “Your injuries are taking a toll too.”  “You need medical attention.”  She moved Witchfire away from the corpse and towards the ambulance.  She sat Witchfire down on the oversized rear bumper of the ambulance, cleaned the dirt and gravel out of her wound and then bandaged it.  Afterwards, she gave Witchfire some painkillers.

“You’ve got broken ribs there,” Roberta said in a serious tone.  “You need a hospital before you end up with a punctured lung or something similar.”

“I’ll… be fine,” Witchfire managed weakly.  She cast a healing spell on herself and sat upright.  Her complexion turned pale however.

“You may have healed yourself, but it’s taking a toll on you,” Roberta grumbled.  “At the very least you need some rest.”

“She’ll have plenty of time to rest in prison,” Commissioner Bordon snarled as he walked up with Falcon’s squad following close behind.

Sensing a story, both Megan Fitzpatrick and Tonya O’Donnell hurried to the confrontation, cameras rolling.

Commissioner Bordon turned to Lt Falcon.  “I want her arrested for the murder of The Aberration, Lieutenant.”

“After you deliberately ordered my squad to stand down?” Falcon demanded.  “That’s complete bullshit, sir,” he growled.  If the disgust on his face wasn’t evident enough, Falcon’s balling up his fists spoke volumes, as did the contempt in his voice at the term ‘sir’.

“Need I remind you that you work for me?!?” Bordon demanded.  I’ll have your ass in a sling, up on insubordination charges and out on the street so fast it’ll make your head spin.

“I’m here because Washington has zero faith in your department,” Falcon replied bluntly.  “You want to fire me, try it.”  “I’ll have the police union’s lawyers all over your ass,” he replied getting nose to nose with Bordon.  “Then, I’ll bring the Department of Justice down on you and everyone around you.”  “You want to give me a lawful order, I’ll happily follow it.”  “Arresting her though… you can kiss my ass, sir.”

Bordon paused for a moment, partially aware o the cameras recording everything.  “We’ll settle this later, Lieutenant,” he growled.  “I’ll arrest her myself if you’re incapable of following orders.”

“Get your ass up, Witchfire,” Bordon commanded.  “Hands on top of your head, no sudden moves.”  “You’re under arrest for the murder of The Aberration.”  “This city is not going to tolerate murderous vigilantes.”

Witchfire’s eyes returned to their glowing blood red state.  “Murdering, my ass,” Witchfire growled as she hopped to her feet.  The ferocity of her words and eyes stopped Bordon in his tracks.  “It’s common knowledge that anyone has the right to use lethal force in the clear defense of human life.”  “I did everything I could to avoid it, as thousands of TV viewers saw.”  “he was going to kill everyone here, starting with Miss Fitzpatrick there.”  “I also might have been able to avoid doing so if you hadn’t held back the only unit in the department with the tools and training to deal with a threat like this.”  “You want to arrest me, I’ll sue the city and you personally for wrongful arrest and malicious prosecution.”  “Then I’m going to gather a class action suit against you and the city for denying me and this neighborhood equal protection under the law!” she yelled.  “I’ve done nothing but put my ass on the line for this city since I got here, and everyone knows it.”

A crowd had gathered, witnessing the exchange and recording the entire thing on their cell phones.  The crowd began chanting Witchfire over and over, causing Bordon to look around nervously.  As if to add to Bordon’s woes, a man in a perfectly pressed grey suit trotted up and handed Witchfire a business card.

“Max Replevin, from the firm of Bilkem, Cheatem, and Howe,” he said introducing himself.  “Our firm would be happy to represent you in any actions against Delta City, Witchfire.”  “Based on everything already disclosed here, I think we have ample opportunity to pursue a case of gross negligence against the city and department.”

Witchfire smiled evilly and crossed her arms under her breasts.  “Your call, Bordon.”

Bordon looked around at the crowd, which appeared to be turning more hostile by the moment.  “Fine,” he growled.  “I’ll delay any action until I talk to the DA and the City Attorney.”  “Don’t think you’re off the hook yet though, and you just made a hell of an enemy today.”  With that, he turned and stomped off, the crowd letting out a cheer as he left.

Falcon smirked for half a second and then gave Witchfire a small nod.  “Alright, let’s move out!” he barked to his team.  “Check with the uniforms and see where help is needed.”  With that he turned and headed off into the crowd with his team.

“And… there you have it,” a stunned Tonya O’Donnell said.  “Witchfire has managed to avoid arrest for the death of The Aberration after a rampage through Old Town and assaulting fellow journalist Megan Fitzpatrick with apparent intent on murdering her.”  Megan Fitzpatrick gave Tonya a shocked look before putting back on her business face.   “Any comments for our viewers?” Tonya asked as both women held up microphones.

“First, I did act in the defense of life in my actions against The Aberration,” Witchfire said as her eyes returned to normal.  “That also only after I tried to subdue him with non-lethal force.”  “I regret it came to that as well.”  “Commissioner Bordon’s reaction was in my opinion an irrational snap judgment and I hope he comes to his senses.”  “The city and it’s people need to present a united front against crime.”  “Beyond that, I hope you’ll focus on the damage and suffering here,” Witchfire said.  “The people of Old Town will need help rebuilding their homes and lives.”

Witchfire walked away from the cameras.  Megan Fitzpatrick turned to Tonya O’Donnell.  “Th… thank you for that,” she said.

“It’s the truth and you deserved it,” Tonya said.  “We’re competitors, but we don’t have to be enemies, Megan.”  “I won’t pretend that I like the tone of your reporting, but I respect your drive, and courage to run into dangerous situations to get a story.”

“Thank you…” Megan said awkwardly.  Several seconds of awkward silence passed between the women, then Megan finally spoke.  “I… guess we’d better go get more footage for our viewers…”  Tonya nodded and offered a slight smile as both women headed to get more interviews.

In the meantime, Ms. Americana had been healed by Amazing Babe and managed to find Witchfire.  “That… was nice work,” Ms. Americana said.  “As much as I’d liked to have him brought in alive, I don’t think he left you any choice.”  “Try to take some consolation in that.”

“I am, but I still don’t like it,” Witchfire replied.  “That type of magic is inherently corrupting, never mind there should have been a better way.”

“How did you know what to do anyway?” Ms. Americana asked.  “We’ve been getting battered by him for ages and never been able to slow him down.”

Witchfire smiled for the first time since arriving on the scene.  She debated holding back the info, but couldn’t resist.  “Sully,” she said plainly.  “In another world, he took out the Aberration using disease.”  Ms. Americana’s jaw hit the ground at the mention of the name.  She was at a complete loss for words as Witchfire continued.  “You should look him up,” she added.  “It’d do you a world of good.”

“He… he must hate me after… everything,” Ms. Americana said.

“You might be surprised,” Witchfire said.  She glanced over towards the crowd and saw Amazing Babe jogging towards them.  “See you later.”  Witchfire snapped her fingers and appeared on a rooftop a block and a half away.

Witchfire watched the rescue efforts for a few minutes when Night Raven swung down on a line.  “You missed all the fun,” Witchfire said nonchalantly.

“Yeah, well, somebody left without me,” Night Raven replied.  “Don’t give me any guff about people needing saving either.”  “You still love her.”

“Even if it were true, it isn’t always enough,” Witchfire replied.

Night Raven shook her head.  “Just be careful what you throw away, it can’t always be replaced.”  “That said, you were a bit tough on my dad, weren’t you?”

“Hardly,” Witchfire snapped.  “He’s gone off the deep end.”  “Murder??”  “Really??”

“He’s… under a lot of pressure lately,” Night Raven said.

“We all are,” Witchfire retorted.  “Maybe you should have a talk with him… before things get worse.”

Night Raven scowled.  She didn’t think that was a threat, but she wasn’t sure.  Either way, the stress of recent events was getting to her.  “Yeah…  Maybe I’ll do that,” she grumbled.  She fired her grapple gun into the distance and swung off.

Witchfire watched the rescue work continue for a half an hour as she slowly regained her own strength.  Still weak, and emotionally drained to risk further drama with the She-Legion, she teleported away to Griphon Mountain outside the city.

I’m glad the summit is visible from most of the city, Witchfire thought.  I need solitude right now.

Witchfire walked around the summit, collecting her thoughts.  Everything she did seemed to end poorly for her on both physical and emotional levels.  She’d tried to keep a brave front… be what her goddess expected of her, but she was near her breaking point.  Even surrounding herself with nature wasn’t helping soothe her troubled spirit.  Unable to take it anymore, she fell to her knees.

“Help me!” she cried out.  “I tried to be what you want.”  “I can’t do it!”  “I’m… not good enough…”   “They won’t listen to me.”  “I CAN’T DO IT ALONE!” she screamed.

There was a massive crack of thunder, causing Witchfire to shield her eyes

“What the hell is going on?” a booming masculine voice demanded.  “Where are we?!?”

“Easy Quentin,” a familiar voice said.  “Whoever she is, she doesn’t seem to be hostile.”

NEXT: Training Day

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