Witchfire’s Costume

Since I started the project, HoneySelect has been the closest thing I had to a character and costume creator. I was never truly happy with Witchfire’s look either. I’ve resolved that as soon as I’m in a better place financially that I’m going to learn Daz3D and Poser. And get the costume look exactly right.

While experimenting with mods for Baldur’s Gate 3 however… I happened upon a nearly perfect look for Krystal’s heroic alter ego. Here is THAT look:

The look is stereotypical sexy mage without being over the top sexualized (in my opinion anyway). The key differences between this and Witchfire’s outfit are that the white portions would be a deep red and the trim would be a brighter gold. The bracers would be more substantial and allow some chance at parrying, etc… she would have celtic style bands on her upper arms, and the tiara would be more like the HoneySelect original version (as shown below). The gold portion of the shaft of Witchfire’s staff would also be crystalline

Witchfire original character portrait image created using HoneySelect software. Created by Silk Cords.

As an added note, Baldur’s Gate 2 also got the perfect look for Krystal’s hair style, with the exception that her hair would come down to just above her butt.

Note that while it wasn’t an option for the video game, Krystal still has the mystical rune across her upper body:

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