Witchfire Character Biographies

There are several characters in the already existing world of Delta City that I dropped Witchfire into. DangerBabeCentral.com, run by Mr X, focuses on peril erotica and not only allows but hosts fan fiction using it’s characters. Because I’m trying to add depth to my stories and humanize the characters, it was necessary for me to create biographies that expanded on the limited existing information about them. Where possible, I’ve looked at past stories to extrapolate clues about backgrounds. Some of it IS just created by me however. None of it should be considered “official” unless Mr X approves and adopts it as canon. For now, consider it an alternate reality as close to the official stories as I could make it all.

These biographies will be based on the new “Witchfire Redux” series reboot, thus the already existing ones are being reworked to allow for changed canon and new ideas. They should be close enough to help readers follow the original series as well. For now though:

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