Witchfire’s Inspiration

It’s said every character’s creation was inspired by something or (more usually) someone. Witchfire is no exception. Meet Playboy’s Miss April 2002; Heather Carolin (link to imdb.com).

She’s the epitome of the sexual, seductive redhead. I’ve had more than one very straight laced friend who said they’d turn lesbian for her. She’s done numerous solo and lesbian videos after moving on from Playboy, and once was married to another Playmate. She’s recently done a few videos with men as well, and declared herself bisexual.

She’s been the feature model in the header photo at the old version of this site as well, and will be one of them again when I get a more developed, WordPress 6.1 version of this site built

A close look at her makes her influence on Witchfire’s physical appearance readily apparent.

While Witchfire’s appearance closely mirrors Heather Carolin’s, her personality is an amalgamation of multiple women (Heather included), a few of whom are ‘card carrying’ Wiccans.

2 thoughts on “Witchfire’s Inspiration

  1. Heather Carolin looks to be a great inspiration for Witchfire! I’ve always loved redheaded women and I am a redheaded male although it’s quite gray now.

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